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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Time for a bit of TMI action.

Avert ye tender eyes if you’re easily grossed out.

Still here?

My, but you are a trooper, aren’t you?

Actually, it’s not that gross…

Anyway, I have a rule for myself where, any book or info product that has a huge impact on me, I consume said product or book at *least* 10 times. That is the bare minimum. I am a firm believer that it is much better to consume the 10 best products 10 times than 100 mediocre products one time.

And you know what?

It’s worked out pretty good so far…

Enter my latest 10x’s reading.

It is Jim Camp’s magnificent book:

“NO: The Only Negotiation System You Need For Work And Home”

I have been singing the praises of Jim Camp for almost 10 years, know of only one or two other copywriters who study his stuff at as deep (or deeper) a level as Yours Unruly, yet it is one of the single most valuable resources I possess.

Back to the TMI:

Right now, it is elBenbo’s bathroom reading.

My bathroom (the toilet area specifically) is the most profitable square footage up in my jerk water town.

Because every day when I go in there to do my bid’niz, I read several pages.

And, I will continue to do this until I’ve read it at least 10 times.

All other books and products will be ignored, and during those precious times Jim Camp and I spend together in the most private of private rooms up in elBenbo’s abode I get gems, diamonds, and golden bars that I apply to my emails, copywriting, selling, and persuasion in general.

I like this book so much I gifted it to everyone at the “Email Addiction” event I did with Kevin Rogers.

I told Ken McCarthy about it recently, too, as I know he loves books like this.

And, I tend to bring it up a lot on podcast interviews, etc.

Which brings me to the sales pitch:

If you want a short, “cheat sheet” version of how I apply his wisdom to my emails, copy, business (even things like how to apply it to auto-responders, etc) then make sure you subscribe to the January “Email Players” issue before the looming deadline in a couple days.


It also includes a bonus.

A few years ago before Jim passed away and joined the choir invisible, the World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach David Garfinkel, and his partner in copywriting debauchery Brian McLeod invited me to be on a call they did with Jim Camp. I got to talk to the Master directly and was like a kid in a toy store playing with all the info he unleashed.

He also gave his precious seal of approval on my email methods during that call.

And, so I had it transcribed.

Transcribed for you to learn from.

That is, if you subscribe to “Email Players” before the deadline.

It is a fat little bonus that goes perfectly with the issue.

All right.


Here’s where to subscribe:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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