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Recently, I was re-listening to an interview Michael Senoff did with a special effects cookbook author, who is also a master at doing space ads.

During the talk he mentioned comic book ads.

Specifically, the old school direct response ads.

(From the 60’s through the 80’s)

He was talking about how those old comic book ads were just able to crawl right into a person’s psychology and tell you exactly what you needed to hear in order to pull the trigger and buy.

And same goes with a lot of old school direct response ads.

Those old school copywriters beat us new guys all to hellz.

They didn’t have free and cheap testing.

In fact, if you think about it, they didn’t even have credit card ordering much less PayPal, etc. That meant, an ad — sometimes in just a few sentences — had to persuade someone to take the time and effort to get dressed, put together a check or money order, maybe even having to go to the bank or walk or drive to the post office (or take public transportation), and mail it in.

Anyway, I ain’t a big fan of swiping.

But, you can do worse than model those old school space ads.

And guess ye what?

While swiping old ads verbatim is likely going to get you killed (different marketing/product/timing relationship 30+ years ago) there are ways to “swipe” (not copy) them for your *emails* I’ve used many times, to make out like a bandit in several different markets — like golf, weight loss, bizz opp, etc.

And guess what else?

I show you how to do this in the July “Email Players” issue.

This puppy goes to the printer Friday.

If you want it, stretch out thy fingers and go to this link today:

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