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Hear that?

That’s the sound a thousand marketing proles flocking to a business. And, if you want them to change their trajectory and go to your business, instead, below is a proven game plan for getting all the marketing prole lovin’ your greedy self could ever want, following you on Flakebook, joining your email list, and kissing your righteous booty:

  • Constantly behave like you’re a badass by going heavy on the Internet tough guy/girl attitude
  • Brag about being better than what your track record says you are
  • Give little or no credit to those who helped you (books you read, courses you took, people who you learned from, etc) so people think you figured it all out on your own
  • Swear all the time to look “edgy” and “cool” (bonus points if you do it in your product titles)
  • Keep your prices really low while talking about how high quality your product/service is

Do this and the marketing proles looking for a place to plug their umbilical cord into will love you. And, if you sell products and services that have nothing to do with selling to other marketers, fret not. The above will work for any market to get the bottom-of-the-barrel customers.

In fact, they’ll follow you in droves.

They’ll say how genius and wonderful you are every time you post or mail.

And, you will build a solid following of them.

Yes, they’ll be mostly price shoppers, T-rexers/kangaroos (as I’ve heard ‘em called — i.e. their arms are too short to get to their wallets), serial refunders, butt smoochers looking for free advice. But, they are a market a lot of people make a living selling to.

And the high class customers/clients?

The ones who look for quality?

Who are the good kind of price shopper (i.e. they buy because your prices are high, with no time and patience for cheap)?

And who are serious about solving the problem your product helps with?

(And ready to buy your solution)

They’ll ignore, scoff, and maybe even mock you.

And, probably never buy from you.

It’s your business, you can run it however you want.

But if you want to learn how to write emails the classier group above enjoys (and looks forward to) reading and buying from, go here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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