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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Behold the difference between Opportunity-minded buyers (who I try to repel, but some sneak in) and Investment-minded buyers.

It just doesn’t get any more clear than this.

Below are 3 emails I got just yesterday.

And, if you are like the first guy below I sincerely mean it when I say don’t waste your time or money buying any of my products. This is not some idiotic reverse psychology tactic. My products won’t do you any good whatsoever, and you are better off chasing the secksy BSO’s (bright shiny objects everyone else peddles) and not the un-secksy DUO’s (dull unpolished objects) that elBenbo peddles.

Save your muney.

Save your time.

And, yes, save your energy…

Here goes, exhibit #1:

“I am currently paying USD 97 monthly for your Email Players Newsletter. I would like to terminate my subscription with immediate effect as I find the price too steep for the amount of content provided. However, I did find some nuggets that helped me with my sales. Thank you for your tips!”

No commentary from me needed.

I wish him all the best, and I mean that (not sarcasm).

Now, here are the other two:

(From “Email Players” subscriber Sam Pealing)

“This month’s Jim Camp issue is a goldmine of information. I think almost any business in any industry could thrive by using the principles and observations that you broke down in pages 1-8. And the thing is, it’s distilled information. It took me 30 minutes to read, and it’ll take me 30 minutes to read it the next time I do. That’s much more time efficient than going through a few hundred pages of business waffle. A week ago, on New Year’s Eve, my grandad died. He was a huge part of my life, and the event shook me. It sapped me of all motivation, and destroyed my habits. I took the whole week off and withdrew. After a week of getting my head straight, this EP issue – especially the Jim Camp analysis -has really thrown me back on track and made me excited to get back into helping people learn English the right way. So, cheers for that, Ben. Oh, and that ‘needs more gore’ section? It went right for the jugular with that example. Now my minds spinning on how I can do something similar!”

Again, no commentary needed.

Here’s the other one:

“I just signed up for your newsletter and got my copy of “The email Players Playbook” Friday, which I am finishing my first reading of right now. I also launched my daily email broadcasts on Thursday. Sent my third daily email today. I’m starting with a list of about 4000 (clients, former clients and inquiries over the past several years). Already have about 120 unsubscribes, though only 12 today so far, and a couple of product inquiries (I sell insurance client newsletters to insurance agents – it’s a “continuity” product, plus websites, other content products and am creating an insurance blogging course/ebook). Anyway, thanks so much, Ben. Mucho value received and more to come, I know.”

No commentary need with this one either.



Look, here’s yet another Investor-minded one that came in yesterday:

(From a guy who bought ALL the “Email Players” back issues in one shot)

“Add me to the ‘Daily Email Changed My Life’ list! When Carlton suggested to me in our first meeting last year that I needed to do a daily email I thought he was nuts – over the hill – his brain was getting mushy. Now I kneel at his (and your) feet for wisdom beyond understanding. I used to struggle to get a MONTHLY newsletter out. He showed me I needed to simplify and you (and Ryan Lee, too) showed me how. If you told me then what would be happening now I simply wouldn’t have believed you. But it’s happening. P.S. I’ve only gotten through the first four newsletters of 2011 – and already my friggin’ head is exploding. You mentioned the 12/11 email in your last podcast – it truly IS epic! I’m working on a product launch use those tips right now.”

Okay enough.

There is a very clear distinction between the mindsets.

Which are you?


Or Investor-minded?

Something to ponder on while you anxiously await tomorrow’s musings.

In the meantime, here’s where to subscribe to “Email Players”:

Ben Settle

P.S. If you subscribe today you will *not* get the January issue. However, next year it will be in the catalog that goes out with each issue and you can purchase it that way if it suits your fancy.

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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