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Something to tuck inside the dark abyss of your evil mind:

Pretty much every copywriting course, training, or seminar you ever see will talk about the life-or-death importance of filling your copy with benefits, proof, credibility, etc. And, this is all true. But, there is one thing (when it comes to emails especially) that is far more important that comes before all those things.

Is it storytelling?


In fact, stories are not even always necessary.

Is it being “infotaining”?


Important (in my humble, but accurate, opinion). But infotainment is something that serves the secret persuasion principle found in all great copy I am talking about. Fact is, a lot of ads have zero infotainment and still kick gluteus assimus because they use the secret I am talking about.

What about curiosity?

Is it that?

Important (very important).

But, even that doesn’t hold a candle to the very simple (and obvious, frankly, this is not something I invented by any means) not-really-a-secret I am talking about.

Still don’t know what I babbleth about?

I’ll give you a non-hint:

Even if you have a product people desperately want and need, there is a more-than-decent chance they will not buy from you if you don’t do this one, very simple (yet still rare, for whatever reason) thing in your emails. I don’t care if you are selling water in the desert to a man dying of thirst or a starving man hamburgers.

It simply won’t matter.

Anyway, the answer should be obvious.

But, if it’s not?

Then check out page 11 of the August “Email Players” issue.

I daresay, even if your copy sucks, your offer is mediocre, and you don’t even know what a benefit is… you would still make sales if you did nothing but include this in your email copy, ad copy, and any other copy.

But you best hurry and subscribe if you want it, Hoss.

I send it to the printer in a couple days.

After that?

Too late…

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Daniel Iversen takes his first steps into a bold new ultra profitable world:

Hi Ben,

So it all just *clicked* in my mind a couple days back and I’ve been cranking out MUCH
improved writing.

Guess subscribers think so too.

Had to go back and revamp my whole auto-responder series. Which was actually fun.

Yesterday’s email brought the first two “early bird” opt-ins within a few minutes of sending. And for the first time, a reader wrote in with comments. Twice.

Of course, I promptly turned her words into another email.

Good stuff.

Thanks a million for straightening my email copy out.

The learning curve for my methods are quick and painless.

(For most people)

And, the information inside the coming August issue is no different. In fact, it boldly goes where no one has gone before (I daresay) in email, and contains a teaching on how to ethically and, yes, kindly, use fat shaming (or any kind of shaming depending on your market, doesn’t have to be weight loss) to make more sales with email. And, believe it or not, do it in a way where readers don’t hate you, fear you, or want to burn you at the stake. Instead, it makes them grateful and eager to buy, maybe even praise you.


Not for me (I even show a real life email example).

And, not for people wise enough to be subscribed in time before it goes to the printer and is too late to get it.

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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How to turn garbage into emails

Once upon a time, I was challenged to turn anything into an email.

On the spot.

Without time to think, plan, or even so much as ponder.

The copywriter I was hanging with and I were at a McDonalds at the time and they said, “okay smart ass… turn that piece of trash on the ground into an email for this client!” This person’s client had a salon mall, and his emails were selling hair stylists on renting a space there.

On the spot, said:

“Easy, write an email about how you were in McDonalds and saw some trash on the ground, which made you think twice about eating there. And it’s the same with salons. You might be shocked how much salon business is lost by something a simple as a piece of trash tucked away in a corner. At our salon mall we have cleanliness standards… yada yada yada…”

Anyway, you get the idea.

Very easy to do, if you train your mind for it.

And guess what:

I recently wrote an email for a Golf business I am a partner in where I was given a similar challenge to turn something that, at a glance, has nothing whatsoever to do with golf, golfers, or even swing a stick on the spot, under the same “pressure.”

It’s not run yet, so I can’t say how well it’ll do.

But, it’s in the back of the August “Email Players” issue.

And, just reading it can give you an idea of how to do this for any market, using ideas that are bold, original, and that your market hasn’t seen before (certainly not from the gaggle of swipers laying in wait who haven’t an original thought since conception). If you’re wise enough to subscribe before it goes to the printer in time to get it… or if you are already subscribed… don’t copy it obviously.

Only dumbos do that.

Instead, let it influence your thinking.

Expand your mind.

And, get you thinking of email at a deeper level than anyone you compete against — which is not that hard to do anymore.

Here’s where to subscribe before it goes to print in a few short days:

Ben Settle

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I’ve never done a single livestream in my life.

But, “Email Players” subscriber Stefanie Arroyo comes clean and admits:

“Ben, I learned more on how to do livestreams from Email Players ($97) than I did from Porterfield’s $2k course. Never mind how to write copy from your $30 book compared to the $4k spent on Ramit Sethi’s & Nikki Elledge Brown’s copy “courses”… but ya know.”

Can’t say I’m real familiar with the above people.

My influences are mostly-obscure old school direct mail guys.

(Not Internet famous guys and girls)

But, it surprises me not that people can apply my gruesome email ways to livestreams. Just like they can be directly applied to YouTube videos. And articles. And blog posts. And sales letters. And Webinars. And podcasts. And public speaking. And the list goes on…

Anyway, on to the bid’niz at toe:

The August issue is almost ready to go to the printer.

To get it in time before it’s too late, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I decided to kill off my Flakebook group. And, many of the members inside have been sending me emails and messages (some, thinking I banned them or something) asking about it.

The reason is simple:

The group existed to entertain and amuse me.

And, for several months, it did.

Then, it didn’t, and started to bore me.

Thus, I decided to kill it off and focus on other things that do interest me.

Anyway, that’s the reason for anyone lamenting the demise of elBenbo’s Lair. It’s not some sneaky plot to launch a product or whatever the social media goo-roos are doing lately. It’s not because I didn’t like anyone (the regulars in there were amongst the few people on this mud hole I do like). It simply bored me. And, as anyone who has watched me kill off successful products/programs on a whim before (like the short-lived elBenbo’s Apprentice membership site and Ben Settle Show podcast last Summer, The Crypto Marketing Newsletter in 2012, the Crackerjack Selling Secrets Club in 2009, etc) know, it’s not unprecedented for me to do such things, and replace them with something more fun and interesting for Yours Crotchety.

So that’s the bad news for my Horde who miss the group.

The good news?

(Good news for me, at least)

I’ll probably create a new group (with completely different dynamics and goals) that excites me as much as the old group did when I first started experimenting with things nobody else on Flakebook was doing.

(That I wrote about in the April 2017 “Email Players” issue).


In the meantime, on to the important stuff:

Even though I only had about 2500 people in there towards the end (I wanted it down to 1000 or less), my now deceased group had one of the most rabid followings I’ve ever seen on or off Flakebook in many ways.

Some people would send me long emails “selling” me on letting them join.

(After I closed Immigration.)

And, many who were banned, would send long emails pleading to come back.

It was just a very unique place from what others told me who are in lots of other groups.

And you know what?

That was all by design.

And, although I don’t mention Facebook in it, one of the influences for how I got it that rabid, is the bloke I talk about in the August “Email Players” issue — who had such a strong personal brand (people either loved or hated him, no indifference), and following, that even today (3 years after his death) you can still find probably hundreds (or more) forums, groups, chat rooms, etc online who argue, discuss, and debate him, his teachings, his ideas, etc.

I applied many things he did to the old group.

And, you can read about some of them in the August issue.

That is, if you subscribe before the looming deadline.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Nathan Tschappler drops some sobering news for accountants and people studying to be accountants:

(As well as giving your Pal some props…)


-not to put you on a pedestal but I can’t begin to tell you how much you have changed my life.

Here’s the good ‘ol Elbenbo scorecard.

1. I used to care a lot more what people thought of me – Mostly Fixed.

2. I used to be much more virtuous/virtue signaling in the Lair and was therefore boring… -somewhat fixed.

3. I used to think that flashy/sexy objects were quite flashy/sexy. -mostly fixed

4. I used to defer to what the girl thought. -mostly fixed

5. I used to be a “omg funnellssss” sort of person. – all fixed

6. I used to be less punctual – mostly fixed. (even to the point where I overestimate how long it will take me to drive)

7. I searched for knawledge on business for 3-4 years. And then you told me that business is simple and the market is all that matters.

On an unrelated note, I just finished paying off my student loans.. “Chains, I command you to loosen from me”

But yesterday the head of the accounting school I went to, posted on FB with this ominous message:

“Very reputable sources estimated that 40% of the accounting jobs will disappear over the next 5 years and the industry will be unrecognizable by 2022. (due to blockchain and computers and artificial intelligence etc.) and even the national head of the CPA organization agrees with this.”

-maybe that expensive piece of paper isn’t worth quite as much as I was told? shockerz..

Can’t help but wonder where I would be if I had spent tens of thousands and thousands of hours studying copy and marketing.

Anyway, time to gird my loins and take responsibility for my life before the next 5 years comes by.

I suspect it ain’t just accountants that are screwed.

A lot of professions are going to feeling the sting of their degrees becoming worth less than a roll of toilet paper.

The solution?

Learning how to sell.

And persuade.

And, be able to do it in multiple mediums.

For example:

I focus on email. But, everything I teach (more or less) about selling with email works in any other kind of communication or sales medium — like YouTube (I have at least one student who simply applies what I teach about email directly to YouTube), blogging, podcasting, copywriting, public speaking, webinars, and even phone and face to face selling with a few adjustments.

If you want to learn my wiles, check out the “Email Players” newsletter.

It’s pricey depending on who you ask.

But, the information inside works.

(If you work it, and not let it sit there unused).

The next issue shows you not just email info, but an overall business model you can adapt to the Internet I have been basing my own business model off of for years, without complicated hundred-step funnels, pricey software, or having to stress and strain over your “OMG MY FUNNEL!”

It goes to the printer soon.

If you want it, subscribe in time here while you can:

Ben Settle

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Let’s talk about thieves who like to rip off emails word-for-word, or change enough of it so they think they are “getting away” with something.

I know, I know… we’re not supposed to care about such things.

Being ripped off word for word is a badge of honor.

Something you can’t do anything about so why worry?

Just send some toothless cease and desist (scary!) and move on with your life.

In a lot of ways, I agree with that assessment. But, at the same time, copyright and IP laws are there for a reason. I once had a lengthy talk with an IP attorney and she explained to me how, if you can show how a swiper has cost you sales (like by using your emails word-for-word, or just changing a few little details), you can go after them for quite a bit of loot if you have your affairs in order.

(Which Yours Crotchety has.)

I remember reading a newsletter from the great Matt Furey about this years ago.

He got all his stuff copyright protected and trademarked.

And, was just waiting for some IM idiot to try to steal his copy so he could drill them for over $100k a pop.

But, never fear, if you don’t have all that in place, my little droogie.


Because in the August “Email Players” issue I show you 3 things you can do in your emails that will make them all but impervious to being ripped off, knocked off, or swiped off by some mindless IM goo-roo who is incapable of thinking for himself.

It has nothing to do with courts, lawyers, or IP laws, either.

It’s simply something you “embed” (so to speak) in your copy.

Anyway, this isn’t a problem for a lot of people.

But, for people who get irked by the idea of someone blatantly stealing your intellectual property, using it to sell in the same market to the same people as you, then this issue will have your righteous back.

Time’s running out to subscribe to get it before I send it to the printer.

Get your lovin’ here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Carlos Castillo proves the power of what I babbleth about:

This whole thing about emailing daily(ish) isn’t something I made up. I have an email coach that teaches me the value of keeping in constant contact with my fanmunity.

His name is Ben Settle. I highly recommend checking him out. 

Now that I’m approaching a year of writing daily emails, I can say with authority that the more I email the better things are.

In the last year I have flushed most of the the non-action-taking, self-entitled, freebie-seeking trolls and snowflakes out of my life and turned the Schwilly Family Musicians community into a raving horde of awesomeness that supports me in more ways than I ever imagined!

The musicians I teach to write emails that stand out from the standard “here’s where I’m playing and here’s where you can buy my stuff” newsletters that most musicians relegate themselves to are seeing similar results too.

It ain’t just info marketers using my ways.

They’re used by musicians, brick and mortar, B2B, eCommerce, freelancers, service providers, people who help churches raise money, and the list goes on.

It ain’t rocket science and it ain’t magic.

But, it works.

To get the August issue before I send it to the printer, hit the jump here:

Ben Settle

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One of the marks of a superb marketer and personal brand is how little indifference there is towards you. If people think about you and think either “I can’t STAND that bastard!” or “I LOVE that person!” you are doing it right.

If they are indifferent to you, (don’t react at all) you’re dead in the water.

My favorite personal branding expert Peter Montoya once told Dan Kennedy in an interview:

“The most polarizing brands attract the most wealth.”

Think about any major religion.

Any major political party.

Any giant industry (big pharma, big government, big media, big oil, etc) people either love and defend them or hate and attack.

Ronald Reagan.

Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.



Dennis Rodman.

The Kardashians.

Jesus Christ.

And the list goes on.

People either love them or hate them — all very polarizing brands.

And, they’re profitable brands that attract/attracted a ton of money, press, attention, followers, etc. All of which is why I declareth that, if you fear being polarizing you will be holding yourself back and leaving so much of the green stuff on the table it’s borderline criminal. On the other hand, if you embrace it, own it, and go with it (as long as you do it in honesty, not fake it declaring you “give zero fugks” or whatever the trendy flakebook one-liner is these days when you clearly do care what people think) you might be surprised how much more profitable your business gets.

And, yes, email lets you play this like a fiddle.

Enter the August “Email Players” issue.

I show you an example of an extremely polarizing brand, a guy who people either loved or hated with a passion — and who not only attracted a huge audience (and gaggle of enemies), but his entire “business model” was so simple most people clinging to their complicated “funnels!” that have more circles than an MLM presentation would scoff.

It’s the model I patterned my business off of in many ways.

And, I’d take the Pepsi challenge laying it next to any of the complicated ones out there.

I’m sending it to the printer soon.

Subscribe here to get it in time, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Last week a (I will assume well-meaning and good) bloke said about my emails:

“Ben has a lot of good stuff but I had to unsubscribe when he sent 6 EMAILS IN ONE DAY selling some affiliate thing. 6!”

Oh noes!


The irony of a copywriter complaining about getting too many emails never ceases to amuse and entertain me.

Especially when they say it’s good stuff.

And, especially with the invention of the delete key…

As my HBIC Misty said:

“6 emails Ben. 6!! The horror. You just left his inbox beaten, bloodied and left for dead. SHAME.”

More fun:

Approximately 58 minutes before 6 email guy’s post… I got this zinger in my inbox:

“I have learned more from your promo emails, than I have even from the things I’ve paid for. Will be giving you money soon.”

Guess which of these two is:

(1) the more serious student
(2) more likely to be successful

But the best part was this:

Apparently, according to that same fb thread, it’s a FACT (fact was capitalized so it must be true) I often promote other peoples’ stuff as an affiliate. I think I’ve done only 3 this entire year: Sean D’Souza’s, Danny Iny’s, and a one off email as a favor to Jon McCulloch I didn’t even care to get paid for (asking him to donate the commissions to a cause on my behalf).

But, be warned:

I have 2 more affiliate campaigns planned this year, and that’ll probably be it.

Total of 5 in a year.

Not sure that qualified as often, but I’ve been wrong before…

Anyway, to paraphrase Mia in “Pulp Fiction”, sometimes when copywriters get together they’re worse than a sewing circle…

Immoral of the story?

People will come and go from your list for any number of reasons.

Might as well sell them something while they’re there…

To learn how I sell via email, go ye here:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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