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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Last week a (I will assume well-meaning and good) bloke said about my emails:

“Ben has a lot of good stuff but I had to unsubscribe when he sent 6 EMAILS IN ONE DAY selling some affiliate thing. 6!”

Oh noes!


The irony of a copywriter complaining about getting too many emails never ceases to amuse and entertain me.

Especially when they say it’s good stuff.

And, especially with the invention of the delete key…

As my HBIC Misty said:

“6 emails Ben. 6!! The horror. You just left his inbox beaten, bloodied and left for dead. SHAME.”

More fun:

Approximately 58 minutes before 6 email guy’s post… I got this zinger in my inbox:

“I have learned more from your promo emails, than I have even from the things I’ve paid for. Will be giving you money soon.”

Guess which of these two is:

(1) the more serious student
(2) more likely to be successful

But the best part was this:

Apparently, according to that same fb thread, it’s a FACT (fact was capitalized so it must be true) I often promote other peoples’ stuff as an affiliate. I think I’ve done only 3 this entire year: Sean D’Souza’s, Danny Iny’s, and a one off email as a favor to Jon McCulloch I didn’t even care to get paid for (asking him to donate the commissions to a cause on my behalf).

But, be warned:

I have 2 more affiliate campaigns planned this year, and that’ll probably be it.

Total of 5 in a year.

Not sure that qualified as often, but I’ve been wrong before…

Anyway, to paraphrase Mia in “Pulp Fiction”, sometimes when copywriters get together they’re worse than a sewing circle…

Immoral of the story?

People will come and go from your list for any number of reasons.

Might as well sell them something while they’re there…

To learn how I sell via email, go ye here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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