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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Last week, I wrote an email about how you become like the people you spend all your time with. My example was, if you hang out with pessimistic losers, you’ll become a pessimistic loser over time.

Anyway, the esteemed A-list copywriter Bob Bly shared it on Facebook.

And, I got quite a kick out of some of the comments.

Like, for example:

“If this were true, then people like John McCain would have become like his captors.”



“Does a minister become the sinner?”

(Happens all the time… mayhaps the minister should read what Paul wrote about kicking unrepentant sinners out of the church?)


“I only hangout with my Facebook friends and I don’t think that they are ‘pessimistic losers’”.

(Defensive, much, brah?)

Or… another guy nattering aimlessly about Budda.

(Basically typing to hear himself write.)

And, my personal favorite:

“People should realize Ben takes this extreme, controversial stance as a marketing ploy.”

Methinks it takes living in a mighty thick social media bubble to call this oft-repeated concept touted by multiple religions, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, and even criminologists an “extreme” and “controversial” stance.

Anyway, a fun time was had by all.

(Well, me, anyways.)

And, so it is.

Speaking of extreme and controversial stances:

One thing I do that sends the mush cookie marketers out into the streets weeping and gnashing their teeth is sell every single day in my emails.

Why do I do this?

Because it works.

And, my “Email Players” newsletter shows you how to write daily emails (or multiple daily emails) without straining, struggling, or looking like a worthless hack swiping and copying anyone else.

It ain’t rocket science.

But, it requires daily work.

And daily consistency.

And, a daily desire to make sales.

Don’t got those things?

Then, I can’t help you.

Go away.


You’re dismissed.

Otherwise, if interested, go ye here for more information:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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