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Your Daily Email Addiction

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There’s much Value and packed into this cautionary tale if you have ears to see, and eyes to smell:

Yo! elBenbo!

Dude, I have got to tell you… You’ve changed my life.

I started stalking you a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t worry, I am not outside your place mouth breathing on your window and fogging it up with my smelly breath or anything, I just mean that something in your writing grabbed me and i started BINGING on all the free stuff I could find of yours.

Russell Brunson has some training with Deagan Smith and the invisible funnel where he talks about your stuff and I jumped on the list to get some knowledge…

First… I was like Whoa… who the heck does this guy think he is?

Then I was like “what an arrogant a-hole” with a smirk and a chuckle…

Then I realized I was hooked… and I started checking out your offers…

And something in your copy called me out. I realized to my horror…. That I wasn’t good enough to buy your stuff…

If I couldn’t maintain your subscription I might be BANNED from ever buying your stuff again?!


I can’t try it out and SEE if I like it?

The positioning of that blew a fuse in my head somewhere and I started seeking out EVERYTHING your mystical fingers had typed out or your angelic voice had sung… (haha)

I honestly can’t tell you where I heard it in my elBenbo haze, but something you said kind of off hand hit me like a brick and has changed the way I am operating in a big way.

“Disqualifying your prospects does two things… it not only filters out those that you don’t want and magnetizes the ones that you do… it also has those that are capable rise to the occasion to become more like the prospects that you want…” [paraphrasing from my own notes]


As soon as I heard that, i saw all the places that I was worried I wouldn’t measure up… all the places that I like to consume more information instead of practicing or doing the work… all the places that I doubted that I could stick to just doing the damn thing that works…

In that moment I saw myself clearly, and that I HADN’T EVEN READ THE FREE ISSUE you gave me, let alone IMPLEMENTED ANYTHING… and like smeagle with “my precious” I saw a shiny new object that I wanted… but I was pissed that some Lennox told me i wasn’t ready… but I knew why… cause it was true.

So I changed it up. I did something crazy… I actually read the FREE thing.

Better yet, I’ve been writing emails every day to a timer using a random one of those 24 email cheat sheet secrets as a writing prompt, and I’ll tell you what, it may be a while before I am up to the Email Players Level, but I am coming out of the shiny-object haze I’ve been in for years and I have you to thank for it.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for the education.

Kellen “Saw the Light” Chase


It is so much fun to write this way too.

There are many pockets of raw Value in Kellen’s words.

Especially if you are the newbie type who’s either on the fence about subscribing to “Email Players” or are simply someone who is confused about this business, don’t know who to trust, or no where to turn.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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