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Fed Chair Janet Yellen said another financial crisis is unlikely anytime soon.


“Get ready for a terrible financial crisis.”

Probably soon

If you believe Janet by all means put your head in the sand.

Otherwise, here’s your pal elBenbo’s unsolicited advice:

  • Don’t screw around with anything but the fundamentals of direct response — that means (in case you didn’t learn this from your favorite guru pounding their chests on flakebook livestreams) putting attractive offers in front of receptive leads, and then selling those buyers something else
  • Put away the dorky motivational memes and shut off the live streams and podcasts that just try to inspire you created by people who pretend to be wealthy while they live like royalty on $6 US per day in a 3rd world country.
  • Keep boning up on your sales, persuasion, and marketing skills — I am partial to using email for speed and profitability (biased though I am)
  • Put some money away — 6 months to a year’s worth — as fast as you can
  • Don’t waste your time JV’ing or partnering with anyone you wouldn’t trust with your house keys for a month (*tips my hat to the great Terry Dean for that advice*)
  • Realize that there is tons more credit than cash in existence, meaning cash is valuable and not “trash” — when things go south, a lot of things will be for sale to those who have cash, be ready to capitalize
  • Only invest in products that give you advice that is (1) immediately actionable (2) evergreen (i.e. isn’t dependent on a specific platform like Snapchat or Facebook or whatever) and (3) can be adapted to any media (i.e. like the principles in Email Players which can be — and are — used for videos, webinars, direct mail, blogging, social media, anything — people do it all the time)
  • Don’t get into any more debt, pay off whatever debt you have
  • Be paranoid — assume there’s a ticking clock

Anyway, even if I’m wrong and Janet is right, the above is sound advice.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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