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Last week someone was telling me how some people were complaining that I’m too negative.

Apparently, that’s a bad thing.

Not to me, though.

I wear that as a badge of honor. I AM a negative guy. I’m crotchety, ill-tempered, and often talk about negative things. I see no reason to pretend otherwise, and happily accept the label.

Why am I so positive about being negative?

The answer is simple:

Practically everything I’ve done that is noteworthy was motivated by negative emotions and motivation. Whether it be writing novels (I wrote “Zombie Cop” simply to make sure the girl I had been dating prior knew she would never get a guy more successful than me — a dorky motivation, but there it was, so I used it…) or rising in the ranks of the copywriting world or creating all the products, content, daily emails, public speaking performances and gigs, and the list goes on.

All of it is, at its root, spurned on my negative motivations.

Like fear of poverty.

Or wanting to show people from my yute who da man is.

Or wanting to be better than any guy I was replaced with from former girlfriends.

And the list goes on.

(Those are just a few.)

I’m not saying I stay in a constant state of negativity (and I don’t think you should, either). The Hulk has to turn back into Bruce Banner eventually — and spends most of his time as Banner. But when the evil villain threatens your world or peace of mind you gotta hulk out.

It’s the same in nature.

Rainbows are pretty to look at, I guess.

But they do nothing for the land.

Violent thunderstorms, on the other hand, clean out the air and ground, provide water for crops, clear out dead trees (a natural forest fire is normal and necessary), keep lakes and rivers healthy, and keep people from dying in droughts.

What do rainbows do?


So it is with a lot of so-called “positive thinking.”

Most of it accomplishes very little.

It’s the negative stuff that moves mountains.

I even did a podcast about this a few weeks back — about all the blatantly negative attributes of God via the Old and New Testaments. There were quite a few, let me tell ya.

So there you go.

The case for negativity.

Don’t like it?

Go worship a rainbow.

The rest of us have work to do…

Beginning with the March “Email Players” issue which goes to the printer in a couple days. It shows you how to harness negative fears, urges, etc (amongst other things) to bang out all kinds of emails using a method devised by a brilliant psychologist.

The deadline to get it looms.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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