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Last week someone was telling me how some people were complaining that I’m too negative.

Apparently, that’s a bad thing.

Not to me, though.

I wear that as a badge of honor. I AM a negative guy. I’m crotchety, ill-tempered, and often talk about negative things. I see no reason to pretend otherwise, and happily accept the label.

Why am I so positive about being negative?

The answer is simple:

Practically everything I’ve done that is noteworthy was motivated by negative emotions and motivation. Whether it be writing novels (I wrote “Zombie Cop” simply to make sure the girl I had been dating prior knew she would never get a guy more successful than me — a dorky motivation, but there it was, so I used it…) or rising in the ranks of the copywriting world or creating all the products, content, daily emails, public speaking performances and gigs, and the list goes on.

All of it is, at its root, spurned on my negative motivations.

Like fear of poverty.

Or wanting to show people from my yute who da man is.

Or wanting to be better than any guy I was replaced with from former girlfriends.

And the list goes on.

(Those are just a few.)

I’m not saying I stay in a constant state of negativity (and I don’t think you should, either). The Hulk has to turn back into Bruce Banner eventually — and spends most of his time as Banner. But when the evil villain threatens your world or peace of mind you gotta hulk out.

It’s the same in nature.

Rainbows are pretty to look at, I guess.

But they do nothing for the land.

Violent thunderstorms, on the other hand, clean out the air and ground, provide water for crops, clear out dead trees (a natural forest fire is normal and necessary), keep lakes and rivers healthy, and keep people from dying in droughts.

What do rainbows do?


So it is with a lot of so-called “positive thinking.”

Most of it accomplishes very little.

It’s the negative stuff that moves mountains.

I even did a podcast about this a few weeks back — about all the blatantly negative attributes of God via the Old and New Testaments. There were quite a few, let me tell ya.

So there you go.

The case for negativity.

Don’t like it?

Go worship a rainbow.

The rest of us have work to do…

Beginning with the March “Email Players” issue which goes to the printer in a couple days. It shows you how to harness negative fears, urges, etc (amongst other things) to bang out all kinds of emails using a method devised by a brilliant psychologist.

The deadline to get it looms.

Subscribe here:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Burak Tuyan shows us how it’s done:

Do you remember those sample emails that I sent you?

They landed me the gig. (And the competition was tough).

But I’m not here to brag.

There are two, more important takeaways here — which I’m grateful for:

1. Being an “Email Players” subscriber helped me attract the right kind of client (both co-founders are VERY competent in their field, and they know what they want).

2. The daily emails I wrote for them – using your principles – already started getting good results even in the first week (in terms of sales, of course, not any kind of hocus-pocus numbers).


So easy to look like a stud to clients when you use my system.

And the sooner your realize that, and grasp it, and accept the words of elBenbo about this… the sooner your mortal copywriter feelings of despair and anxiety will cease to cause you pain, my Child.

The March issue mails soon.

Just applying the info in the first part of the issue will make you a hero to clients.

Here’s where to subscribe before it mails:

Ben Settle

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Couple weeks ago while speaking at Ray Higdon’s personal branding bootcamp I had lunch with the authors of the smash hit book “Go For No”.

I’d been a fan of their for years.

And, afterwards they sent me their book.

In the envelope was a nice card and a smaller card, written in a child’s handwriting, that said:

One day I asked my daddy for a cookie but my my daddy didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie but he didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie and he didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie he let me have a cookie. The end.

I wrote them back and immediately said:

That is probably the single best example of the power of daily emails (or any kind of relentless follow up selling anything).

So simple.

So easy.

So simple and easy even a child can grasp it — even if the average opportunity-minded goo-roo fanboy looking for “cool ninja tricks, man!” will never grasp it, constantly floating from one technique, tactic, and trick to another.

Selling ain’t complicated.

Nor should it be.

Which is why my email methodology works so well for so many.

It ain’t based on complexity.

It’s based on simplicity.

The kind of simplicity anyone can use to start writing emails your list eagerly looks *forward* to reading and buying from — day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and, yes, decade after decade.

If you’re ready to let go of complicated it can work for you.

If not?

Then get ye behind me.

The rest of us have work to do.

To see a ridiculously simple way of writing emails based on a dead psychologist’s brilliant work, check out the March issue of “Email Players” — which goes to the printer in a few days.

Here’s where to subscribe while you still can:

Ben Settle

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elBenbo’s charred heart just grew a whole 0000001% in size.

Reader Stefanie “Booty” Klenner writes:

….you are a gift from God… I thank Him for you every day because I would be lost in this online business world without you. He knew exactly what and who I needed. Everything about the way you lead and do business speaks to me…from you not doing things for the money to your generosity (and discretion) when helping others. All my feelz are trying to come out right now btw… Booty is holding back tears. I’m just so grateful for you, it’s hard to even put into words.

Thanks for everything, Ben.

Lots of love,



I just had rainbows vomited all over me…

Anyway, the March “Email Players” issue goes to the printer early next week. The first part of it is about a Villainous principle of psychology you can easily use to pound out dozens of emails people love reading and *buying* from — fast.

It’ll elicit the feelz from your list.

And, improve their lives by making them realize they really need your product.

Get in on this action before it’s too late here:

Ben Settle

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There’s a Bible verse that says to agree with your enemy quickly.

I always got the gist of it.

But, didn’t really understand how to use it in email copywriting until reading Jim Camp’s magnificent book “NO” — where he talks about a movie about a lawyer tasked to defend a woman accused of murder.

Here’s the story:

At a glance it’s an open and shut case.

The prosecution has the murder weapon, the motive, and the eye-witness who puts the defendant at the scene. The jury and the media and everyone paying attention simply *knows* she is guilty as sin and it’s just a matter of going through the motions to put the girl away.

So, what does the defendant’s attorney do?

At first, the usual:

He starts off by saying his client is innocent, all the charges are based on hearsay and conjecture, and that she’ll be vindicated.

Then, he notices everyone is basically rolling their eyes at him.

(Again, everyone, judge, jury, media, *knows* she’s guilty.)

So he changes gears and AGREES with everything they are thinking. He says not only does he get why they think she’s guilty, but that even he, as her lawyer, believes she murdered the bloke she was being accused of murdering in cold blood! That they should save the tax payers money and the jury time and just find her guilty now. And so on, and so forth.

The result?

Someone in the jury pipes up and insists she deserves a fair trial.

And, well, I’m sure you can guess what happens from there.

Anyway, this is an extremely powerful principle of persuasion hardly anyone online does.

Yet, I have done it many times.

And, I can tell you it works like crazy. (I most recently used it to make a lot of sales for my 10-Minute Workday product — the single biggest launch AWAI ever did, I was told.)

And you know what?

The March “Email Players” issue goes deep into how you can do the same.

(With an example to model — not “swipe” — so you can see how it’s done.)

It’s so simple it’s almost stoopid.

And, it literally gets your competitors (anyone “against” you or what you teach/espouse) to help you sell your products for you without them knowing or realizing it.

This baby goes to the printer in a few days.

Get your lovin’ here while there’s still time:

Ben Settle

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Sunday I decided to read my main flakebook timeline for the first time in weeks, for sheer shyts & giggles and to see what the proles are up to.

Anyway, so I start scrolling.

And scrolling.

And scrolling.

Through a couple weeks’ worth of posts.

And you know what stood out most?

People are mush cookie-ing out harder than ever lately.

The “oh-woe is me!” is so strong I’m wondering if it’s being done as a tactic/technique — like the asking stoopid questions thing to get “engagement.” Frankly, it’s so blatant I would not be shocked if some social media goo-roo coach is telling people to act like complete poosies to get more engagement, and this is the new trend.

(Since then, a few people told me this IS what’s going on.)


Reminds me a few years ago, when I was hanging with my ex-copywriting apprentice (way before I had made her my apprentice) and one of our friends was complaining about something.

I don’t remember about what, exactly.

But I do remember her reaching into her purse and handing him a tampon.


Anyway, fun times in Flakebook land.

The mush cookies apocalypse has erupted.

And you know what that means?

Simply *not* being a mush cookie will get you noticed.

Get you listened to.

And, get you bought from.

It couldn’t be easier.

On to the pitch:

The March “Email Players” issue goes to the printer in 5 days.

One of the things it teaches is an infamous theory created by a psychologist (who has since joined the choir invisible) that lets you pound out emails people can’t resist buying from.

Including people who think they don’t want to be sold anything.

Subscribe here in time while you still can:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Christina Gillick experiences the the firepower of Darth elBenbo’s fully armed and operational misogyny:

In early 2016, I was a scattered mess. While I had achieved my goal of working for myself, I couldn’t seem to get to the next level. I was trying to run two businesses and do everything the “experts” said I HAD to do to be successful. My ever-growing task list made me feel like a failure and I was quickly approaching burnout…

So, meeting Ben in person couldn’t have come at a better time. He made me realize I could cut out 99% of the advice being thrown at me and still grow a successful business. On top of that, I could create my business my way and make my own rules.

Using Ben’s principles to simplify and focus, I’ve been more consistent and so has “Business #1.” We doubled our email subscribers and finished the year with sales up 44%. (While spending much less on PPC and FB ad costs!)

I’m also a freelancer (that’s Business #2). Ben’s principles have taught me to stand up for myself and put my goals first. Now I have more options and feel more in control. (I’m also braver when negotiating for higher project fees.) As a result, I just deposited my biggest royalty check yet — worth more than my full-time job used to pay for an entire month! (And, that’s on top of the original projects fees I already received.)

I really can’t say enough good things about Ben’s no-nonsense approach. No matter what format — his daily emails, Email Players, or more recently his AWAI program: The 10-Minute Workday — I know I’m getting the most actionable advice without the time-wasting fluff.
Thank you, Ben, for reducing my stress, giving me more confidence, and completely turning my business around!

In other news:

The March “Email Players” issue mails in less than a week.

For people who get excited by the psychological side of email copywriting you’ll be like a plump kid in the candy store. A bit part of it is how to use a psychological study done years ago to bang out all the emails your greedy little heart desires.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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More email lessons from the wonderful world of Wing Chun:

There is a scene from a movie (you can find on youtube easily enough) called Ip Man 3 that encapsulates both high level Wing Chun and high level email copywriting perfectly.

Here’s the context:

The scene is Ip Man and his wife in an elevator.

His wife was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is dying. His son will soon be without a mother, him without his wife. He’s sad, and despairing, just wants to enjoy whatever time left he has with his wife. A local corrupt bid’niz tycoon (played by Mike Tyson) sends this hit man to kill Ip Man and her, who gets in the elevator with them and attacks.

Now, go watch the scene real quick.

Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.

(Just type in “Ip Man 3 elevator scene”)

Did you watch it?

It’s like Wing Chun porno.

And, as you’ll see, email copywriting porno, too.

Did you notice how he constantly controls the center line?

(i.e. Occupies the path)

He doesn’t get impatient, either, not trying to go for a knock out punch, which is what gets a lot of fighters in trouble and expels their energy trying to use brute force vs receiving and accepting and re-directing force.

Ip Man accepts his opponent’s energy, and redirects it back at him constantly.

Doesn’t get rattled.

Doesn’t get emotional.

Doesn’t rely on brute strength — especially when his opponent has more of it than he does.

Doesn’t get *impatient*.

Calm, smooth, in control, even under pressure and distracted by his wife’s condition.

And guess what?

These are also the attributes of someone who makes a lot of sales with email consistently. Who doesn’t try force sales down peoples’ throats… doesn’t get impatient trying to close too soon… doesn’t rely on canned email swipes or templates… doesn’t despair because they can’t figure out that perfect subject line… doesn’t freak out when gmail farts and sends their emails to the promotions folder… and instead lets the sale happen based on what he feels and interprets from his market/list, using the raw fundamentals of his craft, and receives his customer’s energy (i.e. understands what they want) and gives it to them via his copy.

All right.


I probably lost 95% of my readers on this.

Those 95% who don’t want to hear this.

Who, instead, want to hear there is a magical swipe file and secret way of closing emails that has been split tested a gazillion times, but then get disappointed when they find out those tactics and swipes don’t work for anyone but the person who sold them on that ill of goods.

For those 95% I can’t help them.

For the rest left over?

The ones who understand hard work, effort, and being grounded in the fundamentals is what wins the day?

That’s what “Email Players” is created for.

Next issue mails in less than a week.

It’s a doozy, with a cool psychology lesson for banging out hundreds of emails.

Subscribe here to get it in time, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Last week I saw the biggest pile of horse pucky this side of Texas.

Someone had posted on flakebook an image of a guy bragging about his big planned out sales & “onboarding” (one of those nifty phrases goo-roo fanboys get chubbies over) funnel (with automation!), and saying how it’s even more complex than it looks.


It was amusing, to say the least.

It was like this giant maze that made no sense.

If I had to finish his thought I’d add:

“Now all I need is a list and an offer!”

Think I jest?

Almost everyone I’ve talked to who brags about these things has zero list or offer to sell in their souped-up funnels — or even how to use email in a way anyone wants to read. There is a time and place for these giant funnels. But for the majority of people (that I know at least, your milage may vary) who do these things, they haven’t even figured out the basics of direct response. And, thus, have no idea how impractical these things are for most businesses without a big team and infrastructure in place.

Probably looks cool in the fb groups full of drooling goo-roo fanboys.

But, in the real world?

It’s pure, unadulterated flowery hands marketing.

Flowery hands being a term in kung fu mocking people who do a bunch of giant arm movements and complex kicks and balancing acts that look great to the uninitiated, but will get their arses handed to them by even an amateur in a real fight since they have zero balance, coordination, or ways to practically and efficiently strike or kick.

So it is in marketing and sales.

These overly complex onboarding funnels are the epitome of flowery hands marketing.

Amusing, yes.

But, for all but the truly experienced marketers, ultimately foolish.

Kinda like a court jester…

Hey, if you want that, have a party.


I focus on the fundamentals.

Then, I dig DEEP into them.

Like in kung fu, each fundamental principle of marketing (that many reading this roll their eyes at) goes so deep you could never truly master them in a lifetime.

And, they work way better than the flowery hands nonsense.

Want to onboard yourself to broke?

Be my guest.

Otherwise, to go deep into my boring, non-sexy (but off-the-wall effective) ways, go here:

Ben Settle

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A while back, my friend, computer scientist (a for-real scientist, doesn’t just play one on the Internet) Jim Yaghi and I were talking about open rates.

And, how they are almost pointless to track these days.

Why pointless?

Many reasons.

One, Android phones.

They have HTML turned off by default.

Your little snowflake emails aren’t being tracked.

Another reason?

Jon McCulloch was telling me how Gmail now does something to grab images once and isolate them from the server hosting them – meaning open rate measuring is totally out of whack.

(This one was new to me, but explains a LOT.)


I’ll let Jim Yaghi take this one:

“Ben one more reason to ignore open and click rates is that when you email daily they naturally trend down and give you a true reflection of your actual readership. This may be depressing. But is actually good news. When you do intermittent emails you get high opens after absence because people are like who the ___ is this clown!? They open to see then are reminded and stop opening the rest of your emails. But the people reading all your daily emails are your true blue loyalists and their numbers are usually a fraction of your entire list. They are also your buyers. I find my steady open numbers (not rate) on regular emails is also the total number of customers in every product I launch”

I have found the same.

I don’t write for “opens.”

I write for sales.

Reminds me of the Email Players subscriber who made his client (using my methods) tons of sales last December in a month where they hardly get any, but was worried about only getting a 9% open rate…

Anyway, do what you want with this info.

I fully realize there are many email gurus who disagree with this.

Maybe, even would call me irresponsible.

(As some prominent guru apparently did once about this.)

But, they’re wrong.

And that’s okay.

After all, it’s not against the law for them to be wrong…

Anyway, to learn how to write emails that make sales without wasting your life tracking metrics that aren’t accurate due to the technology of our times, check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

It ain’t cheap.

And it ain’t for people looking for “sexy.”

I am all about fundamentals.

And, going *deep* into those fundamentals.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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