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Today is the deadline to get your dripping meat hooks on the special October Halloween issue of “Email Players”.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • And email-friendly business plan so horrifyingly simple it’ll scare the living hell out of the broke, chest-beating marketers with all their complex funnels, dorky onboarding theories, and pointless nurturing sequences.
  • A spine-tinglingly easy way for eCommerce marketers to hang their competition with their own digital intestines!
  • How to plunge a sharp stake through the hearts of any merchant account monsters who delight in shutting you down for no reason.
  • A frightfully effective subject line template created by a New York Times bestselling author.
  • One blood-curdling reason to track opens (nothing to do with sales, but it could potentially prevent a particularly horrible goblin from leaping out of the shadows and killing your sales).
  • A bone-chillingly fun way to turn deranged articles and topics into respectable “G-rated” emails people love to buy from.
  • And a whole lot more…

Including, this 11-page bonus interview titled:

“How Professional Practices
Can Use My Evil Ways
To Bytch-Slap The Competition
While Still Looking ‘Professional’”

Some of the diabolically evil information inside includes:

  • Ghastly examples (you can’t “un-see” in your mind) of how to use vision to make your email copy nearly impossible to ignore.
  • My gruesome secret to selling the living dead out of your emails without mentioning any benefits or claims.
  • A deliciously gory way to use Facebook to get into the psychology of people you sell to. (And without using any analytics, FB ads, etc.)
  • A horrifically violent real-life example of a way to get people on Facebook to write your sales letter headlines for you. (I did this to create the best headline I ever used — and didn’t write a single word of it myself.)
  • What a horridly-brilliant A-list copywriter taught me about how to structure a sales letter to eliminate objections.
  • A secret way of writing your copy to make even ghoulishly high prices virtually irrelevant.
  • What Mel Gibson did in the most profitable movies he directed that can make your emails stand out like a cackling, wart-faced witch in a beauty pageant. (And dwarf whatever sales your emails make you now — in some ways, this is the most powerful email lesson I can teach anyone.)
  • How all those social media share buttons haunting your website could be murdering your opt-ins and sales in cold blood.

All right, enough of this cheezy horror flick wannabe email.

I’m sending this issue to the printer today.

To get it in time before it’s too late, go here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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