Let me tell you a lil’ ditty about pounding out emails.

Several years ago, one of my business partners at the time wanted to challenge elBenbo to a game of wits. He wanted to know if I was “for real” with this whole email shin-dig, and wanted to test me on it.

So, here’s what he did:

He wrote out 21 random life situations and said “turn each into an email.”

I looked at his list, snickered at how easy it would be, and proceeded to rattle off an email theme/idea/story for each of his silly little situations. It took me about 4 minutes. And, I wrote them all down and packaged them into a product (a product you can buy via my podcast website or as a 1-click upsell to “Email Players”).

He’s not the only one to throw down that gauntlet neither.

Many a person has tried to “get” me on this.

Including, yes, my ex-copywriting apprentice once.

In her case, we were at a McDonalds and saw some trash in the corner. She had just gotten a client who owns a salon mall. She goes:

“Okay a-hole, turn THAT into an email!”

“Apprentice, please,” I replied.

(I might have said “bitch, please” but I can’t remember…)

And proceeded to turn that ordinary piece of trash — within about 8 seconds of her laying down the challenge — into a hard hitting email designed to get sales.


You don’t really think she called me an a-hole?

Maybe you’re right.

But, it was the *tone*…

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, the challenge.

So for fun, I thought it’d be kinda interesting to have Producer Jonathan on the air (without me prepping him for it) make me the same challenge, with no safety net or do-overs. We went through some random parts of his day, he said “turn that into an email if you think you’re so smart…” and I proceeded to do just that.

And that, my little fledging, is what today’s podcast is.

How to turn ordinary events/situations into profitable emails.

You can download it free right here:


Ben Settle

Back when I got started in this crazy business of direct response marketing (circa 2002), I was broke as a joke. As in, it hurt the wallet just to buy Dan Kennedy’s $8 “Ultimate Sales Letter” book.

I didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.

And, at the time, I was living in a bug and mouse-infested cabin near the woods.

(I had just “upgraded” from living in an office).

Yes, I was dirt broke.

And, you know what?

That ended up being a GOOD thing.

It gave me a huge advantage over my colleagues at the time. In fact, I dare say being dirt broke like that was a gigantic boon over all the people I knew at the time who had just got started around the same time.

And guess what?

In today’s Ben Settle Show podcast I show you why.

And, I show you exactly how to get a deep knowledge of whatever you want to learn much faster than practically anyone else you ever compete against. You may even end up having much more seasoned copywriters coming to you for critiques when you use my trick (which is what happened to me — a few months in and copywriters with a few years of experience started paying me to critique their stuff).

What is this trick?

How can you use it?

How can being broke be a benefit, not a curse?

What’s the capital of Nebraska?

All is revealed in today’s show.

(Except the Nebraska part).

Here’s where to download it:


Ben Settle

Just because I no longer have an apprentice, doesn’t mean I can’t still abuse other peoples’ apprentices.

Case in point:

Before my podcast announcer chick Misty sends emails to the podcast list, she always sends to me for my perusal. You know, just in case. And, a couple months ago she asked about her apprentice. Specifically, she wanted to know how I judge whether her emails are good enough to fly, and how she could apply my same criteria to her apprentice who writes the emails for her fitness bootcamp.

My answer?

Let’s do a podcast about it.


Let’s bring her apprentice on the air and put his emails on the hot seat, shining a spot light on him to make him sweat, and confess his crimes. That way, he can learn how to make his emails always worthy of sending, while I also teach my audience a thing or three about writing emails that make lots of sales.

Short story long?

I had both of ‘em on.

And, well, it got a bit messy.

But, real solutions where found and real sales are being made.

You can now listen in as I abuse Misty’s apprentice on the air (without leaving any marks) right here:


Ben Settle

Once upon a time, I was talking to my droogie Doberman Dan when he told me about how his merchant account was suddenly shut down out of the blue.

No indication.

No warning.

And, no reason whatsoever.

(His track record was “hounds tooth” clean.)

Someone in ye olde bureaucracy decided he was high risk.

And that was it.

They shut his azz down!

Then, they shut his back up merchant account down, too!

Luckily, he has a back up of his back up and was okay.

But this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

So since then I’ve been kinda paranoid about it.

After all, you can’t control the merchant account peoples’ decisions. But, you CAN control your income streams so that all your income doesn’t come from one source. “One” being the most dangerous number in business as Dan Kennedy (who knows a thing or two about this stuff) likes to say.

So, how can you diversify your income streams?


Have several irons in the fire.

And, have them all generating income (big or small) from difference sources.

Like, for example:

* PayPal
* Your own merchant account
* Kindle
* Client work
* Clickbank
* JV’s (they collect money and pay you)
* Investment income
* Royalties from books, products, etc you license to others to sell
* Etc, etc etc.

See how that works?

So if one income stream goes down, you don’t feel it.

You have the others still going strong.

Anyway, wise growl of advice from Doberman Dan.

And guess what?

Today I decided to hand the rusted Ben Settle Show microphone to Doberman Dan to guest host my show (we did a “swap” — I hosted his show last month, and he hosted mine today).

Anyway, here’s where to listen in on Dan’s growls of wisdom:


Ben Settle

The above subject line was written to me in a facebook message by my droogie Ryan Stewman.

He had just seen my blog for the first time.

And, was horrified by what he saw.

Specifically by two things:

1. My bare bones site design

2. My lack of social media share buttons.

Fact is, my site is as bare bones as it gets. No Facebook like buttons. No sharing links. Nothing pointing you to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other social media sites. I don’t do anything to promote people sharing my content. And, in fact, I have my site designed so people spend LESS time on my site and not more time.

Anyway, Ryan wanted to know why?

Why NOT go for that free traffic?

He’s had posts on his site that were shared 10k times.

Why would I not bother?

I thought that was a great question — and something I should talk about finally. Especially since my site is the exact opposite: Completely stripped-down, with no graphics to speak of, and devoid of any social media links (except on my contact page).

Enter today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.

It was too big a topic to talk about via an email.

So, I rapped about it with Producer Jonathan.

You will also find out why I have such a high quality list. In fact, if you were to ask anyone I’ve done JV’s with (Brian Kurtz, Ken McCarthy, Ryan Levesque, Scott Haines, etc, go ahead, ask ’em) they likely would tell you my list is one of the most responsive lists they’ve ever seen.

It’s all yours for the learning.

Completely free.

And, at this link right here:


Ben Settle

“Email Players” subscriber Martijn Koevoets recently wrote about how he pulled in some pretty good dough with the most brain-dead simple funnel you can think of:

1. Send traffic to an optin page.

2. Relentlessly follow up via email.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

Everyone lately is a “funnel” expert.

Funnel this.

Funnel that.

Get this funnel software.

Use that funnel system.


Funnel shmunnel.

For a lot of people they don’t need to be spending $100 per month or whatever the funnel programs charge, or consult any funnel experts, or even worry about the word funnel at all.

They just need to get started.

Then, when they get started, with a product line, etc, THEN seek out the other more sophisticated funnel advice and programs.

Enter today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.

We talk about how to build a profitable funnel without needing a brain.

It’s fast.

It’s simple.

And, it’s profitable.

Plus, it’s free to learn here:


Ben Settle

Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t ask something like:

“Ben! Who do you use to print your products and ship them?”


“Ben! What merchant account do you use?”


“Ben! Who does your web site stuff?”

And so on, and so forth.

Well, guess what?

I have decided to do a podcast on my approved P.O.O.P.S (acronym for peeps I use for protection, opportunity, objectionable-people, peace-of-mind, and sales). At least, these are the people and businesses I use now. So if you use them, always do your own due diligence and homework first.

You can download this baby here:


Ben Settle

Would you take persuasion advice from a felon?

As in, someone who was in 9 different prisons (state and fed)… was often the only white guy in the place in the south and much smaller than most of the other prisoners inside… with prison guards so ruthless they kicked a legless prisoner down some stairs just for shitz & giggles? Would you like to know how he used nothing but quick wits and persuasion skill to talk his way out of getting his ass beaten (and worse…) even after he was let out of prison and was talking smack to everyone on his way out only to be told it was a mistake and they tossed him back in with the very people he was mocking?

Think someone like that could make your marketing better?

Your sales arguments stronger?

Your bank account plumper?

Then check ye out today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.

I don’t do a lot of interviews (I hate having guests on), but I made an exception for my pal Ryan Stewman — convicted felon, bestselling sales author of 3 books, and the man other top sales people call “the hardcore closer”.

His is a fascinating story.

And, you can listen to it right here:


Ben Settle

One of the things you see amateur copywriters do (including people who know better) is put the gay little “as seen on” logo at the top of their ads.

“As seen on…”

Then logos of major news sites, publications, shows, etc.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Like a great idea.

I’m not saying it won’t increase conversions.

But, when people haven’t actually been seen on those places except because they ran paid ads there, it’s pretty shady. Yes, it’ll work on the weak-minded and hyper buyers who buy everything.

But the skeptics?

Which make up as much as 2-5 x’s more people than hyper buyers?

There is a much better way to use credentials like that.

(Assuming they are true.)

A way I’ve used to make ads that would otherwise seem mundane and boring sound suddenly exciting and, dare I say it, sexy? A way I taught the Ben Settle Show announcer chick in today’s podcast. A way you, too, can use, as well if’n you want.

You can learn all about free here in today’s show:


Ben Settle

P.S. During this 4-part series you’ll have a chance to get my re-released “Copy Slacker” product at a huge discount. Make sure you listen carefully if you want to get your greedy, sweaty little hands on it for $200 off.

One of the things I taught the Ben Settle announcer chick while hacking away at your sales letter with reckless abandon was the “genie secret.”

What’s the genie secret?

Well, let’s put it this way:

Back in the golden age of direct response (B.I.E. i.e. before the Internet era) the old school marketers used to do things quite differently than most of today’s whipper-snappers online do when writing their ads.

For one thing, they used to create their ads first.

Then, the product.

There was one guy in particular (can’t remember his name) who used to write an ad, run it in newspapers, then, if it got lots of sales he would scramble to create a product to fulfill all the claims and promises in his ad (I believe that’s illegal these days, btw, so don’t try that at home…) Basically, guys like that would (and some still do, although they don’t try to pre-sell with those ads) pretend they had unlimited, genie-like powers to grant their market anything, write an ad selling it, then create a product that includes as many of those claims as possible, then adjust the copy for the stuff they couldn’t fulfill on.

Thus, I call it the genie secret.

You can call it whatever you want.

(I recently did this for the work at home market, we haven’t tested it yet though).


This tactic also can be used to create what is one of the hardest parts of a sales letter for a lot of people, too — the all-important opening paragraph.

But worry ye not.

elBenbo has your back.

Because, in today’s Ben Settle Show podcast (part 3 of a 4 part series ripping my show’s announcer babe a new ad hole on the air) I show you this tip, how to use it, and, how to have peace the rest of your life (maybe).

Here’s where to download/listen to it:


Ben Settle

P.S. During this 4-part series you’ll have a chance to get my re-released “Copy Slacker” product at a huge discount. Make sure you listen carefully if you want to get your greedy, sweaty little hands on it for $200 off.

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