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Today’s the deadline to get in on the January “Email Players” issue action.

Here’s a lil’ sneak preview of what’s inside:

  • Why the best way to get someone to tell you yes to buying from you is by *first* getting them to tell you no. (I do this in virtually all my emails and ads, and it’s always made more more, not less sales. Details inside on page 7.)

  • How to use the world’s “most feared negotiator’s” favorite methods (you won’t see nary a peep about in the usual suspect copywriting, email, and marketing courses) to sell more products with your emails.

  • Why a lot of the popular goal setting training is garbage and killing your sales.

  • Why elBenbo is the “Anti Zig-Ziglar” in many ways.

  • The *exact* best time to start pitching in an email, ad, video, or anything else. (Another beauty you will likely not see in any of the popular copywriting and email trainings out there.)

  • How to use soul-sucking *gore* to sell more products… and in a way even a mush cookie will love.

  • The “chili pepper in the eyeballs” secret used by the great actor Steve McQueen to write emails so consistently profitable you’ll wonder how you can do any wrong when selling to your list.

  • How using copywriting and persuasion tactics can “un-sell” your products to people who were ready to buy!

  • Plus, a transcript of a secret phone call between The late great master of negotiation Jim Camp, The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach David Garfinkel, His co-host Brian McLeod, and Yours Unruly about how to use old school negotiation secrets (that were used to found America and build other great civilizations) in your copywriting.

Soooo much to chew on in this here issue.

But, warning:

None of this info is “sexy” or “ninja” or “killer” or any other trendy descriptive word.

It’s all meat & potatoes.

Get ya some before today’s deadline here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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