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Recently, the esteemed A-list copywriter Bob Bly wrote on facebook:

“When I was a kid in the 50s and 60s, a “guru” was someone who wore a robe, had long hair, lived on a commune, and was followed by people who wanted to hear his message of peace, love, and being one with the universe. In the 70s and 80s and 90s, it was someone like Tom Peters who wrote best-selling business books and earned $30,000 an hour speaking on the corporate lecture circuit. Today a guru seems to be someone who curses like a sailor, goes to any extreme to seem edgy and cool, has an ego the size of a humpback whale, and wants to extract thousands of dollars from you by getting your credit card number to sell you an outrageously expensive course, “training,” or mastermind group membership teaching how to make a million dollars a week in info marketing, copywriting, coaching, consulting, small business, or maybe option trading. Am I the only one tiring of this new generation of brash, loud, conceited, egomaniacal gurus?”

I tend to find these Internet tough guys rather amusing, too.

Mostly because they think they’re special, but they’re really just typical.

And, while I know a few guys who admittedly can pull off the whole vulgar-for-the-sake-of-it thing (who were all doing it before it became trendy, it is simply their personality), the vast majority simply look like the insecure 13-year-olds in school swearing, spitting, and smoking to look cool and get attention, while gagging and hacking at the bus stop.


Maybe it’s coincidence.

But, a lot of the Internet tough guys I know are astonishingly weak people. And, the Internet tough guy act, repeating the tired “I give zero fugks” mantra, and pounding their chests at how bad ass/lady boss/full of tigers blood or whatever they’re rationalization hamsters have convinced them they are, are gimmicks to try to hide that weakness, neediness, attention-deprivation, and insecurities about how good they really are (or, rather, aren’t) at what they do.

What do I mean by weak?

For one, weak-minded.

If you don’t believe me, watch how many publicly brag about their vices, like badges of honor instead of something they should probably get help for.

Also, weak emotionally.

Simply observe how emotional and easily angry they get over anything and everything, knee-jerkedly block anyone on flakebook who dares question them, and melt down into a angry-pushup rage if someone calls them out on their nonsense.

And, sometimes, even weak in their presentation.

For example, if you meet them in person, take note of how they look compared to how they present themselves on social media. The bigger the spread between how they look in real life vs how they look online, the more amusing it is to witness.

Does this make them “bad” people?

Not at all.

It simply makes them flawed human like the rest of us. They just happen to be humans completely at the mercy of their insecurities and emotions. If they fix that up, they probably could be closer to the characters they play on flakebook all day.

Anyway, on to the important stuff:

One of the main things I teach in my “Email Players” newsletter (and, especially, in the “Email Players Playbook”, which comes with your subscription), is to inject your personality into your emails.

But, not fake Internet tough guy personality.

And, not some guru or boss lady’s personality.

Only your personality — which, like a fingerprint, is unique to you and only you.

Why try to be something you ain’t?

Whatever the case, my method lets you do it in a way where people look forward to reading your emails and, if you have the right offer for them, look forward to buying from you.

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