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Couple months ago one of my “Email Players” subscribers came to me with a question.

He said:


“elBenbo, I am in a bind. I am one of the top affiliates for a very well known marketer. And I make a lot of sales from selling his main offer. It’s a great offer that is high quality and I have no problem selling it to my list. But what bothers me is one of the immediate upsells. It’s for a product that sounds shady and crappy. This person I sell for has a great reputation but this upsell is from some guy I don’t know and just sounds like hype. Should I sell it anyway since I am only promoting the main product and the upsell is out of my hands?”

My answer?

I told him about a room I rented in Napa, California on a wine tasting vacation a couple years back.

The room was clean, the house owner was great, and all was well.

Except for one thing:

The shower had a single bar of soap to wash with.

And, that bar of soap was not only used… but had a scraggly pubic hair on it.

That one pubic hair made the entire experience different — made everything seem less clean, less sanitary, and less pleasant to stay in the entire weekend I was there.

And so it is with selling things as an affiliate.

That low class upsell offer is like the pubic hair on a bar of otherwise good soap.

You want to subject your list to a pubic hair?


Then, move ye on.

Bottom line:

The great “founding father of Internet marketing” Ken McCarthy once told me, trust is like a light switch. You can spend years and decades and building it up, and one bad move can switch it off in a second. And, once that switch is off, it ain’t easy to turn back on…

‘nuff said, Spiderman.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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