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Your Daily Email Addiction

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A while back a bloke asked for help about his funnel using daily emails.

He wanted to know:

Should I do 4 emails and something along the lines of:

Email #1) Present a problem
Email #2) Agitate the problem
Email #3) Present the solution
Email #4) One last email on Fear of Loss (or something) to those who have not clicked the affiliate link?

Thanks for letting me at least “vent” or something.

Any help would be great!

To which I (mercifully) said:

“You’re making this way too complicated.”

And then, went on to give him advice on how to approach this using sound marketing principles, and not the typical goo-roo tactics he was attacking the problem with, which was just confusing him, making it harder, and severely reducing his potential box office gross with that campaign.

And guess what?

Part of my reply was what I did to sell a product as an affiliate for Danny Iny at that very time.

Advice that got (according to Danny) way above average sales.

All using simple principles.

Hardly anyone understands this on the Internet.

And that is because because virtually everyone — if you learn only from other “online” guys and ghouls — has been taught a tactic-based way of marketing vs principal-based.

I see it in everyone’s emails.

In their ads.

I their advice.

And, yes, it’s killing everyone’s sales.

The exact advice I gave the guy above is in the January “Email Players” issue, word for word, and anyone can use it to write more profitable email blasts, auto-responders, sales copy, video scripts, and anything else you do.

She goes to the printer in less than 48 hours.

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  • Novelist
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