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Once upon a time I got trolled by the most magnificent troll ever to grace God’s blue earth. He is an almost jolly-like fellow who looks like the author of Game of Thrones. And, as one chick put it, “he looks kinda like a human Haribo bear.”

But, he was a perfect troll.

Frankly, I think God put him on this earth just for me, to profit from.

I say this, because within just a few days of trolling me:

  • He got over 30 “thumbs downs” on his video about me
  • Several of my current customers bought more of my products that weekend as a direct result (I know this, because some of them took pleasure in letting me know)
  • Podcast interview requests from people who wanted to make fun of the guy rolled in
  • Some people who watched it became new Email Players subscribers
  • I made a lot of sales from an email I wrote about it (using the power of contrast) soon after
  • He got high fives from some 3rd world gringos — which resulted in lurkers reading them project and get emotional over it on facebook joining my list
  • I am still making sales from it to this day

It was so profitable, I kept trying to keep that fire burning.

(My girlfriend even said she felt like a “3rd wheel” to my troll that weekend)

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

Profiting from trolls is the easiest thing in the world.

And, in the October “Email Players” issue, I not only link to the above video so you can see it, but I also show you exactly how I engineered all the above benefits with ease, and how you can do the same thing. There was nothing magical or complicated about it, either. And, it can work to make a lot of extra sales for virtually any business, of any size, who gets attacked by harmless trolls (like my troll) or even malicious trolls who want to burn your business and reputation to the ground.

If you have any kind of success, these envious types will come after you.

And, when they do, you’ll make a lot of money from it.

That is, if you subscriber before I send this issue to the printer.

To get it before the deadline, go here:

Ben Settle

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Behold a 1 star review of one of my kindle books once got a few years ago:

Disorganized and Frustrating

The content is solid…maybe some of the best expertise available on this topic. The format is absolute garbage though. The entire book is a transcribed conversation between the author and another expert. If someone had bothered to…..oh I don’t know…maybe at least add a table of contents and some topic headers, this book might actually be useful. You might be able to get away with this kind of laziness in your $2.99 books but if I pay $20 for a book I expect much more professionalism in the presentation. Shame on you, Author. I’ll tell you what….if you refund my $20 and apologize for your laziness I will donate the $20 to a dog rescue of your choice.

I remember finding that quite amusing.

Especially since, it was some of the “best expertise available”… yet the reviewer spent 90% of his review droning on about the formatting?

The “shame on you” part was my favorite, though.

It was mush cookie at best.

And just trollish at worst.

(A “troll-house mush cookie”?)

If someone is that fragile as to natter on about how a $19 ebook (that used to sell for $97) that can be read in one sitting and easily make them thousands of $$ in sales (if they have a list and an offer people want) is (gasp!!) just a transcript and (double gasp!!!) has no table of contents, all the power to ’em.


Couldn’t care less about such things.

Kinda like when I bought Gary Halbert’s “Boron Letters”:

No table of contents.

Hard to read (it was written in his own hand).

No cover (literally).

Damaged binding.

Nothing “professional” about it.

Plus, it cost me $97 at the time I didn’t really have (it *hurt* spending that money at that time in my life).

But you know what?

I can attribute tens of thousands of buckaroos in sales to it.


Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

When I wrote the above in an email the next day, the reviewer (one of the few intellectually 1-star reviewers who probably has ever lived) revised his review from 1-star to 4-stars.

But, here’s the problem:

Most review trolls are not intellectually honest.

And, in many cases, will have no problem not only lying about you in their reviews, many will not have even used your product, and will be like the wicked spirits in the Bible and find 7 more reviewers to jump on the pile who are even more trollish than themselves.

I don’t care if it’s a book review, podcast review, or yelp review, either.

And if you get enough of them?

It will negatively impact your sales.

Maybe even put you out of business in extreme cases.

The solution?

The upcoming October “Email Players” issue.

I show you (using real life examples) how to use email (and facebook if that’s your bag) to profit from these yahoos. That way, you not only don’t mind them, you hunt them down, try to rile them up, and laugh at them as you profit from their idiocy.

The deadline to get this issue approaches quick.

To subscribe in time, go here:

Ben Settle

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“Well, John wasn’t exactly the boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fugking boogeyman!”

— Viggo Tarasov
“John Wick”

Let’s talk about the boogeyman.

But when I say boogeyman I am not talking about some disembodied entity or monster ready to leap out at you from the shadows. I am talking about the kind of boogeyman that takes the form of a horde of SJWs attacking, smearing, and falsely accusing you or your business of whatever idiotic spazz-of-the-month they are focused on.

This is happening more and more.

To businesses big and small.

And, yes, even to “liberals” — who think they are immune to it because they are left winged, and foolishly assume the fringe parts of their ideology won’t attack them for daring to even tip toe outside the Narrative. If you don’t believe me, look at Sir Tim Hunt — 2001 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology, whose entire legacy and professional reputation was wiped out during a single plane flight home where he was attacked for making a… a… a… — oh noes! — joke. Or, more recently, Will Wheaton — which was admittedly amusing, considering his background of smearing people he disagreed with.

Anyway, back to the boogeyman:

When they come-knocking on your door it can destroy your sales.

Get you inundated with bad reviews and word-of-mouth.

And, if you let it, bring your business down to its knees.

If you read anything to the right of Mother Jones or even the New York Times, you can see stories of this regularly. And, judging by how fragile most online business owners are, seeking a “safe place” and scared to death of being labeled (racist, sexist, whatever), this is something that be debilitating — professionally and emotionally — for them when it happens.

I say “when” because if you have even a modicum of success it *will* happen to you.

Maybe not today.

Probably not even tomorrow.

But, it will happen.

And, again, if you think you’re safe because liberal, think again. If it ain’t some loser SJW horde, it will be a major media outlet targeting you, or just a garden variety troll who tries to bring your booty down to their level of nothingness.

Enter next month’s “Halloween” edition of the “Email Players” newsletter.

It’s all about how to “John Wick” this kind of boogeyman.

And, not only destroy it (figuratively, of course), but profit immensely from its wiles — complete with real-life examples and game plans (one instance that happened to Yours Gruesome and another that happened to an “Email Players” subscriber in the prepper niche who got attacked by snopes).


Armed with the weapons I give you, you won’t fear these boogeymen.

You’ll actually seek them out.


Because they will be predictable money in the bank.

Every time.

And, they will be rendered as dead as a vampire carcass doused in holy water, the ground around the body salted, with a stake through its heart, its head lopped off, and garlic stuffed down its throat.

This could literally be a business-saving issue for a lot of people.

The information inside certainly has been for me.

And, for others I’ve taught, too.

But the deadline to get this issue looms.

To grab it in time before I send it to the printer, go here:

Ben Settle

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I haven’t done a Q&A email in a while.

So, I have decided to reach into my righteous mail sack, and see what’s what…

QUESTION: How serious are you about [your “no coming back after leaving Email Players”] policy? I like Email Players, but I’m poor. What’s my risk of receiving the ban-hammer for canceling due to finances? Thanks for your time.

elBENBO: It’s $3.23 per day. It’s not the price, it’s you. Frankly, a lot of people would be better served replacing “can’t” with “won’t” when their rationalization hamster starts spinning. Once you leave, there is no coming back.

QUESTION: I was wondering… Does my email list size have anything to do with how I should price my products?

elBENBO: All that matters is (1) your ability to generate quality (as opposed to freebie-seeking do-nothing) leads and also (2) your ability to sell them. Do email my way and this is a non-issue if you mail consistently, every day, with an offer your list wants.

QUESTION: Question Ben: I am new to the email marketing game and I am having “writers block”… trying to email my list every day New and exciting content that they actually will open. Any suggestions to never run out of things to talk about?

elBENBO: If you have writers block with sales copy, you haven’t studied your market deeply or thoroughly enough.

QUESTION: Do you EVER give away any information without my having to enroll!

elBENBO: You mean like the 200 free podcast episodes, free Email Players issue, and other free stuff I give away you clearly aren’t using?

QUESTION: Do you have a daily reading routine? If so, what kind of material do you typically read and how many pages a day?

elBENBO: My daily routine begins with a 10-mile walk, then work, then eating, then relaxing, with reading happening at night before bed. As far as what kind of material — I tend to like to read biographies of the great men in history. Most recently, I am reading “Another Man’s War” by Sam Childers.

One more, to wrap this Q&A up — this one’s a comment not a question:

QUESTION: You’re an unbelievably funny, hilarious sociopathic asswipe lol. We love to watch you make a fool out of yourself, to see what depths such a scumbag will go. It’s amusing. It’s human nature. You are an entertainer whose hobby is studying emails and your career is selling bullshit.

elBENBO: Nobody has ever called me hilarious before…

All right, that’ll do it for today.

The October “Email Players” issue goes to the printer in 6 days. It shows you how to take troll, smears, and attacks, and spin them into lots and lots of sales in your shiny, candy-like piggy bank. In fact, I am in a mastermind meeting right now, and just introduced myself as:

“My name is Ben Settle, and I troll hip hop artists”

And am going to share how I made out like a bandit last week trolling a rapper for my Write Supremacist Copy Slacker sale.

The point:

Don’t fear the trolls & marketing incels, stir them up and profit from them.

It’s the American way… and the October issue will show you how.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

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True story:

Once upon a time, while doing a special email training, the host demanded to know why I tell people to shame their markets in their emails when it makes sense. He asked this because (admittedly) I am a big fan of shaming. Shaming has worked for thousands of years. It didn’t stop working because millennials who live in their moms’ basements, coddled from the world, declare it doesn’t.

So yes, I believe in shaming.

But I don’t believe in shaming people like people think I do.

I do my shaming in a secret way people buy from.

A way that not only has multiplied my sales many times over, but I believe can work for anyone, in any market, selling most any kind of product or service. It works even in markets where people think shaming doesn’t work (like weight loss), where I used it to convert over 40% of a list into buyers.

And guess ye what?

I reveal this shamelessly profitable way of using shame in the September “Email Players” issue.

But I’m sending it to the printer tonight.

Once I do that, it’ll be shamefully too late to get it.

To get this secret of ethical shaming method, hit the shameless link below:

Ben Settle

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The pitch inside this email is as obnoxiously blatant as it comes

Today’s the deadline to get your hot, sticky hands on the September “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • One of the world’s greatest sales trainer’s secret for creating 100% believability and trust in everything you say.
  • A secret way to “open up” your prospect’s mind in your emails and ads to want to hear more about whatever you want to sell them.
  • How a brand spanking new college grad wrote one of the most effective ads in history. (And how to apply everything she did to your emails.)
  • What to do to your headlines and subject lines to make them virtually impossible not to read and respond to.
  • When trying to be entertaining in emails can not only backfire on you, but potentially bring your entire business crashing down!
  • A subject template skeptical prospects (who make up anywhere from 2 – 5 times more people than the hyper buyers) love to read and respond to.
  • How to sell artwork, music, and other non-informational and exotic products via email.
  • Why if you have a membership site having “locked” content inside it is almost certainly destroying your sales.
  • And lots more…

Including, a bonus “Ravings of an Ad Man” training revealing how to explode your sales by (gasp! Oh noes!) “tastefully shaming” your market. (Doing shaming in this secret way works so astonishingly well, it’s almost criminal so few marketers do it.)

Anyway, today’s the deadline to get this issue.

After I send it into the printer later on today, it’s too late.

Here’s the jolly ol’ link:

Ben Settle

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One of the things I do that is almost 180 degrees opposite of just about everyone else is, I don’t lie to my list.

And I’m not talking just about claims.

I’m talking about telling them whatever problem they are dealing with is not their fault.

Especially, when it demonstrably and provably is their fault.

Take the weight loss market, for example.

When I partnered in a company in that niche a few years back, the stats and traffic guy Jim Yaghi told me my emails and sales letters converted over 40% of the list into some kind of buyer. It was probably a lot more than that, in fact, because we sold Kindle books, too.

And, I believe we did so well because I refused to lie to them.

I did not say:

“It’s not your fault you are overweight! Big pharma, big food, and big media have been conspiring to make you unhealthy your entire life … !” and then go into the usual pitch with benefits and claims.

I could have done that.

Everyone else in that market does.

But, it’s fundamentally dishonest.

Of course it’s their fault. If they are a functioning, thinking, responsible adult (the only kind of customers I care to have), then it is their fault. Whether it’s from overeating, following the wrong advice, not dealing with past abuse so they can heal (a disturbingly common reason for this particular problem nobody wants to talk about because too nice), not exercising, not avoiding sugar, drinking all the time, not having their hormones tested and then working towards fixing that, or whatever it is, it is their fault.

Or, they should at least take responsibility for it, either way.

How is me lying to them going to help them?

How is lying to them going to fix the problem?

How is lying to them going to make them want to buy anything else after that?

How is lying to them going to make a long-term change in their lives?


It’s not.

All lying to them will do is maybe get a one time sale, which they will do nothing with, as they flit off to the next solution which anyone who sells in weight loss knows is what most people do.

Thus, I told them the truth.

And, made them take responsibility, which made them ready to receive my sales pitch.

But, I did it in a very special way.

(I did not literally say, “it’s your fault! sac up!”)

Instead, I used a way that works far better than lying to people not only in weight loss, but in this market (i.e. selling to you), and every other market, when it makes sense to do it.

A way hardly anyone has the sac to do.

But, that not only makes sales, but makes better customers.

Anyway, I talk about this in a bonus lesson stuffed inside the September “Email Players” issue.

To subscribe before the deadline to get it, go here:

Ben Settle

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One of my favorite Donald Trump email lessons:

A few years back, the media interviewed Trump and the topic of a super model he dated came up, to which Trump said she was “No longer a 10.”

When the media asked for her response?

Incoherent babble.

She was clearly rattled, and it got her upset emotionally — despite the fact he was now a mother of 4 and well past her modeling days and it shouldn’t really have mattered what Trump said or thought.

But it did matter.

And, it mattered because Trump tapped into one of her insecurities.

With one measly sentence.

And guess what?

This tapping into insecurities in a headline or subject line is one of the best ways ever invented for getting people to not only read your ads and emails, but give them their undivided attention.

And guess what else?

In the September “Email Players” issue I show and analyze a great example of this.

It’s right smack dab on page 2.

And, it’s a doozy of way to use, too.

But I’m sending this issue to the printer early this month.

(Tomorrow is the deadline.)

So make sure you are subscribed today to get it in time:

Ben Settle

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One thing you can sell via email a lot of people don’t realize can be done is music on podcasts. Or, even if they believe it can be done, don’t really know how to do it.

Thus, this question that rolled in:

My friends tell me there is no written content I could create to sell our music podcast via email.

I’m fairly certain they are wrong but I can’t figure out how yet.

Note that I’m not asking you to tell me *what* you would write to subscribers of the email list. Rather I just want to know: Can you think of a couple ways off the top of your head that would allow an email marketer to market a podcast?

Survey says —


It can be done.

And, it can be done rather in the same manner one of the world’s greatest copywriters once sold music via direct response. In this case, the copywriter had to sell a bunch of records (this was back in the day when people bought records, but it applies just as much, if not more to digital music). And, after he finished panicking at his assignment since he had only sold information until then, he used the secret found on pages 13 & 14 in the September “Email Players” issue.

And the rest was history.

Yes, I will tell you who this copywriter was in the September issue.

And, yes, what he did doesn’t just apply to music.

I use it to sell everything (information, non-information, physical products, supplements, and everything and anything else I’ve ever sold) I sell, and you can, too.

You just have to know the ins-and-outs of this “secret.”

(Which isn’t really all that much a secret, but it might as well be so few do it.)

You can read all about it in the September issue.

That is, if you are subscribed before the deadline in a couple days.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Following won’t do most people reading this a lick of good. But, if you have a membership site or plan to have one, you might find the following useful, profitable, and doable.

Here’s the scoop:

A few months ago, I told my “Email Players” subscribers about how much higher my overall sales went after I stopped offering the “Email Players” back issue catalog for sale each month.

The tl;dr version is:

I tested the “sell one thing at a time” principle of direct response late in 2017.

And, I found my sales go up anywhere from 5 to 10 (and, sometimes, even higher) times what they were. In other words, I started including only one ad for one product with each issue, instead of a catalog of 80+ back issues, plus other products advertised in the back that I used to. Anyway, not long after that, I got to talking to one of my “Email Players” about this for her membership site.

“How does this apply to MY situation, Mr. elBenbo?” she asked.

In her case, she has “locked” content in her site.

That means, you can see that her other products exist inside her paid membership site, but you can’t access them without paying. I told her I thought that was an awful idea, even though everyone and their sister does it.

Then, I told her a much better way.

A way based on how I increased my sales so much with print.

A way that, yes, I reveal in the September “Email Players” issue.

It’s going to the printer earlier this month than usual.

Which means, time is almost up.

To get in before the deadline, go here:

Ben Settle

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