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“Email Players” subscriber Paul Mort recently posted a graphic on Facebook about weight lawss that has some obvious email marketing implications if you have eyes to hear and ears to see.

The graphic had two columns.

The first column said:

“Things you’ll probably never need to worry about”

Then listed off a long list of several jargon-y things people who obsess over getting into shape read & talk about — like meal timing, “starvation mode”, GI index, “sugar addiction”, a slow metabolism, adrenal fatigue, eating “clean”, and so on and so forth.

Then, the other column said:

“Things you probably should worry about”

And then listed off a short list of things that matter most — like sleep, eating enough protein, eating enough vegetables, staying hydrated, stress, and being more active.

Followed by:

“Consistently work on these and you’ll probably never have to worry about anything else to do with getting in shape”

The point?

It’s the same with emails.

While the goo-roo fanboys spend weeks on the “fine motor” elements of whatever the bright flashing lights and fun sounds are in the goo-roo casino… like creating a complex “OMG! FUNNEL!” on a big white board that’s got more circles than an MLM presentation… freaking out if their open rates dropped by .001%… spending hours making sure they’ve inserted NLP into every sentence… weeping & gnashing their teeth comparing their opt in rates to everyone else’s… and obsessing over if they should open a loop in their copy… you can blow right by them by spending your time on the “compound” elements of what really works:

  • Creating an opt in list “primed” to want what you have
  • Producing attractive offers your list already wants
  • Relentless daily emails designed to sell, but that also build a relationship with your list
  • Selling those buyers other things they want

Rinse, repeat.

Over and over and over.

Do this day in and day out, and I don’t think it’s even possible to fail.

Now, I realize this email will not be secksy enough for the goo-roo fanboys stuck on pursuing fine motor metrics vs compound actions, and therefore cheerfully making a fraction of what they could be making. But I don’t care about them (and actively try to repel from my list).

But the above has worked since people started selling online.

It works today.

And, it’ll keep working fora long time to come.

If you want help with the email part of what I’ve just written about, check out:

Ben Settle

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To paraphrase the late writer Charles Bukowski:

“The worst thing for a copywriter is to know another copywriter, and worse than that, to know a number of other copywriters. Like flies on the same turd.”

And for a juicy example, look no further than Flakebook.

Case in point:

The great Brian Kurtz recently said he saw some copywriter in a Flakebook group full of copywriters say if you receive an email without a P.S. you know it probably came from an amateur, or certainly from someone who has not studied direct marketing.

Which I found especially amusing.


For one, if you’ve been in many flakebook copywriting groups you’ll probably notice (a few exceptions notwithstanding) they are often populated with nothing but amateurs as far as the people participating (with the for-real pros lurking, if they are paying attention at all).

So it’s kind of ironic in that sense.

And secondly:

Experience and even just observation say different.

Can’t speak for anyone else. But I’ve lost count how many emails I’ve sent that made lots of the green stuff that didn’t have a P.S. One (of many) examples would be the emails I wrote in weight lawss. Hardly any of them had a P.S. And yet, those emails (according to the traffic and metrics guy on board — Jim Yaghi) said we converted 40% of the list to buyers of our product. In fact, one particular email did so well, I “lended” it to one of our Oceans Four clients a couple years back, who sells in the fitness niche, and against people with up to 2 million people email lists.

What happened when he used my shamelessly P.S.-less email?

This happened:


This email put us in 1st place on this launch and doubled our sales on day 2.

unheard of in our industry. SICK 🙂

happy to do a testimonial and/or case study to help you out any way I can…

btw… all the big guys are blown away that were only sending 1x per day…hitting unopens in the afternoon and crushing them on salezzz…. They’re all sending 2-3x per day and they still can’t keep up. BOOYA!

appreciate you Ben!


If only that email had a P.S…


My guess is, the reason copywriting fanboys mindlessly parrot what they have read many of the great copywriters say about sales letters needing a P.S. is because they haven’t figured out yet that an email is not a sales letter.

They’re two totally different media, with different dynamics, tones, and goals.

And even with sales letters they don’t always “NEED A P.S!”

Yes, I know the P.S. is supposedly the second most read part of a sales letter (you can put your copywriting book citations away). Yet, it’s funny how many great sales letters written by some of the best copywriters who ever lived lacked a P.S.

Take Bruce Barton’s 1925 donation request letter for Berea College.

It was sent to 24 rich men.

Asking each for $1,000

($14k in today’s mooney.)

And, it got an astounding 100% response… with nary a P.S. in sight.

Or, take the famous “Robert Collier Letter Book”. Many of those sales letters serve as “cheat sheets” even for some of today’s best copywriters (or so I heard the great Dan Kennedy say once, and he is all about the P.S. if you read his copywriting trainings).

And yet, from what I remember, pretty much all of them lacked a P.S.

(I don’t have it in front of me, so I might be mistaken… but I doubt it.)

Or, the great Gene Schwartz.

Easily one of the best copywriters of all time.

Yet, his “Burn Disease Out Of Your Body” sales letter is mysteriously lacking a P.S.

(And he said that letter was pulling something like 9% to cold lists — something I doubt any of the copywriting flakebook group bar flies could even come close to doing.)

Or, the man often regarded as today’s greatest living copywriter Gary Bencivenga — his “Farewell” seminar DVD’s sales letter has no P.S.

I could go on and on.

But, you get the gist.

Does this mean I’m anti P.S.?

Hellz naw.

I use them all the time.

Some of my highest pulling sales letters (especially in the self defense niche) had multiple P.S.’s because they made sense to include them. Yet, my Email Players sales letter, which until recently has remained unchanged for 6 years (I am finally split testing another version), lacks a P.S.


I don’t see any reason to have one.

(Other than if I cared to impress other copywriters, I suppose.)

Same goes for all of my emails. Some of mine have ‘em, most don’t. If it makes sense, and has a purpose, I put one in. If I have to shoe-horn one in just for the sake of it, I don’t bother.

That would, ironically, be an amateur move.

Anyway, hopefully I’ve offend some of the wagging tongues in the copywriter flakebook groups.

If for no other reason than this email lacks a P.S…

Whatever the case, if you want to learn how to write emails people look forward to reading and buying from (whether you use a P.S. or not), check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

And, to make it fun, Yours Grinchy has an idea.

Since the December issue went out late anyway, I will make a 24 hour special offer.

It goes like this:

If you subscribe within the next 24 hours (i.e. *before* 6:30 am PST tomorrow, December 13th — don’t be a dork if you aren’t in my time zone and say you didn’t know, look it up if you don’t know what that is in your time) I’ll send you this month’s issue with your subscription (normally it’d be too late to get it, the deadline was November 30th). It has 13 examples of high selling emails I’ve written which all (or, at least most) lacked a P.S. Including the weight lawss one above that made so many sales it was “unheard of” in their industry.

(It’s the email on pages 2-3).

You got 24 hours from the time I’ve sent out this email.

Which means, depending on when you’re reading this, it could already be too late.

And since I don’t regularly sell back issues anymore, it’s practically the only way to get it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Today’s the deadline to get the December “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what Santa elBenbo has for you in his righteous sack of goodies in December:

  • One of my favorite websites for getting subject line ideas. (One example I got from this site was the headline “Secret gay life of Isis” which I used in the dating niche as a subject line with a few tweaks. This site often has lots of subject line fodder just waiting for you to use.)
  • A secret way of writing emails I discovered while selling in the weight laws niche that (1) is in complete harmony with your market’s inner turmoil and angst (2) makes it hard for them not to read those emails and (3) makes it far easier to sell to them.
  • A little-known way to “flip” Facebook arguments and debates (that you get into, or that you observe others doing) into sales.
  • How to get your filthy little hands on the hard-won research of other people, so you can slack off a bit and spend most of your time writing emails instead of researching facts and data.
  • A sneaky way of using one of Google’s functions to create tons of content, emails, and other marketing people will love to read and respond to.
  • How to profit from people who mind vomit fake news, bad advice, or just say stewpid things that you know are wrong.
  • How to use use one of the Internet’s most popular “user-submitted” sites to write dozens of emails that make people both want to laugh and want to buy from you.
  • One of the ways I use articles written by high falutin’ egg heads and other “intellectuals” to make sales.
  • How to tastefully profit from gurus in your industry who have joined the choir invisible (i.e. died).
  • And a ho bunch more — including a special gift I’m including and a sales pitch from an A-list copywriter you should buy from but, even if you don’t, will make an excellent addition to your swipe file.

Today’s the deadline to get this bad-boy.

Subscribe here to get it while there’s still a little bit of time:

Ben Settle

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Way back in the dark ages (2006) I decided to write my first book.

It had nothing to do with copywriting or marketing or business. It was about dogs. I had this idea to write a book with tons of dog health, training, and overall well being tips. Only problem was, while I had dogs my entire life, I didn’t have a dog at that time. And had never owned one myself. Thus, I had no idea what to write about. Plus, I was in a hurry (I thought I’d create this giant business about dogs, which never really happened…)

So what did I do to write this book quickly?

Especially with my limited knowledge of the market?

I used Google, of course.

But, not in the way people would probably go about it.

I used a secret function of Google that let me pound out something like 40 chapters of the book in about 4 or 5 days.

It also put my book completely in line with the market.

And, helped me create a ton of press releases.

I wasn’t emailing a list, I was going to the media and getting on radio shows, which I ended up getting on a ton of them. And, the interviewers were as happy as a pig in pewp at the topics I was talking about.

Anyway, nothing much happened with that book.

(All I had was a book… not a business.)

But, that secret way of using Google has let me pound out all kinds of content in other markets I’ve written in. Especially for sales copy. I haven’t used it for emails since I haven’t a need to. But, if I was struggling for ideas, I would definitely use this little Google trick to pound out as many emails as my greedy little spleen desired.

Anyway, it’s on page 7 (at the bottom) of the December “Email Players” issue.

It works not just for blasting out content your market will love to read.

But also, videos, livestreams, podcasts, whatever.

This issue goes to the printer Thursday.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber, podcasting expert, and my favorite anarchist Nathan Fraser bends the knee to elBenbo on the subject of getting engagement:

People always ask me how to get better engagement on social media.

Here’s my dirty little secret: Ben Settle

He teaches how to kill it in email marketing. But everything he does works great for social media as well.

You want people on social media to pay more attention to you? Start paying more attention to Ben Settle.

The irony?

I don’t care much about getting social media engagement. In fact, on Flakebook I hardly ever post anything (although I do give in to my urges to troll people at times…), and on Twitter all I ever do is retweet people.

But, with email?

I get all the engagement I can stand.

(Too much, actually, lots of people like to try to small talk me… but my reclusive ways resist…)

And, what Nathan is saying is, the exact same methods I teach for getting engagement in email, works just as well (hellz, better, I would argue) on social media.

It also works in podcasting.

And in sales copy.

And in videos (the few times I do videos).

And when public speaking.

And, pretty much anything else.

Anyway, I’m sending the December issue to the printer Thursday. And, while that issue isn’t about engagement, I dare say every word I teach in that particular issue can send your engagement through the roof in whatever media you sell in.

But time is short to get it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Once upon a time (early 2011) I decided to get into the prostate market.

In other words:

I wanted to sell an eBook about how to fix prostate problems naturally. It’s something of a family curse, and I wanted to nip it in the bud while I was still young (and I did, all my pipes are working great, and I know you care so much about that…) Anyway, at the time, I wanted to use ezine articles to promote it, using a special SEO-trick an old biz partner taught me that worked extremely well.

(At the time, it no longer does).

This was about a month before Google bytch slapped article directories.

And, at the time I had this vision of writing 1,000 or so articles (as fast as possible), then let the search engines take it from there. The aforementioned biz partner had done just that in the weight laws niche and he hadn’t lifted a finger in over 2 years, while watching his sales go steadily up to around $70k per year (just selling a $19 eBook, no back end, no affiliates, no nothing — just articles, squeeze page and a sales letter).

I was all about that, of course.

Especially since, I would have done it right.

(And, thus, made a lot more of the green stuff than he did.)


In addition to writing lots of articles for article directories, I also was told at the time by someone who thought they knew SEO to write 100 or so articles JUST for my site, keyword optimized, etc. Plus, to add more work to my plate (and, this is while doing emails for this list you’re on now, and slaving away for a client on retainer doing all their emails and sales letters and other copy) I wanted to write daily emails for the list I was building for the prostate business.

In other words…

Daddy had a lot of writing to do.

And, since I was about to take a long vacation in about a month and a half, I was in a hurry. I don’t think I ever worked so hard and long as I did during that 45 day period. I ended up writing almost 1,000 unique pieces of content (articles for directories, articles for my website, emails, etc). I’d get up at 6 or 7 and go to bed with my mind reeling and drained, heart pounding, with no rest.

I was working like the proverbial machine.

My guess is, I wrote the equivalent of two full length novels in less than two months.

(Give or take a page or two…)

And, I used every trick in the book I knew to generate ideas.

I simply didn’t have time for writers block.

I had a deadline, I had a load of other work to do, and simply didn’t have room in my schedule to write persuasive emails (i.e. I couldn’t wing it, they all had to be good) that took any more than 10 or 15 minutes.

One of the things I did was the secret I obnoxiously teased yesterday.

(That’s in the upcoming December “Email Players” issue.)

And another thing I did to get all these emails helped me just as much, is revealed on pages 5-6 in the December issue. This issue is a sort of abbreviated version of a product I was going to publish next year showing how to never have to worry about not having anything to write about in emails. If anything, following my commands will give you more ideas than you need, and so many you’ll never even use them all.

But, full disclosure:

This second method won’t work unless you’re in a mass type market.

In fact, it probably won’t work in niche markets.

And, especially if you sell to “Internet marketers.”

But other markets?

It can help you bang out all the emails, sales copy, livestreams, webinars, podcasts, and any other ways you sell, all day long — with little or no struggle, frustration, or blockages in that brain of yours.

Anyway, you can read all about it in the December issue.

But, she goes to the printer in a couple days.

So grab it while it’s hot here:

Ben Settle

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Contrary to what some people say… I’m not an overweight female.

I do not know what it’s like to be an overweight female.

And, I understand their pains like I understand the pain of childbirth.

(i.e. I don’t)

Yet, a few years back, I was able to write ads and emails that resonated with that market to the point where, according to the great Jim Yaghi (computer scientist, AdWords guy, and who understands what it means to do a “scientific” test), we converted the front-end offer at 40%.

Is it because I’m some kind of creative jeenius?

Or master copywriter?

Or have some kind of secret way of reading minds?

I wish.

(The fun I would have…)

No, but to paraphrase the great villain Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad:

My emails sold faster than $10 ass in TJ.

And, you know what?

On page 2 of the upcoming December “Email Players” issue, I show you (with a real life example you can model — not copy like a loser — just model) exactly how I did it, and how you can do the same for pretty much any market you choose to invade. I’ve used this same method for writing profitable (sometimes extremely profitable) copy and emails to everyone to overweight women to golfers (back when my only experience with golf was playing miniature golf) to parents who make too much mooney to get financial aid for their kids to people with problems getting erections… and other markets of people I didn’t understand what they were going through.

This puppy goes to the printer Friday.

And, since I’m no longer selling back issues anymore, it’s the only chance to get it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Joshua Fassett gets an early Christmas bonus:

“My apologies for bothering you so much, but I can’t believe this. I just got my second paying deal, and it’s the one you sent out to the EP subscribers last! It’s a recurring weekly thing! Now you’ve not only given me the tools to do this, you’ve even given me an income source!”

He is, of course, referring to one of the perks of being an “Email Players” subscriber:

When I get client inquiries, I pass them on to subscribers.

It doesn’t happen every day.

(So that’d be a dumb reason to subscribe just for that).

But, it does happen.

And, each time, the ones with the right stuff get client jobs and gigs.

More fun facts for freelancers:

Using my cleanly ways makes freelancing a piece of cake. Each day you mail, you are “demonstrating” you (1) can write (2) do write and (3) that you’re trustworthy, as you build a relationship each day.

And before anyone asks:

Yes, this applies to coaches, consultants, designers, and any service.

Demonstration (of talent and knowledge) gets people hired.

So easy.

So simple.

So… profitable.

To learn my email copywriting ways before the looming December issue deadline, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Earlier this year, I kicked around the idea of publishing a product (eBook and audio companion) showing you how to get all the ideas you will ever need for your emails.

And, not just emails.

But, any other kind of marketing or content you do, too.

Like sales copy, YouTube, livestreams, webinars, social media posts, blog posts, articles, speaking from the stage, eBooks, podcasts, paid content, and anything else. These are the exact same idea-generators I use each day that let me pump out multiple emails and other content, without struggle, stress, or despair. And, I daresay, it will make it virtually impossible for anyone else (no matter how un-creative or left-brained) to ever get “stuck” for ideas, experience “writers block”, or bang your head against the desk, desperately looking for ideas.

Instead, you simply crack open my guide.

Pick one of the many idea-resources inside.

Then get to work.

Anyway, I was going to charge a couple hundred bucks (or more for) for the product. But, I had a change of heart, recently. Instead, I decided to make the entire December “Email Players” issue a stripped-down version of the product. And, when you hold next month’s special Christmas issue in your sticky, candy-cane flavored fingers, you will never want for email (or other marketing content) ideas again.

Never despair wondering, “What do I write about???”

Never suffer that gnawing pit in your stomach about not knowing what to say.

In fact, I daresay you will have not only a hot idea to use following my list of idea-generation resources… but probably a far more profitable idea than anyone you are competing against putting out the same old drivel.

If you want to know what my “secret” is, it’s in this issue.

Anyway, if you want it, time is short.

She goes to the printer next week.

Here’s where to get it, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Hear that?

That’s the sound a thousand marketing proles flocking to a business. And, if you want them to change their trajectory and go to your business, instead, below is a proven game plan for getting all the marketing prole lovin’ your greedy self could ever want, following you on Flakebook, joining your email list, and kissing your righteous booty:

  • Constantly behave like you’re a badass by going heavy on the Internet tough guy/girl attitude
  • Brag about being better than what your track record says you are
  • Give little or no credit to those who helped you (books you read, courses you took, people who you learned from, etc) so people think you figured it all out on your own
  • Swear all the time to look “edgy” and “cool” (bonus points if you do it in your product titles)
  • Keep your prices really low while talking about how high quality your product/service is

Do this and the marketing proles looking for a place to plug their umbilical cord into will love you. And, if you sell products and services that have nothing to do with selling to other marketers, fret not. The above will work for any market to get the bottom-of-the-barrel customers.

In fact, they’ll follow you in droves.

They’ll say how genius and wonderful you are every time you post or mail.

And, you will build a solid following of them.

Yes, they’ll be mostly price shoppers, T-rexers/kangaroos (as I’ve heard ‘em called — i.e. their arms are too short to get to their wallets), serial refunders, butt smoochers looking for free advice. But, they are a market a lot of people make a living selling to.

And the high class customers/clients?

The ones who look for quality?

Who are the good kind of price shopper (i.e. they buy because your prices are high, with no time and patience for cheap)?

And who are serious about solving the problem your product helps with?

(And ready to buy your solution)

They’ll ignore, scoff, and maybe even mock you.

And, probably never buy from you.

It’s your business, you can run it however you want.

But if you want to learn how to write emails the classier group above enjoys (and looks forward to) reading and buying from, go here:

Ben Settle

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