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Over the last couple years, I have noticed something about people who sell in the “make money online!” market. And that is, they (mostly, there are a few exceptions, I will admit) make terrible customers for what I sell.

Especially for my “Email Players” newsletter.


There are many reasons, my fine-feathered little fledgling.

Like, for example:

  • They ask dumb questions about things that are irrelevant — being caught up in whatever goo-roo term-of-the-month that gives them a boner at the moment, and without even knowing why they’re asking the question
  • They rarely know even the raw basics of direct response marketing — I spend way too much time having to edu-ma-cate them on things anyone who is going to set themselves up as some kind of expert at “OMG making money online!” should know
  • They are always in get rich quick mode — having little or no patience, expecting overnight riches
  • They are impulse buyers and don’t read what they’re getting — many are either completely illiterate or too lazy to read even a few sentences of the sales letter (for example, demanding to know where their PDF of the “Email Players Playbook” is, when it clearly states there is no PDF)
  • A lot of them are literally addicts — enslaved to the dopamine drip they get when they buy something new, just like the people they sell to (or would sell to if they knew how to actually make sales)
  • They haven’t actually made any money online — and refuse to market honestly about it
  • They follow the dregs of goo-roo-dom — dropping names of people who aren’t qualified to pour water out of a boot much less teach marketing or “how to totes make money online!”
  • And the list goes on…

Again, there are a few exceptions.

But, most of these blokes would be better off getting their dopamine fix from one of the many marketing gringos living in the lap of luxury in 3rd world countries on a dollar fifty per day while pretending to be rich and successful.

Anyway, so that’s why I don’t cotton to them.

I can only help legitimate businesses.

If that’s you, and you want to pound out emails people look forward to reading and buying from, and write them in just minutes per day, check out:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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