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One of my Horde sent me an email yesterday I found quite interesting.

Basically, it was a guy complaining to a ClickFunnels official.

And, he was distressed about why nothing was working for him.

He said he has exit pop ups, scarcity reminders, trust symbols (ooh), only puts some things on sale (okay…), etc but nary does a person even go to his check out page much less buy from him. He wondered if it had to do with making people click his terms and conditions? (It’s amusing there are people pushing that as some kind “coooool tactic, man!” instead of just a good, smart principle of doing business and getting along with Google, but I digress…)

Anyway, he wanted to know why?



Why is nobody buying?

With all those super goo-roo tactics, how could it all NOT be working?

If he’d asked me, I’d have told him:

“I dunno, Son. Maybe nobody wants what you’re offering. Or maybe your traffic is garbage. Or that you’re out of touch with how your market wants to be sold. Or any number of things that are far more important than having trust symbols or whatever on your site.”


My “Email Players” subscribers get to ask me questions via email.

And, you know what?

By *far* the answer I give more than any other is:

“You don’t have an ‘email/copywriting’ problem.
You have a traffic/offer problem.”

Super cool copy and subject lines won’t sell a turd.

Or, sell to people not interested in buying turds.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

There is so much nonsense being taught — especially free on Flakebook — it’s almost a full time gig dispelling all this horse shyt.

As soon as I shovel one pile, three more piles take its place.

But, I’ll keep fighting the good fight.

It bothers me seeing good people flounder like this.

Enter the June “Email Players” issue.

It’s full of proven persuasion principles that have worked for centuries, will work now (yes, even for *your* snowflake unique product/market), and will continue to work for any of your selling endeavors regardless of what media you use (email, social media, whatever) for as long as human nature exists.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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