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Today’s the deadline for the September “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A “crash course” in the Johnny Carson school of email marketing. (I’ve learned some of the most profitable email techniques I know from studying Johnny Carson. Here are 5 tips you can start using in your emails in mere minutes without needing to even be a great “writer.”)
  • How to use email to turn troll mail into cash-in-the-bank sales.
  • A secret way used by professional pick up artists to silence, mock, and (if you wish) humiliate online critics, haters, and trolls trying to ruin your reputation and brand.
  • David Letterman’s secret for batting out profitable emails in mere minutes.
  • 3 easy-peasy-Japanesey ways to jack up your membership site (or other continuity) sales and retention rates.
  • A “paradoxical” content strategy for continuity programs that (1) makes it easier to consume informational products (2) is less work for you and (3) is something hardly anyone else is doing.
  • How to pick the best products to sell as an affiliate. (Not only will this beef up your sales… but your list will appreciate you more, too.)
  • A little-known secret about making lots and Lots and LOTS more sales even if your sales letters have terrible headlines (or no headlines at all!)
  • And a ho’ bunch more…


As a bonus, I’m including the transcript of an hour and 55 minute training I gave to a private ($10k+ just to have a seat at the table) mastermind last year.

It’s all waiting patiently for you here:

Again, deadline is today so time is short.


Ben Settle

In today’s depressing (not really) “Ben Settle Show” episode:

  • Robert Downey Jr’s guide to creating a lifestyle where stress doesn’t bother you.
  • How being out of “balance” (emotionally, psychologically, professionally, physically, etc) puts your company, health, and even your very life in danger.
  • 2 examples of why blindly trusting anyone in business (even people who have been with you for years) is a bad idea.
  • How to grow your business by creating your own “currency.”
  • Why I ignore practically all unsolicited advice (even if it’s GOOD advice)… and why you should too.
  • Why I don’t sell any of my products via affiliates.
  • Why I purposely turn away lots of profitable opportunities that would double, triple, even quadruple my income.
  • A real life example of why I’m potentially screwed and vulnerable to losing my podcast.
  • Why so many wealthy people are miserable. (And how to avoid being miserable yourself when you reach that level.)
  • The important success lesson behind how my podcast almost died in the first 20 episodes.
  • How I pick and choose which guests (in the rare times when I have guests) to have on my podcast.
  • And lots more…

Download your lovin’ here:

Ben Settle

Just to show how elBenbo is sometimes a walking contradiction…

I sent you an email a couple hours ago about share bearing.

And, the dangers of it.

Well here’s the One Share-Bear to rule them all:

A few weeks ago Michael Senoff interviewed me for 3 hours sucking every single drop of email and copywriting information he could. Everything from email writing and strategy… to creating obscenely high converting sales letters… to building lists of buyers (not just browsers)… to getting clients (even if you are dropped in the middle of a strange town with zero contacts)… to list management and customer psychology… to getting paid lots more of the green stuff for your products and services than you get now… and, all the gooey stuff in between.

Ooh yeah.


Michael has this strange ability to get far more info out of his guests than his guests intend to give (Michael is notorious for this). And, while I would have preferred to make this interview private (for his HMA customers and my Email Players subscribers) he insisted on making it public, and why so serious?

Anyway, this is easily the most valuable interview I ever done did.

And, it’s like a freebie-seeker’s wet dream.

Yes, even though freebie-seekers won’t do anything with it.

(As I explain in the interview, freebie seekers are literally addicted — via a dopamine drip — to the thrill of new information, which is why they will always be losers unless they change their wicked ways.)

Okay, enough.

It’s broken up into 3-parts.

And, you can find it at the link below under the interview titled:

“elBenbo Reveals How To Win The Internet”

(The 6th interview down the page)

Love it, use it, profit ye from it.

And, if’n you’re so inclined share it, too.

Ben Settle

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And the mush cookie of the month award goes to…

This bloke:

Bummer, Ben,

I open and read your email with the intention of what you promised in your subject line.

(HINT: I do not do that to my prospects.)

Please unsubscribe me.


It’s 2015 and a “marketing” guy can’t figure out how to click an unsubscribe link…

Anyway, this got me a-pondering.

He didn’t really think his complaint through.

The email (from this morning) he was bummer-ing about did have a “how to” subject line. And, the email was all about how to do what it said (get better retention for continuity). It did not necessarily promise you the specifics on it, just the theme/subject of the email.

Just like, you know, ads have done for over 100 years.

Practically all ads do this.

(A lot of the successful ones, at least.)

Email, sales letters, space ads, ppc ads, video sales letters, informercials, etc. Probably many of my mush cookie friend above’s ads do, too, unless he gives all his info away in his ads.

Moral of the story?

Not sure there is one.

Except, mush cookies gonna mush.

Hey, might as well flip their mush into emails that sell.

And, I show you how (for realz) in the September “Email Players” issue.

Grab it here before it goes to the printer (a week from today) here:

Ben Settle

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In which the money question is asked:

First of all thanks for Email Players. Ideas from the book and the newsletter are having a big impact on the way I work.

Here’s my question…

I’m struggling somewhat with retention on my membership site (I teach English to non-native speakers). 

My churn rate is hovering around 45%… and while this isn’t so bad that I’ll go bankrupt, I’m certainly not happy with it.

One of the things I think you do really well is keeping me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next EP issue (i.e. retention).

Any specific advice and pointers you can give on this?

To quote the old “Grey Poupon” commercials:

But of course.

In fact, there are 3 things I do specifically (each very simple and meat & potatoes — not sexy at all) to do just as you described.

And guess what?

I reveal them in the September “Email Players” issue.

(Hint: I’m doing one of the tips “on you” now…)

But, she goes to print next week.

Time’s short.

Subscribe here to get it while you can:

Ben Settle

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There’s a thread running in my private Facebook group (for people who have bought products from me) about hate mail and troll attacks.

One of the members posted a screen shot for us.

It was quite the nasty comment, too.

And, the guy who sent it clearly has issues.

Anyway, so the thread started talking about various ways people deal with trolls. Some people ignore the trolls (which is often the best response — trolls thrive on attention, if you ignore them you are basically starving them, they hate that). Some people have replies meant to make the troll look and feel like an idiot. And some, are way too nice for ol’ elBenbo’s tastes.

My contribution to the thread?


“I like to publicly mock the trolls by putting their idiotic comments (and my reply) on display and frighten off the others. Kinda like they did to the orc heads in Lord of The Rings…”

And then, I put a picture of what I was referring to.

(It’s from the movie “The Two Towers”).

Anyway, trolls gonna troll.

You can ignore them.

You can try to silence them with niceness.

Or, you can put their heads on display and publicly mock their stupidity using the method I teach in the upcoming September “Email Players” newsletter. Not only does my method scare off other trolls, but it lets you profit from them, too.

And, sometimes, force them to renounce their wicked ways.

(As I’ve done, not all trolls are lost forever…)

Anyway, time’s running out.

Subscribe in time to get this issue before it mails here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Will Edridge writes:

I’ve read email players playbook 3 times and it’s already proved more useful than the year of studying a degree in business. I’ve been able to apply a lot of things from your course already – I can’t say that about my degree.

Should have paid you the £12k I’ve spent (so far) instead. Ha.

Live it large Mr Settle.

^^ Yeppers.

It’s much cheaper to go to elBenbo U.

And, more profitable to boot.

Here’s just one of many reasons:

In the September issue (which goes to the printer next week) I show you how to use Jonny Carson (the single most successful and well-regarded late night talk show host in history — the guy whose altar all today’s talk show hosts eagerly admit they bow at) monologs to make a boatload of the green stuff with email. Johnny’s personality, his sense of timing, his ability to connect with his audience, his humor, his social commentary, his willingness to talk about (in the guise of jokes) his crazy personal life… are the stuff of which million-dollar earning email campaigns are made of. And this issue like a “field manual” for how to take Johnny’s lessons and apply them to email marketing.

I’ve been using this info to dramatically increase my sales.

And, you can, too.

But, only if you subscribe in time to get it.

Details here:

Ben Settle

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I yet again plunge our sparkling clean hands into the filth of what I call “dull unpolished objects”.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Who my favorite all-time copywriter is (and why it matters).
  • Why you should stay away from big product launch sales letter online if you’re studying copywriting.
  • My uncensored (and short) opinion of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.
  • Is NLP necessary for writing high selling copy?
  • Why the top old school copywriting and marketing minds (who have been doing this marketing thing since the rest of us were still in our mama’s womb) don’t use so-called “ninja” tricks and tactics in their ads.
  • Why Todd Brown (marketing funnel master) is my new marketing hero.
  • The elevator pitch that (quite literally) changed the world and saved millions of lives.
  • How to “arrange it” so you only have the best customers coming to you. (These kinds of customers aren’t looking to save money, they’re looking to spend it.)
  • Advice to massage therapists for doubling their income within 90 days while doing less work, and dealing only with clients who are happy to pay a higher fee.
  • Kojak’s secret for charging higher prices for lesser quality products and services. (Works even better for higher quality products and services, like yours…)
  • What “making the skeleton dance” means… and how it can sprinkle many more rupees into your hot little coffer.
  • How to spin nasty 1-star reviews into reasons to buy.
  • And a hooooo bunch mo’…

Download this bad-boy here:

Ben Settle

Let’s talk about one of my favorite business books:

“The System Club Letters”

(By Ken McCarthy)

In the book, Ken talks about his high school basketball coach who, from the way he describes it, was quite the task master. Ken’s team had an abysmal record (including getting beaten by 100 points once, something like that) and sucked out loud. Then this coach came in and, by the end of the season, they were one of the top basketball teams in their conference and, even when they lost, they didn’t lay down.

What did this coach teach these boys?

These kids who were so awful at the sport?

Layups, passing, dribbling… the basics.

Every day, that’s all they practiced. They weren’t taught anything fancy, no super moves, no trying to dunk it or play Michael Jordan. Just the raw fundamentals. What I would call in marketing land “dull unpolished objects.”

And guess what?

That’s what we rap about (again) on the podcast tomorrow.

Four more dull (but deadly to your competition) unpolished objects.

Methods of marketing that let even raw newbies fly right past people with more experience and edu-ma-cation.

Anyway, more on this tomorrow on the show.

Until then?

Download past shows here:

Ben Settle

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Last month I was a guest on Kevin Rogers’ podcast and we talked about how I’m probably the biggest product launch jerk there is.

How so?

Well, for one thing I don’t like participating in them.

In my way of thinking, and from raw experience over the years, I make FAR more sales when I don’t participate in a launch and sell a product (in the rare cases where I sell products as an affiliate) weeks or even months later.

Why is this?

Because of something I heard Ken McCarthy say:

(And I’ve found it to be true)

He said (generally speaking) 5% of people in a given market will buy anything and everything.

They are the hyper-buyers.

They buy from every launch.

Every special sale.

Every offer dangled in front of them.

There are many reasons why I don’t like selling to this 5% — including a lot of this group (not everyone in it, obviously) are the biggest refunders, whiners, complainers, and disloyal customers in many cases. Doesn’t make ‘em bad people. Just not the kind of buyers I want.

Anyway, these are also the launch buyers, too.

Ooh they loooooove them some product launches.

They eagerly await everyone’s new launch, and the discount people usually get a launches, and the intoxicating hype and fanfare associated with a lot of launches.

And, I am happy to let the other affiliates get them.

(Which they will, during a launch.)


I go after the 10%-25% of a market who is skeptical.

This segment is 2-5 times bigger than the hyper buyer population.

And, most of them are turned off by a lot of the typical fake excitement marketing ploys and tactics, copy-and-paste affiliate emails, and all the hype and hootenanny. That means, the vast majority of marketers have no clue how to sell to them, making it way easier for me to. (Especially after all the other affiliates have tired themselves out during the launch).

Hey, when everyone else zigs, elBenbo zags.

(If’n you catch my drift…)

This bigger group are thinkers, too.

They carefully think before buying, sometimes need to read an ad several times (and will love daily emails done the way I do them), wait to see what the reviews are before buying, and so on.

Those are my kind of buyers:

(1) There’s a lot of them (way more than the hyper buyer population)
(2) They likey my kind of marketing (and turned off by most others)
(3) They like to be sold, but hate being pitched

(With my system, you sell, not just pitch.)

There’s also another aspect to this.

A technical side that has never sat well with me.

And that is imperfect tracking technology giving other affiliates credit for someone’s sales.


On the last launch I was an affiliate for, there were way too many people getting credit for sales generated, with proof (people who could not have possibly been cookied or retargeted by anyone else), that other affiliates got credit for. And, let’s face it, for every one that was caught there could have been others weren’t caught.

I’ll never know for sure.

But, as a wise man once said:

“There ain’t  just one ant  in your house”

BTW, I don’t want to imply there was any “foul play” involved.

There wasn’t.

It was purely a technology thing.

I’m also not the only one who’s experienced it over the years. And, I don’t know about you my little droogling, but I have no desire to waste my time and talents making sales for other people.

So there you have it.

Why I don’t do launches as an affiliate.


The September “Email Players” issue talks about my 4 criteria for picking a product to sell as an affiliate. I’ve had some pretty good success with affiliate marketing, beating people with far bigger lists and influence than me. And, while my email system has a lot to do with it, picking the *right* product is far more important and profitable.

The formula I use has been worth a lot to me.

I can’t even count how much at this point.

And, I reckon it could be to you, too.

(Assuming you do affiliate marketing.)

Time’s getting tight with this, though.

Subscribe here in time to get it before it goes to print:

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