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An oft-asked question about putting email campaigns together:

“Do you also have a lesson about putting up a strategic email Marketing campaign? Was just curious about what really is an effective email marketing campaign that sells?”

Survey says —


I write my auto-respondered campaigns the exact same as my daily broadcasts. In other words, I don’t storyboard, create mazes, or try to plot out emails for days and weeks and months. I simply write random, interesting (to the market) emails that tease and ask for the sale.

Why do I do this?

Out of laziness?

Defiance of the goo-roos?

Because I’m bored by complicated sequences?

Yes to all the above.

But, those aren’t the main reasons.

The main reason is, every single email campaign I’ve put together — from 100+ emails in an autoresponder… to sequences selling other peoples’ products over a weekend as an affiliate… to my own product launches and special sales… have all been enormously successful despite them being written and dropped in the auto-responder as if they were daily emails using my system.

In other words:

Each email stands on its own.

And, none depends on you having to read prior emails to know what’s going on.

For example:

Back in June I mailed for one of Sean D’Souza’s products. I didn’t sit there for days in front of a white board or whatever trying to plot out a sequence. I simply thought about what my list and market wants/are struggling with the product could help with, had the bonus I was offering (a talk he gave at one of Ken McCarthy’s System Seminars almost 10 years ago) transcribed, pulled out a lot of cool info, and smoothed them into over a dozen emails using my simple system.

The result?

Close to 400 sales, to a modest-sized list, selling a $49.95 eBook.

Total time invested?

Maybe a couple hours, tops.

Yes, I could have plotted out some complicated, convoluted, looks-great-from-the-marketing-seminar-stage sequence or whatever.

But what would be the point?

Bottom line:

Email is fast, simple, and easy if you know what you’re doing.

It’s slow, hard, and frustrating if you don’t.

And you know what?

The September “Email Players” issue (which I am sending to the printer tomorrow — a few days earlier than usual, due to a special sale I’m having Labor Day weekend using, coincidentally, the same methods I used for Sean’s product) shows you exactly how the process above worked for the Sean D’Souza campaign.


1. I show you the content I used to write the emails

2. Show you the finished emails from that content

3. Show you the entire last day (where all the real money is made during my campaigns) sequence of emails

You’ll see the simplicity of it.

You’ll understand why it doesn’t take long.

And, you’ll be able to model what I do for your own campaigns.

It’s quite the experimental issue next month — as it’s mostly observational, and not a whole lot of “how to”.

i.e. it’s for thinkers and doers.

(Not swipers and people who are incapable of thinking)

Here’s the link to subscribe before it goes to the printer tomorrow:

Ben Settle


  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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