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“Email Players” subscriber Holly Mthethwa tip-toes away from the girl boss side of the Internet, and delivers this tidy bit of news:

Recently, I wrote some emails and did some launch copy for a client.

She just happens to be in a big girl boss guru’s course.

Said guru’s community manager read her emails and reached out to find out who wrote them – applauding how great they were.

This, of course, has little to do with me and everything to do with the fact that I became an email player back in January. I’m one of the most mediocre, newbie-esque copywriters out there, but I am very good at following rules and principles, which is exactly what I do with your Email Players playbook and issues.

Read, apply. Read, apply.

This CM then sent someone my way, netting me a couple Ks. While you’re well aware copywriting for clients isn’t my end goal, it’s setting me up to finance (and transition to) my end goal. It’s also giving me excellent practice for when it comes time to market my own stuff.

So, even the guru girl boss peeps like “your” style….when it’s styled ( or disguised – ha!) for

Also, besides just vanity applause, your email ways have my tiny client base earning….and me, too.

Spewing lots of gratitude.

Kind Regards,

I’ve known Holly for a while.

And, from what I’ve seen of her writing (she was the only person I allowed to write a weekly article/column in my secret Facebook group, until I tore the group asunder last month), I’d take the Pepsi Challenge with her writing against any boss girl’s that I’ve seen.

Same with my other boys and ghouls in “Email Players.”

Anyway, the September “Email Players” issue goes to the printer tonight.

If you want it, subscribe here, before it’s too late:

Ben Settle

P.S. The bonus training (10 page interview transcript with yet another “Email Players” subscriber blazing some new territory with her work on buyer psychology) is a doozy if you want to know how to talk to would-be clients and customers and get them wanting to buy from you, and only you.

Don’t say nobody told you about it…

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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