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Riffing on Friday’s email…

(tl;dr: In Wing Chun you are taught to not rely on your eyes — which are slow — when fighting, but feeling and interpreting force using touch and tactile feelz, so you can feel what someone is going to do *before* they even do it, then relating that to marketing surveys… how asking people what they want is relying on your eyes and dangerous vs interpreting force and simply finding out what they are already buying, which is almost fail-proof accurate).

Anyway, in Wing Chun we train how to interpret force via what’s called:

Chi sau.

Or “Sticking hands.”

This is where you and your partner train in a way where you are constantly in contact and trying to get the upper hand by focusing on feeling what the other person is going to do.

Very fascinating stuff.

And, very profitable, too.

That is, if you know how to apply it to business.

Specifically, with email, which is the marketing equivalent of sticking hands.

True story #1:

When I created my Copy Slacker course not a single person asked me to create it. There was no demand for it from my list. Nobody said, “Ben please create a comprehensive copywriting course I can learn in just a few hours, that covers everything I need to know, and that is great for slackers!”

In fact, I don’t think a single person ever asked me to create a course at all.

But, I knew they wanted one.


Because of mailing daily for so many years.

Every time I mail my list I get feedback in the form of comments, questions, what they are buying from me (and what they are NOT buying), and so on, and so forth. This information lets me feelz what they want, without them ever asking. And many people have asked questions, for example, about other peoples’ courses, have told me what they struggle with, and ranted about all the things that frustrate them about copywriting.

No survey could have given me this info without skewed results.

But I didn’t need one.

I am in constant contact with my list.

Every day of the year.

Thus, when I launched it, nobody even read the stoopid sales letter. Maybe a few people did. But, going by the responses I got by email, on flakebook, etc I am convinced well over 70% of the people who bought (and it was the biggest launch I’d ever done to my own list at the time) just bought sight unseen.

They knew they wanted it.

In many cases I found out, they wanted it *before* they even knew they did.

That’s the power of daily emails (sticking hands).

Example #2:

Not one. single. bloke. asked me to write a book about the persuasion secrets of the world’s most influential and charismatic villains. Yet, that book was easily the biggest book launch I ever did — without any drama queening, affiliates, or joint ventures.

And even now, that baby sells whenever I mention it.


Because I knew — via mailing daily, interpreting what they wanted via the feedback I got from them, reading between the lines of what they say, and noting their questions — it’d be a big hit.

Example #3:

The folks at AWAI told me my 10-Minute Workday was the single biggest launch they ever did.

(And that’s saying something!)

The irony is:

Their big thing is showing copywriters how to get clients. Yet my program with them, and the sales letter, and theme of the promotion, is client-less copywriting. To my knowledge, nobody asked them to create a program about this. But they knew, because they are in constant contact with their file, exactly what they wanted without having to ask them.

Bottom line?

Doesn’t take a marketing jeenius to figure this out.

(I certainly am not one — just an ardent student of the fundamentals.)

It’s all very, very simple.

So there you go.

The secret of elBenbo’s Sticking Hands.

It’s something anyone can do.

And, it’s something you can do simply by mailing daily using my methods.

To learn my wily ways, go here:

Ben Settle

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Many times when I wake up in the morning, my dog Zoe is next to me. And, sometimes, she has her paw on top of my wrist. And, when I move my write out from under her paw she will, with her eyes still closed, move it right back on top.

And so it goes for several minutes.

I move my wrist out from under her paw.

Her paw goes right back on top.

Over and over and over.

And so the game goes…

Anyway, one of the things I realized is, if I try to beat her at this game while looking at her paw, I lose. My eyes are not as fast as her paw. On the other hand, if I focus on feeling and interpreting when she’s going to move her paw on top of my wrist, I can feel it happening before it does, and I keep my hand on top.

Okay, so wtf cares?

You should, my little fledgling.

Here’s why:

In Wing Chun kung fu, I am constantly learning how to feel and interpret force. This ability is what lets these ancient kung fu masters who are decrepid, slow, weak, and not nearly as powerful as they were in their youth trounce younger, stronger, faster, and more powerful opponents.

Because they can feel what someone is going to do before they do it.

They use their eyes, yes.

But, they don’t trust them.

The eyes are very slow compared touch and tactile feel — which is instant, and always accurate.

And so it is in the world of marketing and selling.

Take surveys, for example.

I remember reading in Ken McCarthy’s magnificent tome “The System Club Letters” how The GAP made a huge blunder a few years back by relying on surveys to make their decisions (asking people what they want) instead of going by the instinct (i.e. interpretation of force) they had used based on all their knowledge of their customers, buying trends, sales figures, and overall instincts about their market honed from years of selling to them.

The result?

Sales plummeted.

All because they trusted their surveys (i.e. their eyes which are slow and deceptive).

When, what they should have been trusting their knowledge of what people are already buying. (i.e. their tactic interpretation of force).

Anyway, immoral of the story?

Don’t go by what people SAY they want.

Don’t trust your eyes.

Go by what they DEMONSTRATE they want.

Do trust what you know via “what are they buying?”

Do that, and there will be peace…

This is a powerful principle that I am guessing 99% of people reading this email will gloss over. “Too simple.” “Too fundamental.” “Not cool like [insert name of guru who complicates the crap out of everything]” “Show me something advanced!”

And to those people, let them keep struggling.

The rest left over?

This principle combined with my “Email Players” methods will make you invincible.

For more info on the newsletter go here:

Ben Settle

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Let’s take a little trip back through time.

Waaaaaay back when I got started in this bid’niz, I remember hearing a talk the great Dan Kennedy gave at a System Seminar about Internet marketing for luddites like himself (last I heard, he doesn’t have an email address or carry a cell phone, if that tells you anything).

One of the things he talked about was his “herd.”

That was how he described a list.

In other words, your list is like a herd of cattle that you have in a pen, and come when called whenever you have something to sell.

That makes a lot of folks uneasy.

(I have zero problem with it, personally.)

And so, people started using the word “tribe” instead.

I don’t think tribe is very accurate at all.

At least, not with my list and audience.

Because of the unique way I email my list day after day, and have bonded with them, and gotten to know them, and they’ve gotten to know me, I have exceptional customer loyalty and what I can only refer to as not a herd or a tribe… but a HORDE.

It’s why people are constantly pestering me to mail for them.

And, when I do, I almost always get off the charts response.

How is this the case?

Especially since I don’t have a “big name” or do the affiliate circle jerk-you-mail-for-me-and-I’ll-mail-for-you game?

It’s because of the system I use.

(It sure as hellz ain’t my sparkling personality…)

My email methods increase sales like nothing else.

And, they build businesses like nothing else.

And, they bond people to you like nothing else — so that you are pretty much the only person they read and buy from, ignoring everyone else’s boring emails that put them to sleep.

That is why my methods don’t create a mere herd.

Or, some lame little tribe.

It creates a HORDE.

And I don’t mean that in some mindless zombie way.

I mean it as a horde of passionate, insatiably hungry-to-learn people eager to read and buy from your emails, and cheerfully promote you (unsolicited) to people whenever they get a chance (on webinars, podcasts, public speaking, or just back room telephone chit-chat) — not out of some kind of weak fanboy call for your attention, but because they genuinely want to spread the good news of you and your ways.

You think I exaggerate?

Think what ye will.

But, there’s a reason why my customers so passionately rave.

Why they are so ardently loyal.

And, why they buy, often sight unseen in a lot of cases.

If you want to learn how to do this (using simple daily emails) go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Recently I got into a discussion with a girl about my crotchety ways.

i.e. Crotchety Ben

Crotchety Ben is grouchy in the morning, moody at night, and “get off my lawn” cranky whenever anyone talks to him while lost in his thoughts. Think of a muppet that looks like Burt (from Burt & Ernie) but without the cone head. Imagine him constantly yelling so you can see his muppet tonsils. He shakes with anger whenever anyone even so much as asks him a question. He has the perpetual angry eyebrows going, and he snaps off about *everything* — even good things (i.e. sun comes out after a week of rain, he complains about the sunlight blinding him while driving down the road — “Bah! Dayem sun is burning my friggin’ eye balls out!)

And so it goes.

Crotchety Ben is a miserable egg.

He also tends to attract highly emotional chicks who find his ways intriguing.

(Which tends to annoy him.)

Anyway, the point of all this drivel?

There is education Value here.

It takes a lot to cut through Crotchety Ben’s skepticism, low attention span, and obsession with being miserable. But, if you cut through that, if you know how to tame the Dragon… he becomes the most loyal, high spending customer there is, who sings your praises and takes his anger out on your competition instead of you.

And in this case I don’t mean “me” Crotchety Ben.

I mean the Crotchety people in your market.

Most people simply make Crotchety Ben more crotchety.

With each word of their dorky little emails, they simply enrage him.

And, guarantee he never buys.

Not so those who study my “Email Players” newsletter.

It shows you how to sell to the crotchety as well as the pleasant mannered.

The very nature of my wicked ways slips past skepticism, turns your list either hot or cold (with only a handful of the indifferent and luke warmed) — making sales higher, tighter bonds with your audience, and World Peace as far as your business World goes.

At least, that’s been my experience.

And, that of many others.

To find out if it will do the same for you, go ye here:

Ben Settle

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Lindsay Sacks partakes of elBenbo’s mysterious ways, and reports:

Well let me tell you…my writing is so much more relevant, interesting, and engaging since knowing you. I’m excited to get up and write every day. I have a keener interest in knowing about a greater variety of topics and people. I’m more passionate than I’ve ever been and giving my first hours of the day to my own business has created more momentum than I thought possible.

As grouchy and crotchety as you are, you change lives directly and through me to the people I mentor and email and teach.

I’m a huge fan girl. Obviously.

Been getting lots of testimonials like this.

My email sack is ever hungry for more, if you have been using my ways and want to report your results, too.


The February issue goes to the printer in a couple days.

Hop on here before it leaves the station:

Ben Settle

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More tales from elBenbo’s dating files:

Late last Summer, I was dating a girl who was getting very aggressive about me giving her my commitment. We had dated for a couple months, and, like most girls, she wanted some kind of security.

But, elBenbo does not allow himself to become a “kept” man easily.

I make chicks fight for it.

(As they should.)

And, she just wasn’t at the level for me to want to girlfriend her up.

At the same time, I was actively dating and pursuing other girls I met. I told her (actually, insisted) she go see other people, too. But she didn’t want to see these other people, she only wanted to see me.

“Why do you have to keep talking to these other girls?” she asked.

My response?

Every company has a human resources department that is always taking applications. Even if I have a good employee as my assistant, for example, I’m still always taking applications from other would-be assistants.


Many reasons.

For example:

If my assistant starts getting complacent and repeatedly disrespects me or her position… or if I catch her embezzling funds… or she’s caught also working for a *competitor*… or if she just ups and leaves without even giving her two week notice, I have to have someone I can pull out of the drink at a moment’s notice.

To her credit, she understood where I was coming from well enough.

She understood her position was my *intern*.

She was not yet a paid employee.

She also realized she could be one if she worked hard, kept her nose clean, and I was ready to fill that position. But at that time, all I wanted was interns. Eventually, one hangs around long enough, proves themselves exceptional, doesn’t get seduced away by another company, and demonstrates a fiery determination to only work for me.

I can hear the snowflakes weeping and gnashing their teeth already.

“elBenbo! You jerk!”

No, it’s not jerky, it’s smart.

Every good company takes applications at all times.

It keeps everyone on their toes and from becoming complacent.

And you know what?

This has pretty obvious business applications too, of course. Not just for hiring actual employees. But also, when it comes to managing clients and customers.

I talk about this more in February “Email Players” issue.

It goes to the printer in a few days.

Subscribe here while there’s still time to get it:

Ben Settle

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More advice you didn’t ask for:

One of the big lessons anyone in bid’niz or any man who is having trouble with the ladies is in the movie Rocky 3. Many a dude learns (the hard way) the lesson of Rocky — that getting the girl (winning the Title) is just step one.

After that you gotta defend it.

And I don’t mean just keeping her more attracted to you than other dudes.

The game never ends.

As comedian Dante Nero loves saying:

“You have to constantly
pimp your girl.”

There is no exception to this.

Yes, some girls require less of this than others.

And if you find one who needs less, hold on to that girl and never let her go. In 21st century America at least, and if she’s attractive with a low notch (sex partner) count, that is almost as rare as hen’s teeth.

But SPURN me not on this and ignore it.

The game never ends.

Just because you win one battle there will be another one eventually. And because of that you have to constantly be training — running, sprinting, lifting weights, chasing chickens around the yard, doing one-armed pushups, eating nothing but raw eggs for breakfast, shadow boxing, sparring, and the list goes on. If you get lazy, complacent, and start drinking beer and eating bon-bons all day, you’ll start to get weak.

You’ll get exhausted faster.

Your wits will get slower.

Your muscle memories will lessen.

Your technique and power will fade.

And then, eventually, you’ll lose your title to Clubber Lane, along with your peace of mind and self respect.

This of course applies to business, too.

Especially if you are comfy working on retainer.

Something I talk a lot about in detail in the upcoming Valentine’s Day edition of the February “Email Players” issue — which goes to the printer in just a few days, after which it will be too late to get in on it.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Long time customer Wyla Green manages to raise the temperature of elBenbo’s cold, lifeless heart a whole half of a degree:

A LONG time ago, I saw something in you that I didn’t see in any other marketer and rarely in other people. You were being yourself when others were pretending to be something other than what they really are. Mr. Settle, I have had many ups and downs in my life in these past few years, but there has been one positive constant: YOU. Don’t underestimate how you change people and dare I say touch them deeply. What you do is far beyond “marketing.” I cannot express how much I appreciate you.
Thank you, Ben.

Hold on a sec…


There, that’s better.

Those pesky feelz almost penetrated my dank, subterranean soul.

Anyway, this is what I teach up in my monthly “Email Players” newsletter.

Persuasion principles, yes.

Email techniques, of course.

But, most importantly:

Building deep, long term relationships with your customers. You can’t do that with the horse pucky some of these clowns prattling on about how to be “authentic” teach. But, you can do it by being an original you vs a warmed over version of someone else.

Especially, if you do it via email each day.

Which, of course, is something else I teach in “Email Players”.

Except this next issue.

There is no email instruction in it.

But, the information inside can add another 0 to your email profits.

Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

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Full disclosure:

One big influence of mine is the late comedian Patrice O’Neal. I’m not a big fan of the lifestyle he lived, but his deep thinking and ability to bring things down to the street level was second to none. Anyway, he once talked about the dangers of letting a girl become your entire focus and universe — that you are constantly revolving around, trying to please, and need.

His example was the movie Superman 2.

Remember that little ditty?

In the movie, Clark, to appease Lois Lane (who fell in love with him because he was Superman, not friggin Clark Kent), gives up his powers for her.

After which he gets his butt kicked, and becomes miserable.

Next he’s walking through the snow looking for his green crystal in Antarctica.

A rough, long journey without his powers.

But, necessary to get those powers back.

Anyway, here’s the point:

Far too many guys these days give up their superpowers for a girl. They will stop being Superman because she thinks she wants something else, when it was being Superman that attracted to her in the first place.

No good.

That is, if you don’t want to be a self-made eunuch.


Yes, this applies to businesses, too.

Maybe even more so.

And, if you understand how to use this superpowers thing to your advantage, you will find you almost can’t do wrong by your customers or clients — even if they insist on wanting to change you for their nefarious ways.

I rap a lot more about this in the February “Email Players” issue.

It’s powerful stuff, Babycakes.

And, could even save your business’s life.

Here’s where to subscribe before the deadline to get it:

Ben Settle

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Continuing on my dating life stories from yesterday…

Here’s another for your bad self:

One of the many girls I dated after the ex-copywriting apprentice and I parted ways last summer was a girl who loves New Zealand. She has a bunch of friends there, work there, and other support there. She also was being pursued by a guy who really wanted her to move back there so he could take another shot at ‘dat azz. In fact, when her and I were dating she would try to get me to be more interested in her by talking about that every now and then.

The old “let’s make this guy jealous so he’ll commit” routine.

Unfortunately for her, elBenbo is far more adept at these games than she is.

(It drives girls crazy how when they are testing me, I am actually testing them and always pull out whatever horse shyt they are hiding, while hiding all my horse shyt safely out of sight — you can’t out-villain elBenbo, ladies…)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I remember:

So one day we were hanging out and she does it again:

“I love New Zealand and want to go back, but I’m really liking my life here now with my job and meeting you…” yada yada yada.

My answer?

Well, I can tell you it wasn’t “no, please, stay, and here’s why…”

Just the opposite.

I told her she should go back.

I told her I am the wrong guy for her, and I’m not going to be committing to her any time soon if ever. (Yes, I literally used those words, which was the truth.) I also said, she should not only go back, but try to make things work out with that ex-boyfriend there. He realized he made a mistake, wants her back, wants her a helluva lot more than I do, and she should seriously consider going back there…

In essence, I was trying to get her to tell me “no.”

Not as a “tactic” though, but out of transparency.

(Every word I told her was true.)

Now why would I do this?

Because I try to live life by principles, not tactics.

And one principle I live by is the power of the word “no.”

(Hat tip to the late Jim Camp…)

Trying to get a no is one of the best ways ever invented to get the truth out of someone, get everyone’s cards on the table, eliminate any confusion, and, keep life as simple as possible.

So what happened?

That, my little droogie is revealed in the February “Email Players” issue.

And, it accompanies an extremely profitable and valuable lesson for anyone who sells (in any medium — emails, copywriting, phone, belly-to-belly, video, etc) for a living. In fact, it’s one of the single most profitable lessons I can ever impart on someone — especially if you are someone who struggles getting sales or clients, or just wants to amp up your current sales.

This bad-boy goes to the printer soon, though.

Subscribe before the deadline here:

Ben Settle

Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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