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“Email Players” subscriber Mary Rose Maguire reveals the secret to getting booked with clients:

Another “proof is in the cheesecake” testimonial:

It’s been three weeks since I started my daily emails. I have one person on my list who not only wants to hire me for some email marketing projects, he said and I quote, “I really want to grow my business with you.” Just got off the phone with this guy and we’ve got lots of ideas for future projects.

He said he loves my emails and could tell that I was what his business needed. I’ve also received some “fan mail” from a few others on my list, which kind of blows me away. I mean… I know Ben completely owns this style like a boss but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off (I had to find my own voice). So I’m happy to say that if you follow Ben’s directions, use his ideas on a regular basis (and “regular” is the operative word, here), you WILL win.

I didn’t get this much love when I was only sending out a monthly newsletter. Just sayin’.

I’ve said it before to freelancers, I’ll say it again:

Build a list.

Mail it daily using my system.

Watch the clients come to you, instead of you going to them.

Easy peasy Japanesey.

The December issue goes to print next week.

It teaches two business-killing mistakes freelancers make when trying to get clients.

(One has to do with emails they send to would-be clients, the other is a mistake they make on their sales pages for their services.)

Get in on this action here while you still can:

Ben Settle

P.S. Another perk:

Whenever someone asks me about where to find good freelance copywriters, I tell my “Email Players” subscribers about it. I don’t recommend subscribing *just* for this perk (sometimes I get several, sometimes none, it just depends…)

But, this perk has made for some smiling mofo’s.

Go ye here to subscribe:

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Reader Michael Saul writes in my Facebook group for paying customers:

A few weeks ago I wrote some emails to get people to a webinar for a boring subject on a B2B accounting thing. the company had the most registrations in history and an 80% turnout rate. then, towards the end of the presentation the presenter took a drink of water and started choking on it. he was coughing for a good 30 seconds (which in webinar time is like 8 days) and then recovered.

Anyway he finished the webinar and was pissed .

I said dont be, its fine, they know you’re human just like them and now I have a great subject line for the no shows..

the sales guys went nuts.

Three of them used the subject line I gave and got a 100% open rate on their no shows.

That’s NOT a misprint.

EVERY ONE OPENED THE EMAIL they also had an average 40% click through to view the webinar recording.

one guy didnt think it sounded professional, so used his own subject line.

he got a 0% open rate.

Again, not a mistake.

NO ONE opened his email so no one clicked his link inside of it.

But remember, this shit only works for $7 ebooks


The “this won’t work on MY list” is always mush cookie projection and nonsense.

My wicked ways work for business-to-business as well as it does to service, info products, or even commodities (you can even use my system to sell socks if you want, which I’ve written about).

To learn how to write emails like this go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Remember that email I sent about why it’s douchey not to sell in emails?

And how, it actually hurts your market?

(Assuming you have a high quality product)

It got several replies from people asking things like, “Yeah but Ben, what if you send x emails out before selling anything to ‘establish the relationship’”… or “But Ben why not let them get to know you before selling to them?”… or (my favorite) “You’re wrong Ben, [insert guru name] says you are supposed to incubate people first!”


People sure do get creative about not selling.

I suppose I could go into a long, scathing lecture about the foolishness of this kind of thinking and how it’s destroying their sales (and hurting their customers), or about the wisdom of asking yourself “If this email was costing me money to send, what would I do?”

But I’m not.

Instead, I’m going to reprint something “Email Players” subscriber Chris Brown said:

I USED to do a lot of cliff hanger, open loop sequences, they worked well, but it was a long process for me, it was writing several emails before selling a dime – I switched to daily and write what’s on my mind – follow the Email Players methods and they’ve worked insanely well for me.

I don’t sell products – but I sell pretty high priced coaching – and the majority, after coming through my funnel which is not really a funnel it’s a squeeze (paid traffic, lead bait, giveaways) with daily relentless follow up.

And it works.

Link every day to something –

I also use this for my two brick and mortar businesses to great effect too.

I THINK I’ve been with Email Players like 2 years now or something – I actually had a mad few months and had the last 3 issues to read which i used the price increase email to flush a couple of people to take action!

Keep doing what you’re doing!

For all the new people, don’t question the methods, just put ’em to work.

[Thunderous Applause Erupts in elBenbo’s mind…]

Bottom line?

You can fight me on this and keep making less sales.

Or, you can submit to my wiles and making more sales.

December issue goes to print soon.

Go here to get in on time:

Ben Settle

On today’s podcast, we rap about such lovely pretty things as:

  • How to turn haters into your biggest fans. (Including a real life example of a well-known Internet marketer who once hated me until I “flipped” him to my side.)
  • Why your relationship with your woman is almost certainly about to end if you see her furiously angry at another man.
  • How to dump your girlfriend without lying, cheating, or hurting her feelings… and, do it in a way where she won’t burn your house down or be mad at you. (Warning: This is a one-way door relationship “escape hatch” — use it wisely…)
  • My favorite Facebook group — even though I’ve never visited it, joined it, or read a single post from it.
  • Why it’s a waste of time to try to “jump start” a relationship with a girl who has gone cold on you.
  • Why indifference is the death of your marketing… and what the book of Revelation says about how to not be indifferent.
  • The single most important lesson elBenbo can ever impart on you. (If you threw out everything you ever heard in the last 95 Ben Settle Show episodes and JUST applied this you’d be 100% fine financially, professionally, and socially for the rest of your life. This tip is advanced “game” in business, relationships, career building, and all of life. Ignore it at your peril…)
  • Why so many men struggle to get respect, love, friendship, and even significance in the past 50 years… and how to get all those things in spades starting today.
  • The cartoon secret to creating a unique personal brand people love to hate or hate to love.
  • How 2 Pac created a persona that outlived him… and how you can do the same thing.
  • The Donald Trump secret to making sure you’re never indifferent to people.
  • A social media expert everyone in marketing should follow if you don’t want to be indifferent. (You can learn more about how create a brand, make a ton of sales, and lead your market using just Twitter each day than you can from practically any of today’s other social media gurus).
  • The chilling reason why you should never argue with feminists on Twitter if you live in Canada. (Unless you want to get tossed in jail just for disagreeing with their opinion…)
  • What a “social justice warrior” is… and why so many are sociopaths to be avoided.
  • Why you should never apologize to ding bat social justice warriors. (A leading Nobel Prize winner in physiology learned this the hard way, as his entire career got yanked out from under him in a blink of an eye, just for apologizing for something he didn’t need to apologize for.)
  • And the list goes on and on and awwwwn…

Download your lovin’ here:

Ben Settle

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Last week this question rolled in to the Facebook group:

What’s your opinion on using the events in Paris for your emails?

It’s clearly entering the conversation in your prospects mind.

But is it off limits?

How would you sell without crossing the line?

I’m really curious to see what you think.

I wouldn’t be able to come up something that would not feel like exploitation for my own personal gain.

I’m in fitness, if you’re in guns or weapons things might be different.

Are you going to use the events to sell in your emails?

(I’m not judging here, I’m really curious to see what you think)

Here’s my take on this:

If you want to sell something when a mass murder happens… sell them on donating to a charity or group that is going to help contain the carnage and chaos. Tell them if they forward their donation receipt to you, you will send them a product (something you legitimately sell — that is super valuable, and the more valuable the better). Of course, if your product happens to have a pitch for another product already embedded in it (which any direct marketer worth his salt does), well…

So that’s what I recommend.

What I would NOT recommend is saying if they don’t buy your product the terrorists win.

As far as the “how tos” of writing email:

That’s where “Email Players” comes in.

I’ve used my methods to generate all kinds of cash flow for causes — ranging from the dog shelter I got my dog from (to the tune of $10k or so)… to my friend’s medical fund after he had a stroke at 33 years old… to getting money for my cousin to have surgery so he doesn’t go blind… to generating cash for the Angels Of East Africa (i.e. “Machine Gun Preacher”) who helps liberate the 400,000 kids in Africa who are routinely tortured, raped, abused, and murdered… to financially help the widow of a phone selling master after he died… and the list goes on.

Email lets you do all this with a push of a button.

And, yes, make a real difference.

(Unlike collecting drama queening on Facebook and Twitter.)

So there you is.

More email lovin’ here:

Ben Settle

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“they’re talking about you…” said my pal Kevin Rogers.

Apparently there was a thread going in his excellent Copy Chief membership site about Yours Unruly and so, I sally forthed over to see what the wagging tongues of Copy Chief were saying.

Turns out it was about my teaser bullets.

But, one chick there also asked about “Email Players”, too.

Specifically, she said:

“I want to a part of a community, not feel threatened by the person I’m learning from. But that’s just me. I don’t want to be agitated constantly by a mentor.. I want to be inspired!”

My thoughts?

Two things:

1. She should definitely not subscribe because I don’t spend a lot of time (or any) inspiring people. I’m from the Pei Mei (from the Kill Bill movies) school of teaching — and would just as soon lash you with a whip (figuratively speaking, of course) to do as I command rather than try to inspire you to do it.

2. Avoiding the lick of elBenbo’s whip can be harmful.

Here’s what I mean:

Yes, inspiration is fun.

Yes, it can be motivating.

And, yes, it can give you the warm fuzzies.

But, it’s basically like dessert:

It’s tasty, yummy, and makes you feel temporarily good and energetic. But, it doesn’t last long term. And, you certainly can’t live on dessert without negative consequences to your health.

Even worse:

The longer you eat just dessert, the more you crave it.

And, the more you crave dessert, the more you’ll only want dessert and lose your healthy appetite for real foods — like meats, vegetables, fiber, etc.

So it is with inspiration.

Don’t believe me?

Then talk to anyone who recently went to a marketing event where the speakers spent more time inspiring people than teaching them anything. While they’re there, they were probably inspired to conquer the world. But by the time they got home? Most won’t do anything, and now only seek more inspiration.

Am I saying it’s bad to inspire?

Not at all, my pet.

In fact, I do a lot of inspiring.

But, I do them in my emails not in my content.

Fact is, you don’t have to pay me to inspire you. I’m only too happy to do it for free using my email methodology which naturally inspires people to want to buy and take action. In fact, how to write inspiration emails is one thing I teach in the “Email Players Playbook” (the book that comes with your paid “Email Players” subscription).

Yes, I crack the whip.

But don’t worry.

I promise you it won’t hurt me at all…

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

P.S. How’s this for inspiration?

A little while back I got this email from a reader:

Just thought I’d send a short email to say thanks for the great info you dish out.

I’ve only been building my list for a few months and my emails used to take me half a day to knock out…i’m not joking, I used to dick about with them endlessly before pressing send.

Since being on your email players list (it’s only been 2 months) my emails are twice as good and take me about 30 mins each.

So Cheers,



Around the same time Raheem S. said:

“I’m so pleased to announce that today was a momentous day for me. I just drafted an email in 10 mins. Used to spend 6-8 hours few months ago. Now I use the tactics in the Email Players book… ha ha!”



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True story:

Last summer Donald Trump (in a publicized “spat” between himself and a former super model) showed a real life example of something every single email marketer can do to (1) beef up your sales right away (2) “stick” inside your customer’s psychology and (3) literally (yes, I said the word “literally” because I mean literally) obsess over you, your emails, and your product.

It’s something I’ve done many times.

And, every time it’s jacked up my sales.

(I don’t usually do it to this list though, you’d have to see examples I publish in “Email Players” from other consumer-type niches, but it still could work for this list should I ever choose to “mind screw” you like I do people in other niches — like weight loss, golf, biz opp, dating, etc.)

Where was I?

Oh yes, Donald Trump’s email “obsession” secret.

First, the bad news:

I’m not giving this one away free.

It’s just too powerful.

And, those not subscribed to “Email Players” before the December issue mails in a couple weeks are simply unworthy of learning it.

So what’s the good news?

I will throw you a “mercy” hint.

How’d that be?

Okay, I’m glad you’re not butt hurt over my elitism and jerkiness.

So, here’s the hint:

(From Gene Schwartz’s masterpiece book “Breakthrough Advertising”)

“So this book is not about building better mousetraps. It is, however, about building larger mice, and then building terrifying fear of them in your customers.”

This is, word for word, the most profitable email advice you can learn.

And, if you know how to apply it the way I am teaching (with real-life examples from multiple niches, so it’s 100% clear and easy to adapt to whatever you sell) in the December “Email Players” issue, you shalt never want for sales again.


You won’t even need to use any claims.

(You can, but they won’t be necessary.)

And, if you’re one of these mush cookies who’s afraid to look like you’re (GASP!) selling… then this one tip inside next month’s issue will let you do all the selling you want without anyone accusing you of “just selling.”

(Even though you are just selling).

How can you get in on this action?

Why, I’m glad you asked.

Simply subscribe before the looming deadline:

Ben Settle

Let’s talk politics.

(ooooh yeah!)

But first, a disclaimer:

I couldn’t care less who wins.

Frankly, the US is so far over the cliff financially and has such a blatant disregard for human life or the rights and safety of its people (legalized murder in the form of abortion, idiotic anti-gun laws that prevent people from defending themselves, corrupt bureaucrats that routinely send innocent people to be raped or executed in prison, lopsided family courts, an abusive tax code and banking system that turns productive people into slaves of the state, a medical system designed to keep people sick, and so on)… nothing is going to stop the inevitable collapse and ensuing chaos that will result.

(Ain’t I just a ray of sunshine today?)

But, here’s my prediction anyway:

The winning candidate will be whoever has the most charisma.

And by charisma, I don’t mean just physical attractiveness.

I am talking about the dictionary definition:

“A compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”

It’s not who has the best economic policy.

Not who promises the most free stuff.

And, not even who has the most money in their campaign war chest.

It’s about charisma.

Here’s why I say this:

Thanks to our celebrity-obsessed culture in the US, one has to but look at all the elections going back to JFK when they first started televising debates. Kennedy won over Nixon in large part because he was more charismatic than Tricky Dick. In fact, many pundits have observed — and I agree, so that makes it all true — that Nixon would have won had it not been for a *televised* debate. (Incidentally, I also remember once in a political science class the teacher was saying how there’s no way a guy like Abraham Lincoln could win an election today simply because “he was just too damn ugly” — and I would have to agree.)

After that:

  • Nixon was slightly more charismatic than LBJ.
  • Carter was more charismatic than Gerald Ford.
  • Reagan was more charismatic than Carter and Mondale.
  • Clinton was more charismatic than both Bush I and Dole.
  • Bush II was slightly more charismatic than Gore depending on which brand of kool-aid you drink (an argument can be made for the opposite — which is one reason why I believe it was such a close election). And then, Bush II was more charismatic than Kerry.
  • Obama was more charismatic than McCain and Romney (and Hillary).

Which brings us to this election.

Who does elBenbo declare to be the most charismatic?

And, thus, the winner?

I would bet someone else’s kidney it’ll be Trump.

Just like Obama has his “hope & change” brand of charisma that got people fainting at his speeches… just like Bush II had his plain-talking cowboy brand of charisma… just like Reagan had his brand of wit & confidence-inspiring charisma… just like Clinton had his brand of smooth talking rapport-building charisma… Trump has a power-laden and non-needy “I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks” brand of charisma people are obviously responding to if you look at how he’s dominated the polls above all the other Republicans for so long.

What about Hillary?

What about her?

The Lizard Queen is pretty good at fooling the weak-minded (like, for example, people who actually think she’s being sincere when she suddenly speaks southern drawl when campaigning in the south, which is always amusing). But, to a lot of folks (even a lot of liberals) she has about as much charisma as the sex-crazed grandma in my “Vampire Apocalypse” novel.

Now, I’m not saying Hillary can’t win.

With the Clinton Machine anything is possible.

And, of course, there’s also ideology (democrats voting the party line no matter how repulsive the candidate). But, unless something freaky happens to kill Trump’s charisma (like they catch him in bed with a farm animal or something)… and if it’s even a somewhat close race… the most charismatic candidate will win.

And, that candidate in this election is Trump.

So there you have it.

My prediction on who will win.

Forget policy.

Forget debates.

Forget the media.

Forget your own emotions about the candidates, straw man arguments, and biases.

Forget all that.

Like it or lump it, he or she with the most charisma has won every time in the last 40 or so years. And, it shalt be no different this time around, either.

All right.

Enough politics.

Let’s talk bid’niz:

One of the reasons my email system works so well is because, when you do it the way I command, you are forced to tap into your own “brand” of charisma with your list. Everyone has their own brand of charisma (yes, including you). It’s simply a matter of learning how to tap into it.

And guess what?

It comes out automatically when using my system.

Your brand of charisma is based on your personality, your style, and your way of doing business.

It’s NOT based on my personality or anyone else’s.

People dig the real you and not the facade.

Clients dig it too. (if’n you want clients).

And, yes, customers dig on that as well.

For more info, check out my “Email Players” newsletter here:

Ben Settle

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, I found out that my ex-copywriting apprentice prefers we hang out in public places. By that I mean, the local Irish pub down the street from where I live. Or a restaurant. Or a movie theater. Or a coffee shop. Or somewhere there are a lot of people around.

Why does she prefer this?

Because of my PDA.

No, not THAT kind of PDA.

(i.e. not the mush cookie “public displays of affection” PDA).

I’m talking about a different kind of PDA.

What I have dubbed “public displays of aggression.”

Case in point:

She’s been working hard to put a beer tour/marketing event (tentatively called “Biz’niz and Brewz”) together in Portland next Spring (that I’ll be doing the keynote and teaching how to launch products with email — specifically, the exact way I successfully launched Email Players and other products to the tune of lots and lots of sales… without screwing around with blog posts, social proof, social media, or spending a lot of time, etc, it JUST email and a two HTML pages).

Anyway, we got to talking about the event.

And, she asked my advice on something.

I don’t remember what, exactly.

But, I do remember she didn’t like my answers.

In fact, she got angry and said I was being “negative.” (I’m an optimistic pessimist — I do everything I can to make sure things go well, but prepare for everything to go to hell — not the same as being negative). She then went into full-on emotional chick mode accusing me of telling her it was gonna fail and that she should give up, etc. (I didn’t say or imply any of that, just the opposite actually). And, she did it knowing full well I wouldn’t blast her back due to all the people hanging around.

So, what did I do?

I took a deep breath.


And then, leaned over and calmly growled something at her.

I won’t say *what* I calmly growled.

But, she immediately stopped at that point.

And, we resumed getting work done.

Anyway, when we left I told her one of things I despise about hanging out in public is I can’t unleash the “Kraken” of my fury and temper by yelling at her when she behaves like that without calling attention, etc.

To which she retorted:

“That’s why I like going to public places!”


Foiled by a dame.

So anyway, what’s the point of all this?

Probably there isn’t one relevant to your life.

That is, other than to tell you to keep an eye out for the Portland Biz’niz and brewz event I mentioned. She’s gathered a few high quality speakers so far. And, at my request, she is going to insist that only specialized advanced knowledge will be shared (not generalized info or floaty inspirational content where people spend 50%+ of their allotted time telling their stories of woe while wiping tears from their eyes — this will be pure meat, baby, meat…)

Even better:

I have even been given the “green light” to have control of the audio.

By that I mean, if anyone goes over their time limit I get to cut their mic, kick them out of the event, and make them look like fools (as anyone who disrespects other speakers by going over time should be punished).

It’s gonna be fun, babycakes.

And, if you think you might want to go hit me back by email and tell me why you should be allowed one of the 50 (very limited) spots at the event.

Then, I’ll determine if you’re worthy of attending.

If so, I’ll forward to my ex-copywriting apprentice.

If not, well…

Ben Settle

Over the last few months at least 2 people have told me (actually, in one case someone told my ex-copywriting apprentice this and she told me) they spent something around $30k on so-called “masterminds” and yet they’ve learned more actionable “take it to the bank” information free on my podcast.

If that’s true, that’s pretty loco.

I don’t know what goes on in all these masterminds popping up.

But, I do see an awful lot of them being promoted these days.

Especially on Flakebook.

In fact, just yesterday my ex-copywriting apprentice told me about a video whose headline promised to show people how to make $100k in a minute (something like that). And yet, she said it was an hour of of mindset and philosophy and no meat whatsoever.


But you know what?

I don’t just fault the marketers for this.

I fault the naiveté of people buying into it.

These kinds of marketers are simply selling what people are buying. If people are buying fools gold-plated horse shit then someone will sell it to them. And, they have nobody to blame but themselves for buying into it.

$30k masterminds.


All that dough plopped down (probably on credit) just to learn how to get rich from people who probably have never been rich themselves other than by charging a small fortune to show other people how to get rich.

I wonder if these customers at least got a t-shirt out of it.

I hope so.

Because, according to at least a few people, you can get more actionable, useable, and, yes, profitable advice (most of which costs time and energy, and little or no money) from listening to me and Producer Jonathan babble on the air once per week free.

Speaking of which:

Today’s episode admittedly has a lot of success mindset stuff.

But, it won’t cost your $30k.

And, I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with the info we rapped about today over any of the $100k in 1 minute videos:

Ben Settle

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