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Well, at least in my friend below’s humble and biased opinion.

My publisher said the following about the latest “Enoch Wars” book manuscript he’s editing titled “Demon Crossfire” — which is book 3 out of 7 planned.

All spoilers or potential spoilers have been removed.

And, believe it or not, there are some great copywriting lessons in this.

In fact, there’s a major one in this first paragraph:

… your writing is becoming powerful, removing the sense of reading words far quicker than ever before. By this, I mean I and I know most readers will be closely following the story without feeling as though they are READING a story. THAT is the sweet spot fiction writers struggle with.

Here is what I hate about TV shows that go on too long: They have to start making up back story to bring in connected characters and plots. NCIS was fantastic its first 6 years because from the very beginning they gave hints on back story that they often didn’t explain until 3 or 4 seasons later. Breaking Bad was the King of this.

Lost, Alias, Person of Interest, (basically every show by Bad Robot’s J. J. Abrams) all use up its back story in the first season or two and then has to start bringing in new “old back story” plots to keep stretching new shows. This is exactly why his shows begin to suck donkeys after season 2 but began so well.

His Blacklist was an AMAZING show for almost the first 2 seasons. Then… he did it again. Abrams began making up back stories that didn’t fit the pattern, changed the whole series, and I suspect I’ll watch a show or two of this 3rd season and ditch it. Why fall for Abrams’ awful methods of destroying good shows again?

YOU on the other hand gave plenty of backstory from the start to keep this series going through what I assume is seven novels in the series. And you are masterful at bringing out those elements when needed and keeping them veiled with only minor references when not. I mean really, __ start with __ here out of nowhere? Yet, it fits perfectly? Superb.

Also, you are introducing RELATED backstory perfectly. For example, the one __ who escaped in __ last story. THAT is great, you incrementally preview things without running out of story ideas and don’t have to create unrelated issues as Abrams does.

This is a superb story. Your best written.?

That’s saying a lot considering how good the first two were.

Who am I to argue with the above?

Obviously, these books ain’t everyone’s cup of Red Bull.

And while 99% of the reviews have been 4 or 5 stars, a couple people have said the books downright suck. But, luckily it’s not against the law for critics to be wrong, so it’s all good.

Anyway, we’re publishing “Demon Crossfire” soon.

Go ye here to get caught up on the first two books of the twisted and deranged “Enoch Wars” saga:

Humbly Yours,

Ben Settle

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Recently, someone saw a testimonial I gave for “Email Players” subscriber Igor Kheifets. He wanted to know if one of his product was worth the money being charged.

My response:

“My testimonial is about what I think of him, he’s a good student. But I’ve never seen his product so couldn’t say.”

His reply:

“Okay. Are you making money with email marketing? Because i’m looking for a product/funnel to promote which gives me residual income”


Opportunity buyers…

Five minutes on Google would tell him everything he wants to know.

My response?

Well, I was tempted to Rick Roll him.

(i.e. send people to a link they think is content or something interseting, but is a YouTube video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” video from the 80’s.)

I really dig Rick Rolling people.

But, it’s too nice, the song/video not annoying enough. Nor does it accurately describe the people asking such questions.

So, I’ve decided to create my own meme.

I call it:

“Taylor Roll”

(Even better, as “Email Players” subscriber Mary Rose Maguire calls it “Tay-roll”)

And, instead of it being Rick Astley’s song, it’s Taylor Dane’s “Tell It To My Heart” — which I find a lot more fitting for a variety of reasons.

Especially to opportunity buyers craving the next product.

Anyway, henceforth I’ll be responding to questions like that with a link to that video.

Everyone else?

The grown-ups?

Why, you deserve a link to “Email Players”:

Yes, I know, I am kind…

Ben Settle

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That offer I been yapping about since Thursday ends in an hour.

tl;dr version:

If you buy Sean D’Souza’s new eBook on strategic pricing with my affiliate link below, you’ll get a copy of his 2008 System Seminar training (which hardly anyone possesses, even Sean didn’t, I had to send it to him) which is what taught me how to create a funnel and business that lets me work only 15 minutes per day, if I choose.

Everyone is all about having a so-called “lifestyle business.”

Well, Sean’s training shows you how.

And, it’s a lot easier and more simple than you think.

You also get (as another bonus) a copy of my Freedymfest event talk called:

“How to earn six figures per year
by sending just one email per day”

I got a lot of great feedback on that talk.

And, the attendees paid $795 to be in the room, plus lodging, food, transportation, etc. But you can get a copy of my presentation (it’s only 23 minutes — pure meat) if you buy Sean’s eBook before midnight pacific time with my affiliate link below.

Anyway, that’s that.

Game time, my pet.

If you want in, go here:

Ben Settle

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A while back the great marketer Ted Nicholas did a bunch of tests that showed ending your prices with 7 converted best.

And since then, a lot of people only use 7’s in their prices.

Yes, even elBenbo does.

Although, I do it for different reasons — I just like the number. That’s why I use it in my novels, too (each novel has 14 chapters broken down into 7 parts).

Anyway, does 7 really out-convert other numbers?

Probably for some people it does.

But, one of the things I loved about the System Seminar teaching Sean D’Souza did back in 2008 is when he mocked the whole idea of always using 7 in prices saying:

“It’s not really the number doing the selling”

And, I 107% agree.

If you know how to structure your offers and funnels, and realize how people like to be sold (everyone loves to buy, but a lot of people hate being sold to) you can put any number you want and you’ll see lots of sales.

Enter Sean’s new eBook about pricing.

If you buy the premium version of it (which only costs $3 or so more than the regular version – ooh) from my affiliate link below you’ll get that invaluable System Seminar training (which is not easily found anywhere else, in fact I had to send it to Sean, he didn’t even have it!) as a bonus. You’ll also get a copy of the Freedymfest presentation I did a few weeks ago (a 23 minute video showing briefly how I use Sean’s methodology and a daily email to get my work day down to 15 minutes if I want).

But you’re running out of time.

These two bonuses vanish at midnight (pacific time).

Grab Sean’s eBook and the bonuses here while you can:

Ben Settle

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In this 89th “Ben Settle Show” episode, we rap about:

  • Exactly what to say when you call a cold lead so they (1) listen to every word you say (2) don’t dare interrupt you and (3) feel lucky to even be able to buy from you. (If you’re in MLM especially this will make calling leads as easy as falling off a log.)
  • What the late Jim Camp (known as the world’s “most feared negotiator”) would say to get any price objections out of the way within seconds of talking to a lead or prospect.
  • A secret way used by the world’s greatest phone salesman to “leap frog” over all the gate keepers (even in huge companies) get connected directly to CEO’s and other decision makers.
  • Why you should ignore what any girl who tells you she wants a nice, kind, sweet guy says.
  • Why so many 21st century chicks prefer clowns over so-called “good guys.”
  • The only time so-called “ninja” persuasion techniques work (and when they are guaranteed to work against you).
  • How the greatest car salesman who has ever lived gets skeptical and even downright hostile people to stand in line to buy cars from him, and tell all their friends about him. (And how I apply his techniques each month in my own business.)
  • What to say if you sell water filters and want people to eagerly hear your sales pitch.
  • What famous attorney Gerry Spence (who hasn’t lost a criminal trial since 1969, and has insurance companies and the Federal government cowering in fear of him) does to be so persuasive he was once accused of hypnotizing a jury.
  • A sneaky little way of using an assistant to make yourself so “in demand” you’ll be able to jack up your prices and have a waiting list of people wanting to buy from you.
  • The sales book Producer Jonathan has sitting next to his desk 24/7 (and that my friend Caleb Osborn says he takes to the bathroom with him and gets a new idea from every time he, uhm, takes care of bid’niz in there – yes, I know, TMI, why so serious?)

And that’s just for starters…

There be tons of sales fun in this episode.

Download it right here:

Ben Settle

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Let’s rap about the “3rd conversion.”

If you can get your lead to the third conversion they will (1) be loyal to you for life and (3) buy pretty everything else you sell eventually — including products you haven’t even created yet.


Like I said yesterday, billion dollar companies do this.

So do billion dollar institutions (like the Catholic Church).

As do billion dollar industries (like martial arts).

And, even, billion dollar service and entertainment industries like restaurants, airports, and Hollywood.

It’s crazy so few people know this, much less do it.

But, that’s good for you and me.


Because when we do it, we don’t really have to worry about competition. I know this because I’ve been doing it for years now. It works. And, it works like nothing else I’ve seen.

It’s also simple, too.

(Which is the main reason I do it.)

If you want to learn how to do it then check out Sean D’Souza’s new eBook at my affliate link below. If you buy the premium version (which but a few dollars more than the regular version — another technique he teaches, btw) you will also get a copy of his 2008 System Seminar training which changed everything for my business and has people in awe sometimes at how simple my business model and funnels are, considering how much revenue they bring in.

But time is short.

This offer ends tomorrow at midnight (pacific time).

After that, too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

P.S. As another “carrot” to get you to try Sean’s new strategic pricing eBook, we’re also including the video of the training I gave a few weeks ago at Ryan Lee’s Freedymfest event.

The video is titled:

“How To Clear Six Figures Per Year
Writing One Email Per Day”

It talks a little about how I use Sean’s methods building my funnels.

And, also, some cool email stuff.

(Including a few things I haven’t even shared in “Email Players”.)

But, time is ticking, my little droogie.

This offer ends Sunday at midnight.

Giddy-up on over here to nab it all today:

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Let’s talk about how to get people to *enjoy* the act of giving you money.

It’s a lot easier than you think.

And, why so serious?

Take Hollywood, for example:

Most people don’t see “The Empire Strikes Back” before seeing “Star Wars”. Why? Because you don’t really know what’s going on or get the full context of part 2 if you don’t see part 1 first. So you watch “Star Wars” first. And, if you like it, you are going to automatically want to see (i.e. pay for) “The Empire Strikes Back” (no sales pitch necessary) and then, if you like that, “Return Of The Jedi”. So by seeing the FIRST movie off the bat, and not jumping the sequence, you are almost a shoe-in to buy tickets to the next two movies.

No sales pitch or persuasion arm-twisting necessary.

Another example is Karate schools.

You don’t just walk in and say, “can I have a green belt please?”

Do that and they’ll round house kick you right out the door.

Instead, you (and everyone else — no exceptions) start with the WHITE belt. And then you progress to the next color, and the next color — and, like with “Star Wars” — you know exactly where you are in the sequence at all times.

You know what to buy first.

You know what to buy next.

And, you know what to buy down the line.

Many of these back end sales are made already in advance (before you even create the products, in some cases).

Another example:


Go to any restaurant. The first “sale” is seating you at the table. You can’t order your food and eat it while waiting to be seated. Then, when you’re seated you get an appetizer. Then the meal. Then the dessert. Then coffee, etc. It’s a VERY specific sequence designed to extract as much money out of your hungry little hands as possible.

And you know what?

That’s okay.

That’s kinda why you’re there — to eat, drink, and be merry.

You don’t resent it, you *enjoy* it.

Yes, my little fledgling, you enjoy spending that money. Just like you eagerly whip out the cash to see “Empire Strikes Back” after “Star Wars”, etc. And if you use it correctly, your list will look forward to buying from you, too.

Like I said yesterday, Amazon also does this.

As does Apple Computer.

And, yes, even the Catholic Church.

All these giant monster revenue machines do this.

But nary an Internet marketer does.


Because they don’t know how.

That’s where Sean D’Souza comes in.

He has a new eBook explaining this way of selling in exquisite detail. And, if you buy the premium version (which costs like $3 more than the regular version) from my affiliate link below, you’ll get Sean’s System Seminar training explaining exactly how all the above institutions and businesses (and others I didn’t mention — like airports) do this.

Again, this training changed everything for me.

I still listen to it regularly.

(Most recently driving to the airport).

Anyway, so there’s a taste of what he does.

There’s a lot of other ways he uses to outsell pretty much everyone he competes against. All very simple and easy-to-implement if you know what you’re doing. And, it’s all explained in the bonus System Seminar training and his new eBook.

But no time for dilly-dally.

This offer ends Sunday at midnight.

After that, it vanishes like a virgin on prom night.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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I’m not a fanboy of a lot of people.

But, one marketer I’m an unrepentant fanboy of is Sean D’Souza. Sean is (IMHBAO) the most underrated marketing mind on the planet.


Okay, how ‘bout these mangoes:

Many moons ago (2008) Sean gave a presentation at the System Seminar that completely revolutionized the way I do business. I remember hearing guys who do millions per year in absolute awe at Sean’s methodology for (1) creating a funnel based on how people *like* to buy (used by Apple, Amazon, centuries-old martial arts schools, the Catholic Church, and every restaurant you’ve ever been to) and (2) pricing his products so people feel very comfortable buying.

This info is invaluable.

And, I use his stuff all the time.

It’s pretty much what liberated me from being chained to my desk and only having to work a 10 minutes per day or so.

Anyway, it’s easily one of my top 10 marketing trainings.

Yet, hardly anyone knows about it.

In fact, if you asked 1000 marketers if they’ve heard it, I doubt more than 4 or 5 would know what you’re talking about. And, unless you were there or have the CD’s of that particular System Seminar well, good luck finding it.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

I made a deal with Sean where, if you buy the premium version of his new Pricing eBook (it’s like three measly dollars more than the regular version, and is the eBook version of the above System Seminar training) from my unique affiliate link below, you can have that System training mp3 free.

And yes, there is a catch:

This offer ends Sunday at midnight.

(Pacific time)

Here’s my “buck naked” affiliate link:

Ben Settle

P.S. As another “carrot” to get you to try Sean’s new strategic pricing eBook, we’re also including the video of the training I gave a few weeks ago at Ryan Lee’s Freedymfest event.

The video is titled:

“How To Clear Six Figures Per Year
Writing One Email Per Day”

It talks about how I use Sean’s methods building my funnels.

And, also, some cool email stuff.

(Including a few things I haven’t even shared in “Email Players”.)

But, time is ticking, my little droogie.

This offer ends Sunday at midnight.

Giddy-up on over here to nab it all today:

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It’s game time my little droogie:

Today is the last day to get the October “Email Players” newsletter.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How to write emails that crawl inside someone’s psychology and haunt their thoughts until they can’t resist buying from you. (I learned this by observing how a notorious “A List” Hollywood movie director cranks out high selling films even people who hate his guts can’t help but go see — works like gangbusters with emails, too).
  • Why it’s not necessarily a good thing if someone says they “save” all your emails in a folder.
  • The 2 most important elements that should be in (almost) ever email you send. (Most people do the second one, but hardly anyone does the first.)
  • How to create a dopamine “drip” in the brains of people who read your emails so they need another hit each day (i.e. need to keep reading your emails).
  • The Gene Schwartz “mousetrap” secret for selling up to 10x’s more of your products and services with just a few simple tweaks to your copy.
  • What almost every single marketing email today is missing that can make you a ton of extra sales, create lots of happier customers, and give you a much bigger audience. (I learned this secret from one of the most successful Vietnam movies ever made — and it’s one of the things that makes my emails stick out from everyone else’s. You can, too, when you learn this strategy.)
  • A secret sales technique (used by one the highest selling life insurance salesmen in history) that eliminates objections and lets you sell all kinds of products — and most of the time without even needing to mention a benefit or claim! (Plus, it doesn’t look “salesy” at all.)
  • How to use the move “Rudy” to program your brain to come up with dozens of email and content ideas. (This was partly inspired by a teaching the world’s greatest living copywriter once taught that hardly anyone uses in emails.)
  • And lots more.

This is a great “jumping on” issue for newer readers.

But, she goes to the printer tomorrow.

Get it in time here:

Ben Settle

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A cautionary tale for ye olde arm chair marketing goo-roos:

Last May when I promoted Brian Kurtz’s “Titans Of Direct Response” DVD’s I sent a lot of emails. Yes, even by elBenbo’s standards it was a lot. And, as I wrote at the time, I got about 200 opt outs total, to generate some $34k in sales to a relatively small list which, if memory serves, resulted in a single spam complaint.


Now, I don’t know about you.

But to me, 200 opts outs is a small price to pay for that many sales.

(BTW, I had lunch with Brian Kurtz at Ryan Lee’s Freedym Fest event a couple weeks ago. And, he told me I got second place out of all his affiliates — losing only to Glazier-Kennedy, which has a list 10+ times bigger than mine. And, even then I only lost by a few sales. But, if you go by actual conversion rates, I won, as is often what happens when I do this sort of thing…)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, opt outs vs sales.

Not everyone agreed with my methods.

One bloke in particular droned on about how “less is better”, etc.

My response:

“Your opinion is irrelevant, try harder next time.”

That, of course, set him off.

How DARE someone ignore his hard-won armchair marketing advice?

Why, he… he… he’s a “customer!” He even predictably insisted I listen to my customers like him instead of being a jerk.

Except, for two things:

1. He wasn’t a customer.

(He’d never bought anything from me, and I’ll make sure he never will)

2. My *customers* are the ones I listened to.

Anyway, I found that amusing.

And, maybe you just did, too.

Either way, if you want to learn how to write emails people look forward to reading and buying from, then check out my “Email Players” newsletter. In fact, if you’re new to my world, the October issue makes for a great “jumping on” point — especially if you want to stick in someone’s psychology so they want to buy from you and only you.

(They’ll accept no substitute.)

But time is short.

She goes to the printer Thursday.

More info here:

Ben Settle

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