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“Email Players” subscriber Cédric Beau has me *slightly* softening my mockery of the law of reciprocity in this one instance:

Hi Ben. A quick thank you. I tried your way during a couple of weeks, and my sales went up like crazy (and they were already great before that, so it was just… amazing) After that I subscribed to email players. It was like a “thank you subscription”, I really didn’t expect anything from it. It was just for me a way to give you a com on my sales haha.

Then I read the email playbook. And god, that’s a goldmine. I loved it. I find the monthly newsletter too short, but I’ll stay subscribed. Coz even a short newsletter like that contains so much goodness, and the ROI of them are so great, that I don’t mind the 97usd. It’s worth it. Good job. You deserve your success.

Heads up:

The next issue is in the bullpen, warming up to go to the printer.

It’s packed full of insights that have made Yours Unruly a lot of sales. And, I daresay the information inside can do the same for you, if you implement it and take action.

(If you don’t take action, nothing I say will do you a lick of good.)

She goes to the printer in less than 3 days.

Subscriber here to get the next issue, before the deadline:

Ben Settle

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One of the best persuasion lessons I ever done heard was 10 or so years ago, when Michael Senoff was interviewing the late, great negotiator Jim Camp.

Sometime during the interview, they did a bit of roll-playing.

(As if Jim was selling Michael gasoline)

And, to make a point, Jim Camp said to Michael:

“My name is Jim Camp and I work with Phillips Petroleum, and we offer high grade gasoline at $3.70 a gallon. And you will find our additives to be of the highest quality. So don’t you want to buy Phillips gasoline?”

To which Michael obviously declined.


Because all Jim was doing was making claims.

And, all those claims did was create objections.

(Like a lot of today’s email and other sales copy do, not-so-coincidentally)

So, he switched it up.

Instead of pitching the gasoline, Jim asked Michael about his car’s engine, asking how many miles he could afford to take off its life, asking if he’d ever experimented with a higher octane and, if not, what held him back, and so on and so forth, and constantly bringing it back to Michael’s car and not his gasoline.

It was a great example of the difference between pitching and selling.

And, pretty much the opposite of how the marketing proles write email copy.

Well, guess what?

In the November “Email Players” issue I go into how to apply this concept of not creating objections in emails (or any other kind of copy) in depth, and in a way none of your lazy, flakebook addicted competitors listening to the nonsense on social media about selling are doing, or would even know how to do.

I’m sending this puppy to the printer in 3 days.

If you want to get it, subscribe here in time, while you can:

Ben Settle

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A few years ago, Agora Financial flew me in to teach some of their copywriters and editors some of my diabolical ways.

And, recently, I asked Agora copy chief Joseph Schriefer how things were going.

His answer?

“Things are great dude. The business is so big now. Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! Claim credit, as it did correlate!”

Claim credit?

Well okay then, don’t mind if I do…

Anyway, one of the things I taught the laddy and lassie bucks that day was some of the info secretly tucked away in the pages of my “Email Players Playbook” — which comes with a subscription to my monthly “Email Players” newsletter. It’s the same methodology I use in my own business (I don’t just teach it and not do it) each and every day, and have used in multiple markets selling multiple different kinds of products, not to mention teaching it to multiple other kinds of business owners (not just online business owners or info marketers) in a myriad of different markets.

The November issue goes to the printer in just a few days.

If you want in on this bad-boy, go here while you can still get it:

Ben Settle

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“You two are lucky you have your looks.”

— Crowley
King of Hell/King of the Crossroads

Here’s a sweet Crowley Month topic for you:

Once upon a time, I was browsing through Flakebook to see if I could find some fodder to play with (Facebook is a great place for email and content fodder if you approach it as such, and not a place to waste time and argue politics). And, lo and behold… I ran across the following question from a copywriter:

“Does anyone have experience with speech writing, who can make a medical talk on thyroid issues not boring?”

I thought this was a great question.

And, yes, I had a great answer.

But, the answer was too Valuable to share freely in a Flakebook group where nobody would properly Value it precisely because it is free. Plus, my answer applies to email or any other medium you sell with. In fact, it is even more applicable to email if, for no other reason, you don’t have a captive audience like you would at a speech.

People can simply delete your unruly self in email.

(While a lot of people sit through boring speeches to be polite or to be unnoticed.)

Anyway, on to the answer:

I dedicate quite a bit of attention to this topic in the November “Email Players” issue next month — including walking you through exactly how to write a piece of copy (email or otherwise) for a topic people might find dry & boring, and especially if you are writing to a snooty audience that wants “nothing but the facts!” and strict professionalism.

It’s all the same if you know what you’re doing.

She goes to the printer in 4 short days.

If you want on this train before it leaves the station, high tail it over here:

Ben Settle

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“You think a man named Buzz gets to go into space without making a deal?”
— Crowley
King of Hell/King of the Crossroads

Some Crowley Month marketing inspiration:

A few months ago I did one of my monthly secret podcasts/Q&A’s for 10-Minute Workday customers with AWAI.

I don’t remember what the question was.

Or, how we got on the subject.

But, I started talking about the 6 words that can put probably more sales in your hot, sweaty, squealing little piggy bank than pretty much anything else you can do — in just the next few minutes, in some cases, without adding any new people to your list, running any extra traffic, or tweaking any of your existing copy.

I’ve heard these 6 words probably my whole life.

But, was really turned on by them when I realized how I can integrate them with how Wal-Mart and other monster retailers sell so many products, so effortlessly, in the billion dollar retail industry.

And, you know what?

I foolishly did not do any of it (even though I “knew” it) in my own business until very late in the marketing game.

(A few years ago.)

Yet, since doing this, it’s added tens of thousands (maybe more, I dunno) of simple, easy, don’t-have-to-sell-or-pitch-or-do-anything-else-but-exist-and-breathe dollars to my bottom line. I am not exaggerating when I say I don’t have to do anything extra, and it has significantly increased my bottom line.

Anyway, what are these 6 words?

And, how do you apply them to your marketing?

What, you think I’m running a charity?

To find out, you’ll have to pick up the November “Email Players” newsletter.

But, before you do:

There are probably some people who already know and have heard of these 6 words that make such powerfully profitable marketing. But, the question I have for them will be:

“Are you applying them to your business?”

Or, like in my case before, are you just “planning” to apply them?

If not, and if this issue does nothing but inspire someone to use these 6 words, I daresay it can easily pay for several years of their “Email Players” subscription — such is the power of these 6 words.

This puppy goes to the printer in just 5 days.

After that?

Too late…

Subscribe here today to get it, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Samuel Partida talks about how he uses my anti-professional email ways to sell to professionals:

I market a premium podcast to Illinois criminal law attorneys. Admittedly, I understood from the beginning that this was a super niche, extremely small market. I report on the criminal case law for attorneys and deliver audio files via podcast. 

Against all advice and counsel I ploughed into this.

I distinctly remember have 34 paying subscribers when I ran out of ideas on how to convert my mailing list. The list itself fluctuated between 1,500 and 2,000 people. I mainly was looking for attorneys, but the list had a good chunk of non-attorneys. The non-attorneys would never be a real customer. I prune them as I run across them.

With the ideas and philosophy from Email Players I was able to get to 103 paying subscribers from a tiny list. I was quite pleased with the results. Obviously, if I can grow the list I’m extremely confident I can make it to my goal of 300 paying subscribers.

This project was never going to be something I retired on. 

I just wanted it to fund itself and maybe provide a little seed money for other ventures. That goal has more than been met. This project was more about proving to myself that I can find a market, cultivate and audience, and serve them. 

Your newsletter has trained and taught me how to think and how to fend for myself. Criminal lawyers are some of the most skeptical-cheap people out there. They have a good feel for how their clients rip other people off. Naturally, they have an inherent resistance to any kind of “online” scheme or program. 

Nonetheless, even in this most inhospitable environment I was able to form relationships with attorneys I never met and was able to demonstrate that they would be better off if they just gave me their credit card number. 

Not an easy feat!

Now, I’m bravely and confidently venturing into other markets with less hostile clientele.

With your newsletter and your wicked ways I am on my way to kissing off all client work in the near future.

Your faithful student,

Samuel Partida, Jr.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about…

For people who think my ways don’t work for “professionals” or B2B, there you go. It’s not about the style, it’s about the system, which you can work your own personality and market peculiarities around.


The November “Email Players” issue goes to the printer shortly.

If you sell to professionals or B2B, the training about writing without creating objections could be one of the most profitable lessons you ever learn.

To subscribe in time to get it, go here:

Ben Settle

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“I’m bloody Crowley! I’m the King of Hell. I do what I want, when I want, and I don’t take orders from you.”

— Crowley
King of Hell/King of the Crossroads

Continuing on with Crowley Month…

“Email Player” subscriber Michael Collins asks:

Hey Ben,

I would love to see an EP issue on writing for clients. Every client has a different business with a different tone…I know you have done email for people in different spaces. I would love to see an issue on if a major company approached you today and for some insane reason you decided to work with them, what your approach would be.

Full disclosure:

Even though I rant and rave about why I don’t like doing client work, and answer to nobody but myself (I despise authority), that doesn’t mean I don’t have some not-so-magical tricks up my unrighteous sleeve for helping freelancers write emails for clients.

Specifically, things I did to:

(1) Make writing copy (emails and sales letters) for clients a hundred times easier on myself

(2) Take way less time to write

(3) Arranged it so there was virtually no chance of them rejecting my work, objecting to my writing, or resisting running my copy — a few facts or changes aside.

Which brings me to the pinch:

In the November “Email Players” issue, I show the secret to being able to almost effortlessly write emails for clients for multiple different markets and industries, with varying personalities and products, like I did above.

Follow my ways and your clients will likely think you’re a hero.

(“How did you capture my personality so perfectly? And write this so fast??”)

And, you should be able to write a lot more copy in a lot less time than you do now.

But this baby goes to the printer soon.

If you want it, best hit the jump below and s subscribe before the deadline:

Ben Settle

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A few months back, podcast coach Luis Congdon listed your pal elBenbo as part of “a list of the best damn people I’ve paid, worked with, and been privileged to learn from”:

“Ben Settle might not be your cup of tea if you can’t handle a little ego 😉 Ben’s emails, just the free ones, changed me and took me from broke and desperate to making lots more money.”

Two things about this:

(For full disclosure)

1. I don’t like people who drink tea, so I wouldn’t be in the cup

2. Re: ego — is it my fault the only way to talk to someone superior to me is to pray?

Anyhoo, on to bid’niz:

The November “Email Players” issue goes to the printer soon.

If you want to subscribe in time to get it, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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“Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling. I know a lot of swell tricks.”

— Crowley
King of Hell/King of the Crossroads

Here’s a fat Crowley Month lesson for you… behold one of the most valuable quotes you will ever read, if you have ears to see and eyes to hear:

“The great negotiators don’t create objections, so they don’t have to deal with them.”

That ditty is from the late Jim Camp.

(Called “the world’s most feared negotiator”)

I first heard that quote 10 years ago in an interview Jim Camp gave to Michael Senoff. And, it’s no exaggeration that unpacking and then applying that one-liner has probably been responsible for more sales in my emails and sales copy than any tactic, trick, or writing technique ever has.


Because objections are obviously a big part of why people don’t buy.

And, if you know how to write your copy (especially email copy) in a way where you don’t create anything to object to, then you automatically get rid of that which prevents them from buying from your emails and sales copy (and other selling endeavors — including face to face, phone, webinars, livestreams, whatever).

Very few copywriters do this in their copy.

(Much less teach it.)

But guess what, my Pet?

In the November “Email Players” issue Yours Unruly explains how this works in detail, including with an example so you can see exactly how it works.

I’m sending it to the printer soon.

If you want it in time, subscribe here today:

Ben Settle

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“This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity.”

— Crowley
King of Hell/King of the Crossroads

An observation:

There seems to be a growing number of people claiming to be “7-figure” earners/copywriters.

Maybe some are, maybe some aren’t.

But, like most Internet claims, the Crowley is in the details.

For example:

Not long ago, “Email Players” subscriber Lauren Hazel asked a question on Facebook about people claiming to be 7-figure copywriters. Do they mean they earned 7-figures per year as a copywriter, or have their ads generated over 7-figures in sales? Or, did they earn 7-figures ONE year but haven’t since?

And, I would add:

How do they know their ad created those 7-figures?

Copy is a sales multiplier, not a sales creator, in my experience. How many of those sales were from the offer/quality of the list/traffic, etc?

Yes, in some instances it can be tracked.

In others, not so much.

Anyway, to the legit ones I say all the power to ’em.

But, it’s amusing to watch the rationalization hamsters spin from those who aren’t, but pretend to be.

All right, on to bid’niz:

I won’t say my “Email Players” newsletter will make you a millionaire.

But, there are quite a few for-real millionaires who subscribe.

I wonder why…

More info here:

Ben Settle

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