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More tales from elBenbo’s dating files:

Late last Summer, I was dating a girl who was getting very aggressive about me giving her my commitment. We had dated for a couple months, and, like most girls, she wanted some kind of security.

But, elBenbo does not allow himself to become a “kept” man easily.

I make chicks fight for it.

(As they should.)

And, she just wasn’t at the level for me to want to girlfriend her up.

At the same time, I was actively dating and pursuing other girls I met. I told her (actually, insisted) she go see other people, too. But she didn’t want to see these other people, she only wanted to see me.

“Why do you have to keep talking to these other girls?” she asked.

My response?

Every company has a human resources department that is always taking applications. Even if I have a good employee as my assistant, for example, I’m still always taking applications from other would-be assistants.


Many reasons.

For example:

If my assistant starts getting complacent and repeatedly disrespects me or her position… or if I catch her embezzling funds… or she’s caught also working for a *competitor*… or if she just ups and leaves without even giving her two week notice, I have to have someone I can pull out of the drink at a moment’s notice.

To her credit, she understood where I was coming from well enough.

She understood her position was my *intern*.

She was not yet a paid employee.

She also realized she could be one if she worked hard, kept her nose clean, and I was ready to fill that position. But at that time, all I wanted was interns. Eventually, one hangs around long enough, proves themselves exceptional, doesn’t get seduced away by another company, and demonstrates a fiery determination to only work for me.

I can hear the snowflakes weeping and gnashing their teeth already.

“elBenbo! You jerk!”

No, it’s not jerky, it’s smart.

Every good company takes applications at all times.

It keeps everyone on their toes and from becoming complacent.

And you know what?

This has pretty obvious business applications too, of course. Not just for hiring actual employees. But also, when it comes to managing clients and customers.

I talk about this more in February “Email Players” issue.

It goes to the printer in a few days.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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