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My pal Justin Devonshire gives the easily-dazzled advice on Flakebook:

BEWARE: Many coaches living in exotic locations, taking boat trips every day & sipping cocktails on the beach….. are only doing so because they can’t afford to live in the first-world. Sometimes they have freedom simply because they have no job

The whole 3rd world gringo bragging about their lifestyle never stops being funny.

But, what is even more funny are the naive marketing proles and goo-roo fanboys who buy into their claims, fake posturing, and nonsensical advice. All you have to do is look at the exchange rate between a first world country and one of these 3rd world countries and you see you can live like a king for $5 per day.

Not a bad thing, necessarily.

It can even be a smart move for some people.

But, it’s the ones swinging their John Thomases around trying to talk themselves up as great marketers or copywriters, and charging several thousand dollars for a “mastermind” or whatever, when they can’t even afford rent in any major American city, where you might want to be careful.

Or not.

You live in a free society and can be as gullible as you want.

Plus, the pain of wasting money on bad advice can be a good learning experience.

But, if you want to skip that pain, check out the October “Email Players” issue.

One of the many things it includes is an email-friendly business plan I am consulting one of my paying subscribers on now (which I am documenting for a product I’ll be releasing next year). Including how to position herself uniquely in her market (she sells to coaches) so she (1) stands out from the 3rd world gringo coaches and any other competition and (2) has a solid foundation she can quickly build into the five and, over time, six figure range, fairly quickly.

(My goal is to see her do 5 figures per month by year’s end, we shalt see…)

Anyway, you can listen to some 3rd world gringo pretending to be rich blowing hot air on flakebook.

Or, you can see a proven — although not secksy at all — way to do it legitimately.

(And realistically.)

If you choose the latter, check out the “Email Players” newsletter here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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