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I once read an article about a man who broke into a funeral home to have secks with a corpse.

(Even my Enoch Wars books don’t get *that* deranged…)

And, I challenged a bunch of people on flakebook to write an email about it. Someone piped up and said they couldn’t possibly write an email about that to his market — as his business was relationship coaching, and a lot of his readers were high level academics, people with PhD’s, and that sort of thing.

To which I replied “watch and learn, my little mush cookie…”

And then showed how even something as deranged as that news story could be packaged in a way that could sell to snooty academics and professors, and the easily offended.

Which is an important and profitable skill to have.

As a Tweet I read recently said of mush cookie millennials:

“I’m so grateful I was born without the ‘gets offended’ gene that seems to torment so many of you. Lighten up. Toughen up. Life is better.”

Truer words have nary been spoken.

Anyway, if you want to stand out in a market full of high falutin’ sophisticates, the best thing you can do is hunt down articles like the one I wrote about and turn the deranged material into a respectable email (using my example as a template).

Thus, the October issue has:

1. The email I wrote as an example and template you can use

2. A challenge you can do that will make a perfect Halloween email to your list

And, if you do it right, will likely make you sales.

Get people interacting with you.

And, if you’re lucky, scare someone.

Anyway, I’m sending this issue to the printer tomorrow so time is short.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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