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Mercy Kay was thinking about me the other night, and declared on Flakebook:

“Was thinking about this^^^ last night… you really might be getting omnipresent!! I’ve noticed the more time I spend in The Lair, the more I adopt the terminology even IRL. Pretty sure it’s the same situation as with your emails: people don’t INTEND to copy/swipe the expressions you use, but when words like ‘wicked ways’ and “this pleases me” starts popping out in normal speech/writings, regular folk be like, ‘Huh???’ Surely, it’s not only me…”

No, Mercy, it is not only you.

Not by a sight.

In fact, true story:

I can’t remember which of the people whose souls I’ve claimed in my audience said it, but they’ve been watching all my speaking videos on YouTube (I sent as a reward for winning a contest) and said they are starting to talk like me.


A girl I dated a couple months ago, just hanging out with me (never saw any of my videos or facebook) said she caught herself using my wicked ways in conversation.

Still more:

And my ex-copywriting apprentice, before we had even dated or I bestowed upon her the gift of my Mastership, was always quoting me to her friends and family just being on my email list, educating them with my wisdom and causing some of them to probably want to vomit.

That said:

You’ll never be a voice worth hearing if all you do is copy and ape people.

Whether that be me or anyone else.

Otherwise, you just look like our bytch.

Aaaaand a new book title has been inspired:

“Think And Don’t Be A Bitch”

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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