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I’ve told this real life tale of terror from Email Players subscriber Doberman Dan Gallapoo many times.

Too many times to count.

But, I do so because it bears repeating over and over and over.

Anyway, about 6 years ago, I was talking to him about merchant accounts. Dan had been selling health supplements for over a decade, had an impeccable “money trail” record to look at as being ethical and transparent. And, he has always run a business as honest as the day is long.

But, that didn’t stop the merchant account monsters from attacking.

He said one day all was going great.

No chargebacks or problems, happy customers.

The next?

Out of the blue, he woke up to a bunch of declined orders.

Talk about a Halloween-level horror story…

Imagine having your business running like normal, then one day waking up to dozens (maybe hundreds) of declined orders. With no warning. And, no “heads up” whatsoever. Someone at the bank decides your business is suddenly “high risk” (even though you have hardly any charge backs or complaints on file) and your business is effectively shut down… in the blink of a bureaucrat’s eye.


Now, you may be thinking:

“But Ben! I don’t sell supplements. I sell an eBook — information — with nothing controversial about it…”

You think that makes you safe?

Forget regular merchant accounts for a second.

Even 3rd party payment processors that have been selling info products for years are following suit.

Take Yours Unruly, for example.

Around that time I was gearing up to promote a high ticket product with affiliates. It was a physical product, and I didn’t want to mess with paying affiliates myself. So I thought I’d use 2Checkout. They’d been around a while and were reputable. Plus, I have even been an affiliate for info publishers who have used them to sell products very similar in content and price as my product.

But, after I tried setting my product up, I got an email that said:

“Unfortunately, we can no longer support sales from any website that would be classified as a direct marketing website by Visa and MasterCard regulations. This is a policy that has been passed down to us from our merchant provider.”

i.e. Application denied.

(Notice, their merchant account made the decision, not them.)

Again, you may be thinking:

“Yeah, but I use clickbank and paypal…”


Who’s to say clickbank won’t do this?

Or even PayPal?

Or your precious Stripe account?

Hellz, even bush league amateurs who use sites like shopify, wix, etc are at rysk.

What makes you so sure any of these sites won’t decide to ban selling products from all “direct marketing” sites?

We live in strange times, where anything can happen.

(Just ask Doberman Dan.)

Fortunately, there is a solution to this.

And, just this last Spring at a mastermind I attended, I heard an 8 word “game plan” from someone in the biz opp market (where merchant accounts are notorious for shutting marketers down cold on a whim, without explanation or warning) — that anyone with a merchant account can follow to protect yourself — like a near-impenetrable suit of armor — from the merchant account monsters.

Yes, just 8 words, that if you follow will protect you.

Or, at least put your mind way more at ease.

And guess what?

In the October “Email Players” issue I reveal what this secret is.

And, how to get the ball rolling with immediately.

But, she goes to the printer in 3 days.

If you want in, best high tail it to this link and subscriber today:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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