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Today’s the deadline to get your squeaky-clean mitts on the March “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what awaits you in its not-so-hallowed pages:

  • The totally unorthodox way (even the cable tv talking heads never mention) Trump uses to destroy his competition that you can use to “legally steal” sales from your competitors. (It works so reliably, I have used it for years in emails spanning multiple niches and markets, and it always works like a charm to boost sales, give me better marketplace positioning, and piss off my competition. Grab the gruesome details, along with several real life email examples to study — not copy — starting on pages 6)
  • How to drive the human psyche crazy in your emails so people won’t be able to relax until they’ve bought your product. (See page 3.)
  • Two sales letters that have served as models for writing some of my highest selling emails. (And where to find these ads online free — go to page 5 for the details.)
  • The billion dollar secret (used in the most persuasive emails and sales letters in history) contained in that dusty old Bible rotting on top of millions of American coffee tables. (See page 2.)
  • A secret way of writing emails that is also used by the great A-list copywriter David Deutsch to write bullets for his blockbuster control ads. (See page 4)
  • How to blatantly pitch in your emails and have your list love you for it. (And, be more than happy to buy from you, too. Go to page 13 for the details and an example.)
  • How to use the “philosophy email” (used routinely in one of the great Stan Lee’s best-selling comic book titles decades ago) to make people more likely to buy from you. (See page 15.)
  • And a ho bunch more…


A short bonus report titled “Ravings of an Ad Man!” that shows you exactly what to do to create a bond with your email list so strong they will not only buy from you often “sight unseen” (if you have the right offer), but will be loyal to you almost to a fault. If you’re an affiliate marketer I reckon learning these simple “list bonding” tips will make your offers stand out like an honest man in Washington D.C. amongst the horde of other affiliates you compete against.

Anyway, again, today is the deadline to get this issue.

After that, it’s too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber (and one of my favorite people to read on Twitter, and not just because of the following…) Alexander J.A Cortes? flatters Yours Unruly with this tweet:

My entire email strategy I learned from @BenSettle and his monthly newsletter

It’s $97 a month, and I will read it pay for it till the day I leave this earth,

Best business investment I’ve ever had, will end up paying for itself a million times over

The information works for those who work it.

For the rest who whine about info overload, or the do-nothings who behave as if they need only put the newsletter under the pillows at night, the magic Email Players fairy will visit them and bless them with her magic twinkle pole and suddenly sales will appear, I can’t do anything for them.

Thus, I do everything I can to repel them and attract the Alexander J.A. Cortes’.

If you’re the former, save your money.

If you’re the latter, a doer and implementer, the March issue goes to the printer tomorrow.

It’s chock-full of goodies that have put a lot of the green stuff in my pocket, and can do the same for you.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Let’s rap about politics…

One of the most amusing things ever to happen in my lifetime was the election of Donald Trump. Even now, a year after his election, his enemies still have no idea why he won other than assuming his voter base is dumb or whatever, despite Trump having the mass media, the entire political establishment, and even his own party against him.

Now, for the record:

I did not vote for him.

(I wrote in my pick.)

But, I have learned I have to preface anything that is positive about the guy with that fact for those who get insanely emotional just reading about him, and would thus miss the Valuable lessons he freely gives away each day. It’s not unlike when I wrote a few years back in an Email Players issue about the smart things Obama did with his emails to get elected.

It completely irked some of his haters.

And, thus, they missed Valuable lessons.

Fact is, Trump teaches high-level persuasion lessons everyday for people intellectually honest enough to turn off their emotions about him, and look at it objectively.

Anyway, back at the Capitol:

One reason Trump won, and Hillary lost, and why I predict anyone who runs against Trump will lose in 2020 (barring him being found in bed with a farm animal or a similar scandal) is, because he does something hardly anyone in marketing either knows how to do or doesn’t have the nut sac to do.

Something any marketer can do to:

  • Make a lot of sales from your emails without making a single claim
  • Have a lot more fun writing your emails
  • Shift your market’s attention away from your competition and onto you and what you’re selling
  • Make what your competition is selling (even if it’s technically a superior product/service) suspect of whether it is what they say it is

Now, some more things to think about:

1. What I am talking about is completely unbecoming a president (or a professional business person if done the way Trump does it)

2. It works anyway

3. It won’t hurt your reputation or credibility at all with your best buyers — just the opposite

4. When you see what it is, if you still doubt it works, just remember how many of your Facebook friends declared Trump “finished!” when running for President. He was supposedly “done for!” only to emerge the winner practically every week. He got away with (and continues to get away with) all kinds of things that would bury less-experienced negotiators and businessmen than him.


This trick Trump uses can be applied to emails, sales copy, politics, anything where you want to win in the arena of ideas and gaining more customers. It can also be done in a way that is less abrasive than what Trump does, if you want. (Yes, even a mousey marketer who is scared of controversy can do it.) In fact, even hardcore liberals and democrats can use it (and a few of the more savvy ones when it comes to persuasion do, just not nearly as effectively as the Donald.)

Anyway, if you want to learn this trick, it’s in the March “Email Players” issue.

It’s something I do practically every week.

(And, since seeing Trump do it, I do it more often than ever, and sales have never been higher as a result — and I show 4 real life examples, from 4 different niches, to show you how simple it is.)

It’s something you can do, too.

But, only if you are subscribed before tomorrow’s looming deadline.

Here’s where to grab the next issue by the ads:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber (a fertility eggspert who helps women with fertility issues get pregnant) Julie Chang asks:

Are you holding a meetup in San Diego later this month?  I think you mentioned it awhile back somewhere.

I’d love to say thank you in person for all your help via email, EP newsletter, etc.  Since launching my program 6 months ago, I now have 25 members at $111/mo.  I’m on track to reach my lifestyle and financial goals!

Congrats to Julie, she’s taken advantage of my offer to Email Players subscribers to be able to ask me questions (within reason) via email over the months, has taken action on the info, and is now seeing the, uhm, *birth* of a new business grow and take shape.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

My sneaky ways go beyond just making sales.

They are ultimately about creating a new lifestyle.


If you want to see what Julie and hundreds of others are using to make more sales and change their lifestyles using email, go here:

Ben Settle

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One of my most prized possessions (and, arguably, one of the best “info products” on how to create world class marketing) is a documentary on DVD called: “Mutants, Monsters, And Marvels”.

It’s where filmmaker Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame) interviewed Stan Lee.

Don’t know who Smilin’ Stan Lee is?

He’s the guy who put Marvel Comics (and, one could make the argument, the entire comic book industry) on the map. He (and the artists he worked with) created everything from Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk… to the Avengers and Fantastic Four… to Dr. Strange and Daredevil… and everything in between. It’s no exaggeration to say this man’s mind was responsible for tens of billions of dollars in sales over his 95 year old lifespan.

The man is simply a genius.

Anyway, he also created the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer is a cosmic being, who used to be a herald for another cosmic being called Galactus, who eats entire worlds.

Which brings me to the rub:

Stan Lee said he created the Silver Surfer to be able to talk about philosophical ideas and concepts that were too heavy for his other titles. Not that he got super deep into anything. But, the character served as that kind of creative outlet for him. And, while a lot of marketing minds much smarter than mine insist nobody is going to shell out money to buy philosophy, I have found over the years you can use philosophy to make people more likely to buy from you and hit a nerve if you do it right.

Key phrase is if you do them right.

Most people sound like boring college professors when they try to do it (come to think about it, most emails period sound like boring lectures…)

But, yours won’t.

That is, if you turn to 15 of the coming March “Email Players” issue.

Inside that issue I show you not only a real-life example of how to do this, but also how to write one (or several) yourself, to make more sales.

The March issue goes to the printer in 2 short days.

To subscribe to this bad-boy before the deadline, giddy-up on over to this link:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber and psychologist Dr. Stephens PhD credits elBenbo with a recent attitude tune-up:

I’ve been a subscriber to Email Players for a year or so, and to say you have changed my attitude to my business is an understatement…Recently one of my clients told me that her medical practitioner tried to talk her out of seeing me because I was too tough.

A year ago that would have worried me. Now it pleases me.

Even your Villians book pleased me, and I’m an old lady.

If it wasn’t for you I would be setting my new business up to please the mushies. And feel unsatisfied and frustrated doing it.

Can’t say I am surprised.

A lot of good things start to happen beyond just the sales with my methods.

It’s a whole new world out there.

And when you subscribe to Email Players (and apply it), you enjoy it a helluva lot more.

The March issue is going to the printer in 4 days.

To get it in time, go here:

Ben Settle

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Following is a tip that’ll horrify the copywriting poindexters screaming about how emails must have “VALUE!” in order for anyone to buy.

Here’s the scoop:

One of the things that can make you a lot of the green stuff fast is blatant pitching. I’m not saying to do it every day. I’m not saying you should even do it very often. But, a blatant pitch can make you a lot of sales — and, make them very quickly.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

If you do it wrong, it will make a lot of people ignore you and stop wanting to open your emails, much less look forward to reading them and wanting to buy from them.

That is, unless, you possess the upcoming March “Email Players” issue.

Turn to page 13 and you’ll learn the big secret behind writing blatant pitch emails that not only make you quick sales, but also are done in a way where people not only don’t mind getting them, but will be happy to read them, and want to buy from you.

It’s a little ditty I learned from the late Jim Straw.

He sold a lot of biz-opp type stuff.

But, his emails were literally (other than one content-filled email the first day of every month) pure sales pitch.

No trying to hide it.

No trying to make it look informational.

And, no apologizing for it.

Nor did he need to.


Because he did what I’m going to show you in the March issue, which you only have 4 more days to subscribe to in time to get it.

Here’s the jolly ol’ link:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I got to pondering about how to use email to build a freakishly strong bond with your email list (or, in any other media you use to sell in — video, social media, whatever.)

For me, all roads lead to building & strengthening the relationship first.

And, all other things, come second to that.

Like, for example, claims, benefits, facts, copywriting choke holds and tactics, even proof & credibility — I believe those things exist to serve the building and strengthening of the relationship, and not the other way around.

All those things are fine and dandy.

But, only if they’re building the relationship.

(If not, they’re just there to stroke the writer’s own ego and impress the copywriting fanboys.)

The reasons for this are because the tighter your relationship with someone is, the more they will trust you, and, when ready, buy what you’re selling if it’s something they want and can pay for.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

I decided to slip a special report into the March “Email Players” issue called:

“Ravings Of An Adman!”

These are stream-of-conscious mini-topics (a few pages, give or take) I’ll be inserting into issues whenever possible henceforth. Not enough inner-madness to build an entire issue around, but still highly Valuable, quick to learn (and implement), and straight from the asylum of my mind where I’m always thinking about email, marketing, copywriting, influence, and persuasion. To kick the series off, the March issue will include one about building a relationship so strong with your list they’d (figuratively…) help you bury a body, if you asked.

It’s some extremely profitable info.

And, only “Email Players” subscribers will possess it.

To to get it, be sure to subscribe before the looming deadline here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Christine Hanson sees first hand the power of never rewarding bad behavior:

Got my first EP as you know from below. I wanted to take action.

One dance parent out of line (bad sportsmanship) and another from a month ago threatened to quit because I discontinued a perk from 6 MOS AGO.

And I’m all pumped up from EP newsletter.

I re-write the competition team policies and turn up the volume and basically go Dance Nazi 2.0 on them to address some of their recent crappy parent behavior.

“send” (secretly I’m a little terrified but decide to train my brain)

The results…

* The mom with bad sportsmanship signed the policies and found two emails to respond to (for no reason) with “thank you!!”

* The mom who threatened to quit called me twice to get reassured that I “wasn’t mad at her.” I told her I was old and gonna call it as I see it and want it. And I said, I can do what the public schools can’t to stop parent crap. She laughed and said if she’d sent the same letter to parents as I had, she’d have been fired.

* A mom who just yesterday was late with a payment and we made her pay a late fee wrote a glowing email praising our services.

* A gossipy momma-drama drummed up two pointless emails just to be sugary sweet.

So appreciate, Ben.

I’m sending you virtual hugs.

Then, she sends an update keeping me in the loop on further success:

a. After Feb EP (my first as you know) I created for prospective clients this hardcore “you have to tell me why you want to be at my dance studio” and we don’t take just anyone and then in Ben style I call out the troll-entitled behavior of some newbie behaviors that I’m now screening against. Got an inquiry about class. Sent my new policy with “answer these questions” and why do you want to be at my prestigious studio? The mother LOVED it, answered everything and begged to get accepted. You, sir, are a gift from above (at least for me). I told my staff to send it out from now on.

b. Following your podcast advice, I responded to the Dr Steve opening with a sample copywriting email and he’s asked to talk to me. Do you want to see what I wrote?

That’s my fangirl for the day.

There’s a lot of lessons packed in her testimonials anyone can use.

(I hope you caught them all…)

Anyway, your milage may vary.

But, it can be a bit hair raising following my unruly ways.

And, in many cases, once people get over the initial resistance, and do it, and see the results, they not only don’t mind it, but learn to welcome it — because it often means more sales for ye olde piggy bank.

All right enough of this.

The March “Email Players” issue goes to the printer soon.

To get in before the deadline, go here:

Ben Settle

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Even fire-breathing heathens can use this email trick to make more shekels

Last year I found myself on a Michael Heiser kick.

If you don’t know who he is, that’s not all that surprising. Basically he’s one of my favorite Biblical scholars, and the Academic Editor for Logos Bible Software. Anyway, I read a few of his books and listened to a bunch of his teachings and, something he said applies so perfectly to direct response copywriting, email, etc that, if I wanted to be a drama king, I’d say it’s almost downright supernatural.

But, since there are a bunch of heathen reading this, I won’t go there.

(You are so welcome!)

But, where I will go, is to something he said about the Bible that, when you consciously apply it to your emails and other copywriting, you should see a fat increase in ye olde pot o’ gold. (In fact, when I thought about it, this one thing has been responsible for more email sales than anything I’ve ever done.)

What I am talking about is, quite simply, Bible prophecy.

And, specifically, something he said about the nature of it.

Now, I don’t have any hard numbers.

But, I will hazard a guess that billions of dollars have been generated collectively selling Bible prophecy-related books, audios, videos, seminars, to churches that love talking about it, and even using it to predict certain investments. Not to mention all the tithing that goes towards churches that focus on prophecy. And, one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) so much dough has been thrown at these things is not only human nature wanting to know the future… but because, as Mr. Heiser said, Biblical prophecy is:

“Ambiguous by design”

What he meant by that is this:

Bible prophecy was purposely left vague and ambiguous.

Despite everyone supposedly knowing what each prophetic passage means (get 10 people reading a single sentence of a prophecy in Daniel or Revelation, and you’ll get 10 different versions of “THE TRUTH!” and a link to the site of their favorite Bible teacher from them), nobody really does for sure.

And, it’s written that way on purpose.

Okay, so what does this have to do with your emails and copy?

And, how can this little ditty enrich you with more shekels?

That, my fine feathered little leprechaun is in the March “Email Players” issue. And before you even ask… this secret has nothing to do with making predictions (which is another powerful marketing concept, for another day).

This is something completely different.

Something I don’t think people really understand or use properly.

But you will.

That is, if you are subscribed before the deadline and do exactly as I command in the next issue to tap into something used by the highest-earning sales letters, emails, and other marketing in history.

She goes to the printer shortly.

Subscribe her in time, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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