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“In the future if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief man”

— Spiderman
“The Amazing Spiderman”

One of the most-asked questions whenever interviewed on podcasts is about the “look” of emails.

In other words:

Mine are plain text.

(Or *look* like plain text)

I don’t doll ‘em up with pretty images.

And, they look complete boring and non-secksy.

Why do I do this?

Many reasons.

For one, I’m lazy. I simply don’t want to spend the time coding links and split testing every daily email I send out and then analyzing the results and all that hooey. Nothing against anyone who does. But, split testing “OMG, opens!” is a complete waste of time if sales is your scoreboard in my experience. And, while clicks are a lot more useful, what I measure is sales and, even more importantly, monthly sales trends. This gets me called irresponsible by a few well-meaning guru types. But, then again, if I cared what they thought I’d be licking their boots at seminars for a scrap of attention and participating in all their dorky little affiliate contests.

So that’s one reason.


It’s the principle of making my advertising not look like advertising.

At a glance, I don’t want to look like advertising.

I want it to look like — even for just that split second when they open it — that it could be a personal one-on-one email from Yours Unruly.

Yes, people might know it’s a list email.

But, you never know…

Anyway, there’s nothing new about this.

Guys like David Ogilvy, Gary Bencivenga, Gary Halbert, the great magalog copywriters, etc have been doing this for decades. A lot of Internet (social media especially) types think they’re just old farts whose stuff is irrelevant.

But, we know better…

I simply apply their stuff to email.

Speaking of great magalog copywriters:

The May “Email Players” issue (which goes to the printer soon) contains a bonus training from one of the single best (with the track record to prove it) A-list copywriters on the planet.

An A-lister who many have never heard of.

(Is just finally putting themselves out there to teach.)

And, who uses this principle all the time.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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