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One of the big lessons anyone in bid’niz or any man who is having trouble with the ladies is in the movie Rocky 3. Many a dude learns (the hard way) the lesson of Rocky — that getting the girl (winning the Title) is just step one.

After that you gotta defend it.

And I don’t mean just keeping her more attracted to you than other dudes.

The game never ends.

As comedian Dante Nero loves saying:

“You have to constantly
pimp your girl.”

There is no exception to this.

Yes, some girls require less of this than others.

And if you find one who needs less, hold on to that girl and never let her go. In 21st century America at least, and if she’s attractive with a low notch (sex partner) count, that is almost as rare as hen’s teeth.

But SPURN me not on this and ignore it.

The game never ends.

Just because you win one battle there will be another one eventually. And because of that you have to constantly be training — running, sprinting, lifting weights, chasing chickens around the yard, doing one-armed pushups, eating nothing but raw eggs for breakfast, shadow boxing, sparring, and the list goes on. If you get lazy, complacent, and start drinking beer and eating bon-bons all day, you’ll start to get weak.

You’ll get exhausted faster.

Your wits will get slower.

Your muscle memories will lessen.

Your technique and power will fade.

And then, eventually, you’ll lose your title to Clubber Lane, along with your peace of mind and self respect.

This of course applies to business, too.

Especially if you are comfy working on retainer.

Something I talk a lot about in detail in the upcoming Valentine’s Day edition of the February “Email Players” issue — which goes to the printer in just a few days, after which it will be too late to get in on it.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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