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An inquiring mind requests:

“Can you write a email about harvey weinstein to show off your uncanny methods”

During my senior year in college, I did an internship in Un-holywood. And, the entire 8 weeks I was out there I couldn’t wait to get back home.

I hated that town.

I hated the people there.

And, I hated the seedy nightlife and filthy vibe that’s everywhere you go.

This was despite the fact:

  • I could have easily stayed out there working (I worked for some movie producers on the Warner Bros lot — getting a PA job, where everyone starts, on a movie was in the bag if I wanted it).
  • My boss’s wife (who was the casting director of shows and movies like NYPD Blue and Star Trek, while he was a production manager on many movies you’ve heard of) told me when we all had dinner one night I should pursue acting, and, very likely would have at least gotten an audition somewhere. (not that I had an interest in acting, but still…)
  • I had made several key contacts while there, and would probably not have had much trouble finding work in the industry due to the nature of knowing the right people.

Yes, even with a few opportunities for a career in movies (and I love movies) I wanted out.

And, I have never regretted it.

I didn’t know of any secks scandals at the time, but just being out there you can sense the corruption, filth, and depravity.

So the Harvey thing doesn’t shock me at all.

And who knows?

If enough Corey Feldmans and other victims start going to the police, and don’t let the Barbra Walters of the media mock and silence them, then it could all come tumbling down.

In the meantime?

Come to elBenbo’s casting couch (my “Email Players” newsletter), have an offer & plan, and build a list of receptive leads, and you can avoid having to whore yourself out to the cretins of the marketing world… slinging bull shyt affiliate offers, licking client boots, or being beholden to a job you hate.

It’s not nearly as hard as you may think.

And, it can happen fast, too.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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