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Your Daily Email Addiction

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I am not sure I am supposed to reveal this person’s name or not.

(For reasons that’ll be obvious)

But, behold…

How To Benefit 2-10x From An Email Player’s Subscription:

I wrote a badass sales page for a client. He paid big bucks, and I’ve got a royalty agreement in place.

Problem is: after the initial launch, this typical shiny-object-obsessed client focused his attention on “other projects”

Projects that didn’t involve me.

He went cold on me. And while I enjoyed the retainer/royalty agreement – money for nothing is a poor business strategy.

My devious solution?

Get him to subscribe to good ol’ elBenbo’s Email Players Newsletter.

Without ME having to convince him of his silly ways, he’s now given me a raise – both because now I’m writing his daily emails and in the backend because we’re making more overall sales.

All without me having to talk him into another project or tell him directly.

Anyway, this Christmas, the gift comes back to the giver. This “swipe and deploy” strategy can be very lucrative for the copywriter who’s about to get canned because his clients aren’t as focused on the big picture as they are.

Something more:

There’s been a pleasant trend afoot with copywriters, coaches, and other service providers insisting their clients subscribe to “Email Players”. (The above is just one of many, and one of my subscribers even gifts it to her best clients.)

Speaking of clients:

The February issue goes to the printer soon.

It’s got all kinds of ideas (proven) on how to attract, make more fees from, and get along better with high quality clients (while SPURNING the low quality ones).

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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For the past few years, I’ve dedicated the February issues of Email Players to helping men (not so much women, although dames can get Value out of it) with their dating/relationship problems, while also showing the muney-making business parallels.

Why do I do this?

For fun, of course.

But also, because I’ve sold in the dating niche.

And, I can tell you pretty much everything that works for picking up chicks, finding a quality woman, and keeping a woman from going feral on your arse and leaving you for some schmuck… works just as well, if not better, for picking up high quality clients and customers and keeping them around for the long haul, too.

These issues always tend to get a lot of interesting feedback.

(There is zero political correctness in them, even less than usual…)

And, they have also gotten a lot of feedback from people saying how they’ve changed marriages, relationships, and businesses in ways they never see any of the usual crop of mush cookies and white knights online have.

Anyway, next month’s issue will be carrying on the tradition.

It contains some of the best stuff I’ve released to date.

And I cannot imagine someone who struggles with getting, keeping, and getting paid more by clients and customers not walking away with all the info they need to change their situation lickety-split.

(And, this goes especially for guys struggling with dames.)

All right, blatant sales pitch over.

To subscribe before it goes to the printer, go here today:

Ben Settle

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It’s great to be a guy.

We don’t have to endure childbirth or monthly hormone-rattling visits from Aunt Flow. We’re less prone to emotional decision making. (Soy boys and Virtue Signaling millennial guys notwithstanding). And, best of all, we can pee standing up.

Call it male privilege, if’n it soothes your feels.

But this isn’t just my opinion, it also happens to be a fact, too.

Anyway, why am I bringing this up?

To rub it in to the women who read my daily mind farts?

Yes, of course.

But, also, it reminds me of a privilege anyone can have — man or woman — when it comes to making a lot of sales.

Something I like to call:

“Mail Privilege”

Want an advantage over pretty much anyone you compete against?

(Including “name” gurus, or people who give everything away free on YouTube, etc?)

Then listen up, listen good, and never forget:

When you know how to write emails people not only look forward to reading and buying from… but (the marketing savvy ones, at least) sometimes even go out of their way to ask you not to take them off their list after they buy… you have an almost unfair advantage over all your competition when it comes to the people who are on both your lists.

(Especially as an affiliate, during launches, etc.)

Anyway, such is the power of mail privilege.

If you want to bestow this privilege on yourself, here’s what to do:

1. Go to the link below
2. Read the letter carefully
3. Subscribe to my “Email Players” newsletter

Then, kick back and await “The Email Players Playbook” in the mail, and apply it.

Very simple.

Anyway, February issue goes to the printer soon.

It has lots of ways to use male (and mail) privilege to make more sales and get more clients.

To get it in time, go here:

Ben Settle

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This last weekend I saw an interesting list of vices on Twitter (by a guy named Michael Medici), in order of how destructive they are.

It started with meth.

Then went through the other hard drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc)

Then into things like alcohol and sugar.

Then into sites like Netflix and social media.

My first thought after reading that list was:

“Email, too, when done right”

Like it or lump it, mails can create a chemical addiction of sorts in your brain (and if you find yourself incessantly checking your emails all day, you’re already addicted, Chuckles). And, also when done right, people will not only need their “fix” of you each day, but they’ll even get a bit concerned (maybe even worried) when they don’t hear from you for a day or two. (I didn’t coin the term “your daily email addiction” and display it at the top of my blog for nuttin’)

Scoff at that if you want.

But, it happens to people I teach all the time.

It can happen with your emails, too.

That is, if you got the right stuff and subscribe to my “Email Players” newsletter.

Although, a warning:

Next month’s issue doesn’t have a lot of “email” training in it.

No examples to study.

Nothing to swipe or model.

Not a single scrap of pure email copywriting in it.

But, everything inside can make your emails more responsive. Your business more profitable. And, your life more interesting and fun.

Here’s the link to subscribe before the deadline:

Ben Settle

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The big news last week was Virtue Signaling & woman pedestalizing comedian Aziz Ansari being taken to task by a girl who suggested he secksually assaulted her.

My opinion?

I’ve read a lot of women commenting on it saying it wasn’t assault (and basically describes a typical date with an awkward mush cookie with zero game whatsoever). And, my first thought after seeing all those opinions was, it would have been highly amusing if, instead of apologizing (did he learn nothing from Bill Clinton?), Aziz had played the race card — making the Virtue Signaling media and Facebook keyboard pundits have to choose between rooting for the fake racist vs the fake secksual assaulter…

Wait… what?

You wanted my *marketing* opinion, not social opinion?

All right, in that case, I’ll just say this:

Recently, “Email Players” subscriber Dottie Reynolds observed:

(when seeing a smiley face emoticon next to a privacy policy link on a landing page)

“I couldn’t scroll past the emoji on the landing page. Grown men don’t use emojis and expect to be taken seriously.”

And, I suspect if Aziz Ansari (being a Virtue Signaler) was a copywriter, he’d plaster fill his ads and emails with emoticons.

Not to mention LOL or LMAO or ROTFL, etc.

Let’s call it Aziz Ansari copywriting game.

Can work for chicks selling to chicks.

(I used ‘em in weight loss, it seemed to work.)

But men selling to grown men?

Especially in the golf niche (the page Dottie saw) — comprised of 60+ old guys?

Not so much.

Anyway, that’s my opinion.

Take it to heart, ignore it, or set fire to it, if’n you want.


Any man who struggles with this sort of thing (Virtue Signaling to girls and getting friend-zoned, etc) would benefit reading the February “Email Players” issue. It’s all about the connections between the dating world and the business world… between getting a good woman and a good client… between being attractive to the women you want and attractive to clients and customers you want (while repelling the ones you don’t)… and the list goes on.

In the meantime, to learn my email copywriting ways, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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I’ve been re-reading Stan Lee’s (the guy who created Spiderman, The Hulk, Avengers, etc) book:


You can learn a lot about marketing, branding, positioning, copywriting, messing with your competition’s heads (like he did to DC Comics for years), and creativity reading this book.


He talks about how he saved soldiers from syphilis when he was in the army.

Here’s how:

“I must have sketched countless complex, meaningful, persuasive, intellectual ideas for an anti-VD poster, but nothing seemed right. Then, when I least expected it, inspiration hit me. The simplest idea of all. I merely drew a little cartoon version of a happy-looking GI walking into a pro station, with the little green light above the door, wearing a proud expression on his face and a dialogue balloon over his head that read, “VD? Not me!” Well, they must have printed a zillion of those posters and displayed the all over Europe.”

So much copywriting wisdom in that.

Especially if you get bogged down with overwhelm for ideas, copy, etc.

Speaking of simple:

One of the things I teach in my monthly “Email Players” newsletter is simplicity. Everything I do revolves around the concept. I don’t do complicated because it doesn’t work nearly as well as simple.

This goes for email, sales copy, content, video, podcasts, and anything else.

More info here:

Ben Settle

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“Janine, someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.”

— Dr. Peter Venkman

Recently, I was reading about a chick with some community college business course experience who is so fed up with the male patriarchy and capitalism running the business world, she decided to bewb-up and make a difference.

Her big idea?

To start a feminist business school to fight masculine capitalism.

According to the news story, she said it’s much better to have businesses run on feminine traits — like mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity, to promote the “redistribution of money and power” (exact quote) — than it is to have businesses run on masculine traits — like individualism, speed, and efficiency.

My opinion?

I may be gender-biased.

But, I think feminists would do better listening to their uncle elBenbo.

In fact, here’s my 100% “feminist-friendly” 3-step business plan:

  • Build an email list of people who have money to spend
  • Mail it daily with offers they want to buy
  • When they buy something, deliver it a timely and efficient manner, and then sell them something else

But, I’ll admit:

My ways are 100% based on capitalism.

And, also, individuality, speed, and efficiency.

(Mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity don’t exactly pay the bills in my experience.)

So probably a non-starter for many feminists.

For everyone else?

Go here to learn my evil, toxic-patriarchal email copywriting ways:

Ben Settle

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“It was one small chest, hardly overflowing. And it still smells of troll.”

— Bilbo Baggins
“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

Every now and then, I’ll purposely troll friends on Flakebook.

I tell them I only troll people I like. If I don’t like you, I won’t even bother trolling you. And I only troll people I like because, the way I understand it (and I may not understand it… chasing social media algorithms is boring), it helps my friends.

How so?

Because my kind of trolling often gets engagement.

And, engagement, often gets Flakebook love from what I am told.

And, if there is engagement, it shows your post to more people.

I’m just not seeing a downside to having flakebook trolls.

That is, unless you’re easily rattled and don’t know how to handle trolls. If you get angry, emotional, and frustrated with trolls… instead of using their troll ways to your advantage, then you probably should shun trolls.

Wait a minute, what?

How do you use trolling to your advantage?

It’s quite simple:

When you see someone trolling you on Flakebook, take something they say, and write an email about it designed to sell your product/service. And, it doesn’t have to be Flakebook trolls. It can be people who troll you by email, Twitter, or any other media.

They’re giving you a gift.

Use it.

Love it.

And, yes, profit from it.

And you know what else?

When you use my email methods, trolls put gold in ye olde pocketses.

You simply use the info I teach about using Q&A’s in the Email Players Playbook. And, instead of answering someone’s question, you quote the troll, answer it, and use my ways to make the sale.

Anyway, that book comes with your subscription.

To read more about what’s in it, go here:

Ben Settle

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A little market research secret:

The other day I saw a tweet talking about how high performing people throughout the years start their days. Back in the day, presidents like Abraham Lincoln, for example, used to read newspapers for hours each day before doing any work. And, today, guys like Trump watches TV, makes phone calls, and Tweets (and, presumably, seeing how much his tweets get his haters riled up — which has multiple benefits, as does writing controversial emails).

The main reason is knowing what’s going on with people.

If you want to influence people, you have to know what’s driving them.

The point?

I have never understood why so many marketers laugh at and avoid the idea of Twitter.

And, instead, spend all their time on Flakebook in a bubble.

I’ve been using Twitter for almost 10 years to see what people are yapping about real time, to mine subject line and email theme ideas, and to get out of the Internet marketing Facebook bubble groupthink.

I highly suggest you do, too.

Frankly, I’m glad so many marketers think it’s useless and stoopid.

(While they like motivational quotes and food pics on Flakebook all day)

Twitter is free real-world market data they’ll never see.

Anyway, on to the business:

One of the easiest ways in the world to use my email methods is to go into Twitter, look at the tweets and retweets on your feed, and write an email about something you see (like I’m doing in this *this* email) using the information taught inside the newsletter and the Email Players Playbook.

Very simple.

Very profitable, too.

Yet, hardly anyone does it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Last week on Flakebook, I read about how the original purpose of the board game Monopoly was supposed to show the evil’s of capitalists.

(Which, of course, completely backfired)

And it got me to thinking:

I want to play the communist version of Monopoly.

Let’s call it Commopoly.

(Not to be confused with the sanitized commie version of Monopoly from 2004 “Commonopoly.”)

My version includes everyone having to work as a team, redistributing their properties and money to the less fortunate players, with the goal to be for everyone having the exact same number of properties and amount of money at the end of the game. But, to keep it authentic, there’d also have to be a sort of Head Bolshevik policing everyone (oftentimes in secret), seizing the best properties for himself and periodically taking 90%+ or more of everyone’s money, food, and assets, while also punishing anyone who complains or doesn’t comply with hard jail time, gulag work, or death by gun barrel or starvation, while smothering their dead bodies in lime. It could then be designed and marketed (using capitalism, of course) specifically to bored middle & upper class millennials who either still live off their parents’ teets or have just taken out fat student loans.

Why sell it to millennials?

Because according to the Washington Times, a recent poll said the majority of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist or communist rather than a capitalistic one.

Not that you need a poll to know that.

Just observe what they buy.

(i.e. who they vote for).

All of which works out perfectly for me.


Because like my communist leader predecessors, I’ll need some Useful Idiots to help sell it. And, since people tend to prefer to buy from their own, it could be sold like a communist MLM — where buyers go forth to their friends still living in their moms’ basements watching pourno and eating Cheetos in front of their Che Guevara posters and iPhones, preaching about burning down the system. If we make it a multi-player online game, as my pal Shane Hunter pointed out, we wouldn’t need to produce any boards or pieces — just cover the costs of servers, tech, etc.

A silly idea, you say?

We’ll see…

Until we get the kinks worked out, I’ll stick with my usual business plan:

  • Sending traffic to a capture page
  • Sending those leads relentless daily emails (using my “Email Players” methodology) directing them to a sales page until they buy or opt out
  • Then selling the buyers other products or services

Not as secksy as Commopoly.

But it’s simple.

It works.

And, you can learn the email part of the equation here:

Ben Settle

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