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“Ben why don’t you talk about list building!”

I hear this on a weekly basis.

From all kinds of people.

From all walks of marketing life.

And, from all corners of the planet.

Well, guess what?

I have heard thy groans and I have found a solution for you.

(Don’t worry, it’s free.)

Check this out:

Late last year, I got an email from my droog Daniel Levis saying he wanted me to meet a friend of his named Danny Iny who is to the blogging world what I am to the email world. So I jumped on skype with him and, sure enough, we hit it off and had a great chat.

Anyway, turns out he’s a master at something besides blogging.

And that is building an “audience”.

No, not just a list.


There is a huge difference between the two.

An audience who knows, likes and trusts you… wants to hear from you and is eager to buy from you may or may not be on your “list” — but it doesn’t really matter. They are actively engaged with you, hot to buy from you, and trust you over and above any of your competitors. And if they want you what you have, they will find a way to buy from you.

Think of someone like Rush Limbaugh, for example.

He has an “audience” of 14 million people.

But, not all of them are on his email list.

Yet it doesn’t matter.

They still buy from him.

And, they buy readily and eagerly.

(Whether they are on his list or not).

Anyway, Danny developed a system for building an audience (and, thus, a list) which took him from $0 to just shy of $700k per year in just 3 short years (which is talked about in the free pdf interview I sent you yesterday if you read that far down the email).

He’s got a ton of successful students, too.

And he really has it down to a process anyone can do.


Prove it, you say??

Okay tough guy, I will.

Here’s the deal:

This coming Thursday (September 18th) at 5:00 pacific (7 central, 8 eastern) Danny is holding a free interactive online workshop on how to build your own raving fanbase/audience from scratch… regardless of if you’re a brand spanking newbie or a seasoned marketing veteran who wants to add another “0” to ye olde profits.

I’ll be there.

And, if you want to be there, too, go to this link:

Yes, this is an affiliate link.

But, it’s free to attend.

And, even if you don’t buy what he sells at the end, you will walk away with a lot of great tips and ideas for building your own audience.

(Whether you buy or not).

Good times….

Alright, that’s it for today.

More goodies tomorrow…

Ben Settle

Alrighty then…

Below is an interview transcript of a conversation I had with a cat who went from $0 to $700k in sales in just a few short years using a system for building an audience (not just a “list”) he created that is so simple, even a goo-roo fanboy could do it.

It’s especially useful if you are a newbie.

(Or if you are invading a new market.)

Real, actionable tips are inside.

And, they “for real” work.

Here’s where to download it:

More about this tomorrow…

Ben Settle

Title: The 21 horsemen of the Email Players apocalypse

Behold… today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals:

  • How to keep your spam complaints to almost zero. (I mail sometimes twice per day, 7 days per week, and hardly get any spam complaints. This is how…)
  • The #1 most valuable market research skill I taught my copywriting apprentice.
  • What to do if competitors (or anyone) lies about you, paints you as a villain, and hates on you. (Do this and you’ll not only not care about having haters… you’ll profit from them.)
  • How to know if an email you write is worth sending. (If you are unsure your email is not going to be profitable, run it by this criteria and watch your sales go up, up, up…)
  • How a copywriting friend would get thousands of visitors to his blog whenever he wanted. (A warning: This technique works like gangbusters… but takes big, “clanging” balls to pull off.)
  • The single best way ever invented to write emails people love to read (and, in many cases, buy from).
  • The worst thing you can say in an email if you want an audience, a bigger list, and more sales. (Sadly, a lot of people do this thinking it works, but it doesn’t — and their dismal sales show it.)
  • What the Bible says about how to treat your list so they’re full of qualified, “ready to buy” prospects.
  • The most interesting man on Facebook. (I highly recommend friending and following him ASAP. His business advice is free, some of the best I ever heard, and is always profitable.)
  • How to profit from trolls and idiots (with too much time on their hands) who want to debate you via email, social media, or in any other way.
  • And much, much more.

Download now and there will be peace…

Ben Settle

Over the last several weeks I’ve done an off-and-on “Ben Settle Show” series about my so-called “Email Players rules.”

These are basically maxims I do business by.

Some I’ve learned by observation.

Some I’ve learned from studying smart people.

And a few are from my brain.

We’ve done 2 such episodes (with 7 rules each, 14 total), and those first 14 Email Players rules are as follows:

1. Email is talk radio

2. Be your own best client

3. First hour of the day belongs to you

4. Don’t put your customers on a pedestal

5. The customer is always wrong

6. Don’t let facebook steal your balls

7. Put your own oxygen mask on first

8. Write drunk, edit sober

9. Don’t let your customers steer your ship or you’re gonna end up on the rocks

10. Be a leader not an expert

11. Don’t reward bad behavior

12. If you want to know what someone really wants, observe what they buy

13. It’s better to be respected than liked

14. Cut people out who complicate your life

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

Tomorrow’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast covers another 7 of these rules. I’ll send you an email tomorrow when it’s up. In the meantime, you can learn about the first 14 above in-depth (i.e. with commentary and context) here:

(They are episodes BSA21 and BSA30)

Download ‘em.

Listen to ‘em.

And, yes, profit from ‘em.

Word up.

Ben Settle

I’m not going to say testimonials are worthless.

(I use ‘em myself.)

But, my opinion  is many testimonials are probably the weakest form of proof there is in ads, emails, sales letters, etc.

Why is this?

Well, let’s put it this way:

I live in bigfoot country in the Pacific Northwest.

And, every single year, there are all kinds of bigfoot sightings — even from forest rangers, law enforcement and other people with credibility.

Yet, these “testimonials” are coldly ignored.


And, yes, even laughed at.

Same with UFO sightings.

Got lots of ‘em.

Even from “authority” figures people tend to believe.

Yet, few are believed.

Why is this?

Because people reading testimonies fall into two camps:

1. People who already believe you, and just want more validation to pull the trigger to buy. (i.e. a hardcore bigfoot believer will believe the sightings because he WANTS to.)

2. People who are skeptical yelling “bullshit!” at each one.

There are exceptions to this, of course.

But, we live in the age of the skeptic.

Everyone has been screwed over by someone in the past few years especially — whether it’s their banker, their lawyer, their government, their real estate broker, their favorite political party, the list goes on…

That’s why I say assume nobody believes you.

Nobody believes your shnazzy testimonials.

And, nobody believes your advertising.

That’s the bad news, Chachi.

The good news:

There are simple ways to build belief. To persuade people you’re not out to fleece them. And, to make MORE sales as a result.

Probably the best way is demonstration.

Simply demonstrating your product or knowledge.

And guess what?

Email lets you play demonstration like a fiddle.

Each day (if you do it right) you can demonstrate you da man (or woman) in your market, the one to be trusted above all others and, yes, the one to buy from.

It’s what I teach in “Email Players”.

And, I can teach you, too.

That is, if you can follow instructions.

And, write a simple email.

More info at:

Ben Settle

I’ve mentioned the movie “Sideways” before.

It’s about a couple middle aged dudes who go on a wine tasting weekend in California… getting into various misadventures, etc. A fun, thought-provoking flick with great acting and a story I can watch over and over and not get bored.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up.

One of the two guys is named Jack.

He’s a voiceover actor.

And, he’s also a low class jackass kinda guy who’s about to get married the next week, and wants to spend all his time on the wine adventure trying to get laid before his big day.

Towards the end…


He finds a waitress he wants to have sex with.

When Miles (his friend) objects, Jack says:

“Listen, man. You’re my friend, and I know you care about me. And I know you disapprove, and I respect that. But there are some things that I have to do that you don’t understand. You understand literature, movies, wine… but you don’t understand my plight.”

Pretty funny scene if you watch it.

And, kind of useful, too.

Specifically, for people learning copywriting, email, etc.

What I mean is this:

A lot of people get into copywriting and email marketing and they understand headlines, and storytelling and closing an ad. They’ve studied (even wrote out by hand!) dozens of ads by Halbert, Bencivenga, Carlton, etc. And, they can recite Caples, Hopkins, and Schwartz chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

But, they still struggle.

And, they don’t know why.

Well, the reason is simple:

They don’t really understand their market.

The copywriting tricks of the trade are fun… but, unless you learn your market first… unless you understand their “plight”… your copy will be taken about as seriously as Jack takes Miles’ advice not to have sex with another woman before he gets married the next week.

You gotta understand their plight, Beavis.

Otherwise, persuasion “tricks” won’t do you a lick of good.

Anyway, something to drink on.

This goes for email, too.

It’s why I always tell people no matter how well your emails are, if you don’t know your market… don’t have an offer they want… don’t have a responsive list… they’re dead in the water.

So learn your market’s plight.

Get in their heads.

Then, sell, baby, sell.

That’s where “Email Players” swoops in.

It’s a monthly newsletter.

And, I show you the exact same email ideas & tactics I use.

(With examples.)

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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Below are some “marks” of low class jackass marketers.

They are everywhere.

But, they abound online.

If you meet one, don’t give them a second of your time, a penny of your money, or a whiff of your knowledge (i.e. don’t let them buy from you).

Okay, here they is:

  • Putting people on email lists without consent.
  • Trolling Amazon and iTunes reviews.
  • Serial refunding products on Clickbank because they know Clickbank won’t even make anyone explain how they bought a product and magically went through it in the 5 minutes it took them to refund.
  • Adding people to Facebook groups without their consent.
  • Not removing people when they click the unsubscribe link.
  • Trying to squeeze free information out of a copywriter, consultant, or other service provider by making them think they want to hire them, but really have no intention of doing so.
  • Swiping ads/emails/titles/products, etc word-for-word.
  • Complaining about free information they get.

I could go on and on.

But, those are a few of the more common signs.

Again, if you see any of these “marks” on a customer, service provider, list owner, client, or anything else… run.

Don’t give them anything.

Not your time.

Not your knowledge.

And, certainly, not your money.

SPURN me on this at your peril…

OK, on to the fun stuff:

Next issue of “Email Players” shows you (amongst a bunch of other things) how I recently used email to whip the pants off of a bunch of other high level marketers (with much bigger lists) when selling a product as an affiliate.

I’ll show you how I did it.

And, how you can, too.

To subscribe to “Email Players” go to:

Ben Settle

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Let me tell you about Shamus, my neighbor’s cat.

When I first moved to the Burgle last year, I was on the phone one day in the kitchen and noticed a small snake slinking in under the door. I’ve seen stranger things and just kinda shrugged my shoulders, kicked it out, and went on about m bid’niz.

Next day… same thing.

Except this time it was a salamander.


Again, I shoe it out.

But, this time, I see Shamus nearby with a grin saying:

“See what I did for you?! I gave you a couple gifts! Feed me!!”

I’ll never know for sure.

But, I suspect dropping that snake and salamander on my stoop was Shamus’s way of getting himself a reward of some kind.

(Food, attention, who knows?)

The point?

Lately people have been sending me unsolicited books in the mail.

I don’t know who’s teaching people to do this.

But, sometimes I will get a book in the mail from someone I don’t know, have never heard of, and who didn’t even give me a heads up.

I’m guessing they think I’ll reward them somehow.

(With what, I have no idea.)

But, it doesn’t work that way.

For one, I never asked for any of these books.

In fact, I’ve already got enough reading to last me the next several years, which they’d have known if they took 10 seconds to, you know, ask me first. Nothing against receiving gifts, but, like Shamus’s gift, if it’s not something I want, it becomes more of an imposition — gotta find a place to put these books or else throw them out or whatever — than a gift.

And secondly:

Offering strangers stuff they don’t want ain’t persuasion.

It won’t kick-start the so-called “law of reciprocity.”

And, frankly, it’s a waste of your money.

And you know what?

That goes for trying to sell anything.

I don’t know who said it.

(Dale Carnegie?)

But, just because you like strawberry shortcake, doesn’t mean you should try to catch catfish with it.

Anyway, down to bid’niz:

If you want to learn how to sell (not just be a giveaway artist) check out the “Email Players” newsletter.

It ain’t cheap.

And, it ain’t for price shoppers.

But it shows you how to sell.

And, in a way people *like* buying from.

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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Following is a true story.

Once upon a time, I was talking to my droog Doberman Dan when he told me about how his merchant account was suddenly shut down out of the blue.

No indication.

No warning.

And, no reason whatsoever.

(His track record was “hounds tooth” clean.)

Someone in ye olde bureaucracy decided he was high risk.

And that was it.

They shut his azz down!

Then, they shut his back up merchant account down, too!

Luckily, he has a back up of his back up and was okay.

But this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

So since then I’ve been kinda paranoid about it.

After all, you can’t control the merchant account peoples’ decisions. But, you CAN control your income streams so that all your income doesn’t come from one source. “One” being the most dangerous number in business as Dan Kennedy (who knows a thing or two about this stuff) likes to say.

So, how can you diversify your income streams?


Have several irons in the fire.

And, have them all generating income (big or small) from difference sources.

Like, for example:

  • PayPal
  • Your own merchant account
  • Kindle
  • Client work
  • Clickbank
  • JV’s (they collect money and pay you)
  • Investment income

Etc, etc etc.

See how that works?

So if one income stream goes down, you don’t feel it.

You have the others still going strong.

This is one reason I dig on email.

You can create multiple income streams selling various kinds of products with email, but have them all coming from different sources. One can be an auto-responder sequence selling via ClickBank. Another product with PayPal. Another with your merchant account. Another from Kindle, etc. And if you can have one or two that are NOT tied to your social security number, even better (i.e. JV’s, clients, etc).

Anyway, email lets you create these streams fast.

You just gotta do the work.

No slacking allowed.

For ongoing email marketing guidance, go to:

Ben Settle

On this week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode, we natter on about the “Odd Fellows.” Why you’re one… why I’m one… and, why so few people in the world (5%) are.


This is an experimental episode.

(So much so… I’m not even pulling bullets from it.)

Download this bad-boy here:

Ben Settle

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