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Once upon a time I took a girl to a local bar full of caddies (my town has two top 10 golf courses, lots of caddies — they all hang at this one bar like flies on the same turd).

We saw a young caddie one of her friends used to date.

And, three chicks sat next to him at the bar.

I said, “do you think he’ll get any of them?”

She said “no, all these caddies are boring.”

We watched for at least a good hour or so as he tried talking to the girl next to him, and we kept saying, “he should say this” or “he should do this” as the dude had zero game whatsoever.

Finally, I said, “you know what he needs to do to get this chick interested in him and ignoring all the other dudes here hitting on her?”

She says, “what?”

I said, “He needs to find something to disagree with her about. I don’t care what it is, but find something she believes and challenge it. Not a single guy in here, all desperate to get laid, will have the balls to do that sort of thing. They all just agree with her horse shit all day long for the vague hope she will like them.”

There’s a powerful email lesson here.

With email boredom = death.

Don’t bore your readers!

This is one reason I don’t shy away from controversy in my emails.

Do with this info what you will… but it can put a lot of scratch in your pocketses, Smeagol…

For more deep psychological insights that can make your emails more profitable go here:

Ben Settle

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I don’t recommend drinking and copywriting, any more than I do drinking and driving.

But, not long ago, Kurt Frakenberg (soon to be called Frakenberg’s Copywriting Monster now that he lurched forward with his arms stretched out and grabbed my Copy Slacker product) decided to make a drinking game out of my copywriting methods:

Enjoying the livin’ spank out of Copy Slacker.

So much that I’ve seen a few familiar patterns. SOOooo, behold the Ben Settle drinking game– When Ben says…

“Five part process or five part system”: take a drink

“Answers always in the market”: take a drink.

The word, “Simplicity”: take a drink.

_____ is one of the best copywriters that ever lived”: finish your drink.

Guaranteed to make you forget writing copy is supposed to be hard. Shucks, probably make you forget pretty much everything 😎

To which Misty the podcast announcer babe replied:

I have a submission or two:

When Ben says “whistlin’ Dixie” it’s a shot of Patron.

When Ben says “the late great” it’s a shot of Goose

And… When Ben says ” In my humble, but accurate, opinion” it’s a Kegger.

These crazy kids…

Anyway, to get your hands on this (admittedly pricey) course, go here:

Ben Settle

“Email Players” subscriber Sean Kaye says of my free elBenbo’s Lair Facebook group:

“You know what I like about Ben and this group? There are no fucking mush cookies or pissy whining hipster losers sharing their feelz with everyone. This group wouldn’t tolerate that and that’s what I like about it. Just read some shit on FB that made me want to kick kitten – it was so saccharine it made my teeth hurt.”

It’s true.

If you want all the feelz and nonsense my Facebook group/lair is not a very pleasant place.

If you want to spend your time on facebook looking at pretty chicks pretending to have perfect lives while they’re secretly miserable, or guys pretending to be mini-rockstars while they are secretly broke as a joke, that’s what your main timeline is for. If you want real and raw and (at times) offensive (but always with a purpose), not to mention a zero tolerance for mush cookies, goo-roo fanboys, or wannabes… then elBenbo’s Lair is your huckleberry, babycakes.

But, a word of warning before rushing over there…

I automatically decline anyone who fits this criteria:

1. Doesn’t have a photo of themselves

2. Is in a ton of other fb groups

3. Is a known troll, spammer, or instigator of nonsense (gossip, just wants to debate politics, etc — go waste some other group’s time with that).

If those are you, get ye behind me monster.

For everyone else, the fun’s over here:

Ben Settle

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The special “Halloween” October edition of the “Email Players” issue goes to the printer tonight.

Here are some of the hair-raising secrets waiting for you inside:

  • A case study showing you exactly how to turn the “boogey men” that haunt your market into a steady flow of sales for the rest of your natural life.

  • The scary psychological truth (yes, actual psychologists back elBenbo up on this) about “moving the free line” — and why it’s one the worst ways to sell in emails ever invented.

  • The frighteningly simple case for using “shallow dive” surveys. (Just send out an email with these two questions and you’ll know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly what to sell to your list they are wanting to buy and spend their hard earned smackola on.)

  • How to profit from scary accusations (like “racist!” or “sexist!” or whatever other baseless name that ends in an “ist” some loser throws at you. No need to fear this evil monster, it’s easy to slay and grab the gold from its corpse…)

  • A blood-curdling successful email template I use each year to bring in sales on Halloween. (Simply model the *structure* of it — don’t copy & paste it like a pathetic goo-roo fanboy — send to your list, and watch your list throw you sales as if it was Halloween candy.)

  • A hauntingly simple way to get people to fall in love with you (and, also, fall in love with *buying* from you.)

  • And the list of terrifying benefits goes on…


I’m including a bonus treat in your trick or treat bag that’ll have you up nights, unable to sleep, it’s so blood-thirstily gratifying to anyone wanting to be more influential, persuasive, and charismatic.

But, today’s the deadline to get in on this horror show.

Click the spine-tingling link below while there’s still a little time to get it:

Ben Settle

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Believe it or not, I hardly ever study copywriters or email marketers anymore.

Nothing against any of them.

But, I get most of my ideas for emails and selling from:

1. For-real salesmen

2. Biographies of great men

I’ve talked about #2 before.

But, what about #1?

Which salesmen does elBenbo like to study for selling in *emails*?

Here are four of my favorites:

1. The late Jim Camp (called the world’s “most feared negotiator”, and for good reason, *everything* he taught can make you more sales, and in a way people love to buy from)

2. “Email Players” subscriber Ryan Stewman (“The Hardcore Closer” — the ONLY person I’ve written copy for other than myself in the past 5 years, if that tells you something about how much I dig his methods)

3. The late Stan Billue (One of the best phone sales coaches to walk the earth, he did a two part interview with Michael Senoff many years ago that is one of my most prized go-to trainings)

4. Barry Maher (Sales trainer and author — his teachings on making the skeleton dance and bragging about your product’s negatives can make *any* email copy stand out like a fart in a library, and grant even raw, “wriggling” noobies instant credibility)


One of the reasons I like these particular guys so much is, even though they’re like surgeons for overcoming objections… they sell in a way that doesn’t really create all that many objections in the first place.

Most email and sales copy creates objections.

Then, you have to write more copy to deal with those objections.

Not so with my email methods.

I’m not saying you’ll get zero objections.

But, they’re way fewer than following the standard ways of writing copy everyone has been indoctrinated with over the years.

Enter the October “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer tomorrow.

And, it shows you a case study for how to use your market intel to talk to your list in a way that creates vision (instead of objections), talks to their unique problems/pains/desires, and gets people clicking and buying.

It’s simple.

It works like crazy.

And, it’s easily one of the most profitable lessons I’ve ever taught.

(All in just the first 6 pages of the issue.)

Subscribe here today to get it before it goes to the printer:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Derek Pierce swallows elBenbo’s black pill, and shares a comment he got from his emails using my unruly ways:

“When I read emails from you now, it looks and feels different (the good kind of different), compared to say… 8 months back. It seems as if you swallowed a pill and miraculously started popping out these ‘grab you by the collar and pull you in’ e-broadcasts… however, like many things in life I’m certain you took the time and effort to master the craft of intriguing email writing.”

In full-on Matrix vernacular:

There’s the red pill.

There’s the blue pill.

And then there’s the black pill — which is what you swallow when you come to my world, immerse yourself in it, and start making more sales as a result. I believe Derek has only been with me for a couple months and you can see by the response he got, it didn’t take long to make an impact.

I’m sending the October issue to the printer in two days.

It’s a special “Halloween” issue.

And, it has a lot of scary-profitable info inside.

The kind you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Go to this link to get your monster claws on it in time:

Ben Settle

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Following is a cautionary tale:

Sir Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate, awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology, once made a… a… a… joke about chicks in labs. After that joke, while in a plane (where he couldn’t respond) some loser social justice warrior complained about it on Twitter, after which he was attacked and mocked by hundreds of other social media zombies on Twitter. And, soon after that, this great man of science watched his career, reputation, and legacy of 50 years be destroyed.

All because of a joke that hurt someone in the feelz.

A joke anyone with a brain knows was self deprecating.

(Which, investigations revealed, was greeted with laughter, not silence, by a mostly female audience.)

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

If you do email using my wicked ways long enough, you, too, will eventually run into these so-called “social justice warriors” (societal trolls who have no problem lying, cheating, and ruining otherwise normal people for no reason whatsoever) trying to get you to submit to their twisted narrative.

This happens all the time.

And, chances are it’ll happen to you, too.

Yes, even if you bend over backwards not to offend people.

Case in point:

A few months ago an “Email Players” subscriber was attacked by a trollish social justice warrior that perfectly illustrates how they go after email marketers, bloggers, and anyone who has an opinion they disagree with.

In his case, someone called him a racist.


Because he said in an email his wife is Puerto Rican and she can be loud and snappy sometimes.


Oh nos!

Someone get this man a KKK Grand Puba Imperial Wizard robe on the double!

Of course, he asked elBenbo how to respond. And, I told him not only how to respond to such accusations, but also how to *profit* from them as well.

And guess what?

You can see what I told him in the October “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer Friday.

Subscribe here today to get it in time:

Ben Settle

P.S. Speaking of social justice warriors… The bonus going with this issue will hopefully give any social justice warriors, mush cookies, fire-breathing feminists, or garden-variety snowflakes heartburn, too.


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“Email Players” subscriber Nicholas Lal comes clean on his addiction:

My name is Nick and I’m a elBenboaholic. Ben’s newsletter helped me to my first $100,000 in sales online in Solo Ads. Now I’m transitioning to E-Commerce and going to really focus on list building in different niches and creating relationships with my buyers to create repeat business using Email Player rules.

There’s no 12-step program for this, I’m happy to report.

I’m that monkey on your back that refuses to leave no matter how hard you try to shake me off. But the good news is, as addictive as using my wily ways are to you… they are a helluva lot *more* addictive to your customers who soon realize they love your emails and can’t live another day without them.

The best example of this is the October “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer Friday.

And, the teaching about how to turn even the obscure and “boring” things about your market into emails that make the sale can get you so many extra sales coming in — month after month, year after year, decade after decade — your list will become completely dependent on you for their “fix” each day.

Don’t believe me?

Then maybe you’ll believe “Email Players” subscriber Tom Woods whose emails are the only ones read by several opinion leaders in his field:

(Context — Tom is a Senior fellow of the Mises Institute, New York Times Bestselling Author, Prominent libertarian historian and author, and host of one of the longest running and most popular libertarian podcasts on the planet…)

Ben, another testimonial.

I have been leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table by not mailing enough, and not using your methods. Period.

How do I know? Because of the tens of thousands I’ve brought in since adopting them.

A lot of my emails are up at my blog, where you can see they’re written in classic elBenbo style.

I’ve had a bunch of people, including several opinion molders I respect highly, tell me my emails are the only mass emails they read. They look forward to them, they tell me.

I’ve got five children, so my household isn’t cheap. I now live a much more comfortable life, thanks to Ben Settle. That is no exaggeration.

I ain’t just whistlin’ dixie with this stuff.

It works.

But, only if you know it and use it.

Subscribe here today in time to get the October issue:

Ben Settle

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Here’s something to ponder:

My pal (and sometimes business partner) Ryan Levesque has formulated a brilliant way of using surveys to draw information out of a market.

I have never really seen anything quite like it before.

And, it’s some of the most valuable info you can have.

(I’ve seen some of the magic he’s done with it, it’s quite brilliant.)

One of the terms he uses is doing a “deep dive” survey which lets you get deep into your market’s psychology and hot buttons (amongst other things) to pull out what they really want and what kind of offers to sell them without guessing.

I highly recommend learning this.

And, he deserves major props for even making his methods public.


(There’s always a “but”, isn’t there?)

That said, there is also a time to do what I would call a “shallow dive” survey. This is pretty much what a lot of old school direct mail companies who built the entire direct response marketing industry do and have done for the last 100 years of direct response.

It’s also 100% elBenbo-proof.

i.e. anyone can do it.

I’ve used this to figure out what to sell people for the last 14 years and have (mostly) never sold a product to my lists they didn’t already want me to sell them — all from asking a couple questions in one of these “shallow dive” surveys. This, of course, makes selling products as easy as falling off a log with emails (and, really, any other method you want to use).

All you do is jot down this question, push send, and await the replies.

You’ll know with near certainty what to sell your list.

And guess ye what?

I share this tidy little idea in the October “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer in a couple days.

Subscribe in time to get it here while you still can:

Ben Settle

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New “Email Players” subscriber, one of the top video marketing guys in his industry, and a “for real” business owner (i.e. he has offline businesses as well as online businesses) Tyson Zahner writes:

Alright bro … I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to start implementing the Settle style of writing emails. I’ve been following you for years and it wasn’t until we met in Arizona that I finally decided to grab email players and start using your methods.

Last night I was reading the email player’s playbook and E-mail Secret #7 (on page 34) prompted me to write an email commenting on a current event. The current event had absolutely NOTHING to do with my market, but I figured if Ben can find ways to tie weird sh*t into his business, then so can I.

So I sent out this email with the subject line “Ryan Lochte Attacked on LIVE T.V.”

Anyway, it’s only been 4 hours and I’ve already made 4 sales from just that one email. CRAZY!

So moral of the story … This hard headed doofus has finally seen the light. I am now a believer.

The beauty of it all?

As Tyson will no doubt be finding out (if he hasn’t already), my wily ways work not just for writing emails, but for doing videos, too. People who ask which is “better” – video or email – are missing the point. In fact, “Email Players” subscriber Drew Morisey — who sells products showing people how to rap, and markets to millennials (the group who hates email…) — uses my methods to do YouTube videos more than he does for emails.

So many uses for my system.

So many ways to make sales.

So many ways to do it in a way that’s fun.

(For both you to write, and others to buy from.)

The October issue goes to the printer in a few days.

As I keep droning on about — it’s one of the single most important issues I’ve ever written. It shows you how to turn the things you know about your market into a steady stream of emails that make lots of sales for the rest of your existence.

You have but a little time left to get your grubby hands on it.

Subscribe here before it’s too late:

Ben Settle

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