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Behold a real life story from the dating files of elBenbo:

After ye olde ex-copywriting apprentice and I split ways last summer (and have not spoken since, such is my talent for pissing girls off… ) I wasted zero time getting back into the game. One mistake men make is not jumping right back into it after they leave a girl or get dumped by a girl. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself or pretending that precious little snowflake is the “best” you can do and you’ll never do better is horrible negative self talk that not only is harming you psychologically, but it’s simply not true.

As I said in a podcast recently:

There is ALWAYS another girl.


And, even better, there is always another girl better than the one you just had.

There are many girls on the girl tree, Fonzy.

And, if you are a high value man (and you are, you secksy beast, you…) the math is on your side. By that I mean, there are far more girls who want and need a man like you than there is a supply of men like you out there in snowflake land these days.

I can tell you this from experience many times over.

And, so it is.

Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

Probably it has nothing to do with you.

Unless, you are someone who is lacking the amount of client work (at whatever you do) or numbers of customers you want.

Enter the February “Valentines Day” “Email Players” issue.

She goes to the printer in approximately one week.

And, not only do I got way deeper into this subject for guys having girl troubles… but also how to apply this all to getting all the clients and customers you can stand. So many so, you might even have to create a waiting list if your business is not set up to scale.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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