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An observation:

The guy who designs my twisted, sick, deranged monster novel covers does *not* have any of those covers on his site in the portfolio section. Yes, even though in my obviously-biased opinion, the covers are some of the best work he’s done (Zombie Cop’s cover was even nominated for some kind of award), you won’t find them on his site publicly.


Well, I have a theory about this.

He once told me my books were (and I quote):

“My favorite guilty pleasure!”

And, most recently, he said he likes doing my covers because they stretch him creatively. (He’s especially keen on putting — as he put it — “nasty granny” on one of the covers — the character people wish they could “unread”…)

Anyway, back to my theory:

He is easily one of the best and most prolific (and most respected) cover designers in the publishing industry. He has designed thousands of covers, and for all the big New York publishers and publishing houses (name any big publisher, he’s done work for them). And, my theory is if these upstanding people of moral perfection in the publishing world saw my shameless literature associated with his name that could hurt business for him.

IF that’s the case (and it’s just a theory) who can blame him?

I certainly don’t.


I have certain customers who are the same way.

They feel uncomfortable telling their colleagues about me because they have reputations to uphold in this corner of the Internet we all habitate. And to them, I’m basically the crazy old douchecanoe uncle in the corner at the family BBQ telling crazy stories and snapping at everyone — the guy all the other adults pretend to ignore to appease their wives, but that all the kids like crowding around to hear stories even as he tells the little bastards to get away from him.

Nobody wants to be associated with that guy.

Hey, I know this email has zero relevance to your life.

But, I might as well pitch you while I’m at it anyway.

(It’s what I do.)

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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