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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Once upon a time, I wrote about the goo-roo casino.

Specifically, how casinos psychologically manipulate schmucks even when they’re losing into thinking they are winning by the way the machines react with pretty flashing lights and music, and the way the numbers are presented.

It’s quite brilliant in its deviousness.

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

I recently was re-watching “The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

And, the character Mark Hanna talks about this phenomenon, especially when it comes to certain affiliate marketers who go from one launch to the next doing the ol’ “push-send” routine — where they sell anything they can to their list using hype and goo-roo social proof to the hilt, and then rinse and repeat soon after with yet another affiliate offer, and then again soon after, yada yada yada.

He puts it like this:

“We don’t create shit, we don’t build anything. So if you got a client who brought stock at eight, and it now sits at sixteen, and he’s all f_ happy, he wants to cash it and liquidate and take his f_ money and run home. You don’t let him do that. Cause that would make it real. No, what do you do? You get another brilliant idea, a special idea. Another situation, another stock to reinvest his earnings and then some. And he will, every single time. Cause they’re f___ing addicted. And then you just keep doing this, again, and again, and again. Meanwhile, he thinks he’s getting shit rich, which he is, on paper. But you and me, the brokers? We’re taking home cold hard cash via commission, motherfucker.”

Amusing, isn’t it?

It’s a lot like what the push-send affiliates do.

And, it’s exactly what their opportunity-minded, pricing-shopping, scarcity-minded customers fall for.

Every single time.

Because, yes, they’re *addicted* to the dopamine drip they get when buying new products.


Hear that?

That’s the sound of a thousand goo-roo fanboys who do push-send furiously typing me a reply.


Bring it, boys & ghouls.

Or, take that energy and do something productive — you know, like creating your own product. Building a list of people you care about. And getting your products in their hands using daily emails people look forward to reading and buying from.

Enter my “Email Players” newsletter.

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If you’re tired of making peanuts off dopamine addicts and want real customers, who aren’t slaves to their brain chemistry go here:

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  • Novelist
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  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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