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Your Daily Email Addiction

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The deadline to get the September “Email Players” issue is today.

This issue also comes with a special bonus:

A 10-page interview (transcript) with an “Email Players” subscriber who is blazing new trails in the realm of buyer psychology — especially when it comes to closing more clients (copywriting, coaching, consulting, whatever you have clients with) and customers — without the usual hassle or struggle.

Some of the tips in this interview include:

  • A secret way of using the psychology behind what makes people addicted to astrology, fortune telling, and horoscopes to close far more sales and clients without breaking a sweat. (The Email Players subscriber I interviewed used this when she worked in the legal world, as well, to help prepare more persuasive court cases.)
  • A quick “spin” you can apply to the benefits/bullets/claims in your sales letters so your market will buy with far less resistance or skepticism. (In 15 years of studying copywriting, including the best-of-the-best copywriters who ever lived… I have never seen anyone talk about this.)
  • A little-known way to ask for higher fees so a client (or boss) will be far more likely to grant what you want — without argument, pause, or droning negotiation sessions.
  • The #1 mistake even experienced copywriters, marketers, and coaches make that “un-sells” their products or services when talking to customers or clients. (Including the ones that were 99% sold!)
  • A psychological secret used by a few smart corporations to hire the perfect employee for a particular job. (Works even better when hiring VA’s, copywriters, programmers, choosing the right JV partners, picking the right business partners, the list goes on…)
  • How to instantly make yourself more productive. (If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, chances are it’s not because of laziness or lack of motivation — it’s simply not knowing and understanding how to tap into your mind’s ideal way of working. Make this simple adjustment discussed inside, and watch your productivity soar.)
  • How to get to know your market on a “functional” level — where you know more about the way they make decisions (including *buying* decisions) than they do!
  • The gold fish phenomenon behind why good people (in business and your personal life) frustrate the living hell out of you and you can’t figure out why.
  • A passing comment (almost an afterthought) the World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach made over 10 years ago (in an interview that is nearly impossible to find now) that has given me an instant advantage over practically every copywriter I’ve ever competed against.
  • And a ho’ bunch more.

This issue goes to the printer today.

If you want in and get all this, there’s no time to lose.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
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  • Email Specialist

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