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Behold a real life story from the dating files of elBenbo:

After ye olde ex-copywriting apprentice and I split ways last summer (and have not spoken since, such is my talent for pissing girls off… ) I wasted zero time getting back into the game. One mistake men make is not jumping right back into it after they leave a girl or get dumped by a girl. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself or pretending that precious little snowflake is the “best” you can do and you’ll never do better is horrible negative self talk that not only is harming you psychologically, but it’s simply not true.

As I said in a podcast recently:

There is ALWAYS another girl.


And, even better, there is always another girl better than the one you just had.

There are many girls on the girl tree, Fonzy.

And, if you are a high value man (and you are, you secksy beast, you…) the math is on your side. By that I mean, there are far more girls who want and need a man like you than there is a supply of men like you out there in snowflake land these days.

I can tell you this from experience many times over.

And, so it is.

Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

Probably it has nothing to do with you.

Unless, you are someone who is lacking the amount of client work (at whatever you do) or numbers of customers you want.

Enter the February “Valentines Day” “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer in approximately one week.

And, not only do I got way deeper into this subject for guys having girl troubles… but also how to apply this all to getting all the clients and customers you can stand. So many so, you might even have to create a waiting list if your business is not set up to scale.

To subscribe in time to get this 100% politically incorrect issue go here:

Ben Settle

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Behold the difference between Opportunity-minded buyers (who I try to repel, but some sneak in) and Investment-minded buyers.

It just doesn’t get any more clear than this.

Below are 3 emails I got just yesterday.

And, if you are like the first guy below I sincerely mean it when I say don’t waste your time or money buying any of my products. This is not some idiotic reverse psychology tactic. My products won’t do you any good whatsoever, and you are better off chasing the secksy BSO’s (bright shiny objects everyone else peddles) and not the un-secksy DUO’s (dull unpolished objects) that elBenbo peddles.

Save your muney.

Save your time.

And, yes, save your energy…

Here goes, exhibit #1:

“I am currently paying USD 97 monthly for your Email Players Newsletter. I would like to terminate my subscription with immediate effect as I find the price too steep for the amount of content provided. However, I did find some nuggets that helped me with my sales. Thank you for your tips!”

No commentary from me needed.

I wish him all the best, and I mean that (not sarcasm).

Now, here are the other two:

(From “Email Players” subscriber Sam Pealing)

“This month’s Jim Camp issue is a goldmine of information. I think almost any business in any industry could thrive by using the principles and observations that you broke down in pages 1-8. And the thing is, it’s distilled information. It took me 30 minutes to read, and it’ll take me 30 minutes to read it the next time I do. That’s much more time efficient than going through a few hundred pages of business waffle. A week ago, on New Year’s Eve, my grandad died. He was a huge part of my life, and the event shook me. It sapped me of all motivation, and destroyed my habits. I took the whole week off and withdrew. After a week of getting my head straight, this EP issue – especially the Jim Camp analysis -has really thrown me back on track and made me excited to get back into helping people learn English the right way. So, cheers for that, Ben. Oh, and that ‘needs more gore’ section? It went right for the jugular with that example. Now my minds spinning on how I can do something similar!”

Again, no commentary needed.

Here’s the other one:

“I just signed up for your newsletter and got my copy of “The email Players Playbook” Friday, which I am finishing my first reading of right now. I also launched my daily email broadcasts on Thursday. Sent my third daily email today. I’m starting with a list of about 4000 (clients, former clients and inquiries over the past several years). Already have about 120 unsubscribes, though only 12 today so far, and a couple of product inquiries (I sell insurance client newsletters to insurance agents – it’s a “continuity” product, plus websites, other content products and am creating an insurance blogging course/ebook). Anyway, thanks so much, Ben. Mucho value received and more to come, I know.”

No commentary need with this one either.



Look, here’s yet another Investor-minded one that came in yesterday:

(From a guy who bought ALL the “Email Players” back issues in one shot)

“Add me to the ‘Daily Email Changed My Life’ list! When Carlton suggested to me in our first meeting last year that I needed to do a daily email I thought he was nuts – over the hill – his brain was getting mushy. Now I kneel at his (and your) feet for wisdom beyond understanding. I used to struggle to get a MONTHLY newsletter out. He showed me I needed to simplify and you (and Ryan Lee, too) showed me how. If you told me then what would be happening now I simply wouldn’t have believed you. But it’s happening. P.S. I’ve only gotten through the first four newsletters of 2011 – and already my friggin’ head is exploding. You mentioned the 12/11 email in your last podcast – it truly IS epic! I’m working on a product launch use those tips right now.”

Okay enough.

There is a very clear distinction between the mindsets.

Which are you?


Or Investor-minded?

Something to ponder on while you anxiously await tomorrow’s musings.

In the meantime, here’s where to subscribe to “Email Players”:

Ben Settle

P.S. If you subscribe today you will *not* get the January issue. However, next year it will be in the catalog that goes out with each issue and you can purchase it that way if it suits your fancy.

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Behold one of the best quotes ever penned:

“I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine.”

— Walter White
“Breaking Bad”

I do so dig on that quote.

Reminds me of something people are afraid of:

Mailing daily.

In fact, a while back I got into a talk about this on flakebook with some of my customers. One of them, in just 30-60 days of daily emails, went from living client-to-client to getting two whopper clients on retainer. Another said she doubled her sales. Misty (my podcast announcer babe and sometimes business partner) often talks about how mailing daily completely changed her life and her business, and the list goes on. My podcast producer tells me it took him from making $1k per month in sales to around $1k per week, and so on, and so forth.

But you know what?

Most people are too chicken to do this.

They’re scared of getting lots of opt outs.

Scared people will complain.

Scared people will think they suck at writing.

Scared of this, and scared of that…


Yes, you WILL get opt outs. (Good, they were never going to buy anyway). You WILL get complainers. (Good, use their emails as fodder). You WILL be insecure about your writing if’n you aren’t writing regularly already. (Good, most emails are way too polished anyway.)

But, you should also see more sales, too.

Maybe even lots more.

Plus other intangible benefits, too. (Better bond with your list, JV opportunities, rock solid personal branding, people seeing you as a leader and not just another “expert” yada yada yada…)

Yes, your milage will vary.

And no, there are no guarantees.

But, what do you have to lose?

It costs you nothing to try.

And, the potential upside is huge.

Anyway, one of the things you get when you subscribe to my “Email Players” newsletter is a short book called “The Email Players Playbook” — and inside, towards the end, I even lay out a simple 30-day game plan to follow.

Very easy.

Very simple.

And, very profitable.

But, only if you do it…

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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True story:

Couple months ago I got to be on a panel with the lovely World-Class copywriting genius Carline Anglade-Cole and the “Umpire” of direct response marketing Brian Kurtz. And, during the panel, we were asked about “why” we do what we do. When I gave my unrighteous answer, I noticed the blood drained out of the faces of certain members in the audience.

As if thinking, “Did Ben actually *say* that?”

Then, Brian takes the mic, turns to me and says:

“I change my answer to that!”

What did I say?

It’s waiting for you in the first episode of my brand spanking new podcast (not to be confused with my old Ben Settle Show podcast) right here:

Ben Settle

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Let’s talk some more about one of my favorite movies:

“The Wolf Of Wall Street”

It’s definitely more of a what-NOT-to-do movie.

But, it has its moments of selling brilliance.

Like at the very end in the famous “sell me this pen” scene.

Jordan Belfort is a sales trainer at a seminar. As he takes the stage, he pulls a pen out and walks down to the front row of the audience. He gives the pen to the first guy and says, “sell me this pen.” So the guy starts bumbling off some benefit or whatever. Jordan then takes the pen back and gives it to next guy. Same thing. Just mouths off some benefits and claims. Jordan takes it back and gives it to the next guy… who does the same, trying to tactically sell the pen.

Cue the credits.

Anyway, here is why I dig on this scene:

What these sales schlubs were essentially doing is what a lot (and I mean a lot) of people do with email, copywriting, selling, videos, etc — they are just pitching claims and benefits tactically, instead of using tactics within the *principles* of persuasion. Like earlier in the movie, one of the foundational principles (not a tactic) of sales is demonstrated when Jordan asks his friend Brad to sell him a pen while at the diner.

(Brad being a pro drug dealer).

Brad grabs the pen and says:

“Write your name down on that napkin for me.”

“I can’t I don’t have a pen.”

“Exactly, supply and demand.”


So easy.

So simple.

So… under-known.

Anyway, you can do what most people do and just throw tactics at your list in the emails you send, or learn to use the tactics you’ve learned within proven, never-changing principles. Such as the example tucked inside the January “Email Players” issue, where I someone how this works with his auto-responder sequence.

Time is short on this, my little fledgling.

It goes to the printer tonight.

After that, too late to get in on this action.

Subscribe here:

Ben Settle

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Today’s the deadline to get in on the January “Email Players” issue action.

Here’s a lil’ sneak preview of what’s inside:

  • Why the best way to get someone to tell you yes to buying from you is by *first* getting them to tell you no. (I do this in virtually all my emails and ads, and it’s always made more more, not less sales. Details inside on page 7.)

  • How to use the world’s “most feared negotiator’s” favorite methods (you won’t see nary a peep about in the usual suspect copywriting, email, and marketing courses) to sell more products with your emails.

  • Why a lot of the popular goal setting training is garbage and killing your sales.

  • Why elBenbo is the “Anti Zig-Ziglar” in many ways.

  • The *exact* best time to start pitching in an email, ad, video, or anything else. (Another beauty you will likely not see in any of the popular copywriting and email trainings out there.)

  • How to use soul-sucking *gore* to sell more products… and in a way even a mush cookie will love.

  • The “chili pepper in the eyeballs” secret used by the great actor Steve McQueen to write emails so consistently profitable you’ll wonder how you can do any wrong when selling to your list.

  • How using copywriting and persuasion tactics can “un-sell” your products to people who were ready to buy!

  • Plus, a transcript of a secret phone call between The late great master of negotiation Jim Camp, The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach David Garfinkel, His co-host Brian McLeod, and Yours Unruly about how to use old school negotiation secrets (that were used to found America and build other great civilizations) in your copywriting.

Soooo much to chew on in this here issue.

But, warning:

None of this info is “sexy” or “ninja” or “killer” or any other trendy descriptive word.

It’s all meat & potatoes.

Get ya some before today’s deadline here:

Ben Settle

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A while back a bloke asked for help about his funnel using daily emails.

He wanted to know:

Should I do 4 emails and something along the lines of:

Email #1) Present a problem
Email #2) Agitate the problem
Email #3) Present the solution
Email #4) One last email on Fear of Loss (or something) to those who have not clicked the affiliate link?

Thanks for letting me at least “vent” or something.

Any help would be great!

To which I (mercifully) said:

“You’re making this way too complicated.”

And then, went on to give him advice on how to approach this using sound marketing principles, and not the typical goo-roo tactics he was attacking the problem with, which was just confusing him, making it harder, and severely reducing his potential box office gross with that campaign.

And guess what?

Part of my reply was what I did to sell a product as an affiliate for Danny Iny at that very time.

Advice that got (according to Danny) way above average sales.

All using simple principles.

Hardly anyone understands this on the Internet.

And that is because because virtually everyone — if you learn only from other “online” guys and ghouls — has been taught a tactic-based way of marketing vs principal-based.

I see it in everyone’s emails.

In their ads.

I their advice.

And, yes, it’s killing everyone’s sales.

The exact advice I gave the guy above is in the January “Email Players” issue, word for word, and anyone can use it to write more profitable email blasts, auto-responders, sales copy, video scripts, and anything else you do.

She goes to the printer in less than 48 hours.

Go here here to get ya some lovin’:

Ben Settle

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Time for a bit of TMI action.

Avert ye tender eyes if you’re easily grossed out.

Still here?

My, but you are a trooper, aren’t you?

Actually, it’s not that gross…

Anyway, I have a rule for myself where, any book or info product that has a huge impact on me, I consume said product or book at *least* 10 times. That is the bare minimum. I am a firm believer that it is much better to consume the 10 best products 10 times than 100 mediocre products one time.

And you know what?

It’s worked out pretty good so far…

Enter my latest 10x’s reading.

It is Jim Camp’s magnificent book:

“NO: The Only Negotiation System You Need For Work And Home”

I have been singing the praises of Jim Camp for almost 10 years, know of only one or two other copywriters who study his stuff at as deep (or deeper) a level as Yours Unruly, yet it is one of the single most valuable resources I possess.

Back to the TMI:

Right now, it is elBenbo’s bathroom reading.

My bathroom (the toilet area specifically) is the most profitable square footage up in my jerk water town.

Because every day when I go in there to do my bid’niz, I read several pages.

And, I will continue to do this until I’ve read it at least 10 times.

All other books and products will be ignored, and during those precious times Jim Camp and I spend together in the most private of private rooms up in elBenbo’s abode I get gems, diamonds, and golden bars that I apply to my emails, copywriting, selling, and persuasion in general.

I like this book so much I gifted it to everyone at the “Email Addiction” event I did with Kevin Rogers.

I told Ken McCarthy about it recently, too, as I know he loves books like this.

And, I tend to bring it up a lot on podcast interviews, etc.

Which brings me to the sales pitch:

If you want a short, “cheat sheet” version of how I apply his wisdom to my emails, copy, business (even things like how to apply it to auto-responders, etc) then make sure you subscribe to the January “Email Players” issue before the looming deadline in a couple days.


It also includes a bonus.

A few years ago before Jim passed away and joined the choir invisible, the World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach David Garfinkel, and his partner in copywriting debauchery Brian McLeod invited me to be on a call they did with Jim Camp. I got to talk to the Master directly and was like a kid in a toy store playing with all the info he unleashed.

He also gave his precious seal of approval on my email methods during that call.

And, so I had it transcribed.

Transcribed for you to learn from.

That is, if you subscribe to “Email Players” before the deadline.

It is a fat little bonus that goes perfectly with the issue.

All right.


Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Why I keep prattling on about principles vs tactics

Came a question:

“what is your motivation to talk about pri;nciples instead of tactics. I have never heard this before can you do an email explaining? Thank you Sire Settle!”

My command is your wish, my Child.

Not long ago I was telling some people about some things I want to do in 2017.

One of which is to invest in local real estate.

Anyway, one of my pals knows a guy in town here who is selling a hotel down by the water. He kept pitching me the benefits of buying, the price, the cleanliness, some ideas on how I could use it to expand my piggy bank, and so on and so forth.

My answer?

(More like objections)

“We’ll see”

“Not really interested in buying a hotel biz”

“It’s not kind of thing I want to deal with”

And so on, and so forth.

My friend’s reaction?

“Man, tough sell today…”

To which I retorted some info about selling me not with tactics first, but with solid principles based on sound thought and how humans like to buy. I then (to practice, not grand stand or anything, we are buds) I batted out a quick transcript of what he *could* have said to sell me using principles first, then the tactics.

Too me about 3 minutes to bat it out.

Then I asked him how did I do?

(As far as my sales pitch)

His response:

“How would I know? You got me sweating if that means anything… Now I want it…. and I have some property over here they want…”

Immoral of the story?

Principles, not tactics, my friend.

This is something I learned studying the late great “world’s most feared negotiator” Jim Camp for the past 9 years.

And you know what?

The January “Email Players” issue goes into all kinds of goodies I learned from him, that you can use to make lots more sales no matter what you sell.

She goes to the printer in just a few short days.

If you want to get it, go ye here while you still have a little time:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Christina Gillick pulls an anti-Lenox:

(Context was, I thanked her for her loyalty as a long time customer)

“Thank YOU. I was just thinking how much my business has grown from listening to you. I’m not as ballsy, ? but little-by-little I’ve started to shift my focus to where it matters. In all areas of life.”

This is key:

It’s not about being ballsy, abrasive, or any of that.

It’s about being YOU.

The real you.

And that’s why Christina is seeing so much success.

She’s using her personality and style.

My methods can be modulated to any market but copying my “style” (and/or personality) instead of just using the structure with your own style (and personality) will simply get you laughed at. When I sold in weight loss, converting over 40% of the list into buyers according to Jim Yaghi (who did all the traffic and stats in that bid’niz) you think I released the Ben Settle Kraken?

Oh hellz naw!

We’d have been killed by the competition.

It’s not about being a fake Ben Settle.

It’s about being a real you.

As Ip Man (the great Wing Chun master) told a guy coming up in his house to pit his “style” of Kung Fu against Ip Man’s Wing Chun:

“It’s not about your style, it’s about you.”

So it is.

If you have the principles in place, my wicked ways will work regardless of what style you use. It’s the principles, not the tactics.

Enter the January “Email Players” issue:

I go deep into this subject more.

Profitable stuff.

Stuff I wish someone had taught me the way I will teach you.

That is, if you are a subscriber before the looming dealdine to get the January issue.

Subscription info right over here:

Ben Settle

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World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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