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Lately Yours Unruly has been having a bit of fun with the goo-roo fanboys and their masters in goo-roo land.

And, I got an email recently asking why?

Is this some ploy to get sales?

Or for positioning?

Or is elBenbo just a hater?

Well, yes, it does bring me sales. It does help solidify my positioning (I am the one who invented the word goo-roo as a play o the word “guru” — to differentiate the two). And, yes, I do hate on many things.

But, mostly it’s to repel them.

Here’s what I mean:

I am a big fan of using repulsion marketing. (As opposed to attraction marketing). In my case, each “Email Players” issue is essentially taking something basic and fundamental and going deep (lots of rabbit holes) as opposed to most people who just teach tactics on a shallow level.

Goo-roo fanboys love shallow, prole bait tactics.

They sound so new and cool and trendy.

But, the deep fundamentals and principles (to them) are the opposite:




Old hat.

They don’t make the goo-roo fanboy look cool and smart and “badass” to the newbies and other goo-roo fanboys on all the marketing forums or facebook groups. It’s hard to swing his John Thomas around on Flakebook talking about things like the principle of curiosity overriding programming or consistency trumping proficiency or learning how to set an agenda so price (and other objections) isn’t a factor in the first place vs some magic headline formula or clever phrase to close the deal on the spot, yada yada yada.

It’s all about what sounds cool vs what actually works for the goo-roo fanboy.

It’s why they are so easily dazzled by horse shyt.

But when they see something legitimate?

That’s worked for 100+ years?

Yet, isn’t being talked about on stage at a seminar?

They scoff.

“Too basic.”

“Nothing new.”


Anyway, the point?

Too many of these jackanapes have been slipping in to “Email Players” recently. And, my goal is to turn them off, because they always, Always, ALWAYS end up not using — much less valuing — my information. Thus, when they subscribe, they simply waste time (mine and theirs) and paper. I don’t want anything from them — except for them to buy from someone else.

(Plenty of other email guys to choose from, take your pick…)

Hey, no need to thank me for saving you money and time, goo-roo fanboys.

I got ya…

All right, enough goo-roo fanboy musings.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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