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The August “Email Players” issue goes to the printer today.

If you’re on the fence about subscribing, here are some of the many secrets inside to help you decide:

  • How certain people who are full of horse crap give themselves an air of credibility and charisma even otherwise-intelligent and skeptical people buy into. (If you ever wondered how certain goo-roos on flakebook who are clearly full of horse pucky still attract big lists and audiences, this is how — imagine how well it works if you actually have something of quality to offer…)
  • The single most effective thing anyone can do to “weaken” a prospect’s resistance to giving you their hard earned muney.
  • 6 marketing secrets of a “backwoods” pastor who turned a local bible study into the largest non-denominational church in the the world.
  • The ridiculously *minimalist* business model the above pastor used to do it.
  • How to have a personal brand that people will be irrationally loyal to. (This secret is/was used by everyone from hated institutions like big pharma, big government, big media, and big oil… to politicians like Ronald Reagan, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Donald Trump… to iconoclasts like Jesus Christ, and more.
  • 3 non-lawyer solutions you can apply to your emails to inoculate them from being blatantly copied, swiped, or knocked off by low class jackass wannabes.
  • A secret way to shame people in your emails that (1) makes you far more sales than being a mush-cookie about telling your list when they are screwing up and making stoopid decisions that hurt them (and others) and (2) does it in a way where they love you for it and won’t whine about it on social media.
  • An example of how to turn virtually any topic into an email — even dark, disturbing topics your list would usually be horrified by.
  • A “counter intuitive” idea used by one of history’s greatest marketing/copywriting minds to almost effortlessly raise a pile of money for charities and causes he helped.
  • How to “flip” attacks, mud-slinging, and outright lies about you into a bigger, and more rabid (as far as wanting to buy from you and defend you) audience.
  • A weird (but highly effective) way of getting people to take action used by Jesus Christ that you will rarely ever see anyone (especially all the needy and scarcity-minded people selling online) do.

But that ain’t all, my Pet.

This issue also includes a transcript of an interview talking about the inner game of how I run my business in many ways (ifn’ that is of any interest to you) based on my favorite Villains.

I’ve said it before a couple times:

This issue is a great “jumping on” issue for people new to my world.

(Especially newbies who need a grounding in important persuasion fundamentals and principles.)

Anyway, I’m sending this list to the printer today.

So, if you want in, no time for the dilly-dally.

Subscribe here while there’s still time to get this issue:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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