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One of the most successful sales letters I ever done writeded, was for an informational product in the self defense niche.

It was a product about grappling.

And, to the list I was selling to, that topic is about as exciting as watching pain dry.

Reason why was, the section of the market we sold to, just wanted to be tough guys, who knew how to kick someone’s ass if anyone ever threatened themselves or their families, and had no desire to attend any formal martial arts schools, wear a gi, or roll around on a mat with other men. Frankly, they wouldn’t have known the difference between kung fu and kung pao chicken. And the idea of grappling was not only boring to them, but was something they’d likely go out of their way NOT to learn.

So how did I sell it?

By using the sales letter to make it secksy and exciting.

And, I did it by including some very specific things in the copy anyone can adapt and use for their own emails, sales letters, and other marketing.

The result was a ho bunch of sales.

And, a ho bunch of happy customers.

Including many customers who ordinarily would have wanted nothing to do with grappling, and probably would have laughed at the idea of learning 5 minutes before reading my sales letter.

Enter the August “Email Players” issue.

I don’t include the whole ad in the issue.

Just a few paragraphs.

But, those paragraphs show you an example of how to “seckys-up” a product, idea, or concept people might find boring or irrelevant, and make them far more likely to not only buy, but also use and consume your product.

The deadline to get this issue looms.

To get it, you’ll have to be subscribed before I send it to the printer.

Here is the link to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Apparently, a goo-roo fanboy is spamming Flakebook groups with a “teaching” called:

“Ben Settle’s small tip to 10X your conversions from email”

I first heard about it when Matt Furey messaged me today after the blue light special spammed Matt’s facebook group with the dorky teaching, and Matt eviscerated the guy. But, unfortunately, he is spamming other Flakebook groups with it, too.

Thus, time for a bit of “damage control.”

If you see it, it ain’t anything I teach.

Ain’t representative of anything I do.

And, should be ignored.

You’ll also know it when you see it (besides the title) because it has some weird fire emojis in it (which I don’t use), contains terminology like “10x!” (which I only use when I’m trolling someone), and tries to turn a few principles of persuasion many smart emailers do use into some dumb goo-roo fanboy tactical nonsense — which renders them completely void and useless.

Anyway, just another tale of another nut coming out of the woodwork…

This is also why it pays to be careful who you listen to.

As “Email Players” subscriber Nick Bradshaw said:

“I’ve only been an e-mail players subscriber for about 6 months…and for some reason it’s like every time I see someone talk about bens teachings (outside of his group) they seem to get it all wrong”

All right, enough of this.

Here’s a link to where you can see what I actually teach:

Ben Settle

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Let me tell you a story.

(If you have never seen the Watchmen movie or read the comic, spoilers…)

When the Villainous Adrian Veight (aka Ozymandius, “The Smartest Man In The World”) in Watchmen noticed the world sinking into chaos and war… when he saw the doomsday clock was but a minute away from midnight… and when he realized nothing the powers that be, the smooth talking politicians, or talking heads could do anything to stop the inevitable nuclear holocaust and annihilation of the planet… there were many things he could have done with his great wealth to stop it.

Such as buying up all the weapons manufacturers.

Or bribing the world’s politicians and leaders into making better decisions.

Or possibly even getting himself elected President of the United States to seize control over the most powerful nation on earth.

But he didn’t just want to change the political process.

Or replace the politicians.

Or try to rule the world.

Instead, he decided to do something different, and way more ambitious.

What he did was, completely transform society.

It was the only way to save the world from itself, instead of just applying another temporary “band-aid” of peace treaties and double-talking political negotiations. And, he did it by using his vast resources and intellect to create a crisis so evil and unimaginable it would influence the world and its leaders to focus on attacking that threat, instead of attacking each other.

Which bring me to the rub:

What Ozymandius did is the same thing I’ve seen certain (high selling) ads and emails do.

They don’t just promise to solve a problem.

They promise (or at least it’s implied) to transform the customer’s entire existence.

Their entire world.

Their entire lives.

Anyway, I show several examples of this in the August “Email Players” issue.

As you’ll see, they not only demonstrate how they will help with the problem the product they are selling solves, but transform their lives, making the product far more appealing than the usual offers being piked in direct response.

Something easily applied to most any ad or email.

But to get it, you have to be subscribed before I send it to the printer.

After that, you’ll miss out on it forever.

Here’s the link to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Example #7999432 of the foolishness of mindless swipers:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve discovered my most-ripped-off opt-in page (I am even seeing it mindlessly copied now by a couple IM guru types who charge a small fortune to learn from them) gets by far the least (almost a full 100% less response) sales.

I suspected that one would lose from the start.

After all, it appeals to the dregs of the online marketing-related niches.

(Which is probably why it appeals to swipers so much, too.)

But, even I didn’t know it’d get its arse kicked that bad.

Yet, here these guys are swiping away like their lives depend on it.

But, here’s the fun part:

It’s very deceptive in how it’s losing. By that I mean, this loser ad gets way more overall opt-ins than the winning page, despite it leading to way less money in the bank. And, I suspect the schlubs swiping it are seeing an uptick in their opt-ins thinking “it’s working!”

But, it’s not.

Not if they care more about sales vs soft metrics (like opt-in rates), at least.

Anyway, it’s amusing to think of people copying an ad that literally brings in the worst bottom-of-the barrel leads because some marketing teacher told them to swipe & deploy, or whatever the goo-roo fanboys are calling it these days.

It’s also an example of yet another internet marketing stupid tax:

Blindly swiping losing ads that get way fewer sales and/or generate terrible leads.

Mindless swipers really are a small thinking lot.

And, this is just one more example of why…

If you want to learn how to write emails and copy people look forward to reading and buying from (using your own brain, and not sounding like a fax of a xerox of a scan of someone else’s personality like virtually all swipers do) then check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

Subscription info is right over here:

Ben Settle

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Last week, while promoting the July Email Players issue, a bloke with a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome, and in need of some serious social skills, said:

Just proved you are mortal. You Trump fan boy! The Donald is not the brilliant negotiator you think he is. He is a long con artist. Eventually his presidency will go the way of Trump City, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka and Trump University. It will be his biggest busted flush.

He handed Kim his pants and didnt get a ticket.

Mr. Settle you would be 10x better as President than the Donald, because you sell based on whats real not the bullshit that makes you smell pretty.

So you can dump me off your list and I’ll go waaa for about 30 seconds.

Or you can realize one of the reasons you have ears is to keep your head for going completely up your ass and stop idolizing the deadbeat con you suckers put in the whitehouse. Jeez man he didn’t even write the art of the deal. At least you really write the stuff that got you where you are.

If I never hear from you again, so long and have a nice life.

Okay, forget for a second I didn’t endorse Trump.

Forget for a second I did not vote for him, either.

(I did an entire podcast about why.)

Even forget (for just a second, if you’re a seether) the fellow who wrote this is literally copying and pasting talking points that are demonstrably and factually incorrect. It’s like left wingers have never heard of ghost writers before. Or foolishly and naively think you can become a billionaire (“Let’s see his tax returns!” my favorite retort) without massive amounts of failure, stress, and punishment that nobody whining about oppression on their $900 iPhone could even fathom. Or that the guy, against the monstrously funded Democratic party, the entire political establishment, and even his *own* party… won against a far more politically connected and more sinister opponent, without any political experience whatsoever.

Not to mention how he’s rapidly making it as if Obama was never even president at all…

Forget all that a second.

Yes, I learn from Trump whenever possible, including his mistakes.

(Which is what I was referring to in the email the guy above responded to, ironically, and that I talk about in this month’s Email Players newsletter that people smart enough to have subscribed before the deadline last week — too late now — possess, or soon will, along with a copy of my new book “The Email Players Rules Vol 1” I gifted to them for my birthday month, which I will likely sell for $100 or more.)

I learned many things from Obama, too.

And Bill Clinton.

And Reagan.

And many other presidents.

I wrote an entire email about this not all that long ago. Frankly, if I’d known Trump was going to bring all this bat shyt out of the liberals, RHINO’s, and neo-conservatives I’d have voted for him and even campaigned for the guy.

This has been the most entertaining presidency of my life.

And, I suspect it will only get more so as time goes on.

Especially when, barring Trump being found in bed with a farm animal or something, he’s going to win by a huge landslide in 2020 if the democrats don’t work on their talking points and propaganda game, and at least try to care what the electorate outside of New York and California wants.

Anyway, one more thing:

I have no problem with people spewing mindless left wing derangement at me.

(elBenbo Derangement Syndrome?)

It sometimes makes for great email fodder.

But, it always makes for great amusement.

So have at it, Tiger.

Or, even better, if you don’t want to actually use that seething energy to make sales writing emails instead, you can learn my evil right-wing email methods here:

Ben Settle

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One thing I don’t teach enough is specific writing exercises and techniques.

And, over the years, people have requested I do more of them.

So, since my command is your wish, I have decided to reveal a secret writing exercise (that, yes, I have done myself, this ain’t filler or theory) that can not only make you a better writer, but will force your brain to think about your market (and how to sell to it) in more creative ways.

You only need 3 things to do this exercise.

1. Something to write with.

(pen & paper or computer, doesn’t matter)

2. A copy of a deranged (no, really, it is deranged, in a way even more twisted than my Enoch Wars novels…) picture book published over 50 years ago (you can see it online free, you don’t have to find or buy it).

3. The July “Email Players” issue — where I show you what to do.

Your mileage may vary with this.

But, I believe doing so will not only make you a better writer, but you’ll get in touch with your market in a way you aren’t now.

Plus, it’s kind of fun.

In a warped kinda way…

Today is the deadline to get this issue.

I’m sending it to the printer shortly here.

So if you want this issue, there is simply no putting it off any longer.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

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Today is the deadline to get the July “Email Players” issue.

Here are 15 reasons to subscribe today before it’s too late:

  • A powerful persuasion tip (straight from a world famous pick-up artist) that almost automatically makes you a high-value brand in the eyes of those you are selling to.
  • The best way I’ve ever used to sell continuity offers (newsletters, membership sites, etc) with email.
  • A not-very-nice (but 100% legal and ethical) secret used by two of history’s most notorious presidents that can get you far more respect, sales, and raving “frothing at the mouth” fans than you ever will by being a goodie two shoes.
  • A secret way to use bad news (doctors, ironically, do all the time) for getting clients and customers coming back you over and over, for years into the future.
  • The hidden danger in guru-worshipping that can kill your sales, your brand, and even your professional reputation.
  • How writing offensive emails that horrify and rattle people can get you on the “radars” of some of the biggest and most successful people in your industry. (Creating JV’s, friendships, contacts, and allies you never would get any other way.)
  • The absolute worst kind of email you can send (popularly taught by lots of marketing gurus and ex-spurts) that is guaranteed to (1) hurt your sales (2) train your list to look down on you and (3) send your list directly to any of your competitors who don’t send emails like this.
  • The single worst way (practically everyone does — and it hurts their sales every single time) to respond to critics, trolls, and envious haters.
  • How to mastermind a Facebook group people literally get addicted to being in.
  • How to get scientists to support your claims and ideas in your ads, emails, and other content.
  • My #1 favorite headline copywriter, and their site I go to whenever I want inspiration, ideas, and themes for my subject lines.
  • How to use an ordinary ball to get the attention of almost any potential client, customer, JV partner, or anyone else whose attention you want.
  • A small “attitude shift” you can make in your emails (starting right away) that made Steve McQueen the biggest and highest paid movie star of his time.
  • A deranged picture book that I believe can make anyone who reads (and applies my instructions to it) it a far better writer, copywriter, and communicator.
  • And a lot more…

Including a gift (nobody else on the planet has yet) I am giving subscribers since July is my birthday month. (Warning: This gift is not secksy at all, and most will probably not even use it because it’s free, and therefore won’t Value it — but the few who do will almost certainly find a lot more success, sales, and peace of mind for the rest of 2018 and beyond.)

Again, today is the deadline.

Once I send it to the printer today, it’ll be too late to get it.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

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I gots more to say about neediness and marketing.

Including, an example from Trump.

Last week I got this email from a bloke named Konrad:

I just got a email from a list I’m on and the subject line is cesspool of neediness. I figured I’d give you some more email fodder since you’re the one who taught me why this headline is so asinine. Here it is: 10 Second Question (Please OPEN and ANSWER Immediately) ‘Cause of what you teach, I didn’t want to open the email just out of spite.


Konrad is exactly right.

I am betting you got a visceral revolting reaction just reading that subject line.

(I know I did…)

Now, that is a pretty obvious example.

Let’s talk about a not-so-obvious example that even great negotiators like Trump make. Sometime last year, the media started saying Trump wasn’t mentally fit to be president (something like that). And, instead of ignoring them or using one of a dozen other techniques he has demonstrated he knows for dealing with such things, he did the opposite and went on the defense.

In his case, he took to Twitter to defend himself.



Because all that did was make him look insecure and needy.

If you use my email ways, you will have no shortage of people (big and small) taking shots at you like, that, too (most recently “Email Players” subscriber Daisy Luther got attacked by the media and even Snopes). And, when they do, I suggest using the persuasion secret Trump should have used.

A secret that:

1. Instantly silences the opposition (or makes them double down and look silly, you win, either way)

2. Can put more pesos in your piggy bank

3. Is also good for any other time (business or otherwise) someone tries to bust your balls, accuse you of something stupid, or humiliate you in some way

A secret, you can find on page 11 of the July “Email Players” issue.

Not only do I show you this secret, but I also show you what Trump could have said in a single tweet to shut all his opposition down in a single tweet, further lower the media’s overall status (while raising his), and ended up probably earning a lot of political capital.

The deadline to get this issue is almost upon you.

Subscribe here while you can still get it:

Ben Settle

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True story:

Back in my fraternity days, we would often pull a diabolically evil prank on people where we’d break into their room and smear catfish bait all over their walls, closet, desk, etc.

Why was this so evil?

Because catfish bait stench “sticks” to everything.

(Even after you clean it up!)

And, no matter how clean your room is, how tidy it is, or how much you scrub everything down, that smell lingers. And, it makes everything in an otherwise attractive room — including high quality clothes, an expensive TV’s, and other high classy objects — completely repulsive.

Anyway, why am I bringing this up?

Because, it got me to thinking about the following quote:

“The more interest you show, the more you repel the object of your desire. Uncontrollable desire makes you seem weak, unworthy, pathetic.”

That diddy is from Roberte Greene’s “The 48 Laws Of Power”

And I believe it’s the most profitable *email* quote ever penned.


Because you and I live in the single most needy society (if you are in the U.S. at least) in history. Everyone is needy. Men are needy for lovin’ from hot women. Women are needy for attention from powerful men. Internet marketers are needy for Facebook likes and approval. Politicians are needy for votes. And, from what I see, email marketers, copywriters, podcasters, coaches, etc are needy for sales.

And all that neediness is basically marketing catfish bait:

It makes people completely repulsive.

Nothing on God’s blue earth will make you more unattractive and repulsive to would-be customers, clients, JV partners, (or to anyone else) than being needy.

The worst part?

A lot of people who think they aren’t needy are.

You can see it in their emails. Or in their Flakebook posts. Or on their Twitter timelines. Or in their sales copy. And in everything else they do when trying to persuade people to buy.

So that’s the bad news.

The good news?

There are many neediness“tells.” Some of them are obvious (like telling people they “need” to buy from you in your emails, i.e. neediness projection) and some are not so obvious (like supplicating to clients and customers). But obvious or subtle, if you know the most common neediness tells, you can spot them in your own marketing, copy, selling, and emails, and fix them.


Once upon a time Yours Crotchety was the neediest guy in the room.

And, it ruined a lot of relationships for many years.

(Business, persona, and otherwise…)

It also ruined my sales copy early on.

Then, when I started implemented “anti-neediness” into everything, my sales took off. In fact, back when I did copy and email critiques (I don’t anymore) this was the main thing I found wrong:


Nobody ever realized it until I pointed it out.

Then, they would fix it, and report back saying how much their sales improved.

Just going through your emails and knowing the neediness tells is the single fastest way to make more sales I’ve ever discovered — without having to add a single extra subscriber to your list, without having to be a better copywriter, and without having to send any more traffic to your site.

Enter the July “Email Players” issue.

I spend a lot of time on this subject in next month’s issue.

Including, listing several of the most sales-killing neediness ‘tells’ (I can guarantee everyone reading this email is doing at least 2 or 3 of them) and how to fix them.

I can’t make you any guarantees.

But, I believe this is going to put a lot of extra rupees in a lot of wallets.

Tomorrow is the deadline to get in on this action.

Subscribe here to get it, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Brooks Briz makes elBenbo blush:

I can sum up how you’ve changed my life for the better in three ways…

* Teaching me how to become a better overall communicator so that I can serve more people effectively.

* Inspiring our business’ ongoing communications. (Our email game was mad weak and we were just booty calling haha).

* Motivating me to start my own printed newsletter around experiential leadership.
I guess it didn’t hurt that I made a hell of lot more money as a result. However, that was the outcome; not the goal.

So, yes, thank you for your influence. I don’t fall under the realm of pro copywriters or internet/email marketers but your content is still pertinent for virtually anyone.

It’s always good to see another “boot call” emailer (i.e. people who only mail when they have a new product to sell, treating their list like a booty call) settle down, and mailing daily.

Anyway, this is more proof of the many benefits to being an “Email Players” subscriber.

But, only if you are willing to put in the work (and it is work), drop all the lies you tell yourself about how you can’t afford it (it’s $3.23 per day, even a bum rattling a coffee-stained paper cup full of change can afford it), and how you don’t have time, or whatever the excuse is.

This is why I say it ain’t for everyone.

But, for the chosen few it is intended for?

Well, their success stories speak for themselves…

The July issue goes to the printer Saturday.

To get it before the deadline, high tail it on over to this link:

Ben Settle

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World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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