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Last week I posted about my uncensored (and, frankly, unsolicited, but that doesn’t stop me from blabbing about it) opinion of the economy.

And, one tip I gave was:

“Don’t get into any more debt, pay off whatever debt you have”

To which I got a question asking if I knew some ways to do it quickly rather than slowly, over several years and having to give up some of their luxuries, etc (ironically, last week there was an article on Drudge with the headline “Low-income families spend 40% of their money on luxuries” — I’m shocked, *shocked!* I tell you…)

Anyway, back on the ranch:

I do have some experience climbing out of debt quickly.

Reason why is, I hate debt.

I want nothing to do with it.

And, I was obsessed with how to climb out of a pile of debt when I first started in this whole copywriting-marketing bid’niz thingy 15 years ago.

But climb out of it I did.

And, it didn’t take all that long.

In fact, I was recently talking to an “Email Players” subscriber who is in a pile of debt (to the tune of well over $100k, the majority of it can’t be got out of via bankruptcy, etc).

My advice to this debt-ridden citizen?

Before I tell you, some context about him:

  • He has approximately $15k in credit card debt (over a dozen of so cards — paying about $500 per month in minimum payments, not paying anything down).
  • He owes approximately $120k in other loans (college, car, what have you) — paying about $700 per month on the minimum.
  • He is a copywriter and works from home (so has time)
  • He estimates he has $15k worth of stuff he doesn’t need (clothes, electronics, useless furniture, luxury items, basically status items people waste money on in the good ol US of Debt).

Following is what I said to do:

1. Sell the $15k worth of crap ASAP. On eBay, Craigslist, and other sites (depending on the item) wherever it makes sense.

2. Put the first $3k of it in the bank as peace-of-mind money (not the same as screw-you money, or to spend, in fact, if he never uses it, that dough has fulfilled its purpose)

3. Take the $12k left over and pay off *all* the credit cards in one shot (freeing up the $500 per month he pays in mininum payments now).

4. Take a roommate on (freeing up about $800 per month).

5. Take the $700/month paid on the student and car loans currently, and combine with the $500/month he was paying towards the credit cards and the $800/month he was paying towards rent and pay towards student loans each month (combined $2,000/month).

6. Spend one day per week (Sundays?) looking for things to buy and re-sell like they did with all the other crap before (big ticket stuff only — since he lives in a big city this is not that hard to do) and immediately pay any profits made towards student loan debt.

7. Take on at least one extra copywriting client per month and put the entire fee towards the debt.

8. Take any extra money made each month and put towards the loans.

9. Build a list and email it offers (duh) daily.

Anyway, even with all his debt, I estimate he could pay it all off in 1-2 years.

We’ll see.

But, that is more or less what I did.

Maybe it’ll work for you, too, if paying off debt is your bag right now.

Since we’re talking about saving and finances:

If you haven’t checked out my “bargain basement” of books on Amazon, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Today’s the deadline to get the July “Email Players” issue.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The “Frank Sinatra” secret discovered by the world’s greatest living copywriter when he was desperate — that anyone can use to never struggle for ideas for emails, sales letters, videos, content, or anything else you are selling with.
  • A copyright-free email (use it however you want, it’s yours) for responding to trolls who accuse you of being greedy and wanting to get rych off their pain.
  • The clever way Arsenio Hall used to not get killed in ratings by the late, King of Late Night Johnny Carson. (And how to apply it to any market where you’re an underdog surrounded by gurus and other people with more credibility than you.)
  • A quick “tweak” you can make to your natural personality that can make your emails instantly more fun to read and buy from. (If you struggle with finding your “voice” in your emails — this will solve that problem lickety-split. And it’s fun, too…)
  • How to profitably swipe old school ads written decades ago for your emails today.
  • And, much, much more…

Including a bonus training that talks about everything from print newsletters… to telling stories people can’t stop reading (even if they have better things to do)… to using Disney villains to sell more products via email… the easiest way to analyze a market you want to sell to… how to use a would-be client’s imagination to want to hire you, and much more.

Time’s running out fast.

Subscribe here ASAP if you want it, before I send it to the printer today and it’s too late:

Ben Settle

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Fed Chair Janet Yellen said another financial crisis is unlikely anytime soon.


“Get ready for a terrible financial crisis.”

Probably soon

If you believe Janet by all means put your head in the sand.

Otherwise, here’s your pal elBenbo’s unsolicited advice:

  • Don’t screw around with anything but the fundamentals of direct response — that means (in case you didn’t learn this from your favorite guru pounding their chests on flakebook livestreams) putting attractive offers in front of receptive leads, and then selling those buyers something else
  • Put away the dorky motivational memes and shut off the live streams and podcasts that just try to inspire you created by people who pretend to be wealthy while they live like royalty on $6 US per day in a 3rd world country.
  • Keep boning up on your sales, persuasion, and marketing skills — I am partial to using email for speed and profitability (biased though I am)
  • Put some money away — 6 months to a year’s worth — as fast as you can
  • Don’t waste your time JV’ing or partnering with anyone you wouldn’t trust with your house keys for a month (*tips my hat to the great Terry Dean for that advice*)
  • Realize that there is tons more credit than cash in existence, meaning cash is valuable and not “trash” — when things go south, a lot of things will be for sale to those who have cash, be ready to capitalize
  • Only invest in products that give you advice that is (1) immediately actionable (2) evergreen (i.e. isn’t dependent on a specific platform like Snapchat or Facebook or whatever) and (3) can be adapted to any media (i.e. like the principles in Email Players which can be — and are — used for videos, webinars, direct mail, blogging, social media, anything — people do it all the time)
  • Don’t get into any more debt, pay off whatever debt you have
  • Be paranoid — assume there’s a ticking clock

Anyway, even if I’m wrong and Janet is right, the above is sound advice.

If you want to learn how to write emails that can bring in the bacon faster rather than slower, without any big learning curves, the July “Email Players” issue goes to the printer tomorrow.

The information inside (and in the bonus training) won’t change your life overnight.

But, it (and the Email Players Playbook that comes with subscriptions) can get you on the road and driving.

But, only if you’re subscribed before it goes to the printer tomorrow.

Details here:

Ben Settle

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A couple months ago, someone on flakebook talked about how they were about to subscribe to my sinister print newsletter, and “Email Players” subscriber Lauren Hazel replied in the thread:

“All I know is three little old churches got new bathrooms and 2 new church vans because I am a email players subscriber”

If you think my methods can’t work for you, then get ye behind me, marketing heathen.

It works.

Doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, a service, a non-profit, or anything else — as long as there is demand for what you’re selling and you can string words together following my ways, you’re in.

The July issue goes to the printer in a couple days.

To subscribe in time go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Recently, I was re-listening to an interview Michael Senoff did with a special effects cookbook author, who is also a master at doing space ads.

During the talk he mentioned comic book ads.

Specifically, the old school direct response ads.

(From the 60’s through the 80’s)

He was talking about how those old comic book ads were just able to crawl right into a person’s psychology and tell you exactly what you needed to hear in order to pull the trigger and buy.

And same goes with a lot of old school direct response ads.

Those old school copywriters beat us new guys all to hellz.

They didn’t have free and cheap testing.

In fact, if you think about it, they didn’t even have credit card ordering much less PayPal, etc. That meant, an ad — sometimes in just a few sentences — had to persuade someone to take the time and effort to get dressed, put together a check or money order, maybe even having to go to the bank or walk or drive to the post office (or take public transportation), and mail it in.

Anyway, I ain’t a big fan of swiping.

But, you can do worse than model those old school space ads.

And guess ye what?

While swiping old ads verbatim is likely going to get you killed (different marketing/product/timing relationship 30+ years ago) there are ways to “swipe” (not copy) them for your *emails* I’ve used many times, to make out like a bandit in several different markets — like golf, weight loss, bizz opp, etc.

And guess what else?

I show you how to do this in the July “Email Players” issue.

This puppy goes to the printer Friday.

If you want it, stretch out thy fingers and go to this link today:

Ben Settle

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“Email Players” subscriber Doug Pew explains how he cleans up in MLM:

…our up-line is emailing us a bunch asking us how we so quickly became the top sellers in the 1,400 member team.
We wrote and sent our first monthly downline consultant print newsletter last week and topic was “daily emails”. We recommended that our downline subscribe to elBenbo to learn your wicked ways. They are certainly working for us!!


“Ben, can I use your methods to sell MLM???”

Of course.

Works for pretty much any kind of product I’ve ever seen.

Some might take a little more creativity than others, but at the end of the day it’s all direct response marketing and communication via email.

To get the July issue before it goes to the printer, go here:

Ben Settle

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Some of my favorite movies are the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

In the third movie (The Dark Knight Rises) the main villain Bane says something that has potentially very profitable implications for anyone who sells with email. In the beginning of the movie Bane is tied up in the plane and tells the agent:

“Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask”

Batman had the same thing happen to him.

That was the whole point:

He says in the first movie (Batman Begins) that people need dramatic examples to shake them out of their apathy — thus the cape and tights and scrambling over rooftops, impossible not to notice by those he is serving and protecting.

And you know what?

As it is in Gotham City, so it is in business.

If you want people to notice you, listen to you, care about you, and buy from you, there is a way to use this concept I teach in the July “Email Players” issue, which goes to the printer in a few short days.

If you want this issue before it’s too late, time’s running out, Batman.

Swing on over to this link to get in in time, while you still can:

Ben Settle

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Full disclosure:

I’m posting the following out of pure ego. I mean, how could I *not* brag about a testimonial from one of my copywriting heroes — the A-list copywriter who was AWAI’s copywriter of the year, has written copy for Oprah, and continually writes control packages for the world’s most prestigious (and competitive) alternative health direct marketing companies: Carline Anglade-Cole? Her talk at AWAI’s boot camp last year was brilliant, and she is hands down my favorite headline copywriter ever since.

(I have no idea how she does it).

Anyway, enough fanboy mode.

Here is what she said:

Hi Ben!

Just want you to know I get great advice and at least one chuckle… or a slap on the forehead “duh”… every time I read your emails!

All right on to business:

The July “Email Players” issue goes to the printer in a few days.

Subscription info here:

Ben Settle

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I pewp you not:

One of the most powerful “copywriting” and “marketing” trainings you can ever find is from Arsenio Hall and the story of how he survived competing against the late, great king of late night Johnny Carson.

The tl;dr version of it is this:

Johnny Carson was at the top of his game and ratings.

And along came this cool, younger, entertaining guy (Arsenio Hall) to compete on a different network and same time.

NBC’s executives were worried.

Would this be the end of the great Johnny Carson?

Was the ride over?

Of course not.

In fact, Arsenio was wise enough not to fall for his own PR, and showed a masterful stroke of marketplace positioning — anyone can do online, assuming you’re not afraid to think for yourself — to have a successful show, which I talk about in detail in the July “Email Players” issue. If you do nothing else I command in the upcoming issue but what Arsenio did, you will make lots and lots and lots and lots of the sales. I don’t care what you use to sell with, either: Email, webinars, videos, blog posts, social media, articles, podcasts, all the above or none of the above.

It works across the board for any business or media you use.

The deadline to get this issue is in 4 short days.

To subscribe in time, go here today:

Ben Settle

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Not long ago, a bloke posted on social media somewhere (probably flakebook) about a Lenox who emailed him.

It’s been a while since I wrote about Lenox’s.

So, to recap:

A Lenox is a name I started giving trolls after a troll named Lenox tried trolling me.

Thus, the term Lenox.

If you have been trolled, you’ve been Lenoxed. If you ask dumb questions that could have been answered in 30 seconds on Google or on the website of the person you are wondering about, or think you are such a special snowflake that you deserve your own sales pitch instead of looking at ones already online, you pulled a Lenox. If you go full on attack like the Hulk, you Lenoxed out. If you ask for earning shots and other biz-oppy things then that is so Lenox.

And so on, and so forth.

Which brings me to the point:

Not long ago I saw a question on Flakebook from someone who’d been Lenoxed by a guy on his list looking for help on how to respond to this Lenox reply to one of his emails:

“You’re just a greedy human being getting rich off others pain.”

Of course, everyone had an opinion.

And, none of them (from what I saw) was the correct answer.

Since I don’t work for free, I decided to withhold my opinion (i.e. fact) on the matter and, instead write an email that would serve as a template for anyone who got that kind of email (or something similar) from someone, that not only shuts the Lenox up, but makes it so people want to buy from you at the same time — making the lenox’s your own, private sales force/marketing interns.

I also wrote about the *psychology* of the email.

And, I put both the email and the psychology of it in the July “Email Players” issue.

Usually the email examples I post up in the “Email Players” newsletter are copyright protected. In other words, I don’t want people swiping or “lifting” content like a little loser. I want my boys and ghouls to learn how to think for themselves so you can stand on your own two feet in this crazy bid’niz and not have to rely on a swipe file or whatever like Linus does his blanket.

Not so this Lenox email.

It’s 100% copyright free to “Email Players” subscribers.

Paid subscribers who have the upcoming July issue can use the Lenox email however you want, adapt however you want, profit from however you want — without giving me any credit, attribution, money, props, or anything else.

It is yours to use however you want:

For client work, selling your own stuff, whatever you want to do.

It’s basically an email you can use to profit from Lenox’s who troll you.

But, only if you’re a paid subscriber.

And, only if you subscribe before the July issue mails.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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