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Copywriter Ashley Gainer Lankford writes:

(In the facebook group)

“Yesterday I turned in a blog post for a long-time client. The topic was kind of boring and the assignment was 2000 words, so I did a little experiment and added a dash of El Benbo. The result? The client says it’s the best piece I’ve ever turned in. Now there’s some extra room in their budget so they’re giving me 40% more blogging work and putting me down for their next freelance copywriting gig. Coincidence? Hmm….”

In her post she called it a small win.

But you know what I call it?

A BIG victory.

Copywriting gigs beget copywriting gigs when you’re good. And, I hereby predict this will be the first of many wins for her — each one compounding on the next like a snowball rolling down the mountainside… until, one day, she’s awash in so many clients, she has to pick and choose who to work for.

How can I be so sure of this?

Because I’ve seen it before from people using my wily ways.

Ain’t no big thing.

Anyway, on to bid’niz:

The July “Email Players” issue goes to the printer soon.

(A few days earlier this month than usual.)

One of the only two places you can buy the Crib Sheet Ashley mentioned is as a 1-click upsell after subscribing to “Email Players” (where I offer it at a huge discount).

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

P.S. For shaaaaame on me for not mentioning this already:

Pages 7 & 8 of the July “Email Players” issue shows you something you can start doing in your emails (that Ashley likely did in hers if she put in a dash of elBenbo) that can make you instantly stand out from everyone else in the inbox.

And, also stick out amongst other podcasts, videos, blogs, articles, webinars, etc.

And of course, stick out to clients, too.

(If’n getting clients is your bag.)

If you want this issue hop on over here lickety split:

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One of the single best (free) traffic sources I’ve ever seen is podcast traffic.

By that I mean, someone interviews me on their podcast, I give my link at the end, and I get a steady flow of hot leads over the next several days, weeks, months, and, yes, years. And by *hot* leads I mean, leads that have (1) listened to me yap and squawk about whatever the topic is (usually email copywriting and marketing) for 30-60 minutes and (2) then go to my site and opt in.

That my fine feathered little droogling is a hot lead.

They don’t come in huge abundance.

(Not usually, at least).

But, the leads I do get are of such a high quality and caliber, I would gladly have 100 podcast leads than 1,000 leads from practically any other free source.

Something else to think about:

Podcasting is basically the new talk radio.

If you ever heard publicity king Paul Hartunian talk about it — radio is some of the best kind of publicity you can get as far as getting sales is concerned (it doesn’t have the prestige of TV, but there’s a reason why talk radio shows generate billions of dollars per year in direct response ad revenue — because it’s a perfect fit for direct response). Plus, it’s easy to do since you don’t have to travel anywhere.

So yeah.

Get booked on podcasts and thou shalt have peace.

Wait a minute.


You’re kind of new to your industry? You don’t have podcasters seeking you out to interview you? You would LOVE to get booked on all the podcasts your greedy little heart desires, but are confused about how to do it, don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t know where to turn?

Never fear.

Your pal elBenbo has your back.

That is, if you are an “Email Players” subscriber in time for the July issue.

Here’s why:

One of the many valuable lessons inside this issue is some advice I got (and have used, and continue to use) from the man I consider to be the “most-connected podcaster on the Internet.” While there are people you can hire to do what he teaches in this issue (one chick wanted me to pony up $15k for 3 months of help getting me booked, to give you an idea of what this kind of help goes for), the advice this fine, upstanding podcasting scholar and gentleman gives can get you on all the podcasts you want if you put in the effort.

I shyt-eth you not.

Probably, you will have so many shows pawing you, you’ll have to turn some down.

(Nice problem to have…)

Anyway, details on pages 14 & 15 of the July issue.

I’m sending the July issue to the printer a few days earlier than usual this month.

So if you want in, get your lovin’ here while you can:

Ben Settle

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Last month I wrote an email about the egg heads.

By that I mean, people who think their markets are “too sophisticated to open such crass emails and take them seriously” to respond and buy from my wicked ways of writing emails.

The example I used was a testimonial from Tom Woods.

Tom is a Senior fellow of the Mises Institute, New York Times Bestselling Author, Prominent libertarian historian & author, and host of one of the longest running and most popular libertarian podcasts.

(i.e. he doesn’t exactly sell $7 eBooks to newbies on the Warrior Forum.)

Anyway, I got a pleasantly plump reply to that email from David Garfinkel.

(The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach and one of my copywriting “heroes”)

He said:

“Congrats, best f—ing email copywriter on the Internet! You have broken through the ‘egghead shell’… something the rest of us have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) for years.”

That does it.

I’ma gonna need a bigger crown for my already swollen head now…


On a similar note, “Email Players” subscriber Vince Green recently asked a question related to this about using my methods to sell to *skeptics*.

My answer:

“Everything I teach in Email Players is geared towards the skeptics and not the hyper buyers. Take this month’s issue. The hype & hag marketers wouldn’t even think to do what’s in that issue and it would be to boring for them to even test it, even though it works like crazy. But the skeptics love it. And they make up 2-5 times more people.”


I was referring to the June issue in my answer.

But, the info in the upcoming July issue is even MORE apt.

In fact, the July issue gives a real life case study of how someone used my methods to go from making $0 in a month he rarely makes any sales to $100k+ that month. It’s just crazy effective (and sure to be disappointingly *simple* to the goo-roo fanboys who crave ninja and complex) and I’ve only showed it to a small handful of people.

I was going to wait until December to teach it.

But, since next month is elBenbo’s birthday month.

So, I figured, why not now?

Go here to get the July issue before it goes to the printer:

Ben Settle

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Recently I’ve been re-watching my all-time favorite show:

“Breaking Bad”

This is my third time through the series.

And, each time just gets better and better.


(Don’t say you weren’t warned if you haven’t yet partaken of Walter White’s adventures from going from bumbling underachieving high school chemistry teacher to becoming the king of the meth world in New Mexico…)

Anyway, back to the show:

Early on (in season one) there’s a scene where Walter White (in one of the early instances where his infamous “Heisenberg” alternate personality takes over) confronts a psychotic drug dealer named Tuco who kills people with his bare hands for the fun of it and snorts meth off a giant knife.

And, Walter wants money Tuco has stolen from him and his partner.

So Walter brings another bag of crystal meth.

Tuco laughs:

“Let me get this straight. I steal your dope, I beat the PISS out of your mule boy, and you bring me more meth? That’s brilliant.”

Walter replies:

“You got one part of that wrong. This is not meth.”

He then throws a piece of the “meth” to the opposite side of the room. When it hits, it creates an explosion that blows out the windows on the second floor, glass shattering down to the street, car alarms going off, dust, debris, and dirt everywhere.

Needless to say, Walter gets his money back.

And, as Tuco gives it to him, he asks what caused the explosion.

Walter says:

“Fulminated mercury. A little tweak of chemistry!”

Yes, my little droogling, by tweaking one little element or two, he made something that looked like ordinary meth crystal, no more dangerous to throw at someone than a pebble, into an explosive weapon that rattled the entire building and scared the crap out of the meth world’s most evil villain.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Because there’s a way to use a similar “tweak” in your emails, too.

Here’s what I mean:

For years, I have been using a special kind of subject line that, at a glance, doesn’t look all that special. At least, not for selling. It contains no benefit. No hype. Nothing even mentioning a product or claim of any kind.

Yet, like fulminated mercury it packs a HUGE punch.

Not just in opens and engagement.

But, yes, in sales, too.

And, not just product sales.

But also for getting the attention of people in general. In fact, like meth, do this right and people will be addicted to your subject lines (due to how chemicals in your brain react to them) — without them losing their teeth.

And guess what?

I reveal this biznatch on page 8 of the July “Email Players” issue.

She’s going to the printer quick.

Subscribe in time here to get it, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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I never brag or boast in my emails.

(hah — just kidding, it’s opposite day…)

But, here’s a few words from the brilliant “A-list” direct response designer Lori Haller — her design work has helped win major controls for guys like Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, the late Jim Rutz (3 of the best copywriters who ever lived, in case you be an Internet-only bloke), and other world class writers. I remember even hearing Clayton (at AWAI’s event a few months ago) say don’t even bother hiring anyone else.

i.e. she’s the real deal.

Anyway, she says:

“I read and study every single one of [Your] emails. AND YOU are one of the only people, Ben, who touches the true PULSE of what is realllllly going on today. PERIOD. Everyone else is mostly a copycat and saying the same old thing (read SHIT). DRONES. WANNABEEEES….. YES-MEN. (BTW: YES-MEN SUCK) YOU are fresh, new, just twisted enough and seriously on point. **** TRUTH: I wake up to READ YOUR WORDS. I learn from you and study exactly how you combine words + feelings together. Like no other. YOU go DEEP and HARD.”

Word up.

Anyway, lest you think there isn’t value to you in this:

Notice the lack of bull shyt in her testimonial?

The lack of hype?

The lack of anything even remotely sounding like a canned testimonial?

This is how I like it.

Off the cuff, from the gut, and from the heart.

When you go for testimonials, *that* is the sweet spot.

And you know what else?

If you want a template for how to use testimonials in emails, stretch out thy greedy little fingers and subscribe to “Email Players” — the upcoming July issue has a testimonial email template I shared with my podcast email writer and announcer babe Misty (i.e. something I normally only share with my inner circle of people).

But, don’t expect anything sexy or “ninja.”

It’s based on pure simplicity.

And, that’s why it works so well.

Subscribe here before it goes to the printer this week:

Ben Settle

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Let’s talk about the late actor Steve McQueen and your emails.

In his first TV gig he played an old west bounty hunter, and was the biggest pain in the ass anyone had ever dealt with. On his first day *alone* he fired two stunt men (I don’t even think he had that authority, but he did it anyway). He routinely threw out scripts if they were weak or weren’t true to the character. And, he argued with directors and producers on a nearly daily basis.

The result?

What all those people admit was a far more successful show.

(Even the people who hated him admitted it.)


There was something else he did, though, that frustrated the writers.

And that was, he could “say” more with just a look into the camera than 2-3 pages of dialogue said. With just a twitch of his facial expression or a glare of his eye, he communicated far more to the audience than all these professional screenwriters could with a dozen lines of talking.

And guess ye what?

There’s actually a way to adapt this “McQueen Method” to your emails.

Something you hardly ever see anyone talk about.

But, it works like crazy to get people reading and clicking.

And guess ye what?

I show you this method in the July “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer early next week.

Saddle up that high horse of yours and gallop over yonder to get it in time here:

Ben Settle

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Copywriter Shawn LeBrun wrote some nice things about your pal elBenbo recently in one of the facebook groups. Basically, he said he used some tactics I teach to write an email for a new client. The client paid him $100 to write that email. And, in (literally) less than an hour later, the client messaged him saying they had already made $400 in sales in that time.

Then, two hours later, they were up to $800 in sales.

Five hours after that they were over $1,361 in sales.

They ended closing out that day with $2,000 in sales.

As Shawn put it:

“…these may seem like small numbers, but a 1200% return on investment is pretty good no matter how you dice it. Again, he invested $100 per day for one of my emails. And he’s going to close out today close to $2,000 in sales. Not a bad return. The bottom line? Email daily, write with curiosity subjects and infotaining content like Ben says, and oh yeah…. get any training you can from Ben. Your clients will love you”

^^ True.

Here’s something else that’s true:

I have noticed over the years (and this is especially true of newer copywriters who get their clients on flakebook) that copywriters are FAR more concerned with getting props from the client about their work, instead of caring if the market is going to buy or not.

I had a discussion about this recently with someone.

I said, “this copy… it sucks.”

(And it did — no concern from what the *market* would think.)

This person replies with, “well, the client likes it.”


My point?

If you are going to learn my wicked email ways, and are more concerned with what a client thinks (and aren’t prepared to fight to have your emails run) rather than what the market thinks (via them buying or not — and believe ye me, if your copy converts even clients who hated your copy will want to have our babies), don’t bother learning from me.

Go find some facebook fluffpreneur to learn from.

You’ll simply frustrate yourself with my ways.

For example:

The info I teach in the July “Email Players” issue (which helped one person do over $100k in a month where he normally gets *zero* sales) would be balked at by a lot of clients.

They’d be scared to death to do it.

At the very least it’d make most clients nervous.

And, you’d probably have to fight to get it tested.

Anyway, she goes to the printer in just one week.

Get your lovin’ in time here:

Ben Settle

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One of my favorite marketing teachers is Paul Hartunian.

He is the master of getting millions of dollars in free publicity and has done so for everything from selling the Brooklyn Bridge (which he did, and for only $14.95)… promoting his rare autograph business… his book on how to find the love of your life in just 90 days… getting donations to his dog shelter… and probably hundreds of other products, causes (like The Innocence Project — that gets wrongfully imprisoned men free), and services.

Anyway, about his finding love book.

He makes a small fortune off that book each Valentine’s Day.

(Using just free publicity.)

And, he once told the story of how he used his PR skills to do it by getting what he calls “Gold Card” media appearances. Those are TV shows, radio programs, newspaper articles, etc that are known by everyone and mass broadcasted. And, just by getting on those shows you automatically make yourself “safe” to be interviewed by the rest of the media.


My favorite example is his Phil Donahue appearance.

He was on there due to his love book.

And, he said he didn’t make a single dime from being there. (I don’t even think they mentioned his book, and certainly didn’t show people how to get it which is pretty standard on radio, for example).

But you know what?

Donahue was a gold card media appearance.

And, it opened the door to him being on thousands of other shows.

And, he did profit from those shows just because he was on Donahue.

(Regardless of Donahue not plugging his book.)

The point?

We can use this online, too, with email.


By aggressively going after gold card testimonials. These are testimonials from gurus, experts, industry leaders, celebrities, etc in your market that, even if they don’t “say” much, just their NAME makes you “safe” to buy from (even if they don’t promote your product), just like being on gold card media appearances made Paul Hartunian safe to be interviewed by the media.

So go for the gold, baby.

One gold card testimonial can be worth actual gold, after all.

Speaking of testimonials:

One of the things I teach in the July “Email Players” issue is a very simple template for when you want to send your list an email a testimonial. It’s something I taught to podcast announcer babe Misty and, I thought, “you know, this is pretty valuable — I’ve used this template to make lots of sales… why have I not shared this with my ‘Email Players’ subscribers?”

Like everything I teach, it’s simple.

But, also like everything I teach, it works.

And, it can work to get you more sales.

That is, if you’re subscribed in time before it goes to the printer next week.

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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Let me tell you a story:

A few weeks ago while at one of my wing chun kung fu lessons, Sifu was telling me about the importance of positioning in fights. And that, if you know how to *position* yourself properly (using your knowledge of wing chun, awareness level, peripheral vision, and by being able to feel what the other person is going to do next via physical contact), you will move in such a way where it looks like you’re moving faster than you really are.

In other words:

It could be, the other guy is way faster than you.

But, if you understand positioning, it doesn’t matter.

As he so eloquently put it:

“It’s not about how fast you are, it’s how soon you get there”

Very true in fighting.

And, also very true in marketing, too.

Here’s what I mean:

To paraphrase the modern day master of using positioning in marketing Ken McCarthy (founding father of Internet marketing as we know it): Positioning is 80% of the battle. If you know positioning, your copy and other ads can be a lot weaker than the other guy’s and you’ll still win.

(i.e. you may not be as talented, but you’ll still win the fight.)

That there is the raw power of positioning.

And, guess what?

In the July “Email Players” issue (that goes to the printer next week), I show you a recent example of how I applied positioning to my squeeze pages specifically, that anyone can do. It’s something I’ve taught consulting clients, too. And, now, it’s something I pass on to you, young Grasshopper.

But, only if you subscribe in time to get the July issue.

Go here to subscribe today while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Reader Edgar Rutkis says:

“Not sure if you’ve used this term anywhere. I read about that person who thinks you NEED to keep your podcast free. elBenbo should introduce his arch enemy. A nemesis. He cries about the unconventional marketing ways of elBenbo. His teachings state that ‘[this person] in [this book] once said you should do this only that way and also.. my mum’ says I am greatest’ He goes by the name of elBimbo.”


I likey.

It certainly does explain the copycats passing my work off as theirs.

There are also some internal foes inside my psyche:

There is also elBannedbo — which happened to me on Facebook ads.

And elBurnedbo who has gotten himself into bad deals and relationships.

elBrokebo who was the chief personality of my biz for too many years.

And, of course, elBendoverbo — who used to give away all his ideas free to would-be clients and customers, only to find the majority of those clients and customers hiring or buying from someone who knew how to sell.

(Something you won’t ever have to do when you learn my wicked email ways…)

While we’re babbling about names:


Tellman Knudson taught me a way to profit from all these alter egos I still have not had a chance to implement. I was tempted to use it in *this* email but didn’t want to steal his thunder (plus, it takes a few tweaks in the auto-responder and I am not that motivated to do it today — so sayteth elBumbo).

But, worry ye not:

I’m going to be interviewing him sometime in the upcoming months for “Email Players” subscribers about it. It’s pure genius. And, when I heard him reveal this at an event we both spoke at in April, I was floored.

But, that’s sometime down the line.

In the meantime, check out “Email Players” here:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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