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Recently I saw Wes “The Sales Whisperer” Shaeffer post this ditty on Facebook:

“Does rambling and giggling for 75% of a webinar increase sales?”

Let’s face it:

Nothing makes sales and shows respect for peoples’ time like spending the first 8 scheduled minutes of a webinar constantly stopping the talk to welcome everyone on as they come in late. I hear tell some people in the coaching world actually teach doing this for “engagement” or whatever. But, one reason to study copywriting beyond the free Facebook coach’s livestream superficial level is to develop a healthy paranoia of just how low attention spans are, and how intolerant people are to having their time wasted.

Here’s my rule of thumb on such things:

Assume all it takes is one word (not even once sentence) to lose people.

Do that and the whole presentation changes start to finish.

It’s good advice for email, too.

Although, if you do email right, you can get away with a lot more slop.

(Not much, though.)

Anyway, that’s free advice nobody will take.

But, that doesn’t stop me from giving it anyway.

For the paid advice, the advice designed to be read, implemented, and profited from (and not sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, waiting for the magical email fairy to touch your computer with her magical twinkle pole and make you sales out of thin air), check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

The May issue is just around the corner.

And, it’s especially helpful if you compete with “move the free line” gurus.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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The answer is always no:

“Is there a way to order just one copy of just this month’s email players newsletter?”

This is like asking:

“Is there a way I can get in shape exercising in your gym for just one month?”

“Is there a way I can benefit from taking your fish oil capsules for just one month?”

“Is there a way I can be protected by purchasing your insurance for just one month?”

As much as I’d profit from taking all these opportunity-minded peoples’ money, it’d be doing them a disservice. One issue ain’t going to solve their money problems any more than just buying one eBook would or taking one college class would.

Their inner-game has to change, first.

Otherwise, they’re just quitters wasting their money.

(I don’t cotton to quitters.)

Only when they see it as an investment — a skill to learn, hone, and commit to long term, where the knowledge and experience compounds on itself over time, like interest in a retirement account — and not an overnight wealth, one-time lottery win, will they be ready.

That leaves a very small pool of people qualified.

And, that’s by design.

I prefer fewer high quality customers over lots of low quality ones who get most of their advice “FREE!” on Facebook, that I have to babysit and listen to complain due to their obsession with quick fixes, swiping, and cut & paste — craving pre-written emails and templates over timeless principles that work for any product/market (and in other media besides just email).

That’s why I’m a 4 quarters vs 100 pennies kinda guy.

And you know what?

That mentality has served me well lo these many years.

I suspect it can do the same for you, too.

But, the first step is having an abundance mindset (realizing if you sell a quality product, there is less supply of “you” than there are of people wanting to buy what you have) vs a scarcity mindset (i.e. fear losing any and all sales). And then, marketing in a way where you have enough leads where turning them down doesn’t sting.

Enter my “Email Players” newsletter.

Do email right long enough and your problem isn’t having enough customers.

It’s separating the low class jackass ones from the high quality ones.

A good problem to have…

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Alexander J.A Cortes gives away the entire “secret” on Twitter to being not only in the top 1% of human beings in your category of business, but how to do it in 5 years or less.

Here’s the big reveal:

Spend 1 hour on any one of the following 

-reading a hard book 

-intense physical practice/training 


Do all three daily, and you’ll be within the top 1% of human beings in 5 years, guaranteed

I hereby declare that the single most Valuable tweet ever written.

Which is ironic.


Because, I guesstimate only about 1% of people reading this will take it to heart, or do anything more than read, nod, and file it away for never. All of which is why those of us who do these 3 things consistently get to have nice things…

As for what to read, what kind of writing?

In my humble (and 100% biased) opinion, it’s:

  • Reading something about persuasive communication (Books, newsletters, biographies of great leaders, etc)
  • Writing an email each day designed to sell something

Enter the “Email Players” newsletter.

It can help you kill two of them birdies with one stone. And, help you make the money part almost right away if you have a list and an offer.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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A couple weeks ago I sent an email showing the contrast between a troll-ish opportunity-minded buyer and a successful investor-minded buyer. I put them side by side for comparison for my own amusement and to sell the April “Email Players” issue, but also as a teaching lesson.

Enter “Email Players” subscriber Conor Kelly.

He responded to that email with an important observation that applies not only to the opportunity-minded buyers who try to troll you, but other assorted omega males:

Value ++ and there’s also an implicit lesson which is you didn’t take the first guy’s comments personally, and instead correctly surmised they were about him and his own head trash…I look forward to being able to brag about my implementation of this content…

Over the years, several readers have observed how much I get an almost sadistic glee and excitement when trolls pick fights with me (besides profiting form them, they’re entertainment, more interesting than TV).

A few have even asked how I can possibly enjoy it so much.

My answer?

It’s easy to do when you realize they are really talking about themselves, and are simply projecting their miserable lives onto you. I didn’t fully understand this until reading Vox Day’s “SJWs Always Lie” book. Inside he documents (from watching it happen in “real time” to people such as Sir Tim Hunt — Nobel laureate, personal experience as a political columnist, and from years of publishing a blog that practically is like catnip for SJWs to attack) how they:

1. Always lie

2. Always double down

3. Always project

It’s as predictable as a politician lying.

And, opportunity-minded trolls follow virtually the exact same pattern.

In fact, they’re so reliable, that when you deal with enough of them, you can (with near 100% certainty) predict exactly what they’re going to say when you catch them lying, how they’re going to respond, and what they will do next — all of which makes them a Valuable gift to smart email marketers. 

In fact, they literally become your unpaid marketing “interns.”

That’s why I say don’t hate them, thank them.

Then, profit from them.

They’re money…

Anyway, speaking of money, let’s wrap this puppy up.

To subscribe to my “Email Players” newsletter, go to this link:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Ray Khan not only reveals the ONE big secret to getting anything you want, living the lifestyle you want, and even having the romantic life you want:

(That less than 3% of people will do… but still doesn’t stop me from sharing…)

I’m making money hand over fist with the email list, Ben Settle Style.

No one does it better than you.

My subscription continues to pay for itself over and over.

Of course, I show up and do the hard fucking work too.

I really appreciate and learn so much from you.

Podcasts, [Email Players] Playbook, several of your E-books and your daily emails

The key is just taking ONE fucking idea and running with it.

Today it is so hard to stay focused. Even for myself, being slightly attention deficit.

The way I do it is to stay at my island home (when not travelling) get the work done, pump out the emails, sit back and make money.

So simple, IF YOU DO THE FUCKING WORK! (notice how I keep repeating that?)

Also, I might add I charge premium prices in a commoditized industry. How? By providing top notch customer service to our valued customers.

Best always

One final thing: In the past year, 3 competitors in Canada went bust. Why? Because they sell on price and don’t do the necessary work such as emailing with infotainment.

People just don’t get it.

Do the fucking work, make the money and take vacations like I do, several times of year
to places that are fun, interesting and exciting.

Did I tell you I live on an island, surrounded by Trees, nature and very few people.
Manitoulin Island (7 hours north of Toronto, Canada) is the worlds largest freshwater island


Ray Khan

PS Women stalk me on facebook and ask for out for dates. Why? Because they see the pics of me dining out with my buddies in fancy steakhouses while travelling the world and having a superb time. Haha. I qualify each and every date.

That’s all I’m sayin’, Chuckles.

What people don’t get is it takes work.

Lots of work.

Hard work.

Like the guy in the movie “Castaway” taking all that time and blistered hands to get that first fire started by rubbing sticks together. But, once you get that fire going, it’s just a matter of tending it. Unfortunately, 97% of people are like the guy Earl Nightingale used to mock, standing in front of the stove and telling it:

“Give me heat, and then I’ll add the wood!”

Ah well.

There are two types of people in this world:

Those who take action and those who don’t.

If you’re the latter there’s nothing I can do to help you. No amount of knowledge will do you a lick of good. On the other hand, if you are in the first camp, it doesn’t take much to achieve whatever goals you have — financial or otherwise.

Especially if you use my email system.

And, of course, follow it and implement.

The April issue is going to the printer tonight.

To get it in time, best go to this link and be quick about it:

Ben Settle

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I recently read a story about how there are now fact checkers who are fact checking the fact checkers in the news business.

In other words:

The left proclaimed themselves “fact checkers.”

Now, the right is proclaiming themselves the “fact checkers” of the left’s fact checking.

Anyway, there’s a huge upside to you and me from this:

All this fake new rhetoric is only showing just how controlled and manipulated information is and always has been. For vast majority of people, as long as “their side” says something (even if demonstrably fake) it’s true. If the “other side” says something (even if demonstrably true) it must be fake.

Same mentality carries over into business and marketing.

Here’s what I mean:

If you understand how to write emails that position yourself so with your list you’re “their guy” or “their girl”, your marketing’s job is a helluva lot easier than if you have the usual boring, lukewarm positioning everyone else has. It’s also why people who read (with understanding) the April “Email Players” issue (today’s the deadline to subscribe to get it) will have a huge advantage because of this — as it demonstrates a way of doing emails that naturally makes people choose a side (to be on your “side”) without you having to tell them to, without posturing, without beating your chest about what you believe or how great you are, or without any grandstanding whatsoever. It’s even worked to bring people over to “my side” from someone else’s side who had previously despised me.

And, you want to know something?

There’s no reason it won’t be the same for anyone else who uses the info.

Key word is “uses.”

All right, enough.

I’m sending the April issue to the printer later today.

If you’re not on board before then, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Today is the deadline to get your hot, sticky paws on the April “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s impatiently waiting for you inside:

  • How to “train” your list to read your emails and content before even thinking of reading anyone else’s.
  • How even an ordinary Joe can get lots of engaged social media followers without needing a super charismatic personality or big bewbs.
  • How to “troll” your way to all the sales, traffic, and even media attention you can eat! (The first 11 pages of this issue is examples — i.e. requires thinking and modeling — of ways to troll your market for big profits, including examples from email, Facebook, Twitter, media publicity, and even from a sales letter written by an A-list copywriter.)
  • Why I no longer offer back issues for sale each month, and how the reasoning behind it can be adapted by anyone else (regardless of what you sell) to make a bundle. (In my case, it increased my profits 5-10 times, your milage will vary, but worth a test…)
  • Why I don’t have sales links to my products on my website (and why I believe doing the same on your website can put many many more rupees in your hot little piggy bank).
  • Plus, another 3-page bonus issue of “Ravings of an Adman!” which includes tips like:

How to use email to sell “commodity” type products (like socks)… a secret (used by FBI negotiators) for knowing exactly when to introduce your product in your sales pitches… a powerful persuasion tip from a kidney-stone sufferer… and more.


This issue is heavy on examples, and not so much on “how to.” You’ll have to be able to look at them and figure out how to “adapt” to your product and market and goals. So if you’re not the thinking type (and need paint-by-numbers marketing prole training) best pass.

I’m sending this issue to the printer today.

After that it’s too late to get it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Couple weeks ago I read about Fox New’s new goal:

To get their advertising time down from 13 minutes to 2 minutes per hour.

Hopefully this becomes a new trend with all the networks.


Well, I haven’t read Investors Business Daily in a long time. But, from what I remember, this is somewhat similar to their ad model of less ads at a higher price, with more content in the publication. That means, the advertising costs more, but the response is higher for advertisers, with way less competition, and a better experience for consumers.

I remember Gary Halbert talking about this years ago.

Specifically, about newspaper advertising.

And, how he made way more profit advertising in the thin (but expensive) publications like IBD (vs Wall Street Journal) and Tuesday newspapers vs the thick Sunday newspapers full of advertising everyone was competing in. I know I’d much rather (for example) pay a premium to have a solo mailing where all they see is my offer, than be competing with other advertisers just to save a few shillings.

In fact, I implemented a version of this principle in Email Players this year.

(With how I used to back end sell products.)

The result?

Has been 9-10 times (no exaggeration) more profit each month so far.

And you know what?

I explain exactly what changes I’ve made, why I made them, and how you can use the same principle with your business (regardless of what you sell) inside the April “Email Players” issue that I’m sending to the printer this weekend.

I won’t say this part is “mind blowing” info.

(The most profitable information rare is mind blowing — usually it’s quite dull.)

But, it is profitable.

Chances are, you’re not doing it.

But, if you did, you’d see a fat bump in profits.

To subscribe in time to get this issue, go here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber and automation specialist Jeffrey Traister humbles Yours Unruly by placing me in the company of copywriters whose sandals I’m not even qualified to latch:

(Not that that’s going to stop me from bragging about it…)

There are giant copywriters like Ogilvy, Bly and Makepeace. Then there is Ben Settle. A supernova that burst into the galaxy of superstars with new light in writing email copy that sells.

Your “Email Players Playbook” is inspiring with more provocative ideas than any Hollywood screenwriter. More persuasive than a hot hooker or a Wall Street insider.

Plus, your book “Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains” is more thrilling than the characters in a Stephen King novel or James Bond movie. You never know what you’ll read on the next page to help seed your next big-idea!

And your “10 Minute Workday” program on how to make money is worth more than an MBA from an Ivy League business school.

Last, your daily emails with their compelling ideas are what I look forward to reading most each day! They’re oxygen to my writer’s life.

Want to know a secret?

There was a time when my self esteem couldn’t hand being called “more persuasive than a hot hooker.”

But, I am no longer saddled with that lack of confidence…

Anyway, onto business:

The April “Email Players” issue is going to the printer in a few days.

Heave-ho on over to the link below to subscribe while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

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Currently, I’m reading a biography about David Ogilvy called “King Of Madison Avenue.”

And, it’s quite the fascinating read.

One of my favorite parts is when it talks about how Ogilvy (an atheist) was a big fan of how the Catholic Church is structured, and how he based his ad agency’s structure on a lot of the same principles the church uses.

(Even going so far as to call himself “The Holy Spook”.)

Another thing that stood out:

Ogilvy was one of the best trolls in the advertising business.

This guy trolled everyone.

He’d troll friends, family, employees, clients (telling them things like “don’t buy a dog if you’re just going to bark yourself” or “if you want monkeys, pay peanuts”), his spouses (one time he knew his wife had been busting her butt all day cooking for him, just for him to fix himself a bowl of grape nuts cereal instead of eating the meal…), and even himself.


I don’t know if he used trolling in his advertising.

But, I wonder if he were alive now, especially with social media and memes, if he wouldn’t use trolling in his advertising to the hilt. Especially since one of the big principles he lived by was to always tell the truth in advertising, but make sure you always make the truth interesting.

And few things can make the truth more interesting than trolling.

That is, if done right.

(Hardly anyone does it right, if at all, in their emails or other ads.)

Enter the April “Email Players” issue.

Much of it is showing examples (easily modeled — not copied and pasted — or used as inspiration with a little thinking and application) of profitable trolling via different advertising media (i.e. sales letter, email, press release, facebook, twitter, etc).

This issue goes to the printer in a few short days.

To get it, you have to be subscribed before I send it to the printer.

After that, too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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