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Today’s the deadline to get the November “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How even raw & “wriggling” noobies can hammer out money-making emails in as little as 4-minutes. (Also works for pounding out ezine articles, too.)
  • The one and only thing you need to include in your emails to sell the hell out of your products. (And nope… it ain’t proof, it ain’t benefits, it ain’t even a call to action, necessarily. It’s this fun and easy thing people love getting in their emails.)
  • How to make your emails “feel” like content, even though they are essentially pure sales pitch.
  • What a “brain fart” subject line is… and why it’s perhaps the single most profitable kind of subject line I’ve ever used. (And yes, examples galore are included.)
  • An old school copywriting badass’s secret to making your emails far more credible, believable, and, yes, more profitable. (The irony is, this guy probably never sent an email pitch in his life.)
  • How to use email to profit from douche nozzles. (Including iTunes trolls, amazon trolls, and garden variety social media trolls who lie about your products in reviews.)
  • The email subject line secret of the copywriting genius behind Boardroom, Inc.
  • An example of how to make lots of sales in emails without so much as mentioning a single benefit or claim.
  • And a honey bunches of oats lot more…

Including a bonus about building lists using contests.

This is a great “jumping on” issue.

(If I do say so myself…)

But, today’s the deadline to grab it.

Subscribe here while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

Happy Halloween…

My “Zombie Cop” kindle book is free today.

Starting now (12 am pacific time).

Plus, a special bonus:

We revised it so it has the first chapter of my sequel novel “Vampire Apocalypse” as a bonus at the end.

Download it free here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Already own “Zombie Cop”?

Want to have the new one with the bonus chapter?

Well, it’s a little tricky with Amazon.

According to my publisher, you can’t just re-download it during the free offer today. You have to either use a different Amazon account or create one under your spouse’s name.

Sucks, I know.

But, that’s the way they roll at Amazon…

It’s almost Halloween, amigo.

How about some “marketing monsters” action today?

The following monsters roam the Internet looking for hapless victims to financially rape, plunder and, in some cases, ruin.

So sharpen your stake and grab your pitchfork.

And let’s get. it. awwwn…


This monster roams the countryside looking to attach new parts to his body. And after you’ve given him a free arm, leg or other valuable part of yourself…

… he doesn’t stop!

He relentlessly lurches towards you, arms stretched out in front of him, chasing you around to give him even MORE free stuff.

Unfortunately, you can never defeat him.

The bastard’s practically immortal.

But you CAN ward him off.

First by ONLY giving him something small.

And second, by making it clear everything else must be paid for.


These vicious beasts foam blood at the mouth and lack souls.

They do truly nasty things, too — like seek out deals to kill… drag innocent people through frivolous litigation to take as much moola as they can… and sometimes even defend the other marketing monsters who have attacked **you**!

These killer canines are cunning and vicious.

Often the only way to beat ‘em is with your OWN hellhound lawyer.

Pray one never catches your “scent.”


You often see this giant, dragon-like thing with multiple heads in highly competitive niches.

Like diet, biz opp, work-at-home, etc.

And each time the law cuts one of its heads off, a new, even MORE hypey head re-grows in its place — breathing even MORE fiery hype, screaming headlines and exaggerated claims they can’t back up.

The law cannot slay this beast because of its regrowing heads.

However, it’s easily avoided.

If you listen, you can hear it coming a mile away.


This thing is slippery like a fish and is hard to catch.

He likes to swim around forums, blogs and anywhere else he can parrot bad advice that’ll keep you broke. The difference between him and the other monsters, is this creature doesn’t KNOW he’s doing bad.

In fact, he thinks he’s doing GOOD.

He thinks his half-baked advice based on theories and hearsay work — even though they have never worked for HIM.

But, since he needs to survive, he tries to sell it to others.

Usually as an affiliate for something he’s never used.

Stay away from his swamps — like forums — and you’re safe.


This emaciated wretch is more a danger to himself than you.

He haunts the marketing graveyards constantly running ads that are lifeless, useless and don’t have a popsicle’s chance in hell of working.

Plus, his laugh is annoying and he’s kinda stinky.

But other than that, this shriveled up bag of skin is no threat.

Unless, of course, you copy & swipe HIS advertising…


This insidious monster has just one eye.

And it’s always fixed on OTHER peoples’ content and stealing it.

He never speaks or talks. He just grunts and snarls and glowers over everyone’s content with his one, piercing eye. When he finds something he likes, he shamelessly takes it (with no regard to ethics, rules or copyright laws) and puts it on HIS websites.

To make matters worse:

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find his lair.

He has no email, phone number or contact info.

And since he puts your content on sites like “blogspot” blogs, you have no recourse except jumping through hundreds of hoops that are not worth your time.

There’s not much you can do about this one.

But there are ways to use his evil deeds to your advantage if you use a little strategy.


This shapeless mass of goo (roo?) oozes around the Internet absorbing everyone else’s ideas, ads, and sales letters. And then, when he wants to pitch something, shamelessly takes whatever he’s absorbed and uses it as his own.

There’s not much you can do about these monsters.

They’re impossible to catch since they have no real “substance”.

But it’s good to be aware of them.

Otherwise they could absorb YOU and make you a blob like them.


This elusive demon likes to hop from one business to the next — buying products, copying the content, and then refunding them while you’re sleeping.


You can sometimes see it lurking on sites like clickbank and anywhere else they can have an easy refund policy. And you know it has struck when you make a sale and, within a few hours, it’s already been returned.

Unfortunately, it usually attacks while you’re sleeping.

But you CAN help stop its rampage.

Simply keep a file (like I do) of anyone who refunds with a lame excuse and don’t sell to them again.

You can also tell your colleagues to watch out for them, too.


Just like hell hound lawyers, these things lack a conscience.

They love to sneak into your personal life, your private records and even your bank accounts… and take and use whatever they want for their own twisted ends.

Unfortunately, LOTS of these monsters roam the countryside.

With more and more created each day.

And the more successful you are, the greater the chances they’ll target you. So make sure you’re prepared.

Their bite can literally murder your business.


This monster often appears as a “guru.”

And he looks exactly like an expert.

Yet, he’s the complete opposite!

You see, what he does is, he lures unwary newbies in his market (usually “rabid” markets) to his cave and devours their every last penny — while delivering little or no real value.

And to make matters worse…

He is a master at using “social proof.”

In fact, he’s so unbelievably good at using it, his victims actually think he’s doing them a favor — almost like it’s a privilege — as he consumes their last dime.

OK my friend, that’s all for now.

These are the most ruthless monsters roaming the Internet.

If you want to protect yourself from their wrath this Halloween, put away the candy, get thy bootyus to the castle armory and strap on a few of the weapons you can find at:

It’s the best way to defeat these fiends.

And, make extra scratch, too…

Ben Settle

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Recently a bloke asked why I don’t personalize emails.

In other words…

I don’t start each email with “Hi Chachi…” or pepper people’s first name throughout my emails to sounds like I’m writing a personal email to them, giving it that “human element” to make them more persuasive.

There are several reasons why.

(1) I’m lazy about it
(2) Since not collecting first names, I’ve gotten more opt ins
(3) I don’t think it’s as powerful as it used to be

In fact, want a FAR more potent secret than personalization?

That’ll have more impact?

And, can make you more sales?

(If you do it right…)

You do?

OK, what is FAR more powerful than personalization is…


My emails are very polarizing. I often draw a line in the sand and FORCE people to make a decision:

Their either on MY side.

Or the WRONG side.


Because the more polarizing you are, the more sales you’ll make.

History is full of examples of this.

The lion’s share of the dough goes to the people who aren’t scared to say “this is what I think, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door…” and force people to either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

That way, there’s no indifference.

No lukewarm flip-flopping.

And, no mistaking what they stand for.

Great emails do the same thing.

So polarize, baby.


To see exactly how to put emails together that polarize, revolutionize and “super size” your sales… check out the “Email Players” newsletter. It’s one of the world’s most expensive newsletters (not for price shoppers, but value shoppers). So it’s not intended for the average Internet marketing fanboy addicted to cheap WSO’s (Warrior Forum special offers) wanting to make sales without effort. And, it’s not intended for people who can’t think and only know how to swipe.

In other words…

It’s for business players.

Not spectators.

Which one are you?

Go here for more info:

Ben Settle

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Know how you know you’re doing it right?

When you get testimonials about products you sell, from people who don’t even own the product!

Check this out:

I used to sell a course called “Street Smart Email”.

It sold for $795.00.

And, it sold quite successfully.

But, the problem was, I was constantly having to update it with all the cool new email secrets (I have so many email secrets, even my secrets have secrets…) I am constantly discovering on a daily basis. For example, I have over 700+ text files in a folder on my computer — each containing a single tip, idea, test, tactic, trick, etc for increasing sales with email. And I’m constantly adding to it, sometimes 2-3 times per DAY! Thus I will never run out of material for “Email Players” content…

Anyway, my solution?

Stop all the silly mundane updates.

And, instead, create the “Email Players” newsletter.

And, with your subscription, you get a “paraphrased” version of Street Smart Email (i.e. all the evergreen “must know” info, with everything else stripped out — including the stuff that is now redundant and can actually hurt your sales, as things have changed since then) in my “Email Players Playbook”.

Which brings me to the testimonial.

It’s from Andy Moose who doesn’t subscribe to “Email Players”.


But, possesses the old Street Smart Email system.

And, here’s what he said:

I’m not an email players’ subscriber. yet.

But I’ve been through Ben’s Street Smart Email course, and I’ve used what I learned in at least 5 different industries (personal and for clients).

From church camp signups, to cigars and coffee, to sticky lint rollers and more.

Hell, I even use it in personal correspondence. And why not? Since any conversation you have with someone has a desired result or action in mind.

What Martin said, I agree, some days it feels like it took longer to load up the email in the broadcast service than it did to write it out.

And I’ve seen a carryover into other skills as well. My (front of the crowd) speaking skills have improved massively in these past years of honing my email craft.

Case in point, at the church camp, I’ve given at least 5 campfire messages these past two summers and every one of those was first an email I wrote up. Based the talk on an email and adlibbed as needed – worked like a charm every time.

Tricks? Learn from the best, the ones who are Doing it. And then, go Do It yourself. That’s the only way it’ll work for you. Ya gotta go do it.

There’s the proof for ye Doubting Thomases.

Proof my system works. That it works for MULTIPLE products, services & niches. And, that it works for succeeding even outside of email!

(Like public speaking, etc.)

Like I said before:

I don’t teach how to “write.”

I teach how to communicate.

This is why it doesn’t matter if you flunked English 101.

Or hate writing.

Or think you’re not “creative.”

My system works whether you “believe” you can do it or not.

But, you have to put in the effort.

You also have to invest in the (admittedly high) monthly price, and let each month’s knowledge and experience compound on itself over time. (Buying one issue will do you little good, this is one reason why I don’t let people back in who quit after just 30 days of subscribing — it’s like taking a health supplement for 30 days and then thinking it’s going to cure you of whatever problem it’s supposed to fix — it’s both a dumb and shortsighted attitude to have in business, not the kind of people I want as subscribers, so I throw them back and let the lesser marketers & goo-roos catch them.)

And, you have to implement.

Otherwise, you’re right.

You can’t do it…

For everyone else?

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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A subscriber wants to know about hate mail…

“Ben, I really enjoy your emails answering people who rag on you. Sometimes I get hate mail too and want to know if you can address how to handle it. Thanks!”

First off, hate mail is GOOD.

It’s almost like a yard stick for success.

If you never get it, you’re probably not doing your job. After all, if you try to please everyone you’re probably not pleasing anyone and so what’s the point?

So don’t FEAR hate mail.

Embrace it.

Learn to love it.

Now, there are a lot of things you can do with a hot, steamy piece of hate mail. You can…


Not good, no matter how idiotic the writer of the email is (you’ll see why in a moment)…


Usually a bad idea.


Because it’s like wrestling with a pig — you both get dirty and the pig loves it. If you’re a busy person, you got better things to do than wrestle with pigs.

(Yes I’ve made this mistake before.)


You know, to make $ales with.

It almost never fails.

When I publicly talk about a piece of hate mail I (usually, not always) get more sales that day (and this spans multiple niches/markets).

Anyway, bottom line?

Give your hate mail some lovin’.

Don’t just delete it on sight (unless it’s some dork who sends you multiple rambling emails — they have deeper “issues”).

Instead WRITE about it.

And turn it into cash in the bank.

For more ways to turn emails into cash, go to:

Ben Settle

On today’s earth shatteringly sexy podcast, we rap about:

  • The #1 book on time management ever written. (It goes well beyond just time management — it’s also one of the best overall business books ever written.)
  • Why I don’t do business with people who aren’t punctual. (And why you won’t, either, after you listen to this episode.)
  • The one attribute successful people have that unsuccessful people don’t. (If you JUST do this, you’ve already won. And no, it ain’t got nuttin’ to do with talent, time, money, persistence, or anything you’re thinking it is.)
  • The exact time of the day when your brain wants you to do the most amount of work (and will reward you for helping you get it done faster and more efficiently than at any other time).
  • Interesting fact: I can see a meth house from my home office window.
  • What “Burgle time” is, and how it kills peoples’ success in the town I live in. (Just making this one change made a huge difference in my copywriting apprentice’s success almost overnight.)
  • What to do during the first hour of every day to blow right past your competition.
  • What the late (great) copywriter Gene Schwartz did to keep his work day down to just 3 hours per day. (While other copywriters sat hunched over a keyboard for 8+ hours per day, Gene simply did this, and banged out more successful direct mail campaigns than practically anyone else in a fraction of the time.)
  • How to use an ordinary 3X5 note card to get the maximum amount of work done in minimal time. (I do this every Sunday night and never have a problem finishing all my work — even while simultaneously writing a novel, banging out ads & emails for multiple JV’s, and creating my own daily emails, newsletters, and products.)
  • And that the list goes on…

Download it now (time is of the essence, babycakes) here:

Ben Settle

One of my all-time favorite books:

“NO BS Time Management”

It’s by Dan Kennedy.

He’s like the king of time management.

And, his book is not only the best time management book I’ve ever read (I use the principles to get enormous amounts of work done in a fraction of the time it takes most people I know — even while simultaneously writing a novel, banging out ads & emails for multiple JV’s, recording a weekly podcast, and creating my own daily emails, newsletters, and products)… but it’s one of the best overall business books I’ve ever read, period.

One of my favorite tips:

Dan Kennedy doesn’t do business with people who are late.


Well, the reasons are many.

But, doing just this one thing has saved me loads of time during my bid’niz ventures.

He teaches a lot of other cool stuff in it, too.

And, I highly recommend it.


Tomorrow’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast contains the 5 most effective time management tips I use daily to out-produce my competition.

(Well, most of ‘em…)

I’ll let ya know when it’s on iTunes tomorrow.

Download past episodes here:

Ben Settle

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“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

“The Matrix”

The more I watch “The Matrix” the more I like it.

It’s chock full of great business wisdom.

Take the above quote, for example:

The world at large hates the business man. The business man is vilified. Lied about. Envied. And, worst of all, attacked for no reason whatsoever.

Attacked by WHO, you ask?

Your politicians.

Your attorney generals.

Your lawyers.

Your judges.

Your gazillion paper-pushing bureaucrats.

Other businesses who see you as a threat.

And, even your own friends and family who continue to vote against the business man’s best interests (i.e. higher taxes, strangling regulations, more stoopid forms to fill out, and other time & money wasting nonsense) even though without the business man they’d have no tax money to fund their silly little utopian dreams. (Cue up the creepers who’ll knee-jerkedly and incorrectly think I watch Fox News and vote Republican… they’re oh-so-predictable…)

Where was I?

Oh yes… I remember:

Everyone’s hand is against the business man.

Yet the business man is who provides their jobs.

The business man is who pays the bulk of the taxes.

And, the business man is the one making things go forward economically in spite of the government always trying to tear him down, place obstacles in his path, and tax him into oblivion.

Reminds me of Dan Kennedy’s “No BS Business” book.

There was a business guy overrun by taxes and mind-numbing forms.

Every day was another tax bill to be paid.

Another regulation to be followed.

Another idiotic “rule” to be obeyed.

Until one day…

They find his corpse at the foot of his mailbox dead of a heart attack — with tax forms clutched in hand!


Now, ‘lest you think me a pessimist…

Personally, I see the US like a burning forest.

There are 3 ways to react to it:

1.) Heroically (and exhaustingly) try to put it out using buckets of water filled at the stream “bucket brigade” style — even though you know it won’t stop the forest from burning down since it’s too far out of control

2.) Curl up into a fetal position and wait to die

3.) Grab some hot dogs and ‘smores and ENJOY it


I’m going with option #3, Alex.

One of the ways I enjoy the burning forest is with email.

While everyone has been out there freaking out about government shut downs, NSA spying and letting the news scare them into doing whatever it is their agenda-setters want you to do, my subscribers and I were shooting out emails that made sales, taking the pressure off, helping us prepare to do whatever we have to do once the economy crashes.

(It ain’t gonna be pretty for the unprepared.)

Plus, you know what else?

Email is kinda FUN, too.

Especially when you do it the way I teach.

If you want to join us for November, there’s still time.

It’s a great “jumping on” issue for new subscribers, too.


Lots of reasons.

Like, for example:

It shows how to write emails in as little as 4 minutes. And, how to make your emails more credible & believable. And, how to build lists with contests.

(In a bonus training.)

If you want in, go here today:

Ben Settle

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I’ve heard people do this sort of thing.

Never actually believed it, though.

I mean, it’s just such a blatant insult of someone (anyone’s) intelligence, it boggles the mind marketers are doing it.

What do I speaketh of?

Ending an email broadcast (at the bottom) with:

“(Sent from iPhone)”

You know, as if it was a personal email typed and sent from someone’s iPhone, and not a broadcast message. Believe it or not, someone forwarded me an email (a list email, with an auto-responder company unsubscribe link at the bottom, under the “sent from iPhone”) like this the other day.

Hey, I’m all for making emails look personal:

Plain text.

(Or html that looks like plain text).

“From” line you’re actual name.

“From” email address that looks like a personal email.

No brackets or other indicators in the subject line to indicate it’s a list message, to give you that split second where people think it *could* possibly be a personal email message, and will at least open it to see.

I’m ALL for that.

But this “sent from iPhone” nonsense?

It’s nutzo.

Yeah, some people might buy into it.

But it’s phony.


And, totally unnecessary.

Just forget the lame ninja tricks.

Focus on the fundamentals, instead. They are FAR more powerful and important than any tips & tricks you will learn. It’s like the story of the young punk who sought out the old martial arts master to learn “advanced” fighting. The master then threw a punch so fast the speed of his movement put a candle out! So the punk kid goes “Yes! That’s advanced! Teach me that!” To which the master replies, “first, learn how to punch.”

So it is with email.

Or copywriting.

Or anything, really.

Get your fundamentals rock solid, first.

Then, you can play with tricks.

One of the single most important fundamentals you can learn is how to structure your emails so they (1) are easy to write (2) fast to write and (3) have built-in persuasion power.

Very few people know how to do this.

And, even fewer teach it.

But, I’m showing how in the next “Email Players” issue.

She goes to print in 11 days.

She goes to print in one week.

Subscribe while you still have time here:

Ben Settle

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