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Not that this shocks me, but…

Apparently, they discovered some schmuck mailman in Philadelphia (I keep picturing Newman from “Seinfeld”…) stuffed 20,000 pieces of mail (going alllll the way back to 1997) in his apartment — including IRS notices, college acceptance letters, paychecks, Social Security payments… the whole brick of wax.


That’s gotta HURT to be one of those recipients.

But you know what?

This tomfoolery happens ALL the time ONLINE, too.

I call ’em “cyber Newmans.”

ISP’s, junk mail software, spam arrest services, etc.

And they basically do the same thing:

Steal, intercept and “hide” emails (somewhere out there in cyberspace…) — including sometimes important ones where people are sending you money and business correspondence where time is of the essence.

There are lots of ways to thwart these cyber Newman’s.

But none are completely foolproof.

After all, the merry plump cyber thief is always cooking up new tricks. And just because a word or phrase or punctuation mark is “safe” from spam filters and software today… doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Nor can you always count on things like spam assassin to 100% protect you, either.

All of which is why I do daily emails.

(Well… usually, at least.)

In fact, you want to know something?

I’ve noticed that just by doggedly sending out something every day, people who might normally not have seen my emails end up getting them eventually.

It’s strange.

And I don’t pretend to know exactly how it works.

But I’ve had people who signed up months earlier tell me they started suddenly getting my emails out of the blue.

Who knows?

Maybe their ISP farted or something?

But whatever the case, this is why I’m big on mailing daily.

Not junk mail, of course.

But emails people enjoy reading (and buying from).

Anyway, I rap a lot about how to write emails people enjoy reading and buying from (and how to write them daily, almost without strain) in ye old Street-Smart Email course, which should be ready next month.

To get on the notification list, go to:

Launch day customers get a BIG price break.

So if you’re interested, watch for my email.

And tell cyber Newman to back off

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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