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Yesterday I prattled on about how one of my influences for how I run and have structured and built my business/lists/audience is my snobbish family who lets nobody “in.” Some others I’ve talked about publicly and privately include blokes like blogger Mike Cernovich, right wing talk radio host Michael Savage, TV producer Aaron Spelling, Gary Gygax (inventor of Dungeons & Dragons), etc etc etc.

These people have (or had when alive) insanely engaged audiences.

Thus, another brimstone-scented brain fart:

None of these people (to my knowledge) talk or teach about how to be “engaging.”

They simply are (or were when alive).

(A couple of them are more like enragers than engagers.)

No idiotic goo-roo inspired checklists need. No dorky social media queen Facebook live videos consulted. No listening to anyone but their instincts about their audience and desire to dedicate themselves to their Mission each day. Earl Nightingale had great advice in the video version of his “Strangest Secret” teaching:

“Look around at how everyone else is doing something, then do the opposite, and you’ll probably never make another mistake for as long as you live.”

Preach it, Brother Earl.

Anyway, Immoral of the story:

If you want to learn how to be “engaging” in your marketing, flakebook groups, emails, whatever… simply do the opposite of anyone who teaches how to be engaging.


Do the opposite.

It’s what I do in my daily emails, podcast, flakebook group, etc.

And, I daresay elBenbo has done a pretty good on the “engagement” side of things, considering the small numbers of people I have on my lists and in my audience.

There ain’t no magic to it.

No 81-point ninja checklist, either.

It’s solid principles, personality, and the info I teach in “Email Players” about email.

More info on the newsletter over yonder:

Ben Settle

P.S. Yes, I realize I kinda just taught how to be engaging and told you to do the opposite of anyone who teaches how to be engaging — just treat this post like a George Lucas script where you enjoy the show, ignore the plot holes…

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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