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Today is the deadline to get the March “Email Players” issue.

Here’s a whiff of what’s cooking inside:

  • How to invade and start making lots of sales in virtually any market you want (including markets you know zilch about now) in less than 60-minutes.
  • A secret old school advertising trick (from back in 1949) that can double your webinar sales. (If you send your list to webinars as an *affiliate*, you can whip the pants off practically all your competition — even if your list is less targeted than theirs.)
  • The exact place to find THE best subject lines your market is all but guaranteed to respond to (already written for you and never used before) free.
  • How to write emails with zero “content” that your list will love to read and buy from (and not complain about you just sending pitches).
  • The one element your list wants (and will eagerly respond to with their wallets) in your emails that is FAR more powerful than content, entertainment, teaching, or anything else.
  • A “dignified” way to make more sales via email by slinging ugly insults around. (Including a cheat sheet for creating insults that are not only fun for your list to read, but will make your emails stand out from anyone else’s in the inbox.)
  • 3 copyright-free email templates you can use however you want. (More: They are based around 3 upcoming holidays — making them timely and urgent, which can ratchet up your sales even more.)
  • A cool email subject line template people almost can’t help but notice (regardless of how skeptical they are, or how much email they get now).
  • And the band sprints on…

Again, today’s the deadline.

If you want in, subscribe here while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Eric Wilkes writes:

(In my private Facebook group for paying customers only)

“Just wanted to thank Ben Settle and his email strategies and Eric McMillan for telling me to grab Email Players. I used to think a 5% click-thru rate on an email to send people to my sales letter was great (it was my fault for settling). Since implementing [Something taught in “The Email Players Playbook”] the last 30 days or so I’m getting a rock-solid 10% average click-thru rate on almost every email I send out. I know this is only going to improve as I keep pushing forward and growing! Appreciate you guys! Thank you!”

Thaaaaaat’s my boy.

Double the response.

(And, within just a month of his subscribing, to boot.)

Ten percent will seem trivial for him as time goes on.

Which reminds me:

Been hearing from a lot of paid subscription subscribers lately. And, these blokes’ results shock even me sometimes. Like Paul Mort, for example, the king of fitness bootcamps in the UK — that bastard sells a continuity program far more expensive than mine now with the help of my methods doing twice as much profit as mine, and said I made him — and I quote — “fucking famous.”


I feel so underpaid…

Anyway, here are a *few* reasons why my methods work:

1. Speed (you can profit from my methods the *first* day)

2. Simplicity (I don’t try to dazzle you with industry jargon, exaggerated client “war stories”, or pat-on-the-back guru crony testimonials… I’m a meat & potatoes kinda guy. My stuff is always simple, fast, non-complicated, and proven to work in multiple markets, selling all kinds of products big and small)

3. Results

Why do you think I like to post testimonials?

To stroke my already inflated ego?

Well, maybe a *tad*.

But mostly, it’s to show you my methods work not just for me and the markets I’m in, but all kinds of other markets, too. It’s also to show you don’t need a big list, world class copywriting training, thousands of dollars to invest in complex software, to attend any boring seminars… or even invest very much time. (“The Email Players Playbook”, for example, can be read in one sitting, and the information applied that *same* day to make lots more sales.)


Invading a new market?

Or, just want to multiply your current sales?

Beeotch please.

With my methodology it’s like “wabbit season” out there in hundreds — if not thousands — of markets big and small.

Don’t matter if it’s big markets like weight loss, golf, or biz opp.

Or selling coaching services.

Or if you’re an affiliate marketer.

Or even if you offer professional services.

(In my experience, my methods work even BETTER for professional services since so few professionals — lawyers, doctors, life coaches, you name it — are way too timid and naive about their own markets and what will sell them, and foolishly think this stuff won’t work for them, when in reality those clients are practically craving it.)

And so on and so forth.

You picking up what I’m putting down?

You are?


Because the March “Email Players” issue shows you a very simple way of using plain old email to invade virtually any market you want and make sales fast. (Assuming you have a list and a proven offer, of course — this ain’t la-la land.)

How fast?

Within an *hour* of deciding to do it, that’s how fast.

It ain’t complicated, neither.

It’s about as simple as things come.

And, if you’re already selling in a market but just want to ratchet up your sales quickly and easily (and probably in as little as 30 minutes), then you can use this info, too.

But tomorrow’s the deadline to get this issue.

Grab your lovin’ here:

Ben Settle

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It’s kinda funny when this shows up in broadcast/auto-responder emails:

Sent from my iPhone

If you wish to stop receiving our emails or change your subscription options, please Manage Your Subscription

Not that you asked for it.

But, I’ll give my opinion anyway:

You’ll make far more sales spending time learning how to write better emails than you will spending time thinking up tricks like inserting “sent from my iPhone” in your broadcast, auto-respondered emails to try to make them look personal.

(And not like broadcast/auto-respondered emails.)

I’m not sure what’s more amusing:

That the iPhone thing might actually increase clicks.

(Depending on the market.)

Or there are people stoopid enough to fall for it.

Ah well.

Enough feeling sorry for myself.

Let’s talk about something important:

The March “Email Players” issue includes a section that is perfect for people who do webinars and want to double (even triple) profits from them. It’s a secret that was discovered waaaaaaay back in 1949, was adapted as a copywriting technique by an old-school ad man, and, I have found, makes webinar sales go through the roof.

(Especially if you’re an affiliate sending your list to a webinar.)

Best part:

It’s easy to implement.

(If you but follow my simple instructions.)

What is this technique?

Who was this mysterious ad man?

And, how can you use it?


All your questions to be answered in in the March issue.

Subscribe in time to get it here:

Ben Settle

Sent from my stoopid phone

Just when I thought I heard it all…

Last week my ex-copywriting apprentice was at the Traffic & Conversion shin-dig, and there was a booth from a company selling some kind of online service for websites (I forget the details — but no matter). Anyway, when she asked the guy at the booth a question about the service he assured her:

“I’m a ninja. We’re all ninjas here.”

Amusing stuff.

Especially since it was so dorky.

It’s one thing if someone else calls you a “ninja” (at whatever you do). Or a “rockstar.” Or “gangsta.” Or any of the other Internet marketing fanboy jargon words floating around.

But someone calling *themselves* that?

Seems kinda wannabe to me.

After all, if you really are, for example, “awesome”, you shouldn’t have to say it. If you have to say you are, you ain’t, so get back to work…

Okay, enough tales from the schlub side.

Let’s get down to bid’niz.

The March “Email Players” issue goes to the printer in a few short days. It contains all kinds of profitable tips, tricks, and strategies for making lots more of the green stuff — including a few “done-for-you” copyright-free emails/templates you can use and abuse however you want.

Ain’t nothing “ninja” about it, though.

Or gangsta.

Or rockstar.

But, the info works to drag in more sales.

And, why so serious?

To get in on time, go here today:

Ben Settle

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You know, I get why people are skeptical.

When I claim my stuff helps people *double* their sales, I suspect the more skeptical people shake their head and think, “yeah right…”

But, ’tain’t no exaggeration my little droogling.

And, I’ll give you a real life example.

Take “Email Players” subscriber Joe Gilder.

He sent me this a couple weeks ago:

I joined one of the big expensive masterminds over at GKIC [Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle]. We had our first in-person 2-day meeting this week. They ask for us to share something that has worked well for us in our business. First thing out of my mouth was “Ben Settle.” I told them I discovered you, started following your advice and emailing daily, and I DOUBLED my business that year. I know, I know…when people say that, you assume they went from making $100 the first year to $200 the second year. But the reality was I went from $58k one year to $121k the next. That’s pretty much the most dramatic “doubling” you can get. Go from what I could make at a fairly decent “job” to breaking 6-figures, all from literally changing ONE thing in my business – subscribing to Email Players and emailing daily.

Peace out, home slice.


Can you see the same kinds of results?

Well, that depends entirely on you.

I can’t (nor will I) make anyone any specific promises.

Especially since, in my experience, 95% of online marketers are do-nothings who are more excited by the idea of having succeeded, instead of doing the work that will actually get them to their goals.

But, I have figured out some shortcuts.

And, the March “Email Players” issue shows one of my favorites.


How to invade any market and start conquering. And, doing it with less than 60-minutes of research. (Making it a perfect jumping-on issue for new subscribers.)


Can’t be done?

Whether you think it is or not, you’re right.

(If’n you catch my drift…)

To join my “Email Players” gang, go here:

Ben Settle

Today’s podcast is packed with fun, politically correct, and 100% non-offensive info.

Like, for example:

  • If you’re a guy, what it probably means if people who love you don’t want to hang out with you. (And how this same phenomenon happens in business — where people who know, like, and trust you still won’t buy.)
  • One of the funniest and most entertaining chicks on Twitter.
  • The “attitude” to have when writing an opt-in page.
  • How women can give themselves an instant advantage in business.
  • One reason women tend to get paid less in the workplace. (Many a manager, supervisor, and HR person I’ve ever asked about this agrees this happens, and just knowing this small tip can get a chick paid more than she would otherwise in a lot of cases. You’re welcome.)
  • What attractive guys do that repulses women.
  • What successful people do that repulses potential JV partners, customers, and clients (and vice versa).
  • A big mistake guys do that make everyone they know want to get as far away from them as possible. (Even if they are otherwise liked by these same people.)
  • Advice to freelancers who want to get more work without barely ever even having to talk. (Works for any kind of freelancing or selling face-to-face or via phone — works for getting better deals on things you want to buy, too.)
  • How the best phone sales trainer in the world sells people on buying from him, even if they were hostile to him originally.
  • How to persuade girls to go on dates with you, without even asking them out. (Works in all aspects of your life for getting people to want to associate with you — yes, even in business.)
  • How checking your smart phone kills your “sales appeal.” (And your sex appeal, too.)
  • A secret way of using texting to make yourself more attractive (not just to the opposite sex, but also to potential customers, clients, etc).
  • What it means if people are not calling you back, making time for you, or taking your calls. (And a simple “mindset shift” that can turn it around almost overnight.)
  • The dangers of always making yourself too available.
  • What the movie Boyz n the Hood can teach you about getting respect from people. (Hardly anyone gives their money or their heart to someone they don’t respect. Here’s how to make yourself both more attractive and more wealthy at the same time.)
  • What to do first thing in the morning that will super-charge your productivity and get you to your goals way faster.
  • What “trickle-down happiness” means.
  • One word to tell people that commands more respect, makes you more attractive as a person, and helps you master your time.
  • The single best way to get ahead in anything you want — professionally, socially, romantically, financially, and in any other thing you want to accomplish.
  • How to get your social circle to be more interested in you.
  • And lots, lots, lots more…

Game on over at:

Ben Settle

Behold a semi-cautionary tale:

Recently, my friend Greg sent me an email illustrating the #1 thing that (if you’re a guy, at least) will kill other peoples’ desire to befriend you, get romantically involved with you, or want to do business with you.

It’s a mistake waaaay too many people make.

(Including people in business, where it’s a huge turn off.)

And, well, why so serious?

Anyway, here’s what happened:

Greg (and I’ve had other friends say similar stuff, and I’ve noticed similar stuff about friends of mine who I tend to want to hang out with more than others) was telling me about how he’d been getting phone calls from friends needing to “have lunch” or “come visit” or asking him “WHY do I never get time with you?”… and so on. And, it got him to thinking about why he never goes out of his way to visit them or grant them his valuable time and attention.

Yes, he loves his friends and family.

Yes, he respects them.

And yes, he would do anything for them.

But, he doesn’t go out of his way to talk to them, hang out with them, or visit them. If anything, he thinks of excuses not to want to be around them.

Now, contrast that to my friendship with Greg.

We have known each other for 12 years.

We have never once met in person.

And, we have only spoken by phone a few times, and primarily communicate by email.

Yet, here is what he said:

“I like all these friends, a lot, but really, the only one I really would ON MY OWN make any effort to see if we lived closer is BEN. I just don’t have enough in common with ALL THESE MEN to make an effort any more. Strange since we’ve never talked in person isn’t it? But I consider you TOPS on my friend list, and even then you’re light years ahead of whoever is #2.”

Why would Greg have this attitude?

Why does he hold me in so much more esteem and respect than he does people he lives closer to, has known longer, and has broken bread with?

Why do I have the exact same opinion of him?

And… even more importantly:

How can this help you make lots more sales, attract higher quality people into your life (customers, clients, friends, JV partners, people of the opposite sex, etc)?

Good question!

The answer:

Is on tomorrow’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast.

This may very well be the most info-packed episode yet.

And, for now, it’s still free.

(That may change this year, heads up…)

Anyway, I’ll let you know when it’s up tomorrow.

To download past episodes, go here:

Ben Settle

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Here’s a story for the egg shell-walking snowflakes…

Last year while at our Oceans 4 mastermind workshop (we are going to be doing one more it appears this May, details forthcoming), one of our clients Russell Brunson (if you don’t know who he is, you might be a noob) and I got to talking at dinner.

And the first thing he told me was:

“I used to hate you, Ben.”

Ah yes!

Those might not have been his exact words.

But, that was the gist of it.

When I asked him why, he didn’t really have an answer.

But he stayed subscribed, anyway.

And, he told me that meeting me was one of the main reasons he attended our Oceans 4 mastermind in Vegas (which is like the One Testimonial To Rule Them All as far as I’m concerned — he’s one of my marketing “heroes”).

Which got me to thinking:

Why do so many of these guys & gals who hate me stick around?

And, why do they end up liking me later?

As if a sign from the Almighty Himself, I got an email just before the plane ride home from website reader Brandon Yanofsky saying he was (and I quote) “turned off at first”, too, but (and I quote again): “your don’t give a fuck attitude really got me intrigued.”

When I asked him:

“What turned you off?”

He answered with:

“I’ll explain using the same context you use in your emails: women. My last girlfriend would always give me a hard time about things I’d say. And it annoyed me. But then, I started realizing she was just calling me out on my bullshit. It’s kind of like with you. The stuff you say at first is like getting a blow to the face. Part of me is offended. But then I realize I’m offended because you are calling me on my bullshit. So it took me a while to realize why I was turned off. And then realized why.”

Inteeeeeresting, eh?

That obviously isn’t the case with everyone.

But, I suspect it IS the case with many website readers.

And you know what?

This should inspire you to do the same:

Speak the troof in your emails.

Don’t give a rat’s bootay what anyone thinks.

And, call people out on their BS.

I mean, really, what’s the alternative? To let other people dictate what you say? To “orbit” around others’ opinions? To stifle yourself?

If that floats your boat go ye ahead.


I like to give it raw.

And, “uncircumcised.”

And you know what?

It’s worked out pretty good so far.

Go here to get the next “Email Players” issue before it mails:

Ben Settle

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Once again, I’m behooved to prove something.

Whenever someone asks me “can I use email to sell such-and-such a service?” I usually tell them yes, and I argue it works even better for service deals because so few people in those worlds use email the way I teach.

Case in point:

“Email Players” subscriber Guy Webb.

He’s in the IT market.

(A tough cookie to crack…)

And, he sayseths:

I’ve had some really good success in the last couple of weeks and my close rate of new clients (physical new clients) has gone up by 50% easy and thats tough in the IT market, so I thank you for that.

In fact I closed deal today before I left the customers office and even before I sent the proposal, the prospect was like “when can we sign up” almost begging me to get the proposal over so they could sign on the dotted line, dam if only I knew I would of been bold and taken a proposal with me, it is almost unheard of to sign a deal in this manner in our industry.

Of course i’d had a couple of emails back and forth which again a attribute to your teachings….prior to the meeting.

Not only has the close rate gone up but as I mentioned above the time frame to get a new client onboard is somewhere between 2 and 12 months or more, this latest deal was just 21 days from first telephone contact.

So all in all great success, anyone out there that thinks this is just for online should take note as it applies to all sales and all kind of business and I don’t even send daily email yet…. I study and send precision targeted email.

How about them mangos?

Using nothing but “lowly” little emails the way I teach, he cut his closing time from months to mere days.

Next “Email Players” issue makes it even easier to score.

(Sales, that is…)

How so?

Because one of the things inside are 3 copyright-free emails you can use and abuse however you want. They are designed to take advantage of some upcoming holidays, and you can use them word-for-word, or alter them however you want, without paying me anything.

I honestly don’t know how to make this easier.

I’m doing 99% of the work for you.

All you do is type in your info then copy & paste.

Easy peasy.

Subscribe in time here:

Ben Settle

Sunday my pal Tim Allen and I played some golf, and on the 3rd hole I dropped some info that, if implemented, will likely bring him an extra 4-figures (and 5 over time) per month in revenue.

His business?

He’s in equipment.

(Renting and selling equipment for contractors, home improvement, yard maintenance, and everything in between.)

And, he just hired a new guy to run the front counter.

(Register, answer the phone, that sort of stuff.)

Anyway, here was my advice:

(Hat tip to Dan Kennedy, read this in one of his books…)

  • Have your new counter guy get the name and address of *everyone* who calls in for any reason. Tell callers they will be entered into a drawing or something of that nature as a carrot for doing so
  • Give the counter guy a couple bucks for each name/address he captures (as an incentive so he is eager to do it — 20 names per day, for example, would be an extra $40 per day, not too shabby for a counter worker…)
  • At the end of each day, have him email the list to a mailing/printer/fulfillment company where they will shoot out a post card immediately for you
  • Have the post card offer the person $20 “Allen Bux” — money good for anything in the store — equipment sales, rental, etc, with a deadline attached to it


Keep the names in a database.

And, mail them various offers each month with a reason to come in the store right away. Of course, when the come in the store capture their email address on a note pad computer or laptop so you can bless them with your offers, opinions, commentary, etc via email, too.

“Tim,” I said.


“Then there will be peace.”

And, I meant it.

Then, I sent him here:

Ben Settle

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