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Recently I got into a discussion with a girl about my crotchety ways.

i.e. Crotchety Ben

Crotchety Ben is grouchy in the morning, moody at night, and “get off my lawn” cranky whenever anyone talks to him while lost in his thoughts. Think of a muppet that looks like Burt (from Burt & Ernie) but without the cone head. Imagine him constantly yelling so you can see his muppet tonsils. He shakes with anger whenever anyone even so much as asks him a question. He has the perpetual angry eyebrows going, and he snaps off about *everything* — even good things (i.e. sun comes out after a week of rain, he complains about the sunlight blinding him while driving down the road — “Bah! Dayem sun is burning my friggin’ eye balls out!)

And so it goes.

Crotchety Ben is a miserable egg.

He also tends to attract highly emotional chicks who find his ways intriguing.

(Which tends to annoy him.)

Anyway, the point of all this drivel?

There is education Value here.

It takes a lot to cut through Crotchety Ben’s skepticism, low attention span, and obsession with being miserable. But, if you cut through that, if you know how to tame the Dragon… he becomes the most loyal, high spending customer there is, who sings your praises and takes his anger out on your competition instead of you.

And in this case I don’t mean “me” Crotchety Ben.

I mean the Crotchety people in your market.

Most people simply make Crotchety Ben more crotchety.

With each word of their dorky little emails, they simply enrage him.

And, guarantee he never buys.

Not so those who study my “Email Players” newsletter.

It shows you how to sell to the crotchety as well as the pleasant mannered.

The very nature of my wicked ways slips past skepticism, turns your list either hot or cold (with only a handful of the indifferent and luke warmed) — making sales higher, tighter bonds with your audience, and World Peace as far as your business World goes.

At least, that’s been my experience.

And, that of many others.

To find out if it will do the same for you, go ye here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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