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Here’s a taste of the goodies elBenbo has in store for you inside::

  • How to open a hostile reader’s mind to want to read your emails — even if they are dead set against reading any emails that day!

  • Yet another reason to put your daily emails on your blog. (I’ve used this technique to close countless sales over the years — most recently a guy who is a Senior fellow of the Mises Institute, New York Times Bestselling Author & Prominent libertarian talk show host. Details inside…)

  • How to stick out in a crowded market full of gurus and other seasoned marketers. (A little old lady once used this trick to stand out head and shoulders at a party full of politicians, movie stars, and heads of state.)

  • How to open a hostile reader’s mind to want to read your emails — even if they are dead set against reading any emails that day!

  • A 19-year old “retro” website I go to whenever I am stuck for subject line ideas and phrases. (Just click on this site and you’ll have all the email subject line ideas, inspiration, and, yes, swipes, you can ask for.)

  • 6 attributes of an email subject line people have almost no choice but to notice and open. (If your subject lines have all 6 of these attributes congrats — you’re a king amongst email writers.)

  • A little-known way for using biographies of great men and women to get people who don’t normally buy to eagerly order your products and services.

  • A secret way to profit like gangbusters from *other* peoples’ hate mail. (You don’t even need to generate your own trolls to make lots of sales from them.)

  • A “down & dirty” way to build your email list with ready-to-buy leads using Facebook.

  • 10 ways to build a bullet proof relationship with your email list — regardless of your copywriting skills, celebrity-appeal, or even if you just got started yesterday.

  • Where to get a free education on how to be witty in your emails.

  • The #1 easiest way for winning the respect from leads on your emails list ever invented. (Best part: This requires no sales, persuasion, or copywriting skills whatsoever.)

  • A top rated talk radio show host’s guide to changing peoples’ minds on topics, issues, and, yes, even politics. (And, this goes without saying… buying your products, too!)

  • And a ho’ bunch mo’…

This puppy goes to the printer today.

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Ben Settle

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Nationally acclaimed speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and TV & radio show host Vicki Irvin tells my ex-copywriting apprentice on facebook:

“Reading my (or should I say my husband’s) Email Players newsletter and tried a different type of subject line in my email today and my open rate went through the roof! Jodi Ardito please tell Ben he may know a thing or two after all!”

Was this ever in question?

Anyway, speaking of subject lines:

The May “Email Players” issue has a shall I say…. controversial… subject line template that can *potentially* (your milage may vary — frankly it may not do anything for you, depending on your market) send your opens through the roof as well. If nothing else, the psychology behind this template can be used to write other email subject lines that get the job done in a pinch.

It’s a bizarre template, too.

It has to do with the secret gay world of ISIS.

Anyway, she goes to the printer tomorrow.

If you want in on this in time, hit the jump and subscribe here:

Ben Settle

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Sad (but true) story:

I was hanging out with my ex-copywriting apprentice in The Burgle (where she lives) a few weeks ago and we hit up a restaurant downtown for a few drinks. I won’t name the joint because I have nothing against it. But, they made a dumbo sales blunder that I had seen them make many times (too many to count) even back when I lived there.

A mistake that costs them lots of revenue.

Maybe even tens of thousands over the years, depending on how long they been doing it.

Here’s what happened:

We sit down ready to stay for an hour or so (we were killing time), ordered a couple bloody marys (they make ‘em nice and spicy there), sat back, and enjoyed there being no crowds (I hate crowds).

Everything was jim dandy:

The birds were singing.

The sun was shining.

The pigeons were crowing.

And all was good.

Until they brought the bloody marys.

They tasted great.

But, the problem was they brought the check with them.


You see, for the most part (unless someone is the designated driver, I suppose) a lot of people don’t order just ONE bloody mary. Most people I know usually have at least 2, especially since most restaurants don’t make them very strong anyway. Now, my ex-copywriting apprentice and I don’t allow the wait staff to dictate our appetites or schedules, so we stuck around and had a couple more before leaving. But imagine all the other people they do that to on a daily basis: People order something (they do this with food there, too, not just drinks, we noticed). They get the check immediately. They leave. Yet, they leave because they feel rushed or not wanted (or are just letting the wait staff giving them the check without asking dictate their life). Had they not been served the check with the drink and/or meal, they very well may have stuck around for another drink. Or dessert. Or coffee. Or… or… anything.

It’s nutzo.

Especially since hardly anyone was even in there.

(If it was super busy maybe I could see doing such a thing to keep people moving and coming.)

All that lost revenue can’t even be counted…

But, whatya gonna do?

I know what we did.

We went and spent our money at the Irish restaurant down the street. We were thinking about eating at the blood mary blunder place but they made the choice very easy to go elsewhere instead and give that other place all the money for food we would have spent with them.

The lesson?

If someone wants to give you their money, take it.

(Unless you simply don’t want them as a customer.)

If they don’t buy from you, they’re going to buy from someone else.

Might as well be you…

So simple.

So obvious.

Yet, so common…

Okay on to bid’niz:

The May “Email Players” issue goes to the printer tomorrow. In addition to showing you *exactly* how to write a secret kind of subject line that can potentially blow your opens and sales wide open, it also shows you how to build a relationship with your list that is so strong, people look forward to hearing from you, reading you, and, yes, buying from you.

Some of the stuff is like the lesson above:

Obvious yet rare.

Especially online.

Here’s where to subscribe in time:

Ben Settle

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“Ben I just lost my job, and I’m screwed if I don’t make some income pretty soon. I’m desperate for ideas. Can your email players help me get an income really quick tell the truth I trust your opinion but can’t afford to waste money. Thank you!!!”


Two things:

1. Right now you have great power.

And, as a wise man named Ben (not me) once said:

“With great power
comes great responsibility”

Here’s what I mean:

You’re in a situation where you can get more accomplished, with super clarity, and without getting bogged down in all the usual nonsense people who are fat and happy but dabbling with making some scratch online get sucked into. (i.e. people pouring money into intangible things like building their “brand”, buying every guru launch they see without vetting it, going from one bright shiny object to the next, yada yada yada… instead of asking themselves, “if I put $1 out there, how can I get $2 back?”)

It’s a lot like what some martial artists call “startled force.”

And, it multiplies the power of your strikes regardless of your strength.

For example:

There is a movie called “Warriors 2” which is mostly a lame movie except for the Wing Chun Kung Fu training scene. During that scene the Sifu is training his new student and has him sparring with another (more seasoned) student. The seasoned guy traps the newbie student.

So what does Sifu do?

He has a needle in his hand.

And, he sneaks up behind the new student and pokes his side with it!

The result?

That sudden, *startling* pain, causes muscles and movements in his body to happen with such force he knocks the seasoned student clear across the platform!

So it is in your situation.

You just got canned?

Freaked out?

Your cage rattled?

That’s startled force, babycakes.

Use it!

Take that anxiety-rattled energy and do something *positive* with it.

It will give you power, focus, and clarity.

It’s a gift.

Don’t waste it.

2. Can “Email Players” help you dig out of this mess?

That depends.

Do you have a list? (Even a small list?)

And, do you have an offer they want?

Or, do you have access to other peoples’ lists (JV’s etc)?

If the answer is “yes” it could potentially help you a lot. Although, in your case, I would use my system not to sell just products, but a high priced service of some kind. Like freelance copywriting (sales letters, emails, VSL’s, whatever you are good at). Or coaching. Or consulting. Something high ticket that you have expertise in that your list wants that brings in some fast cash flow. You can sell products, too, of course. But if you need cash quickly, and in great abundance so you can feed your family and keep buying baby nice things then, well, service businesses can do it quick.

So there you be.

Take any career advice from elBenbo with a pound of pepper.

Your situation is uniquely yours, after all.

Anyway, we’re coming up to the May “Email Players” issue deadline.

One of the things it shows you is how to build a strong, rock-solid relationship with your email list (big or small) so that if you are in a situation like my friend above… and you have a quality service to offer… and if people on your list are interested in said offer… you will have a much easier time getting ye olde dance card filled with clients and/or customers.

But, goes to the printer Friday.

After that, too late.

Subscribe here in time while you still can:

Ben Settle

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A girl *finally* does it.

With no manipulation.

No bribe attempts.

And, no even having to squirt anyone with the spray bottle for disobedience.

What am I babbling about?

Why, doing as I say and profiting immensely from it, of course.

Here’s what I mean:

“Email Players” subscriber Lisa Rangel (of Chameleon Resumes — a Forbes top 100 ranked career website) gave Yours Unruly a righteous testimonial at the prestigious Oceans 4 Mastermind last month saying as such.

Here’s what she said:

(And I hereby swear under oath she was not under duress…)

“I started following Ben about 9 months ago, and basically everything he claims is true.
I signed up with ‘Email Players’, I’m a very good student, I follow everything he instructs and advises on in the newsletter and it works. It really just works. So put your ego aside, sign up, get it and follow direction well and you will have the results that he claims.”

Did you hear that?

She follows everything I instruct and advise and it works.


Anyway, time is short to get in on the May issue.

It goes to the printer in a few short days.

More info here:

Ben Settle

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Few days ago I read a news story about how Donald Trump told a bunch of voters in Connecticut that — despite what his chief advisor assured people — he was not going to “tone down” his rhetoric.

Of course, the usual shrieking and hand wringing erupted.

And so it is.

Anyway, here’s the point:

This Trump attitude (Trumptitude?) has made me more sales with email than almost anything else. The more the trolls, mush cookies, and sob sisters insist I *not* do something, the more I do it and the more sales I make.

You don’t have to like Trump to make money from him.

In fact, I’d bet Bernie’s only testicle that Trump’s numbers go *up* after this. Just like they go up after ALL his statements people on flakebook proclaim will end his campaign, yada yada yada.

I must admit:

I’m gonna miss this election.

All the people weeping and sobbing about Trump are missing out on a ton of valuable marketing lessons about the power of being transparent with your thoughts, plainly speaking your mind, and not caring what your haters (who are probably never going to buy from you anyway) think.

Oh, speaking of haters:

The May “Email Players” issue has a new way of profiting from them.

Specifically, it shows you a secret way of profiting from *other* peoples’ haters. When it first occurred to me how to do this, I immediately forwarded it to Misty the podcast announcer chick (who writes the podcast list emails) for future fodder.

Now, my dear fledgling, I will pass it on to you.

This is, if you subscribe to “Email Players” before it goes to the printer.

Hit the jump below to get in on time:

Ben Settle

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Let me tell you a story.

A while back someone started complaining to me that my emails lack “value.” This fine upstanding citizen of the goo-roo fanboy club thought I should give him more advice, knowledge, lessons, and content.

All free, of course.

And, I guess, just because he’s a special snowflake who deserves it.

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

Value is important. Demonstration of your knowledge is important. And, yes, being a good communicator is important. But, know what’s even more important?

The *relationship* with your list.

In fact:

Want higher open rates and clicks and sales? Want to sell tons of your products/services even if your copy is weak? Want an audience that has your back when some coward lies about you on a forum while high as a kite in his mom’s basement watching pourno videos and eating cheetos? Build a stronger relationship with your list. All the tactics you learn, all the demonstration of your knowledge, all the cool subject lines and copywriting tricks pale in comparison to having a strong relationship with your list.

And just to be clear:

When I say relationship, that doesn’t mean they will love you 24/7. Even family members, spouses, and siblings fight and disagree. But at the end of the day, they have each others’ back because of the relationship.

So it is with your list, too.

If you have a strong relationship with your list they will hear you out.

Give your offers a fair look.

And, if you offer something they want and need, eventually buy.

Anyway, if you want to learn a very simple way to build the kind of relationship with your list that all these so-called “relationship marketing” experts suddenly popping up all over social media can only dream of, then make sure you subscribe to “Email Players” immediately. The last few pages of the upcoming May issue contains a 10-point lesson on *exactly* how to build this kind of relationship with your list.

Ain’t nothing fancy about it, neither.

In fact, it’s laughably simple.

(Yet hardly anyone does all 10 of these things, go figure…)

Subscribe here to get it in time while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Before agreeing to teach some of my email secrets at the Health Profits Summit last weekend, I went to “Email Players” subscriber Steve Gray co-founder of Primal Health (another huge direct response-driven supplement company) and asked if hd’d let me write an email to their list.

No paying me any fees.

No owing me anything.

I simply wanted to make sure my tactics worked on other peoples’ lists and for other peoples’ products in that space besides my own.

I said:

“pick any product in your line and I’ll write an email for it.”

Anyway, my Unruly ways worked.

(Less opens and clicks, but more sales — what I expected.)

He also sent me a testimonial about “Email Players” too.

Something I hope any opportunity-minded people addicted to the dopamine drip of getting another new product they’ll never use (and complain about my trainings not being bright-shiny-objecty enough) read before pulling the trigger and subscribing.

Anyway, here’s what he said:

“I’ve been a Email Players subscriber since 2013 and still tear into each issue voraciously. Then I pass them to the marketing teams to read and implement as well. Ben and Email Players have been criticized in the past for not being sexy and full of tactics. I can tell you all those critics are broke, cause sexy doesn’t pay the bills. Ben’s advice in Email players has paid for itself so many times that the $97/mo fee is the best investment we’ve ever made.”

Word up.

Sexy only pays the bills if you’re a stripper.

For the rest of us?

We have to do better.

To see if “Email Players” is for you, read the letter carefully at the link below.

Note the parts about who does NOT qualify.

i.e. people who complain about info overload, who are looking to be rich by next Tuesday from one issue or the free book that comes with the subscription, or who are on a tight budget and would have to go into debt, etc.

If that’s you, get thee behind me.

It’s not for you.

Not yet, at least.

Change thy wicked ways first.

For everyone else?

Here’s the link:

Next issue goes to printer in a week.

Bag it while the baggin’s good…

Ben Settle

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So last weekend I spoke at “Email Players” subscriber Buck Rizvi’s “Health Profits Summit” in Boulder, CO, for his RealDose Nutrition company (one of the world’s leading nutritional supplement companies).

It was easily one of the best trainings I ever gave.

One of my long-time marketing “heroes” Tellman Knudson even said:

“Nailed it” afterwards on Facebook.

Oh, and you bet your bootay I will be sending my particular training free to “Email Players” subscribers (if memory serves, people paid a small fortune to be in the room) just as soon as I get my greedy little hands on the video.

Anyway, why should you care?

I’ll tell you why:

Because the summit host Buck Rizvi said something during his intro to my talk that can make *anyone* reading this more of the green stuff with email if you take it to heart and run with it.

Something very simple.

Yet, very profound at the same time.

What did he say?


“I can’t delete Ben’s emails even when he says something that offends or angers me. But not only do I keep reading, I have since bought everything he sells…”

This is not an unusual testimonial around here.

I get various kinds of that testimonial from others, too.

Even the esteemed Russell Brunson told me at dinner once that he hated me and couldn’t stand me originally… but then ended up loving my emails (even telling everyone at a Glazer-Kennedy event to read my stuff) and buying some of my products.

How does this happen?

How do I flip people over from the dark side like that?

And, how can you do the same?

Well, it ain’t my sparkling personality, that’s for sure.

No, I simply know how to build a rock solid relationship with my list.

When I say “relationship”, I’m not talking about fake & fluffy unicorn farts and rainbow burps relationship-building where my readers love and adore me and hang onto my every word like scripture, but never buy anything.

Often it’s just the opposite.

They read my emails while pounding their fists on their desk. Spend hours (literally) writing draft after draft to reply to one of my emails where I said something that (gasp!) offended them or that they disagree with. And, like that old couple looking at the Kramer painting in “Seinfeld”, consider me a loathsome, offensive brute… yet can’t look away.

And that’s okay.

Because I’m inside their psychology.

They can’t get me out of their heads.

And, in some cases, eventually they realize they kinda *like* it.

Eventually, many even buy (or even invite me to speak at their events…)

Anyway, would you like to write emails like this?

That build a for-real relationship with your list?

Mayhaps even a “cheat sheet” of sorts showing you how?

Then hop off your high horse and get your gluteus assimus on the “Email Players” list before the May issue goes to the printer next week. Inside I give you a 10-point crib sheet on how to build a rock solid relationship with your email list.

I should have compiled this years ago.

But, I didn’t really think to do it until recently.

Specifically, when I realized you can’t swing a bat without hitting yet another fluffpreneur on flakebook teaching people how to be “authentic” (it both amuses and startles me that people have to be taught how to be authentic).

Screw that sideways.

I’ll take the Pepsi challenge putting my 10-point “how to build a relationship” cheat sheet (which is less than 3 pages long) against all these flower-sniffing authenticity and relationship marketers haunting Facebook with long-winded videos any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Do things my way and your list may not *like* you, but they’ll respect you, have trouble not reading you, and, yes, even buy from you if you have the right kind of offer.

I see and experience it all the time.

Ain’t no reason why you can’t, neither.

Again, this “how to build a relationship” cheat sheet is in the May issue.

It applies to emails, obviously.

But, can be used for video.

For social media.

For podcasts.

And, even, for your personal relationships.

To read it, you must be subscribed before it goes to the printer.

After that?

Too late Bro-chacho.

Click the righteous link below to subscribe in time:

Ben Settle

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Last year my pal, sometimes-business partner, and computer scientist who has Google “tamed” unlike anyone else I know — Jim Yaghi — sent me an email to (and I quote):

“shut up the people worried about email opens”

Followed by a link to a site called Marketing Land saying how the iPhone is the the most dominant mobile email reading device, but iPhone users spend hardly any time looking at individual emails (somewhere, a goo-roo fanboy obsessing over his emails looking pretty on iPhones just wept…)


The site also said last time they tested it the vast majority of emails are opened on mobile phones, but the majority of *conversions* are done on desktops.

Anyway, I’m mostly going on memory here.

But, you can easily look it up if you want.

Bottom line?

There are reasons to track opens.

Like list health, title testing, mailing unopens, dazzling would-be clients with numbers to impress them, yada yada yada. But, it ain’t necessarily all that relevant to your sales. (Assuming sales is the plumb you’re after picking, that is…) And, I get questions all the time about how to increase opens. So I decided in the May “Email Players” issue to have mercy on these types.


Well, it has to do with gay people.


And, one of the highest visited news sites on the Internet.

(Which gets obscenely high clicks)

Put ‘em together and what do you got?

A subject line template that could get you potentially HUGE open rates.

(No guarantees, of course.)

This controversial technique worked for me.

And, it might just work for you, too.

Details in the May “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer next week.

Get your lovin’ here while you can:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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