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Your Daily Email Addiction

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If you want to triple (at least) your sales, income, and all-around success in a fast way, print this email out and apply ye the following 24 tips to your business (starting today):

1. Be an investor-minded buyer, not an opportunity-minded buyer

2. Embrace repetition i.e. seek a deep vs wide knowledge of what you want to learn

3. Ignore 99% of anything you hear being taught on Facebook

4. Buy information (i.e. you use and benefit from it), don’t pay for it (i.e. you never use or benefit)

5. Eliminate all neediness from your marketing

6. Do something every day to make yourself better today than you were yesterday

7. Ruthlessly curate your daily content (garbage in, garbage out is a real phenomenon)

8. Think and problem-solve, don’t mindlessly swipe copy

9. Always be more consistent than the other guy

10. Don’t just build a list, build an audience

11. Read 10 great books on a subject 10 times vs 100 books 1 time

12. Don’t Virtue Signal

13. Avoid being cheap

14. Ignore social proof when making buying decisions

15. Master the principles before executing the tactics

16. Create outcome independence with everything you do

17. Make goals you can control (i.e. eating right and exercising) vs those you can’t (i.e. losing x amount of weight by y date)

18. Create your own media so you don’t have to rely on anyone else’s

19. Respect your list’s time

20. Don’t treat your email list like a booty call

21. Practice storytelling via writing emails each day to your list selling something

22. Don’t hide your contempt for anyone you don’t want buying from you

23. Read this list 10 times, and think about how to apply each to your business

24. To get a deep knowledge of how to write emails people love reading and buying from, go to:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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