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“Email Players” subscriber, podcasting expert, and my favorite anarchist Nathan Fraser bends the knee to elBenbo on the subject of getting engagement:

People always ask me how to get better engagement on social media.

Here’s my dirty little secret: Ben Settle

He teaches how to kill it in email marketing. But everything he does works great for social media as well.

You want people on social media to pay more attention to you? Start paying more attention to Ben Settle.

The irony?

I don’t care much about getting social media engagement. In fact, on Flakebook I hardly ever post anything (although I do give in to my urges to troll people at times…), and on Twitter all I ever do is retweet people.

But, with email?

I get all the engagement I can stand.

(Too much, actually, lots of people like to try to small talk me… but my reclusive ways resist…)

And, what Nathan is saying is, the exact same methods I teach for getting engagement in email, works just as well (hellz, better, I would argue) on social media.

It also works in podcasting.

And in sales copy.

And in videos (the few times I do videos).

And when public speaking.

And, pretty much anything else.

Anyway, I’m sending the December issue to the printer Thursday. And, while that issue isn’t about engagement, I dare say every word I teach in that particular issue can send your engagement through the roof in whatever media you sell in.

But time is short to get it.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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