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“Email Players” subscriber Christina Gillick pulls an anti-Lenox:

(Context was, I thanked her for her loyalty as a long time customer)

“Thank YOU. I was just thinking how much my business has grown from listening to you. I’m not as ballsy, ? but little-by-little I’ve started to shift my focus to where it matters. In all areas of life.”

This is key:

It’s not about being ballsy, abrasive, or any of that.

It’s about being YOU.

The real you.

And that’s why Christina is seeing so much success.

She’s using her personality and style.

My methods can be modulated to any market but copying my “style” (and/or personality) instead of just using the structure with your own style (and personality) will simply get you laughed at. When I sold in weight loss, converting over 40% of the list into buyers according to Jim Yaghi (who did all the traffic and stats in that bid’niz) you think I released the Ben Settle Kraken?

Oh hellz naw!

We’d have been killed by the competition.

It’s not about being a fake Ben Settle.

It’s about being a real you.

As Ip Man (the great Wing Chun master) told a guy coming up in his house to pit his “style” of Kung Fu against Ip Man’s Wing Chun:

“It’s not about your style, it’s about you.”

So it is.

If you have the principles in place, my wicked ways will work regardless of what style you use. It’s the principles, not the tactics.

Enter the January “Email Players” issue:

I go deep into this subject more.

Profitable stuff.

Stuff I wish someone had taught me the way I will teach you.

That is, if you are a subscriber before the looming dealdine to get the January issue.

Subscription info right over here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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