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If there’s one lesson us marketing types can take from the casting out of Bill O’Reilly from Fox Shnewz, it’s this:

You’re never too guru to fail.

I don’t care how innocent you are.

I don’t care how much your adoring fans love you.

I don’t care how much of the green stuff you make.

I don’t care if you’ve been with a platform (auto-responder, FB ad account, AdWords account, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, etc) for years and have paid them lots and lots of your hard-earned rupees… you’re never to big to fall.

Again, just ask Bill O’Reilly.

He was Fox’s biggest draw for years.

And, had the biggest audience on cable news.


Gone like a virgin on prom night just like that.

The lesson:

It goes back to last Thursdays’s email. If you stubbornly rely on platforms outside your control for your income like Flakebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, article directories, SEO, iTunes, JV’s, etc, (even your *web hosting* or auto-responder provider) you’re as good as screwed when some executive, bean counter, banker, pencil-pusher, bureaucrat, politician, or even some muckety-muck’s wife (like in O’Reilly’s case, to an extent) deems you dangerous or not someone they want to do business with — for any reason, real or imagined.

So back your email list up regularly.

(You can never back it up too often.)

Get your customer’s *snail mail* addresses.

Build an overall *audience*.

(Like Bill O’Reilly did, and so will be just fine)

But don’t stop there.

Back up those lists to *multiple* places — hard drive, external disk, cloud, and if you’re *really* hardcore, even a thumb drive on your car key chain that goes where you go. (i.e. so if you have to leave the country or something on a dime your business essentially goes with you).

What’s the bottom line?

You’re never too big or too popular or too “guru” to fall.

All right, on to the fun stuff:

Me selling you something that can improve your life.

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