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“Just wanted to let you know, our buddy Art Hamel Died in June. I just got a call this morning. He was something else.”

So came an email a couple days from my friend Michael Senoff.

“Art who?” you ask?

A lot of people don’t know who he was.

But, he was called the “Dean Of Business” back in the 80’s (on infomercials, etc), and he bought over 200 business over 40 years — starting with a small 25 unit motel in California that was barely profitable and took all his time, energy, and money, and was extremely stressful. It wasn’t long after that when he stopped Mickey mousing around and being chintzy (as he would have put it) with small time businesses, and transitioned into buying only multi-million dollar business that gave him zero stress, and that took none of his time, energy, or money.

After that, he started showing other people how to do the same.

(Via his home study course and seminars)

Eventually, he had tens of thousands of students worldwide.

Then, he sort of drifted off into obscurity. One day he was so well known people recognized him at airports. The next, nobody had any idea who he was.

That is, until Michael Senoff saw his course being sold on eBay back in 2004.

Michael is a true hustler.

And, he loves to find obscure old info products, get the rights to sell them, and then offer them to his list.

That’s where I first heard of Art.

Michael and I had just started talking. (He saw some articles I wrote on copywriting and wanted to hire me.) And he called me up and said, “I’d like to hire you to write the sales letter for this course I got the rights to. It’s completely unproven to sell anymore, and I have no idea if it’ll make any money at all. I can either pay you $2,000 or you take a chance and write the ad and we split the sales 50/50.”

Of course, I took the 50/50 offer.

And, I worked my arse off on that sales letter.

I listened and re-listened (dozens of times) to a couple interviews Michael did with Art while driving to my job at the time and while on my breaks and lunch time at work. And, I studied his home study course over and over until I had to peel my dry contact lenses off my eye balls.

The result?

It was a huge success.

So much so, it got the attention of other list owners on Michael’s list in the real estate and biz opp worlds who wanted to sell it to their lists, with me tweeking the sales letters to their voices and country’s vernacular (Australia, the UK, etc). We even did a joint venture with the late Jim Straw (one of my marketing and copywriting heroes) selling it to his list, too.

But, we didn’t stop there.

We also put that bad-boy course up on eBay and got sales.

Then, Michael had the idea to “customize” my ad to appeal to and sell to various different people.

Like, for example, people looking to start vending machine businesses.

Or, people wanting to buy franchises.

Or, people wanting to invest in the stock market.

Or, people who wanted to learn how to invest in real estate.

As well as service business owners, biz opp seekers, and we even had an eBay ad selling Art’s system specifically for Jewish business owners. (It was a tremendous hands-on education — we were learning as we went along on how to sell the same product on eBay to various different markets and niches with a few changes in copy.)

What else?

One of my favorite memories of the whole thing was the Fart Hamel sale.

There was some kind of glitch and we had sets that were printed up with “Fart Hamel” instead of “Art Hamel.” And, in a non-crooked version of Rahm Emanuel’s sales strategy — we weren’t going to let a good crisis go to waste, and had our own “scratch and dent” sale using those.

Anyway, I never met Art Hamel.

Never spoke to him.

Never even exchanged a single email with him.

But, you know what?

He had one of the biggest impacts on my business, my copywriting (I had a helluva “earn as you learn” edu-ma-cation about copywriting during those adventures, and it was that letter where I first used and started refining my Copy Slacker method), and my lifestyle (I was able to pay off a ton of debt — including my car and credit cards — and afford to move out of the butt-hole of the universe I call “Illinois” from my half of the commissions).

One day, I’ll likely even use his system to buy a business, too.

(When I get the bug to.)

Anyway, RIP Art Hamel, you crotchety old genius.

You had one helluva impact on me.

And, in many ways, you had one helluva impact on all the people I’ve helped.

All right, enough beef soup for the soul.

To get the low down on my monthly “Email Players” newsletter, check out:

Ben Settle

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Another tale from the marketing funnel crypt:

“I know you do the players newsletter for 100 a month. Is that really the best way to learn email copyrighting you do? It just seems that to learn that would be incremental approach not based on something that is really a periodical? Also I didn’t know you had books so I looked it up and you have 10 bazillion of them. Confused now which to get if I am looking develope some funnels. Not sure I am up for an email a day unless you show how to make it real real easy.”

You know, I can’t say I know much about email copyrighting.

(I never went to law school.)

But, if he means email copywriting — then, yes. Of course it’s the best way to learn it, which is why I teach it that way.

But, that’s not the real issue at hand.

Nor is which book to start with.

The real issue is lack of personal discipline. If someone doesn’t have the mental juice to write a (gasp!) whole email per day, and if they need everything easy, then there is nothing anything I offer can do to help you.

And, frankly, nobody else can, either.

(The usual name dropping of pie-in-the-sky promises gurus notwithstanding)

You can have all the fancy funnels you want.

You can possess a library full of all the best books and products.

You can even drop tens of thousands of dollars per month on building a list.

But, if you don’t communicate with your leads in a way where they (1) look forward to hearing from you (i.e. you’re what Dan Kennedy calls a “welcome guest”) and (2) enjoy the process of buying from you (i.e. they want what you have) then you’re dead in the water if you want to use email.

I don’t think my wiles are easy.

But, they are simple.

And, they don’t take long to implement.

I have customers who go through the “Email Players Playbook” and are writing emails making them sales that same night. On the other hand, I know people who sit on the information, lazily let the newsletters pile up, and never do anything with them.

If that’s you, I really can’t help you.

Save your money.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

If it didn’t take effort, everyone would be doing it.

If it didn’t take a bit of discomfort, everyone would be doing it.

To paraphrase the movie “Miracle” (while the U.S. Olympic hockey team is puking their guts out from being worked to the point of almost passing out):

“You cannot be a common man, because common men go nowhere. You have to be uncommon”

And so it is, Boys & Ghouls.

Want to be common?

It’s easy:

Go follow the latest email ex-spurt or social media goo-roo blowing hot air who has obviously never studied the fundamentals of direct response marketing, copywriting, or persuasion in any kind of depth. Never studied the great direct mail copywriters and marketers, sought out their bios, or read their books over and over and over (and over again). Never taken the time to learn the history of our industry (direct response marketing) pre-Internet.

On the other hand:

If you want to be uncommon, then you gotta work and seek out knowledge.

You gotta think.

And, yes, you gotta consistently implement and go after your goals each day.

To learn my way of making a lot of sales with email… and that requires time, daily effort, and an investment each month… then go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Or, more accurately, *Playboys*

Here’s what I mean:

One of the few people I follow and pay attention to on Twitter these days is Wall Street Playboys?. They are always dropping some wisdom about the realities of being in business.

One of my favorites was the other day when they said:

You cannot “teach” someone to be an entrepreneur. They either *do* or they don’t

Most you can give is the tools

“Be your own boss = myth”

This is exactly why I don’t cater to people in the “make muney online!” niche. Most of the ones I’ve dealt with (especially the few that have somehow slipped past my defense grids and skimmed their way into “Email Players”) simply aren’t business people. They simply don’t have the mindset to not have someone telling them what to do. Thus, why I grow tired of their endless questions that a direct response marketing 101 book would teach them.

It ain’t personal, either.

It’s simply the reality of the situation.

A lot of these blokes would be better off trying to get a better job where they can run errands, jump at orders, and carry reports to their superiors.

Instead, they go around trying to “make muney online!” instead of building a business.

They chase bright shiny objects instead of boning up on the fundamentals.

And, they buy every product under the sun they never consume, instead of seeking out a few key resources they consume over and over, imbibing what they need to know and learn to succeed.

Anyway, I’m mostly preaching to the choir here.

But, maybe someone needed to hear it.

Let’s move on to the fun stuff:

If you are building an actual business and not trying to simply “make muney online!”… if you have the discipline to implement what you learn and not just read, nod, then file it away… and if you have the character to show up every day (at the keyboard) and write one email per day selling something people want using my unrighteous email copywriting system, then my “Email Players” newsletter might be just what herr doktor ordered.

Or not.

Fact is, it’s not meant for everyone.

And, if anything, I will be making it harder to subscriber to eventually.

(For my sake to save time, and the sake of others’ to save their money)

To see if it’s something you can use, go here:

Ben Settle

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A faithful member of my Horde named Shlomi declareseth:

Hi Ben,

I’ve Ben following you around online for awhile now, listening to your podcast and read 2 of your books. 

I’ve been speaking with a lot of North americans and I feel like the barbaric Israeli when I’m engaging with you guys. 

Your fresh “in your face” approach is a real breath of fresh air for me. 

After just hearing the negative emotions podcast episode you’ve even maid me a proud and wrathful Jew lol. 

I must confess I’m nor part of your Israelites (email players subscribers) but hopefully soon enough I will be. 

Thanks for laying it out like it really is and not sugar coating shit like a lot of marketers or there!

Thank you good Sir, for the props.

Shlomi’s email got me to thinking about this whole idea of “engagement” and how to be “engaging” and all that jazz. For reasons beyond my ken people not only struggle with being engaging, but buy expensive products, seminar tickets, and programs promising to show them how.

If only they made the pilgrimage to my Promised Land of milk and money:

The “Email Players” newsletter.

By virtue of implementing the knowledge in the newsletter and “Email Players Playbook” (that comes with your subscription), you are automatically engaging, assuming you know your market.

But alas, so many people want to chase after the false gods of social media.

Worship goo-roo idols made of wood and golden calves.

And, play with strange fire — striking their sales dead.


elBenbo is a jealous non-god.

He doesn’t like his Horde being beguiled by bright shiny horse shyt.

Thus, if you want to learn my simple system for banging out emails people look forward to reading and buying, and do it for a measly $3.23 per day, then stretch forth thy fingers and click this link:

Ben Settle

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One of my prized possessions is an NES game genie.

Some smart bloke figured out how to manipulate NES (the original Nintendo system) games by plugging them into a gold game cartridge-looking thing. And, what it lets me do is, cheat at games to win them faster and easier.

For example:

I can give my characters unlimited lives.

Or invulnarability.

Or 100x’s the gold or experience points they would usually get to advance in levels and power.

And so on, and so forth.

It’s not just playing these games on easy mode — it’s playing them on god-mode. And, it makes the game a lot more fun and exciting.

Who cares?

What’s this got to do with you?

Probably nothing.

But, it came up in a livestream I did with Shane Hunter last week when he was visiting my house, where we were giving someone in the “how to write resume” niche advice. He was making his marketing endeavors a lot harder by targeting a niche that may or may not have a lot of money, instead of a niche that not only has a lot of money, but are always hungry for better jobs.

And, the game genie was our analogy.

Why play the marketing game on hard mode when you can plug in the game genie?

Anyway, something to ponder.

Of course, if you are using the game genie of business mindset, then using my email system to make a lot more sales and close a lot more clients without the usual struggle, drama, and anxiety is as easy as falling off a log.

Simply sell to people with money.

Send them daily emails using my twisted ways.

And, watch the sales flow like lies from a politician’s lips.

To learn my email copywriting wiles, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Few days ago a bloke on facebook declared:

“LOL you can tell marketers who use Ben Settle’s teaching a mile off! It IS really good stuff though in terms that it must work because so many name marketers use it.”

He further commented that my methods are:

“More the abrasive, repulsion marketing style”

My take on it?

I don’t teach this idea of being abrasive and repulsion marketing as a tactic or to make you look “cool” or whatever. It’s simply a natural byproduct of being honest with your market. On the other hand, it has become trendy for people to act like pricks in their marketing to show how “totes repulsive and abrasive!” they are. Not-so-coincidentally, my pal Shane Hunter and I just had this conversation, about how this sudden crop of repulsive and abrasive people are like guys who learn the PUA (pick up artist) concept of negging, and start going around insulting girls, turning the high quality girls off.

In marketing, it works on fanboys and hyper buyers who buy anything.

But to thinking people?

To the high quality customers?

And, to the skeptics?

(Who make up 2-5 times more people than the hyper buyers)

Good luck with that.

It’s not about insulting your market or pounding your chest declaring how you have “tiger’s blood!” (as I saw someone do recently, it was amusing) or whatever.

People who do that have missed the point entirely.

All right, enough of this.

Let’s sally-forth to the pitch:

If you want to learn how to write emails that make sales practically every time you push that “send” button (assuming you have an offer your list wants), and do it without having to act like someone you’re not, then check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

It’s not cheap.

And, it’s not for people who don’t like to think.

(Especially the next issue in September.)

But, it works — assuming you apply it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Over the last couple years, I have noticed something about people who sell in the “make money online!” market. And that is, they (mostly, there are a few exceptions, I will admit) make terrible customers for what I sell.

Especially for my “Email Players” newsletter.


There are many reasons, my fine-feathered little fledgling.

Like, for example:

  • They ask dumb questions about things that are irrelevant — being caught up in whatever goo-roo term-of-the-month that gives them a boner at the moment, and without even knowing why they’re asking the question
  • They rarely know even the raw basics of direct response marketing — I spend way too much time having to edu-ma-cate them on things anyone who is going to set themselves up as some kind of expert at “OMG making money online!” should know
  • They are always in get rich quick mode — having little or no patience, expecting overnight riches
  • They are impulse buyers and don’t read what they’re getting — many are either completely illiterate or too lazy to read even a few sentences of the sales letter (for example, demanding to know where their PDF of the “Email Players Playbook” is, when it clearly states there is no PDF)
  • A lot of them are literally addicts — enslaved to the dopamine drip they get when they buy something new, just like the people they sell to (or would sell to if they knew how to actually make sales)
  • They haven’t actually made any money online — and refuse to market honestly about it
  • They follow the dregs of goo-roo-dom — dropping names of people who aren’t qualified to pour water out of a boot much less teach marketing or “how to totes make money online!”
  • And the list goes on…

Again, there are a few exceptions.

But, most of these blokes would be better off getting their dopamine fix from one of the many marketing gringos living in the lap of luxury in 3rd world countries on a dollar fifty per day while pretending to be rich and successful.

Anyway, so that’s why I don’t cotton to them.

I can only help legitimate businesses.

If that’s you, and you want to pound out emails people look forward to reading and buying from, and write them in just minutes per day, check out:

Ben Settle

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Last week, I wrote an email about how you become like the people you spend all your time with. My example was, if you hang out with pessimistic losers, you’ll become a pessimistic loser over time.

Anyway, the esteemed A-list copywriter Bob Bly shared it on Facebook.

And, I got quite a kick out of some of the comments.

Like, for example:

“If this were true, then people like John McCain would have become like his captors.”



“Does a minister become the sinner?”

(Happens all the time… mayhaps the minister should read what Paul wrote about kicking unrepentant sinners out of the church?)


“I only hangout with my Facebook friends and I don’t think that they are ‘pessimistic losers’”.

(Defensive, much, brah?)

Or… another guy nattering aimlessly about Budda.

(Basically typing to hear himself write.)

And, my personal favorite:

“People should realize Ben takes this extreme, controversial stance as a marketing ploy.”

Methinks it takes living in a mighty thick social media bubble to call this oft-repeated concept touted by multiple religions, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, and even criminologists an “extreme” and “controversial” stance.

Anyway, a fun time was had by all.

(Well, me, anyways.)

And, so it is.

Speaking of extreme and controversial stances:

One thing I do that sends the mush cookie marketers out into the streets weeping and gnashing their teeth is sell every single day in my emails.

Why do I do this?

Because it works.

And, my “Email Players” newsletter shows you how to write daily emails (or multiple daily emails) without straining, struggling, or looking like a worthless hack swiping and copying anyone else.

It ain’t rocket science.

But, it requires daily work.

And daily consistency.

And, a daily desire to make sales.

Don’t got those things?

Then, I can’t help you.

Go away.


You’re dismissed.

Otherwise, if interested, go ye here for more information:

Ben Settle

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Podcast listener David Breeze renounces his fluffpreneur ways and sees the light:

Elbenbo – I owe you a massive thank you.

I’ve been reading your daily emails since September 2015 and in all honesty, I possess most of the negative traits that you talk about in your podcasts and emails.

I.e. I’m a needy opportunity minded buyer and wannabe fluffpreneur who reads loads of books (once).

Through your daily emails and podcasts – you are slowly but surely helping me rid myself of these horrible traits (to become a villain).

I’ve downloaded and listened to all your podcasts (twice overs so far) and have gotten more value from your podcast alone than my £20,000 Marketing degree.

My wife told me I’m like a Magpie because I always on the lookout for the next new and shiny/sparkly thing to bring back to my nest.

So I think it’s time to call the taxidermist to stuff that Magpie and stick him above my proverbial mantelpiece as a reminder to stick to the none-shiny dull things that actually work.

Thanks again and feel free to use any of this email in your daily emails (it would be a privilege).

Thank you good Sir, I have…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

I can teach someone all the best email, persuasion, copywriting, marketing, sales, etc tips and ideas I know. But, if your head isn’t screwed on the right way, it’s all for naught.

Thus, my Villains book and podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the 170 (give or take) podcast episodes I have on my site (my old podcast archives and the new one I started in January) yet, they’re yours for the taking here:

Ben Settle

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The August “Email Players” issue goes to the printer today.

If you’re on the fence about subscribing, here are some of the many secrets inside to help you decide:

  • How certain people who are full of horse crap give themselves an air of credibility and charisma even otherwise-intelligent and skeptical people buy into. (If you ever wondered how certain goo-roos on flakebook who are clearly full of horse pucky still attract big lists and audiences, this is how — imagine how well it works if you actually have something of quality to offer…)
  • The single most effective thing anyone can do to “weaken” a prospect’s resistance to giving you their hard earned muney.
  • 6 marketing secrets of a “backwoods” pastor who turned a local bible study into the largest non-denominational church in the the world.
  • The ridiculously *minimalist* business model the above pastor used to do it.
  • How to have a personal brand that people will be irrationally loyal to. (This secret is/was used by everyone from hated institutions like big pharma, big government, big media, and big oil… to politicians like Ronald Reagan, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Donald Trump… to iconoclasts like Jesus Christ, and more.
  • 3 non-lawyer solutions you can apply to your emails to inoculate them from being blatantly copied, swiped, or knocked off by low class jackass wannabes.
  • A secret way to shame people in your emails that (1) makes you far more sales than being a mush-cookie about telling your list when they are screwing up and making stoopid decisions that hurt them (and others) and (2) does it in a way where they love you for it and won’t whine about it on social media.
  • An example of how to turn virtually any topic into an email — even dark, disturbing topics your list would usually be horrified by.
  • A “counter intuitive” idea used by one of history’s greatest marketing/copywriting minds to almost effortlessly raise a pile of money for charities and causes he helped.
  • How to “flip” attacks, mud-slinging, and outright lies about you into a bigger, and more rabid (as far as wanting to buy from you and defend you) audience.
  • A weird (but highly effective) way of getting people to take action used by Jesus Christ that you will rarely ever see anyone (especially all the needy and scarcity-minded people selling online) do.

But that ain’t all, my Pet.

This issue also includes a transcript of an interview talking about the inner game of how I run my business in many ways (ifn’ that is of any interest to you) based on my favorite Villains.

I’ve said it before a couple times:

This issue is a great “jumping on” issue for people new to my world.

(Especially newbies who need a grounding in important persuasion fundamentals and principles.)

Anyway, I’m sending this list to the printer today.

So, if you want in, no time for the dilly-dally.

Subscribe here while there’s still time to get this issue:

Ben Settle

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