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Last month I was asked to contribute a 250-word lesson to an online magazine about how to get clients.

Specifically, the #1 most important success secret for it.

Here is what I wrote:

The #1 most valuable success “secret” is simply consistency.

For example:

Jerry Seinfeld, who was making almost $300 million per year at his prime, talked about his calendar method. During his enormously successful career he made it a goal to write one joke per day. Every day. No excuses. Just one joke — whether a good joke, bad joke, or bland joke, it did not matter. What mattered is, he made a goal to write one joke per day. He also has a big wall calendar where, every day after he writes a joke, he puts an X through that date. And then, the same the next day. And the same the day after that so it was like a chain of X’s through the month.

He said he never broke the chain.

And as long as he didn’t break that chain he would keep experiencing success.

No matter what you do, what kind of business you have, what your goals are… do it every day.

Want more clients?

Then make it a goal to contact one lead per day.

That’s it.

Just one lead each day, whether by phone, email, social media, whatever channels you choose. Make it a goal to do that each day and before long you’ll have so many clients you’ll have to start turning some away (or be force to raise your prices). It’s the most reliable and predictable (and simple) way to experience mass success that probably has ever been invented.

And there you go.

How to get lots and lots of clients.

(For whatever service you want to sell.)


Something else…

Today, go here for lots more how-to-get-client tips:

Ben Settle

Today’s the deadline to get the July “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A secret way of using WebMD to blast out dozens of emails your list will love to hate to read (and eagerly buy from).
  • A “dignified way to use guilt to blow up your email sales.
  • How to as much as double your webinar attendance by simply NOT saying this one word in your emails.
  • 3 words that will instantly silence the haters and trolls who reply to your emails. (The best reply is none, but if your ego demands you reply, just use these 3 words and you’ll not only piss them off beyond belief, but probably never hear from them again, either.)
  • The Shaolin Monk “mind trick” to making your emails far more readable, enjoyable, and, yes, profitable.
  • The dark psyche secret to banging out dozens of super profitable emails your list can’t resist reading (and buying from).
  • A secret “stash” of free market research handed to you on a silver platter. (No matter what market you’re in, you can use this free resource to dig up all kinds of facts and ideas for selling to them.)
  • How to make your emails entertaining… even if you have the personality of a dead fish.
  • A secret goldmine of proven-to-work subject lines you can swipe, adapt, and probably even use word-for-word if’n you desire.
  • 10 copyright-free emails you can adapt, swipe, or use word-for-word (if’n you desire) without paying me a single penny.
  • And lots more for your bad self…

Deadline to get it is today.

Go here to get ya some:

Ben Settle

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Comes a common question:

“will mailing the ‘Email Players’ way get me a lot of spam complaints, get me ending up in the junk mail folder, get slapped by my auto-responder…?”

The answer?

How ’bout I let others answer it…

(Keep it a bit less biased.)

Here are some comments from a thread from the private Facebook group I have with Ryan Healy for our paying customers:

Since my list has gotten used to me emailing them in the EP stylings, complaints have virtually ceased. Seriously, night n day from before.

# # #

I’m new at this, too, and everything has gone just as Ben predicted. Lots of initial unsubscribes, a few spam complaints, but now things have settled down, and I’m getting excellent response from my people (and sales). Felt a little intimidating to jump in and do it, but there are so many positives, I’m glad I did. Good luck!


Last month I sold the Titans of Direct Response DVD’s.

And, if you remember, I sent 17 emails out between a Thursday and that Sunday —with 8 of them being on that Sunday, which even other hardcore mailers I know were in awe at how I got away with it.

Wouldn’t people opt out in droves?

Wouldn’t I a ton of spam complaints?

Not even close.

In fact, I looked it up and had ONE spam complaint.

That was it that entire weekend.

And it was from some blue light special crying to me saying I was committing “list abuse”, which is just idiotic considering he can delete or opt-out at any time. Brian Kurtz was so happy with the results he said he hoped his other affiliates would do half as well. (Recently he also said I was so far beating all his other affiliates — some of them huge names in the direct response marketing world — in terms of conversions. It’s not unusual for me to beat all other affiliates when I mail using my secret “formula” for doing affiliate marketing with emails — like with Ryan Levesque, when I walked up to all his other affiliates last year and gleefully stole their lunch money by out-converting all of them too…)

So anyway, that’s that.

To sum up?

My favorite cartoon Dexter Abraham put it best when he posted this on Flakebook last week:

“I’ve never seen a single example of less emails equalling better relationship with customers and increased sells…”

^^ Agreed.

The trick is doing it right.

Most people do not do it right.

Most peoples’ emails are the opposite of how to do it right and, yes, that is probably why they suffer the slings and arrows of making no fortune with emails, get themselves banned, and are riddled with spam complaints.

There’s an art and science to this.

It’s what I teach in “Email Players”.

And, I can teach it to you, too.

That is, if you qualify, at least.

And by the way, speaking of Brian Kurtz and his Titans DVD’s… in the July “Email Players” issue I go through one of the most powerful email marketing persuasion “tools” you can use I learned from his DVD’s. And, I show you exactly how I applied it to a launch recently.

But, a word of warning:

Chances are, you won’t want to use this tool.

Or, you’ll be too scared to.

But, I can say this… if you DO use it… and if you do it the exact way I explain (and show, with examples) in the July issue, I don’t see how you can possibly not make a lot more sales than you are.

I certainly am.

(In multiple ventures/markets).

And, there’s no reason why you can’t either.

Get in while the gettin’s good here:

Ben Settle

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals:

  • How people did direct marketing back in the Great Depression — when nobody had any money and there was no easy online ordering, credit card ordering, or phone ordering. (If you wanted to buy something via direct response, you had to high tail it 10+ miles away to town to get a money order, then go another several miles to the post office, and then go all the way back home. Those dudes knew how to SELL, and here’s how they did it 80 years ago, and how you can apply the same principles they used online today.)
  • The cereal box secret for tripling sales even for weak products.
  • The #1 reason why most people are not successful (nothing to do with intelligence, etc)
  • How to tell if a marketing or sales “technique” works or not… before testing, using, or learning it.
  • How to get people to believe you and trust you online, even if you’re brand spanking new and nobody knows who you are.
  • The “wet napkin” copywriting trick that’ll make you sales even if you screw everything else up in your ads. (Yet, other than a few old school books, you will not hear this concept talked about in hardly any copywriting and marketing guru courses.)
  • Does ugly always win out over pretty online? (This comes straight from one of the “founding fathers” of Internet marketing who’s probably seen more tests and results than most anyone else online.)
  • What’s just as important (if not more important) than traffic and conversion on your websites. (Only one person I know of teaches this, apply it to your business and watch your sales take off — fast.)
  • An ancient Kung Fu technique that lets any business owner (rich or poor) make way more sales with way less work and effort. (Ever since learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, I’ve been putting this principle to work in my business and the results have been night and day. Methinks they’ll work for you, too.)
  • How to make sales “automatic” — as easy and predictable as turning on/off a water faucet.
  • How to put yourself in the “catbird seat” in your market, niche, and industry. (The catbird seat is the prominent place where all the business and money flows — get this part down, and you can make sales without hardly even trying.)
  • And lots lots lots more…

Download your dull love here:

Ben Settle

Ever see “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade”?

It’s about…


Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones’ father) suddenly going missing while pursuing the Holy Grail (the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper), and Indiana has to follow in his father’s footsteps to find him and stop the Nazis. Anyway, towards the end Indie and the bad guy find where the grail is, and told to choose wisely from amongst several of them.

The one will bring life.

The others?


Looking at the selection of chalices, the bad guy (Donovan) picks up the bright shiny one, the one that looks pretty and slick and majestic, and, well, “ninja” (in Internet marketing fanboy vernacular). He then fills it with water and takes a drink, expecting eternal life. But instead, he starts aging rapidly, decomposing on the spot, dying a horrible and painful death. Indiana Jones, on the other hand, picks the humble looking chalice, (“That’s the cup of a carpenter,” he says) and turns out he chose right.


The point?

We got a bit of this in Internet marketing land.

Most people are hopelessly attracted to the sexy, complicated, “cool” looking bright shiny object products and techniques, when, in reality, those will just suck the life out of your marketing and kill it dead. Conversely, it’s the what I call “dull unpolished objects” that will breathe everlasting life into your ads, emails, and promotions.

How can you tell the difference?

There are many ways, my little Droogling.

And tomorrow’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals all. I think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed with what they hear on tomorrow’s show.


Time for them to grow up and stop being suckers.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s show.

To kill the time before then, download past episodes here:

Ben Settle

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One of my all-time favorite movies is Bruce Lee’s:

“Enter The Dragon”

But, not just because of its entertainment value. There’s mucho educational value to the email marketer embedded throughout, too. One example is when Bruce is training a young whipper-snapper in kung fu.

Bruce tells him to kick him.

The whipper-snapper kicks.

But, does it in a “going-through-the-motions” way.

(Phoning it in)

Bruce replies:

“What was that? An Exhibition? We need emotional content. Now try again!”

The student tries again.

But, this time he overdoes it — angry and frustrated.

Bruce snaps:

“I said ‘emotional content.’ Not anger! Now try again!”

The student tries again, a much better kick Bruce praises.

Anyway, what does this have to do with email?

A lot, Droogie-san.

Emotional content is something a LOT of emails lack.

Probably because nobody teaches it or thinks about it.

But fear ye not.

Your Uncle elBenbo goes into detail about how to write your emails in this way (with emotional content) in the July “Email Players” issue. I also show you an example of this kind of email I wrote to the MLM market recently. Of all the emails I wrote for that affiliate sequence, this one — which had the best mix of emotional content than the others — got double the opens and click-throughs as the rest.

Again, few (if anyone) talks about this.

(Or even think about it or understands it.)

But, knowing it will give MY guys and gals a huge advantage.

Will you be one of them?

Best decide quick.

She goes to the printer in a few days.

Details here:

Ben Settle

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Back in April I got my shut-in, Grinch-like self outta my cave, onto a plane, and traveled to Austin, Texas for a mastermind put on by my friend and “Email Players” subscriber Trevor Mauch.

There were about 15 of us in that room.

(Give or take.)

Including one of the other guys putting it on — Patrick Riddle.

Anyway, Patrick shared some great ways to write your emails to get more attendance (a LOT more attendance) to your webinars, and make a lot more sales to boot. In fact, I was so impressed with what he taught, I asked for his permission to share a couple of the things he taught us. Specifically, a couple things that go directly against what you see practically everyone else using email to promote their webinars doing.

What are these two things?

Luckily, nothing complicated.

(Which is the way I likes it).

In fact, they are ridiculously simple.

And to prove it, I share these two tips for exploding the number of people who attend your webinars in the July “Email Players” issue. Including the ONE “deplorable” word that, if you use it in your emails pitching your webinars, is killing your attendance.

The ironic part:

It’s a word practically everyone uses.

(Even lots of webinar experts.)

And it’s counter-intuitive to not use it.

What is this word?

And, are you using it?

Only one way to find out, my little droogling.

And that is to subscribe by the deadline.

Go here for the details:

Ben Settle

Before I get into the meat of this email, an admission:

I know jack about real estate.

I’ve never sold a house or even bought a house.

And, I’ve never studied anything specific about the industry outside of attending a mastermind in April with a bunch of real estate investors (mostly) in the room, and maybe a trick or two rubbed off on me.

Anyway, that said, my dad recently sold his house.

And, before it sold he wanted my opinion on the listing.

I thought it was great, the photos were great, and the overall pitch was great… except for one thing. And that one thing is, it said it was 3 bedrooms when, in reality, he has two bedrooms and a little room he uses as an office that *could* be turned into a bedroom (by putting a wall up), but isn’t technically one now. His real estate agent said it’d give him way more leads (and I agreed) saying that. But, the problem with it was, he set up his visitors to be disappointed. If they went there thinking it’s 3 bedrooms and it’s really not (technically), how can they feel anything but disappointment and that maybe they wasted their time?

On the other hand:

I suggested saying it’s 2 bedrooms.

That way, the only leads that show will be expecting that, but then possibly pleasantly pleased when they see it’s more like 2+ bedrooms.

It’s the age-old “under promise, over deliver” thang.

Which, he started dabbling with.

Anyway, did it ultimately help him sell his house faster?

No idea.

(I should ask him about that…)

But, if home buyers are anything like other buyers, methinks it didn’t exactly hurt.

Again, elBenbo ain’t no real estate expert.

(Not even an ex-spurt)

But, we shall see.

Now, let’s get down to some bid’niz.

In exactly one week the July “Email Players” issues goes to the printer. One of the (many) lessons inside is a secret way of making your emails near impossible to ignore (assuming you’re talking to the right people in your market).

I originally learned about this from observing WebMD.

And, it’s a doozy, too.

Especially if you sell a product that solves an urgent problem.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Here’s a tale I’ve been itching to tell for a while:

Earlier this year I bought the infamous “Titans Of Direct Response” program created by Brian Kurtz and a plethora of old school direct response giants (er, titans, I mean).

It’s a very expensive product.

(As it should be).

But, also very cheap in as much as I more than multiplied the investment back quickly after going through it and applying certain teachings to my emails. Yes, my little truth seeker, even though email is not taught in the product per se… there are certain parts of it that are not only easily adapted to email but, probably will make you far *more* sales with email than with the mediums they are talking about in their respective sections.

The part that got me the most excited?

That has made me the most sales so far?

Dan Kennedy’s talk — hands down.

I always knew Dan Kennedy was a direct marketing genius… but I had no idea how deep his genius roots went until listening to his just-over-and-hour talk. The first time through I was walking my dog and I had to run back home to capture all the email ideas I got from it. Ideas I turned into lots of profitable emails for the golf business I partner in especially, as well as when selling my own products, and when selling a product as an affiliate in the mlm niche about how to be seen as an expert.

And you want to know what?

I talk about this in detail in the July “Email Players” issue.

I show you how I turned this info into a bunch of profitable emails, and explain how you can adapt what I did to your emails easily.

In some ways, this is the most valuable issue I’ve written.

The info has been invaluable to me.

(And will continue to be for years and decades.)

I reckon it’ll do the same for you.

(No reason why it shouldn’t.)

But, only if you’re a subscriber.

Anyway, she goes to print soon.

Subscribe here while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

Producer Jonathan and Yours Truly cover yet another 7 “Email Players rules” on today’s Ben Settle Show podcast extravaganza.


  • How to position yourself in your market (especially if you sell a service) so people gladly pay you more, give you more respect, and take your advice often without argument or resistance.
  • Why the money is NOT in the list. (And how to use this knowledge to make your income far more secure and “bullet proofed.”)
  • The Rush Limbaugh/Howard Stern secret to building wealth. (And without you having to become a multi-million dollar radio talk show host.)
  • Why your customers are the last people you should ask about how to sell them.
  • Why women are the last people a guy should ask about how to attract them.
  • The worst time to send a girl flowers. (If you try to give a girl flowers at any other time than the time revealed on this episode, you will simply creep her out.)
  • Why Bruno Mars is responsible for a lot of guys getting dumped.
  • The best kind of candy to give a girl as a gift. (And no, it ain’t chocolate.)
  • How to not make an ass out of yourself when giving advice to someone.
  • Why trying to get rich quick ain’t always a bad thing.
  • Best way for freelance copywriters to give themselves financial security. (And no, not talking about selling their own products, they simply need to do what we discuss on the show towards the end.)
  • And more, more, more…

Download the next 7 Email Players rules right here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist