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“Email Players” subscriber and lawyer Alp Turan exposes the pathological fear of selling that drives practically all the popular marketing trainings the goo-roo fanboys get chubbies over.

There are at least 5 Valuable lessons (some obvious, some not so) embedded in his testimonial.

See if you can catch them all:

Here is how I would summarize the benefit of subscribing to your paid newsletter:

1) You sold me on the idea of emailing my list daily.

As dumb as it sounds, the idea that I *could* do this had never occurred to me. And once it did, I had to be sold on the idea of bending your strategy around the white hot centre of your list and not the trolls on the fringes who unsubscribe.

2) A sense of kinship.

Previously, whenever I spoke to an online marketing expert, they always treated my way of doing things with contempt.

Because I am from the Mediterranean (and ergo: rather hotheaded), I actually ended up telling these “big names” very directly that:

a) I don’t intend to take business advice from a man who has never made good money in anything other than teaching other people how to teach other people how to teach other people how to make money online.

b) That frankly, the idea that I don’t know how to sell is absurd.

The moment you open your mouth in court, you are selling an idea to the judge. Every time you negotiate a contract, you’re selling your client’s point of view to the other side. Everything you do as a lawyer IS selling.

And a lot of their convoluted philosophies (like jab, jab, jab, right hook) are, in my not so humble opinion, born out of a pathological fear of selling – not a “mastery” of it.

c) Don’t talk to me about the “psychology of buying”.

Unlike those gurus, I have actually been professionally trained in this. As a lawyer dual-qualified in two jurisdictions, I have been professionally trained to use psychology to cross-examine witnesses, read between the lines, and negotiate.

So, for the love of God, stop parroting Cialdini’s Influence. There have been 18 years of academic research published since then.

None of the above made me popular, so it’s good to find camaraderie with like-minded marketers in Email Players.

3) Not having to reinvent the wheel.

Studying your work helped me understand WHY the stuff I stumbled upon in my email writing was actually working. So it supplied the theory to a lot of what I had accidentally discovered.

Also, you’re obviously incredibly talented and you’ve been doing this for a lot longer than I have. So it’s great to have the benefit of your experience, experimentation and thoughts instead of having to test everything myself.

This allows me to focus my experiments. “Ben already tested this. So I can cross these four questions off my list. Let’s do an experiment on this hypothesis instead, because I’m curious about it and Ben doesn’t seem to have tested that yet.”

Anyway, all of this is a rather long-winded way of saying “thank you.” :))

All right, ‘nuff said.

The September “Email Players” issue goes to the printer tomorrow.

If you want to diddle around with substandard ways of trying to look like a nice guy and like you’re not “oh noes!” in business with something to sell that can solve a pain in their lives, have at it.

The Alps and my other students will happily keep outselling you.

If you want to join us, then there’s no time to lose.

Go to this link before the September issue goes to the printer tomorrow:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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