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Way back in the dark ages (2006) I decided to write my first book.

It had nothing to do with copywriting or marketing or business. It was about dogs. I had this idea to write a book with tons of dog health, training, and overall well being tips. Only problem was, while I had dogs my entire life, I didn’t have a dog at that time. And had never owned one myself. Thus, I had no idea what to write about. Plus, I was in a hurry (I thought I’d create this giant business about dogs, which never really happened…)

So what did I do to write this book quickly?

Especially with my limited knowledge of the market?

I used Google, of course.

But, not in the way people would probably go about it.

I used a secret function of Google that let me pound out something like 40 chapters of the book in about 4 or 5 days.

It also put my book completely in line with the market.

And, helped me create a ton of press releases.

I wasn’t emailing a list, I was going to the media and getting on radio shows, which I ended up getting on a ton of them. And, the interviewers were as happy as a pig in pewp at the topics I was talking about.

Anyway, nothing much happened with that book.

(All I had was a book… not a business.)

But, that secret way of using Google has let me pound out all kinds of content in other markets I’ve written in. Especially for sales copy. I haven’t used it for emails since I haven’t a need to. But, if I was struggling for ideas, I would definitely use this little Google trick to pound out as many emails as my greedy little spleen desired.

Anyway, it’s on page 7 (at the bottom) of the December “Email Players” issue.

It works not just for blasting out content your market will love to read.

But also, videos, livestreams, podcasts, whatever.

This issue goes to the printer Thursday.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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