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I recently read the late, great ad man David Ogilvy’s:

“Rules for respect in business”

The one that I dug on most was:

“In meeting with clients, do not assume the posture of servants. They need you as much as you need them.”

Reason why is, it reminded me of a real life story of persuasion.


A few month ago, I took a firearms class from one of the world’s top instructors (according to the NRA, and hundreds of military and law enforcement professionals). And, I was floored by not only what he was teaching but *how* he taught. (I took written notes — and I never take written notes, I hate long hand — on his teaching techniques more so than the info he taught, if that tells you something.) Anyway, this dude’s classes are routinely sold out, and his trainings booked well in advance. He competes with at least a few dozen others in this small county and, while they all struggle for bid’niz, he always has more than he can handle (having to take months off at a time just to take a break).

His secret to having all these customers?

Well, there’s his knowledge, true.

And his incredibly sharp infotaining style of teaching.

But, that doesn’t explain how he gets complete strangers (who have never heard of him before) practically begging to sign up.

No, he does something else.

Something anyone — especially freelancers and coaches — can do.

Something that worked like gangbusters for me when I was freelancing.

Something that, yes, I show you in the June “Email Players” issue. If you want to know what it is, simply subscribe before the deadline and when it arrives, turn immediately to page 4 to see what I am nattering on about.

Best part (or worse part for ninja tactic-chasing goo-roo fanboys):

It’s not a “technique.”

It’s simply a *mindset* shift.

An option for thinking differently.

And, while it takes balls to do (which is why most won’t do it) it’s one of those things that, when you get a customer or client doing it, that person will very likely bond with you forever — not wanting to really do bid’niz with anyone else.

The deadline to get the next issue approaches.

Get in while the gettin’s good right here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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