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Your Daily Email Addiction

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A reader writes in:

Long time reader/listener Ben. Please leave my last name out of this if you quote me. But I think I owe you some email fodder after all the great content you’ve given me.

I do email marketing for a financial company.

Can I just say that split testing is mostly BS?

I looked back at 50+ split tests of email subject lines, images, link types, etc.

And in only 3 of them was there a meaningful difference in open and click rates.

It makes me think that people who go crazy testing “sign up” vs “register” are wasting their time.

And when I look at revenues, you know which emails worked?

The ones that offer good products from a trusted source at a reasonable price.

Everything else is nonsense.

When you split test dog sh*t, you just get 2 piles of dog shit.

There are many reasons why I will never be “mainstream” in Internet marketing.

One of which is my indifference to testing emails.

I don’t screw around with HTML, or using templates, or images/pictures, or inserting hyper links into words, or split testing subject lines against each other, or any of that.

I simply write, and send, and sales show up.

Takes maybe 10-15 minutes on average.

Would I make more sales doing the above things?

Maybe, but probably not.

Even back in my client work days, making my emails look plain text — like they are coming from a friend at a glance — worked better than all the bells and whistles.


Every computer scientist and engineer I’ve asked about this (i.e. people who know how much discipline and patience it takes to do a for real scientific test) has told me the pointlessness of testing open rates as any kind of indication of sales.

It can be useful for other things.

(Testing the health of your list, seeing if you’re on any spam black lists, making sure gmail users are getting your emails, testing product titles, etc).

But, for keeping track of actual sales?

I say thee nay, Mortal.

That’s not to say you should or shouldn’t.

Do whatever you must.

But, in my way of thinking, it’s far more important to be grounded in the principles of direct response and copywriting first, and in all the high tech and new ways to split test or whatever second.

For example:

I remember when the Obama people revealed their campaign (2008) email tests.

It was amusing to read.


Because while they brought in something like $600 million in donations using email (far more than they did with social media, contrary to public social media goo-roo opinion), they could have saved a lot of time and money and energy by simply bringing people who already knew the basics of direct response marketing to do the emails, instead of bringing in people who had to “test” their way into learning even the most basic ideas I teach in my “Email Players Playbook” and newsletter.

I reckon they’d have brought in a helluva lot more, too.

Ah well.

This testing indifference gets me mocked in the IM community.

And, that’s okay.

I accept being the skid-mark on the underwear of email marketing.

It’s quite profitable.

And, has been quite profitable for my student’s too.

More on my newsletter here:

Ben Settle

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Never go to bed mad at each other… stay up and fight

One of my favorite books is “The 48 Laws Of Power” written by one of my favorite authors Robert Greene.

And, if you are one of these people worried about getting “engagement” in your emails, social media, podcasts, blog posts, whatever it is you do… he tweeted something I’ve been doing for years without even realizing it makes a great way to create content by design.

Anyway, what did his magic tweet say?


“Bring in people with different viewpoints and encourage them to fight it out.”

It’s why I love picking fights with accepted goo-roo dogma.

I love a good fight — whether it’s me fighting someone else, or watching two (or more others) fight. And, yes, my Horde (email list, secret Facebook group members, podcast audience, customers, etc loves it too, which is why I am always eager to deliver it to them.

And mark my words, my little droogie:

Your list loves it, too.

Oh, some may whine and complain about it being “negative” and offending the feminist goddess of the crystal bra or whatever. But people are starving for substance. For options for thinking differently. And, yes, for sport.

Immoral of the story?

Reminds me of a joke I once heard about married couples angry before bed:

“Don’t go to bed angry, stay up and fight!”

Peace is boring and unhelpful a lot of the times in marketing.

Thus, I say encourage fighting.

Your audience will thank you, and so will your bank account.

To check out my “Email Players” newsletter (perfect for picking fights) go here:

Ben Settle

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I’m sending the June “Email Players” issue to the printer today.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How to end conversations with someone you’re trying to sell who is on the fence about buying.
  • The single best lesson on infotainment I’ve ever seen. (From the NRA’s #1 firearm instructor of the year, of all people…)
  • How to make more sales by giving your prospect’s brains emotions to feed off of.
  • 3 examples of how to ratchet up your sales by picking fights with gurus.
  • What the “doctor of persuasion” says about Facebook groups.
  • A powerful persuasion tool that makes your product or service like “cat nip” — even to people who normally wouldn’t buy from your or even like you.
  • How watching ALARMA TV can make your emails, ads, videos, in-face sales pitches, phone calls, webinars, and any other way you sell far more persuasive.
  • Why everyone woman needs a gun, and why the pretty ones need 2 guns (and how this will make your marketing more persuasive).
  • And a ho’ bunch more…

Again, I’m sending this list in today.

Here’s where to subscribe while there is still a little time left:

Ben Settle

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One of my favorite things to happen is when a guru (not a goo-roo, goo-roos are kinda insignificant to these things) argues with something I say, or just espouses a totally different point of view.


Because it makes for perfect email fodder.

I liken it to picking a fight with them.

Guru writes something I know is wrong, and can prove it, and then I write an email to my list talking about it.

Every time I do this the sales roll in hot and heavy.

And, well, so it is.

But, here’s the caveat:

There is a right way to pick a fight with gurus and wrong way. When I see people do it on social media I just shake my head. Usually, they are doing it in a way that garners sympathy for the guru and hurts their own case (and sales).

Not so with my “Email Players” subscribers.

At least, the ones who read the June issue.

Starting on page 11 I show you 3 real-life examples of how this is done.

Complete with why they worked, and what not to do.

It takes balls to do this sort of thing.

But, it’s always been well worth the potential fall out for me.

This issue goes to the printer Thursday.

Grab it here while you can:

Ben Settle

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New “Email Players” subscriber Greg Douglas taps into his inner Seinfeld:

Looking forward to my first issue. Implemented what I’ve learned from the Playbook and the DVD so far.

Only 4 emails in since I started on your material, but have seen conversion go up from 1-3 conversions per email (I was already doing daily) to now seeing 8-10 conversions per email, and a high-water mark of 18 conversions from my “Summer of George” version of the Costanza emails you talk about on the DVD.

My last message was a take on the Seinfeld episode where they’re caught peeing in the parkade…. managed to tie that to affiliate marketing and have already filled out the webinar we are doing next Thursday already.

Thanks man – looking forward to seeing what I can do with the actual newsletter content once I start getting it. Wow.

The best is yet to come, my fine feathered little droogie.

June issue is a doozy.

And, it goes to the printer in a couple days.

Check it out the newsletter here:

Ben Settle

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People claiming to make “rational” decisions amuse me.

Case in point:

The late, great negotiation master Jim Camp once talked about how it’s impossible to make decisions without emotion. And, that there have been people who have lost the emotional side of their brains through accident or disease or birth defect or whatever and it’s been shown they can’t even make the decision to tie their shoes. Yes, even those types who claim they use rational thought to make decisions are wrong — the decision to be rational is an emotional decision.

This carries right over into emails, of course.

Want an example how emotion gets people making a decision to buy?

And, brings them in the right way at the same time?

(Ready to consume your product).

Okay, here is one example from “Email Players” subscriber Connor Gallagher:

I’m not the first person to say it, and I doubt I’ll be the last… but when I first started “following” you I thought you were an arrogant arsehole.

In fact, I’d be lying if I said you didn’t rub me up the wrong way when I emailed you to ask a question about Email Players and you sent me back some one-liner that said something along the lines of “you obviously haven’t read the sales letter properly.”

Seriously, I was like “who the fuck does this guy think he is?!”

But then, one day, the penny dropped.

And I suddenly saw the method behind your madness.

To be honest, I must have had a bee in my bonnet about that email for the best part of a fortnight before I pulled the trigger. But I did.

I think it took that for me to get over myself and begin to appreciate WHY you do things the way you do.

Now, I think you’re a genius.

I know you have dozens of fanboys licking your arse all day long, so you probably don’t need another, but the stuff I have learned from you about positioning/marketing psychology in the space of just a few months has been PRICELESS.

I’ll be an Email Players subscriber for a VERY long time, that’s for sure!

Emotion is the food your prospects feed on.

Feed ’em already.

Or, write boring drivel that puts them to sleep.

Either way, nobody is going to click your links or buy without emotion.

All those appeals to logic and rationality in copy are a waste of time.

And guess what?

I show you (with an example so it’s 100% clear) one of the easiest ways I know to take a piece of boring email copy and inject it with the kind of emotion your prospect needs to open, click, and, yes, buy from your emails.

This sucker is going to the printer in a couple days.

Here’s where to get it while the gettin’s still good:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber David Kyte shows how you don’t have to be abrasive, or a jerk, or be anyone or anything but yourself to use my system:

Hi Ben

Thought I would drop you a line …

It’s 9:10 am.

My daily email is set up for the day – ready to send at lunch time.

Every day I send an email – I make sales, who would have thought it.

Engagement is huge.

People leaving the list – zero!

I cant remember the last unsubscribe I have had.

Teaching – minimal.

Sales link in EVERY email, no one has EVER complained.

I don’t sell, just give them an opportunity to buy.

List tiny – in the next few weeks we may break 1,000 subscribers.

We have broken 6 figures annually that comes in as repeatable; monthly subscriptions.

I am not abrasive like you; because that’s not me.

I love being me and not some pretentious jerk. 

Every time I write, “tickets selling fast, don’t miss out” – I think URGH! Stop it and backspace.

TRICKS – don’t need them, I have a relationship 🙂

Guess I am a believer 🙂


Even though David implies I’m a jerk in this, that’s okay, I accept the label.

June issue goes to the printer shortly.

Subscribe here while you can:

Ben Settle

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One of the more interesting lessons I learned once while being taught knowledge by Joe — one of the top firearm instructors on the planet is:

“Small guns get carried”

Here’s what he meant:

Some people have bigger caliber hand guns and some people have small caliber hand guns. People with the bigger caliber ones sometimes have one because of ego and that’s fine. I can tell you I have a bigger one and the chances of me carrying it, since it’s bulky and heavy, are zero to none.

Too much of a pain in the arse.

Apparently, most of the gun-toting world is the same way.

And guys like Joe — who has trained tens of thousands of people over the years — know this better than anyone. His solution? Carry a small, light gun. As he put it “small guns get carried.”

Of course, the objection is, smaller bullets don’t do much damage, etc.

Which is bull shyt.

In typical Joe style, he demonstrated (demonstration is the single most powerful way of proving a point according to the great Gary Bencivenga — and I believe him) his point via infotainment. He talked about the TV show Swamp Hunters (something like that). And explained how they killed a 800 lb alligator with a single shot from a .22 round (a small round).

And yes, my little droogie, this concept applies to your marketing, too.

Too many people are trying to conceal a hand canon in their marketing when they should be carrying a .22 or small caliber weapon in their jacket pocket.

(So to speak).

And guess what?

On page 3 of the June “Email Players” issue I show how applying this concept to your marketing will (1) make your workday far quicker (2) your work much easier (3) your marketing way more profitable — especially if you are a big funnel guy who has a 10-generation family-tree-looking funnel full of fluff and nonsense.

This baby is going to the printer soon.

Hop on board the B-train here, while there’s still time to get it:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Vicky Fraser says on her podcast:

“I’ve made more money since I started sending daily emails, and as soon as I started making them better because I learned from you…I don’t always agree with everything you say but you always make me think and I really value that.”

At the end of the day I like to think “Email Players” makes people think.

Anyone can just toss “how to” stuff out there.

Anyone can preach “Value!”

Anyone can regurgitate what they heard from someone else.

But, the products that stick out in this world (and maybe I’m projection vomiting here), that do the most good, are products that make people think differently. Expand minds. And, yes, as a result give people solutions to real problems.

If you want something that makes you think, EP could be for you.

If you just want shallow nonsense that sounds cool, then probably not.

If you’re the former, then here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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One of the people I used to follow on Twitter was a crazy looking broad with crazy eyes, whose account was “Boyfriend isn’t allowed.” (There have been many others that have sprung up since then.)

Basically, she was over attached and clingy.

And, her boy friend wasn’t “allowed” to do any number of things.

Like, for example:

“My boyfriend not allowed to break up with me. You wanna see other people? Look out the window.”


“My Boyfriend Not Allowed to sing his ABCs in public. Some hoe might catch feelings. you know these hoes love educated men.”


“My boyfriend not allowed to communicate with his ex, whatever ya’ll gotta talk about, you should’ve said when ya’ll was together.”

One of my favorites, though, is:

“My boyfriend isn’t allowed to do math, wtf he trying to do? Divide his Heart, subtract me & add a new Girl?”


Anyway, here’s why I bring this last one up:

Math can be a powerful persuasion tool if you (1) know how to count (2) know how to use it without boring anyone and (3) follow the tip found on page 3 inside the upcoming June “Email Players” issue — which will be like cutting off all the doors of escape your prospect has when hearing about your product.

She’s hitting the printer in a few days.

Subscribe here in time, while you still can to get it:

Ben Settle

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