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Something to tuck inside the dark abyss of your evil mind:

Pretty much every copywriting course, training, or seminar you ever see will talk about the life-or-death importance of filling your copy with benefits, proof, credibility, etc. And, this is all true. But, there is one thing (when it comes to emails especially) that is far more important that comes before all those things.

Is it storytelling?


In fact, stories are not even always necessary.

Is it being “infotaining”?


Important (in my humble, but accurate, opinion). But infotainment is something that serves the secret persuasion principle found in all great copy I am talking about. Fact is, a lot of ads have zero infotainment and still kick gluteus assimus because they use the secret I am talking about.

What about curiosity?

Is it that?

Important (very important).

But, even that doesn’t hold a candle to the very simple (and obvious, frankly, this is not something I invented by any means) not-really-a-secret I am talking about.

Still don’t know what I babbleth about?

I’ll give you a non-hint:

Even if you have a product people desperately want and need, there is a more-than-decent chance they will not buy from you if you don’t do this one, very simple (yet still rare, for whatever reason) thing in your emails. I don’t care if you are selling water in the desert to a man dying of thirst or a starving man hamburgers.

It simply won’t matter.

Anyway, the answer should be obvious.

But, if it’s not?

Then check out page 11 of the August “Email Players” issue.

I daresay, even if your copy sucks, your offer is mediocre, and you don’t even know what a benefit is… you would still make sales if you did nothing but include this in your email copy, ad copy, and any other copy.

But you best hurry and subscribe if you want it, Hoss.

I send it to the printer in a couple days.

After that?

Too late…

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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