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Last week I read an unusually Valuable comic book story about Doctor Doom (one of my all time favorite Villains) analyzing why he is superior to 4 other major Fantastic Four villains.

Quotes from this ditty include:

“Recently I read a newspaper report referring to me as ‘one of the many scientific geniuses who have battled the Fantastic Four.’ This is the sort of arrant nonsense I expect from the press. Doom has no peers!”


“Take the Mole Man, for example… he has no real creative genius of his own.”


“Kang [The Conqueror — a warlord from the future] is merely a man of his time, while I am a man far in advance of my own.”

And, my personal favorite:

“[The Thinker] has succeeded in tapping into almost every computer network on Earth, even the most secret. Except, of course, MINE. I know this because I have gained access to his.”

How can you not love Doom’s confidence?

His tone of superiority?

His certainty he will always win and is the best?

He even ends his monologue saying he wishes he could actually meet someone who truly challenged him, and who was worthy. But then quickly dismisses the desire, because the mere thought of it is unworthy of the unequaled greatness that is Doom.

The point of all this drivel?

Doom’s attitude, success, and mindset come from having a Mission.

A clearly-defined Mission.

A Mission he falls asleep thinking about each night, and wakes up each morning obsessing over.

That Mission is, of course, to rule the world.

Having a Mission is #1 for any Villain.

Want peace of mind?

To be more attractive (to your peers, dames, JV partners, clients, etc)?

To automatically not be needy or care what others think?

To truly “give zero fugks” all the wannabes on flakebook claim to have, but obviously do.

(Or they wouldn’t have to declare it.)

Then put on your Villains cape and armor, and grab my “Persuasion Secrets Of The World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains” book. It not only gives you valuable guidance on your Mission, but it also teaches 12 other vital persuasive attributes the greatest Villains share.


Unlike my other products its inexpensive.

And, it’s short enough to read in one sitting if you want.

Details here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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