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Your Daily Email Addiction

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More and more people have been telling Yours Unruly how they want to do a print newsletter.

And, more and more, I am encouraging most of these people not to.


Many reasons, my little fledgling.

For one, committing to a print newsletter month in, and month out for someone who does NOT for-real enjoy writing (i.e. if you can’t even commit to a daily email, that says a lot) is a long term mistake in my not-at-all-humble opinion. After all, you’re not going to enjoy it, which means you probably won’t stick with it and are just doing it for the money or because “that’s what Ben does lol!”


There are probably other ways of doing continuity that fit your personality and preferences.

Like, for example, a membership site.

Or a paid podcast.

Or selling consumable products (supplements, etc)

Or selling monthly coaching services of some kind.

Or an interview-of-the-month type thing.

Or (what I encourage a lot of people to do) a monthly subscription to video trainings you put on private YouTube links. Frankly, if I liked video that is what I would do… shoot video, put on YouTube, send email to the list — zero overhead and so ridiculously simple to monetize the liberals would probably outlaw it, if they could… Factoid: For a couple years I paid a guy who dislikes white people $30/month just to hear how I’m keeping him oppressed, but I so dug on his views on dating and relationships, I happily paid…

And so on, and so forth.

My ex-spurt opinion is most people should *not* do a print newsletter.

SPURN me at your peril on this.

I’ve been doing print newsletters for almost 8 years. And there are many intangible advantages (dare I say *privileges*?) I have that the majority of people who get boners over seeing what I do don’t have — which is why they struggle and barely get more than a handful of subscribers and forever flounder. I also made a lot of mistakes and have the advantage of hindsight. For example: My first print newsletter (called “The Crypto Marketing Newsletter”) never cracked 120 subscribers even though it was only $27 per month and was info people wanted.


Because I didn’t know what I know now.

Anyway, there are many moving parts behind my machinations.

Most I have never revealed.

(Not even in my kindle book on the subject).

I’ve learned (the hard way) it’s much better to keep some secrets than teach them.

So, keep ye that in mind before trying to reverse engineer or “swipe and deploy lol!” anything I do with publishing a print newsletter. Also, keep in mind that not starting with your market and what they will consume (will your market even want a print format?), and doing it simply because you want to do it, is sheer dumbassery.

If you want to be a dumbass, of course, that’s your decision.

And if that’s the case, carry on.

One more thing:

Something that is mandatory for selling continuity (regardless of the format) is using daily emails.

That is, if you want to make life easy on yourself.

That’s where my “Email Players” newsletter comes in.

To learn my wicked ways, go ye here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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