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“Email Players” subscriber Paul Mort recently posted a graphic on Facebook about weight lawss that has some obvious email marketing implications if you have eyes to hear and ears to see.

The graphic had two columns.

The first column said:

“Things you’ll probably never need to worry about”

Then listed off a long list of several jargon-y things people who obsess over getting into shape read & talk about — like meal timing, “starvation mode”, GI index, “sugar addiction”, a slow metabolism, adrenal fatigue, eating “clean”, and so on and so forth.

Then, the other column said:

“Things you probably should worry about”

And then listed off a short list of things that matter most — like sleep, eating enough protein, eating enough vegetables, staying hydrated, stress, and being more active.

Followed by:

“Consistently work on these and you’ll probably never have to worry about anything else to do with getting in shape”

The point?

It’s the same with emails.

While the goo-roo fanboys spend weeks on the “fine motor” elements of whatever the bright flashing lights and fun sounds are in the goo-roo casino… like creating a complex “OMG! FUNNEL!” on a big white board that’s got more circles than an MLM presentation… freaking out if their open rates dropped by .001%… spending hours making sure they’ve inserted NLP into every sentence… weeping & gnashing their teeth comparing their opt in rates to everyone else’s… and obsessing over if they should open a loop in their copy… you can blow right by them by spending your time on the “compound” elements of what really works:

  • Creating an opt in list “primed” to want what you have
  • Producing attractive offers your list already wants
  • Relentless daily emails designed to sell, but that also build a relationship with your list
  • Selling those buyers other things they want

Rinse, repeat.

Over and over and over.

Do this day in and day out, and I don’t think it’s even possible to fail.

Now, I realize this email will not be secksy enough for the goo-roo fanboys stuck on pursuing fine motor metrics vs compound actions, and therefore cheerfully making a fraction of what they could be making. But I don’t care about them (and actively try to repel from my list).

But the above has worked since people started selling online.

It works today.

And, it’ll keep working fora long time to come.

If you want help with the email part of what I’ve just written about, check out:

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  • Email Specialist

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